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I'm a recent user here, but have played several role-plays during my life!

I like to play role-play in threads and also on PMs.

Topics I like for roleplaying:

- Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk.
- Post-Apocalyptic world.
- Magic School.
- Dungeons & Dragons.
- Vampire.
- Adult/mature.

Feel free to reach out with you ideas/invitations or just casual RP by PM!

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Yep, let's move on!
In Sk8te 1 mo ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

@TheNoCoKid, I've posted my CS in the characters tab. ˆˆ

Waiting for your approval!
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Personal Quote: 'Keep learning is the only way to move on.'

Name: Steve Wells

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian

Nationality: American

Age: 27

Occupation: Works in everything he can. He doesn't have a stable job.

Family: He's the kind of boy who grew without family. When he was a kid, his parents were murdered (he's still trying to figure out what happened). He has a twin brother but they were separately very early in their lives, so he doesn't know him, or if he's dead or alive.

Vehicle: He moves in a hover board like this, but in purple.

Equipment: He doesn't like fighting or weapons, but he carries knuckle dusters just in case.

Cybernetics: He has a bionic arm in the left arm. It gives him a lot of strength. Also, he has half of the head bionic. He had an accident when he was a kid, and the only solution left to make him survive was to change half of the head bones for bionic parts (that's what docs said...). As a drawback, he usually suffers headaches.

Skills: His best skill is that he's the best in everything he tries. It doesn't matter if it is the first time doing it; it will look like he has been mastering it all his life. Also, he's very good reading people, so he can anticipate situations just by reading corporal language.

Personality: He was raised without any referents and living in all the places he could, so he don't tend to trust people easily. He has suffered a lot during his life and because of that he's introvert. He doesn't have any friends because of the situation; that/s why he's so good at reading people, because mostly it is his only strong and lasting relation with people.

- Smart & intelligent.
- Cautious.
- Good at hiding in general.
- Good person.
- Honest.


+ Learning new things.
+ Meditation & auto-knowledge.
+ Physical & emotional care.
+ Tech.
+ Finances.

- Cops/corpos/political entities.
- Abuse of any kind.
- Injustices.

Backstory: Steve had only 4 years when his parents where murdered (nowadays, it is still a mystery). He had a twin brother but that day, someone took him away, so he doesn't know if his brother is dead or alive. He has been trying all his life to find him with no luck. Since then, he started to took his own decisions, live where needed to survive, and do what needed to survive. He never had a good friend, all the people who have surrounded him, in one way or another, ended up betraying him or trying to took profit of him. One time, he met a girl ('just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit, he took the midnight train going anywhere...' kind of story) and they had a strange relation, involving a lot of passion, love... and a runaway. He wants a change on his life, he wants to be the happy person that some stole one day.
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Recently using an app, I started to do a role-play game with an user and I'm enjoying it a lot. That's why I am here. I want to continue role-playing and having fun!

Thanks for reading, stranger!
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