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I deserve a medal for the things I don't say.
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Hey all, SugarNspikeS here, but you can call me Sugs or Spikes, I'll answer to either. So, anyway a little bit about me... I've been RPing since 2014, but I'm new to this site. I work a full time job that I hate, but aspire to be a writer. I'm older than most would guess but I try to stay young at heart. I live in the Pacific time zone of the US. I'm a married gay man and I will generally play as gay male characters, typically OC's. I'm a pretty nice guy so if you got any questions, feel free to ask.

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@Ashlio Most of your rules and info looked compatible. I looked at your plot ideas and I was thinking about something involving my character being a supernatural species of some kind and your character would be a photographer who gets a picture of him. My character tries to talk you out of revealing that paranormals exist. Maybe they go to the same collage or something. That is if you're still interested.
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