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Please be aware that this is very much unfinished.

Anyone can turn water into beer. They're called brewers. =]
Thank you all for being so welcoming, and I'm glad both that I'm so obviously among friends and that the baseball bat with the really big nails in it is very much within reach. =]
Power ideas:-
  • Bonsai: Can create and perceive things via trees. Sadly, the trees talk back and the ones she grows can, if she tries really hard, grow to six inches high.
  • Softball: Incredible accuracy with thrown implements; however, impact force is inversely proportional to the thrown object's hardness.
  • Curlicue: Has the power to make objects more ornate from up to two hundred feet away. No weight limit, and she gets to choose the pattern, but it just... makes things really ornate.

More to be added later. I always appreciate feedback.
Um , hello all. In the admittedly unlikely event you're accepting signups from new members, I'd like to propose the following cape:-

@Force and Fury I was gonna do something different on this forum. I'm not fond of sticking to the same character in every game. =]
My name is Super Meteor, and I've been a small British touring bike for somewhere between 57 and 67 years. I'm also a human, having been so for quite a lot less time. I've been RPing on various sites and for various reasons for the last... Christ, the last decade or more. I tend to prefer short- to medium-length posts; long enough to sate my backstory addiction but short enough not to drown the poor sods reading my posts in waves of slightly lacklustre prose.

I hope this finds you all well. =]
It's Rocket. I'm named after a different postwar British bike here. I'm in.

EDIT: I'd say it reminds me more of the Inferior Five than the Great Lakes Avengers, but what do I know. =]
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