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Current If anyone else plays L. Corporation please send me a line. This game is kinda hard. Also, hope everyone is doing well.
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Message if you wanna rp ovo <3 Also, I hope ya'll are all having a great day!
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But, did he buy you brunch after?
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Rhyme Name: Suki
Age: Twenty-something

Interests: BL; finding a good, longterm RP partner. (I also like jokes, conversations, helpful tips, and friends.)

Skills: Both para (up to two at most, third person) and script (third or first person) RP.

A little about me: I'm an artist (ask me!) who is afraid of human beings, loves horror, playing video games, and likes romantic, dramatic, slice-of-life, or for-fun, RPs. I used to roleplay on T/mblr, K/k, S/ype, F/cebook, M/PARP, G/iaOnline, D/scord, Am/no, you name it. I have many years of roleplaying experience.

Characters I've Played; Aside from OCs adjusted to my partners' characters, I have roleplayed as: Mituna, Psychedelic! Izaya, Noiz, Sly Blue, Shiroba,Mizuki, Ren (same series as Noiz & Sly), and tend to play hyperactive/ emotionally vulnerable characters. Due to the fact that I exclusively do MxM roleplay, I should mention that I can play either the pursuer or the persued.

Preferences: I prefer a roleplay partner who is available to roleplay at reasonable times. I also do not roleplay anything aside from reality based stories. I like when characters grow with one another and learn about each other. I do not do fade to black. I also only roleplay with other adults.

I guess that is all. Thanks for reading. Feel free to message me on here! I'll try to stick around on this site for a while!

Also if anyone ever wants to roleplay in Japanese hmu

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Bump :')
Also, please read my page and interests post, here:
@sukiyo Do you have any ideas for a original BL RP?

I am looking for something fresh, but I usually rp friends/ roommates who get closer and fall for one another, and so on. If you would like to talk more about this, and you are an adult, you could PM me. :)
I wrote most of what I am interested on my profile, but I am looking for another adult to RP R18+ BL with. I prefer daily life interactions where the characters learn from each other and grow closer. Obviously, both characters have to be adults. I don't do fade to black. There has to be a balance of plot and the fun stuff. I can do both fandom and OC RP. If my partner chooses to do an original character roleplay, I can create a character to match theirs. I do not do fantasy roleplays.
I usually write one to two paragraphs at most (for detail purposes). I prefer shorter posts due to time restrictions. That said, roleplaying in script can be fun, too. In script I can write in either third or first person, while in paragraph form I prefer third. I'd like a roleplay partner who can match my reply length and respond in a reasonable amount of time.

Finally, I will check my inbox for messages from anyone who is interested. Feel free to message me with any inquiries/questions, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Hello! Nice to meet you! I hope this finds you well! I've read all the rules and really need to figure out how everything works. I am in my early 20s and am here to find a good RP parter for myself. I found this site through a really old yahoo answers reply, and was excited to see that this forum (out of the many I've scoured over the years -- lol) was still quite active! I'm super shy and really awkward/hyper OOC but I have a lot of RP experience and can be quite professional. I prefer shorter roleplay responses, because I am often busy. That said, I really want to expand out of my usual GaiaOnline RP searches. (I'm grown, I need to play with the big dogs, now. Haha) Anyway, 'hi', I'm Suki. Treat me kindly!
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