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welcome to your childhood
but darker.


Okay, okay, the only idea that’s significantly darker than the Disney-fied fairy tale is the reimagined Snow White. But I had to grab your attention somehow, didn’t I? Anyways, if you’re interested in any of these brief ideas, PM me and we can work together to enhance the plot. Or, if you have an idea for another fairy tale, let me know.

This will be MxF, with me playing the F. You do NOT have to be male in real life to play the M, but please don’t make him incredibly submissive. Also, I know I talked mainly about my own character in the plots, but that is only because I wanted to leave as much room as possible for you to freely create your own character. In other words, this will not be a roleplay that’s all about me. Your characters are important, too.

I prefer to RP in PM. Romance is nice, but it is not a must. 18+ content may occur; please tell me if you’re underage or uncomfortable doing it. Let me know if you have any questions, and be sure to specify which plot you’re interested in when you message me.

Now, let’s make some magic happen.
Sam was finally home, and Brooklyn was thrilled. He looked years younger than he did during the trial and his personality was just like she expected it to be: pure. Having his to-be wife pass away on the hands of his father had gradually taken a toll on him, which she didn’t fully realize until now. It was immensely relieving to see him appear and act innocent once more. Before she even knew what was happening, tears of joy started rolling down her cheeks.

She was alive.

Unfortunately, there was an underlying dread. At some point she would have to tell Sam about Harvey. How she was going to approach that, she wasn’t sure of yet; she feared that Sam would suspect her to be insane if she started talking about her death, Levin, Sawyer, and everything else that would come up if she talked about the past three months truthfully. For now, though, she pushed those feelings to the side to the best of her ability. There was no way she was going to ruin this moment.

“Sorry,” she murmured, wiping away her tears. “I guess I’m feeling extra emotional today.”
It was an immense relief that no mortal sin was committed. That night, Brooklyn could hardly sleep. Thoughts and expectations for the next day danced around in her head; for finally, after three months of waiting, she would be granted life once more.

When her eyes opened the next morning, everything was white. Footsteps were heard approaching from behind. Brooklyn grinned. Turning around, she saw that it was Dog walking up to her- just like she expected. He looked exactly the same as he did when Brooklyn last saw him. “Hey Lynnie,” he greeted, flashing her a white-toothed smile. To her surprise, he pulled out a confetti popper and released it. Little stands of confetti flew out, one of them landing on top of Brooklyn’s head. Dog picked it off for her. “Congrats on making it through those three months. I knew you had it in you.”

“Thank you,” Brooklyn replied, returning the smile. “But it honestly wasn’t difficult at all. Sam has remarkable control over himself.”

“Not just that,” Dog added, “But he can also has a naturally good heart... unlike his father. Well, anyways-“

“-Wait! Dog, what do you know about his father?” Brooklyn intervened. The more she knew about Harvey, the easier it would be to avoid his wrath once she returned to earth.

Dog smirked. “My dear, I know everything about everyone.” He held up a finger. “But! I am not permitted to reveal any information.”

Brooklyn looked at him pleadingly. “Please, Dog. Can’t you at least tell me how he knew I was leaving the house on the night of the accident?”

He tapped his chin thoughtfully. “Well... I can’t outwardly tell you, but I suppose I can tell you that the answer rhymes with lone.”

“Lone?” Brooklyn echoed. “Lone, sown, bone... phone?”

Dog nodded.

“Phone... was he peering through the window at my phone?”

“Can’t tell you that, Lynnie. But I suggest that you dispose of your phone and get a new one.”

Brooklyn’s eyes widened. “Get a new phone? Did he hack into mine? What about Sam? Is his phone safe?”

Stuffing his hands into his jean’s back pockets, Dog chuckled. “You’re quite curious today, aren’t you, Lynnie? I’m sorry, but I don’t think I should tell you anything else. I don’t want to put my job on the line.”

She sighed and looked away. “I’m sorry. But Dog, while there’s still time, there’s something I need to tell you. My body...” Her gaze, now filled with sorrow, returned to him. “’s been reduced to ashes.”

“I know. As I already told you, I know everything about everyone.”

“But how can I return to earth if my body doesn’t exist anymore?”

Dog laughed. “Oh, Lynnie, You never would have returned to that body in the first place. It would have started decomposing by now plus it was covered with injuries.”

An embarrassed blush covered Brooklyn’s cheeks. All this time, she had been fretting over nothing. But now, a new point popped into her head. “Dog,” she said, “When I return to earth, what if people go into shock? After all, my funeral already happened. People are convinced that I’m forever dead.”

“This isn’t the first time that I’ve given a person a second chance at life,” Dog reminded her. “I always wipe people’s memories regarding that person ever dying. Easy peasy.”

Brooklyn shook her head. “But the circumstances of my death weren’t normal. There was even a trial about it. Doesn’t that change anything?”

“We should have talked this out more before the contact,” Dog muttered as he rubbed his temples. “You’re one tough cookie, Lynnie. What do you want to do? Go back in time?”

“Actually, yes.”

“I was being sarcastic.”

“But is it possible?”

Brooklyn’s gaze was pleading. After staring at her blankly for a few seconds, Dog finally caved in. “Yes, yes, it’s possible. But don’t make the same damn mistake of going to Ella’s house again.”

The hands of time rewound. It was December 18th once more, and nobody, with the exception of Brooklyn, had any memory of what had happened previously. This was a fresh start. Brooklyn stood in the living room with Louis sitting nearby on his play mat. He looked three months younger than she remembered him to be. There were no longer wings on her back nor was her skin glowing. From the couch, her phone buzzed with a text.

Ella: want to come over to sing some holiday tunes? i got wineee. ;)

Without hesitance, Brooklyn replied: Not tonight, sorry.

Then her grip around her phone tightened. If Harvey was monitoring everything she did on her phone, it would be wise to destroy it. But maybe, just maybe, Brooklyn could figure out how to use this to her advantage. After setting down her phone, she walked over to her son and sat next to him. “Hello Louie,” she cooed. For the first time in three months, he reacted to her. A smile spread across his face and he kicked his legs in response. “Aww, I missed you so much,” Brooklyn spoke, taking one of his tiny hands in hers. He no longer had to grow up with only one parent. The other parent was going to arrive home from work soon, and Brooklyn couldn’t wait to see him.
"Sam, no!" Brooklyn exclaimed as Sam dove out of the stands. Everything had been going so well on his part, therefore seeing him suddenly act up was a huge surprise. She could only see blood lust in his eyes. In an instant, Brooklyn was standing up and running after him. If she didn't do that, he would soon commit the worst mortal sin: murder.

"Please stop," she begged to him mentally. Then she turned to the young officer who was aiming his pistol at Sam. It looked like he would shoot any second. Terrified, Brooklyn lunged towards him and smacked his pistol out of his hands. To any bystander it would look as if he clumsily dropped it. The officer himself was shocked and quickly bent over to pick it up, only to have his handcuffs 'mysteriously' click around his wrists. He let out a yell for help as the other officers scrambled for their own weapons.

"You won't murder me!" Harvey taunted Sam. "I see it in your eyes, my boy. You're scared. You don't have the heart to end my life because you're too much of a goddamn coward."

"Silence!" The judge ordered, sending a glare down at Harvey. "There will be no more words from your mouth. Officers, one of you free Mr. Lake- it looks like he somehow handcuffed himself. The rest of you must contain Mr. Samuel Hanson, he is acting like a threat to his father and to the rest of us."

Gasping, Brooklyn tugged at Sam's hand and willed him to feel it. If this cost her her renewed life, at least it would save her fiancé. She needed to get him out of there.
The judge frowned at the defendant's pleadings. Clearly, as shown by the tone of his voice and the way he had been acting, he was mentally insane to some degree. His word could no longer be taken as truth despite the oath he was forced to take prior to the trial. "Very well, Mr. Hanson," the judge finally said. The trial then continued with Harvey glaring at his son virtually the whole time. Whenever he wasn't looking at Sam, he would be looking at the judge; who wasn't planning to let him off the hook easily.

Naturally, the eyewitness accounts and other evidence was presented during the trial. As the prosecutors described what they collected about the night of December eighteenth, Brooklyn could only cuddle up against an unknowing Sam for comfort. Her screams that night, the blood dripping from her cuts, and the burning smell of smoke rushed into her memories. The prosecutors left no words unsaid. The worst part, however, was when they presented images of the busted car with Brooklyn's newly deceased body crumpled in it. That made her look away immediately, burying her face into Sam's arm instead of staring at the photo. She wanted to leave the trial more than anything. For some reason, she felt as if she should stay, though. As if something dramatic was about to happen.

Three hours later, the judge had heard enough. "Mr. Hanson, please stand," he declared authoritatively. Harvey, still sitting, drew his eyes away from his son and towards the judge. His gaze was bitter, as if daring the judge to find him guilty of any of the three charges. "I repeat, Mr. Hanson, please stand." With that, Harvey finally complied.

"On the account of assault to Ella Smith, you are found guilty. For child endangerment to Louis Hanson, you have also been found guilty. As for the murder of Brooklyn Jones..." The judge sent a brief glance Sam's way. "...not guilty."
Soon, Harvey entered the interview room. He was being escorted by an officer who kept a close eye on him as he sat down across from Officer Collins.

"Are you comfortable?" Collins inquired, eyeing the handcuffed man.

"Depends on your definition of 'comfortable'," came the grumbled reply.

"Would you like some water?"

"I'm not thirsty."

Officer Collins looked down at a file. "Well then, let's start talking business. Where were you on the night of December eighteenth, and what were you doing?" Harvey remained silent. Clearing his throat, Collins repeated, "December eighteenth, Mr. Hanson. Where were you and what were you doing?"

Finally, Harvey said, "I was in a car. Driving."

"Is that all you would like to share?"


Officer Collins scribbled down a couple notes. "Well then... what kind of car were you driving? Was it one that you owned?"

"That's a dumb question. I don't remember the car's type. Yes, it was mine."

"What color was the car?"

"What color is your car?" Harvey retorted.

The officer rolled his eyes and wrote down more notes. "So you said you were driving. Where to?"

"Out of town."


Huffing, Harvey replied, "To get out of here."

Officer Collins tapped his chin with the pen. "Alright. Where were you going, exactly?"


"Why would you want to leave this town without a destination?"

"Don't act like this town is so damn special," Harvey snapped. "Let a man travel."

More notes were written down. "Being specific, can you describe your drive?"

"It was fine."

"That's not specific, Mr. Hanson."

Harvey groaned and tugged at his handcuffs. In response, the supervising officer reached for his pistol. Glaring at him, Harvey relaxed once more. "Ugh. It was dark outside and the crickets were chirping. Happy now?"


The interview carried on for another hour. Harvey repeatedly dodged the questions aimed at him or answered them vaguely. In the end, he never pled guilt nor innocence during that time. No sufficient evidence was gained against him.

Days went by and no more news was provided to Sam. Louis had been given back to him and Brooklyn almost always stayed by Sam's side. The family was together again. Eventually, they received word about a trial being held against Harvey that they desired Sam to be at. It was scheduled for March 17: the day before Brooklyn would be granted life once more. She still didn't know what would happen once her time was up. With every moment that passed by, she grew more and more anxious about what fate awaited her. She prayed that Dog would still be able to bring her back in some way, even though her body had been reduced to ashes. No matter what happened, she would continue to love her family.

The day of the trial arrived quickly. At the courthouse, when the trial was about to start, Harvey was resisting heavily. "Unhand me! None of you were around me nor that girl on that one night! You all know nothing! NOTHING!"
Heavy footsteps circled around the deranged man's cell. He was pacing; a habit which he always succumbed to while lost in thought. His mind was racing a million miles a minute. The previous goal he had- to abduct Louis- crashed and burned. That had been embarrassing, for it should have been an easy task. He had successfully accomplished much worse in the past. Also, who the hell was that one girl he knocked out? It certainly wasn't Brooklyn; he had killed her ages ago. Harvey frowned. How could he redeem himself after this?

It was nearing midnight, although he remained restless. He had heard his son's previous yell directed towards him. At the time, Harvey smirked at it. Father and son: hand in hand, walking into the firey depths of hell. That was a pleasant thought. It would certainly devastate Autumn more if she were aware, because Harvey knew her well enough to know that she doesn't hate Sam despite his blood. She was far too naive for that.

Presently, Harvey sat down on the edge of his cot. Damn that Autumn. All he did was have some harmless fun with her, but she had to get all whiny and tell the university about it anyways. He didn't even get her pregnant or transfer an STD, so what was the big deal? Why couldn't she just get over it? After getting kicked out of the school, no other university accepted him, so he ended up as a fucking janitor. A janitor. He remained one until he obtained his next job at a damn haulage firm. Autumn ruined his life by telling people about the intercourse. Now, he was ruining hers.

Harvey leaned back on the cot and crossed his hands over his chest. His mind wandered to his ex-wife, Patty. She was the only one who knew how to keep her mouth shut. He respected her for that, and also for her generosity. Every day after work, he would come home to find that she had prepared a delicious dinner. The two of them and their kids would enjoy dinner together. Then the children would run off to play and the adults would have some fun time of their own. During moments like this, when he was all alone, he missed her. But he had no chance of getting back with her after all of this. She was too good for him.

In a cell not far away, Brooklyn sat on the cot as Sam slept on the floor. He had been through so much today, and she pitied him for it. She wished she could take away some of his pain. Even as he slept, he appeared to be in distress. He didn't deserve to feel that way. Sliding off the bed to crouch down next to him, she gently placed a hand on his head. Part of the contract had been the ability to send thoughts and ideas into people's minds. She prayed that dreams were included in that. Silently, she willed Sam to have a dream about that one Valentine's Day. The day that he and Brooklyn started the beginning of their future together.

Evening came, and morning followed. Harvey had only slept for two hours. As a passing officer made his rounds, Harvey walked up to the gate of the cell. "Hey, do me a favor," he insisted. The officer looked at him impassively. "Tell my son this message: 'I'll meet you there'."

"Meet him where?" The officer asked.

"Oh, he'll know," Harvey replied, "He'll know."
Never before had Brooklyn felt so much pain. Once the news reached her about Harvey raping Autumn many years ago, she immediately felt sick. It was horrible to know that her poor, sweet mother who only wanted the best for everybody else had endured such a tragic thing. It was cursed upon her by her future daughter's father-in-law, no less.

Brooklyn stood behind Autumn with her arms wrapped around her. The elderly woman was sandwiched between her family. For now, Brooklyn did not care what Sam was up to. He likely wouldn't be able to commit a mortal sin as long as he was in handcuffs. "I'm so sorry mom," the devastated daughter spoke in a soft whisper. "To know that all this time, I was planning to marry your rapist's son..."

That title failed to do Sam any justice. He was so much more than that, and Brooklyn knew it. But it was still part of who he was. His father left an irreversible scar on Autumn's life. Brooklyn didn't know what to think about Sam anymore.

Looking over, the criminal was being shoved into another police car. He appeared to be resisting the two officers who were trying to force him in, saying, "You can't make me go back. Do you hear me? You can't make me go back!"

You better go back, Brooklyn thought, With all the things you've done, you deserve to stay locked up forever.

The hugging family of three pulled away from each other. The officer who had been consoling Louis handed him over to Rick, adivising, "Make sure he gets some good rest tonight. The poor boy has worn himself out. Also, nobody's being allowed back into the house right now because it's being taped off as a crime scene. Clear? We'll keep you and your wife updated on the situation."

"Okay, thank you officer," Rick replied. Louis was quietly cooing to himself as his maternal grandfather held him protectively in his arms. "Ella... will she be alright?"

"Yes, praise the Lord. Anyways, thanks for keeping Harvey contained until we could get here. You saved the day, Mr. Jones."

"It was no trouble at all," Rick spoke, managing a little smile. Then he glanced over at the cop car Sam was in. "...maybe tell Sam to not reach out to us for a while. We'll need some time to recover from this."

"Sure thing, Mr. Jones."
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