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Current /Rises from the beyond. I thought of RP, again.
2 yrs ago
Still slow replies but does anyone know where all the MxM roleplayers hang out? Asking for a friend and the friend is me.
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2 yrs ago
Slow replies. O: Hope ya'll are doing fine.
2 yrs ago
Sad Anime Boy Support Group. SABSG for short.
2 yrs ago
Lots of weird experiences.
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Briefly back to look for a partner. This account is basically inactive.

Rhyme Name: Philosophical Zombie
Age: Twenty-something

  • Interests: BL; finding a good, longterm RP partner. (I also like jokes, conversations, helpful tips, and friends.)
  • Skills: Both para (up to two at most, third person, past tense) and script (third or first person, past or present tense, IC only) RP.
  • A little about me: I'm an artist (ask me!) who is afraid of human beings; loves horror; playing video games; and likes romantic, dramatic, slice-of-life, or for-fun, RPs. I used to roleplay on: T/mblr, K/k, S/ype, F/cebook, M/PARP, G/iaOnline, D/scord, Am/no, you name it. I have had many years of roleplaying experience. Also, I am usually free on weeknights, my time, (just ask!).
  • Characters I've Played; (Aside from OCs adjusted to my partners' characters) I have roleplayed as: Mituna, Psychedelic! Izaya, Noiz, Sly Blue, Shiroba, Mizuki, Ren (same series as Noiz & Sly), and tend to play hyperactive/ emotionally vulnerable characters. I also like to play characters who possess a high sense of morality, a nice bod, who are also dedicated lovers. Due to the fact that I exclusively do MxM roleplay, I should mention that I can play either the pursuer or the persued.
  • Preferences: I prefer a roleplay partner who is available to roleplay at reasonable times. I also do not roleplay anything aside from reality based stories. I prefer 1x1 character reactions, only. I like when characters grow with one another and learn about each other. I do not do fade to black, or use face claims. I also only roleplay with other adults. I roleplay stories that have both mature subject matter and fluff (as long as both don't impair the story progression, and are used to advance character development).

I guess that is all. Thanks for reading. Feel free to message me on here! I'll try to stick around on this site for a while!

Also if anyone ever wants to roleplay in 日本語 hmu
(Icon is Kio Kaidou. Unrelated to RP.)

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<Snipped quote by sukiyo>

Just a heads up this just leads back to this page so if it is supposed to go somewhere else you may wanna check it out. I'll PM you though in the hope you are still looking!

Oh! I thought I had another post! Thanks for letting me know ><!
@sukiyo can't remember if I Pmd you or not, but still interested.

Oh, I don't believe so! I will message you, now! Thank you for the interest! <3
Another bump!
Bump! Again! And don't forget to read my bio!
Bump :')
Also, please read my page and interests post, here:
@sukiyo Do you have any ideas for a original BL RP?

I am looking for something fresh, but I usually rp friends/ roommates who get closer and fall for one another, and so on. If you would like to talk more about this, and you are an adult, you could PM me. :)
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