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This sounds interesting. Interested in joining if possible.

Born in a very wealthy family in Seoul, Korea, Ruby wanted for nothing. It wasn't wrong to say that she was born with a silver spoon in a her mouth. She grew up in Korea, but after finishing high school, the family decided to move over to Baltham, Washington in the USA when her father made plans to expand his business overseas. All the whining, tantrums and complaints, she did were of no use, and all of her objections were ignored which left her a very unhappy girl. Adjusting to a new country with an entirely new culture was not easy. Fortunately, the blow was lessened by not having to cope with learning a new language as well, as English was something she grew up learning. To cope with homesickness, she opened up her own Youtube channel, where she talks about Korea, and explain its culture and music to those that are interested along with some gaming on the side. She does frequent vlogging after receiving great responses on her first couple of videos.

Physical Traits
Ruby stands at 5 feet 6 inches and has a slender build. The first facial feature you’ll recognise of her are those highly distinctive chocolate brown eyes that she possess. Her face is oval in shape, her nose pert, and her lips a healthy shade of pink. In times of happiness, darling little dents of delight appears on her youthful visage, the dimples ever present whenever any form of smile or grin makes itself known. Her hair is a lovely shade of soot black that complements her fair ivory skin very well. Although she occasionally wearing her chest-level hair down, Ruby usually wears her hair up in a ponytail or plaited down her front to allow her ease of movement in her daily activities. Clothing wise, she tends to prefer comfortable clothing, such as hoodies, blouses, and printed t-shirts. Pants, along with an occasional dress are also common attire.

Full Name
Ruby Song Miyeon





Ruby has never been the type to succumb or give up in the face of adversity or bow down to challenges. Not entirely accustomed to life in Baltham yet despite being here for three years, she is determined to not be a loser and make the most of her new life her in America. She loves the saying, when live gives you lemons, make lemonade, and it is something she constantly reminds herself of. She is simply a girl trying to make the best of her unhappy life in a new country, not knowing what the future has in store for her.


While waiting for Jackson to arrive, she'd turned on the TV to check and see what was on. It just happened to be on the news channel, and there was a documentary on what live was like in North Korea which caught her attention, as like many others, she had always wandered what life was really like in the Northern party of Korea. All of a sudden, a line of flashing words appeared on the screen followed by a robotic narration. "We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this special report from Channel 5 News."

The flashing lights was then replaced by a scene of a rather familiar-looking home where a deadly shooting had occurred. As more footage of the home was revealed, Ruby realised why she found the house so familiar. It was a five minute walk from her home, and she usually passed by it on the way home each day. Two dead and two wounded. She wondered what had happened. They were in a relatively safe and peaceful neighbourhood that tended towards more of the upper middle to higher wealth class, and so crimes of these sort were definitely not common.

As soon as the news report ended, it was replaced with the same flashing words and robotic narration.

"We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming."

Her phone went off with a ping and she unlocked it to find a twitter notification from one of her followers. It showed the video of the shooting, and had everything the news report on the TV didn't, which was just about everything. The news only had the aftermath, while this was captured live, with the action and all that. It showed two officers fighting with a couple, and how despite all the beating that was done, the fighting did not stop. It was only after the couple was shot in the head, that all the fighting ended with the man and woman dead on the ground.

Checking Twitter, Ruby realised that she wasn't the only one who received the video, and it was not going viral, but it was trending on Twitter right now, gaining more retweets and comments by the minute. The sudden ring of the doorbell gave her a shock, still startled by the violence of the incident that had she'd just seen. Placing a hand over her heart to calm herself, she got up to check who was it at the door. Seeing Jackson's scruffy mug on the screen, she buzzed him open and opened the door for him.

"Jackson! Have you seen the video?!"

"Seen which video? I've been on my bike, not really a good time to be watching any video. Took me to get her longer than it should. Accident a couple of streets away, seems like something big happened."

"That's what I'm referring to! The video of that shooting! It's going viral on Twitter right now!"

Parking his bike. Jackson took out his phone and found the video on Twitter. It was virtually impossible to not find it at this point. It was simply everywhere! Ruby stared at him as he watched the video, wanting to see his reaction towards the shooting. He was just as mortified as she was. "I've never see anyone received such a beating and still continued on fighting like nothing happened. What's going on with our world?"

"Anyway, leave that aside. All the cycling made me really hungry. Let's go up and eat and get ready the stream!"

"Yeah, sure. It's all ready. Stream preparation's ready, although I might need to heat up the food first."
Hey there :)

I noticed you're full, but just thought I'd check anyway.
I notice some god/goddesses only have one child played? (Looking at Hekate)
Is the other slot available?
You have my like from the beginning. Nothing else needs to be said. :D
I'm interested as well, if you would have me.
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