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You found me! Peeks out from her hiding spot. Most RP genres I engage in are fantasy based:
* Fantasy: anything with vampires, elves, wolves, and the like.
* Smut but it doesn't have to be the basis of the plot or none at all.
* Modern, historical, medieval, ancient times.

This isn't my first rodeo roleplaying. As for how long I have done it, I can't say lost track over the years, but I know for a fact that I am adept and will give a decent post. Post lengths usually vary to one paragraph or a page depending on what's happening. Communication is something I enjoy with in its or outside of RP. The more engaging OOC is the more I'll enjoy it. We're all human and we all have emotions. There are times where I will suffer from writer's block or have bouts of no inspiration. At some point, you will get a response. I try to post at least once day if not that than once a week (either thread or google docs).

For offsite: discord - denali#9782. Looking forward to some great stories.

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Two weeks before Lochlainn and Salvatore’s party would commence, a group of four men gathered at a local pub. These particular men were nobodies in the eyes of society, but in the eyes of the crown, they held a much higher station. Fearless men were willing to die for the survival of humanity. They were trained to hunt vampires. While the four were conversing and drinking, a hooded figure walked; a concealed sword kept close to their person. Noting the sparse population of patrons, and keeping their gaze low, they spotted the others at a corner table near the back.

“What’s the holdup? Why are we here?” One of the four men said to another.

“Patience friend, I'm sure there’s a good reason for this meeting.” The other reassured.

As the cloaked fellow stepped up to the others, he placed two bags of coins on the table. “Enough babbling about why you’re here. It is for one purpose: destroying the abominations known as ‘vampires.” The man said in a low voice, an undertone of disdain laced into each syllable as he glanced around the room, making sure no one could hear what was about to be said. “I’ve received word about vampires resting in Kensal Green Cemetery. There is one vampire I am after, Katla Aakre, alias, last I heard was Nathalie Thévenet. She’s in a crypt that holds three sarcophagi, which one is hers, I am not sure. Pry it open and kidnap her,”

“Kill a sleeping vampire?”

“Are you mad?”

The hooded figure leaned in close and whispered something to them. “The vampire we are after is vulnerable and weak. This is the most opportune moment to do this.” The others sat back and conversed amongst themselves while the hooded figure waited for a response. “We’ve hunted their kind to extinction. Once they learn of their mistress being out of the picture, the others will only be ripe for the pickings. Tonight is your chance. Go to the cemetery and fulfill your deed. Return to the castle where you shall be compensated, even though-” He paused for a moment before continuing... “monetary reward is no equal to the satisfaction of knowing evil has been defeated. Remember this.”

Before adjourning the brief, the hooded man added. “As you know, my friends, these creatures will be hungry and poised to kill when threatened. Consider your training always. You will need it during these dark times.”

The four men looked at each other with puzzling expressions of their own. “And if the wrong coffin is open, what happens then?”

“Fate will decide.” With that, the hooded figure stood up and left the table as the others remained to conspire. They had been trained and prepared. They have cornered younger vampires before, but coming face to face with an ancient was utterly unexpected.

“In a fortnight from now. I say we make our move. I heard that a party would be happening. Vampires are hosting it, vampires, that I’ve been trying to track for the last five-ten years. We go to the cemetery, enter the crypt. Take silver with us and attempt to capture her. I doubt the coffins will not indicate who lies in which. Meet at the gates after sunset.”

After the men conspired, they went to prepare for the evening. Two were already at the gates and waiting for the other two to join. One picked the lock to the cemetery gate and opened it. The stale, musty air sent chills down their spines. “I’m not fond of this. Something tells me we shouldn’t be here.”

“Oh, quit whining, remember the pay. We are doing this for the crown and to gain acknowledgment.” With lanterns in hand, they padded through the grounds quietly searching for the crypt. The crypt was big enough to hold three coffins. The door to the mausoleum was locked, with some picking and strength the door budged open.

Two of the men walked in, examining the coffins with the amount of light they had. “Which one is it? They’re all the same.” One of them whispered.

“Tread carefully.” Another said, as they examined each coffin, keeping their weapons at the ready.
Let’s plot something! I’m down. We have common interests. Feel free to pm me
Character Sheet/Application

Face claim:

Character First and Last Name (pronunciation optional)
Characters Alias, Title, or Quote
Character Age - Gender - Member Group
Wanted or Original character?

Tell us about what they look like if the face claim is not exact to how you imagine them.


If a vampire or werewolf, describe your mortal life before being turned. If human, describe the circumstances of your birth. Do you descend from humble and hardworking folk or the highest titled nobility of Europe?

Tell us about your childhood, family life, and relations. Was it family-oriented or dysfunctional?

Do you recall a vital memory or memories, or do your best to forget? Tell us your most extended-standing memory.

Describe your education if you had one. Tell us what you excelled in when it came to academics.

Do you know a trade? What is your career path? If you are training, learned a profession, or have military training, please tell us of your experience.

Whom do you surround yourself with?

What are your beliefs regarding the supernatural community?


What are your goals and ambitions? What is your darkest desire?

Interesting facts about your character. What are their hobbies? Any supernatural abilities, if so, what are their strengths and weaknesses?

Tell us your deepest fear and what made it come about.

What are your character's positive and negative personality traits, and why?

What do you hope will happen in this story?

In the case of inactivity, let us know what you would like for the GM to do with your character?
Real-life gets in the way sometimes and should come first. If you should have to leave or take a long hiatus, please provide an IC reason for your character's departure. It could be as simple as a trip to the country or as ghoulish as death, become an NPC. Up to you!

Optional: free to include any song or songs that you think works for your character.
Here's a few of my images. Sorry if the images are a bit large (don't know how to resize). There's tons more in this album only chose a select few.

Member Groups (Societies/Races)

Vampires - House of Aakre
Werewolves/Shifters - Minor Role (NPC... Lore is in progress)
Humans - Followers of Queen Victoria (Zealots) (NPC... Lore is in progress)

Human Civilians who have society affiliation:
  • Consumption Donors: Prostitutes or Blood Drinking
  • Neutral: Persons who have affiliation with Vampires and Humans
  • Non-believers: Those who don’t want to associate themselves in the rivalry.

Vampire Lore

The actual lore behind our Vampires begins with Morgana, a 5,000-year-old vampire. Many deemed her to be a myth, legend. In the eyes of her people, they saw her as a dragur, ghost. They are more human-like in nature compared to other views on vampires. A lot of inspiration is drawn from Norse mythology, Vampire Chronicles, Trueblood, Underworld, combined with the gothic, horror, romantic view of them. They live nomadic lives, creating aliases for themselves to blend in amongst the humans. A strategic way of keeping their identity hidden. If they are found out, death awaits is their consequence unless someone comes to their aid in defense.

Blood consumption for vampires is an essential part of their survival. They can eat human food but are not fond of it, not because of the taste, mainly because it does not give them the same sustenance as human Blood.


  • Silver weakens them. To completely kill a vampire, they have to be burnt to ash.
  • Can be in direct sunlight not exceeding 5 hours. If it exceeds five hours, they have to find shelter as soon as possible. Start to become deathly ill, and old wounds become impossible to heal. Recovery depending on exposure can last a day to two weeks. If not recovered, they can die.
  • Not immune to garlic. It can eat human food for blending but despise the taste.
  • Vampires are immune to pain killers based on the fact they don’t need it. However, they can use uppers and psychedelics.


  • Compulsion of humans; Able to control them mentally
  • Enhanced Senses and Strength
  • Healing abilities: Older the vampire the quicker it is
  • Blood flow Vision: Able to see significant blood vessels in victims

Other abilities to choose from based on centuries old. Every 500 years, they gain a new talent. This list is in order of abilities they obtain over time. These differ from vampire to vampire. Some may share the same others may not.

  • Remote Viewing: The ability to mentally view a distant unseen target.
  • Telepathy: The ability to read the thoughts of others.
  • Aura Perception: An aura is the spiritual energy field that people and objects give off. Usually, auras convey the feelings or emotions someone gives off in a range of colors. Someone with aura perception can see these colors in someone’s aura.
  • Multilingual: Having the ability to speak, or to understand, a few languages
  • Power Sensing: The ability to sense the powers of another person.
  • Presentience: A form of precognition where one senses events before they happen instead of “seeing” them.
  • Astral Projection: The ability to separate and control one’s astral body outside of the physical body. The out-of-body experience where one can travel outside of their body.
  • Clairvoyance: The power to visually perceive events that are taking place elsewhere or sense places that are not in view.
  • Clairaudience: The ability to hear sounds coming from the spiritual plane.
  • Divination: The ability to predict the future.
  • Omnilingual: Having the ability to speak, or to understand, all languages.
  • Precognition: The ability to see events before they happen.

Reference for abilities: Supernatural Powers and Abilities | Vampires.…
Direct Links for Character Sheets:

Note: Inactive Players: Edvard and Salvatore
Dive your fangs into the vampiric community where we travel back in time to 1840s London. Casual, advanced level, collaboration focused on sating your darkest craving. Discord server:

Triad of Desire

It’s the nineteenth century in London where high-class society, haut ton fashion was all the rage, etiquette, and patriarchy was at its peak. Though already the world’s largest city, London is growing at an exponential rate: in size, finances, and population. The recent influx of Irish immigrants flocking to the city, fleeing the Great Famine had the streets bustling with those determined to take advantage of the economy and make something of themselves.

Society was already highly stratified and patriarchal, despite the recent crowning of Queen Victoria that later bestowed this era its name. Evidence of this could be found in the extreme differences among the population. The slums were the worst place one could be. People who lived there were mainly factory workers, prostitutes that worked for the middle class. Sickness and death ravaged the slums, making it unbearable and unsanitary. For those who couldn't afford a proper burial, dead bodies were thrown into the Thames, creating a pungent smell throughout certain parts of the city.

On the contrary, those in the middle class were the bourgeois of business owners who made something of themselves. Some found ways to get out of the slums. Aristocrats and other members of high society were where the money was at, living in lavish homes and having highly comfortable lives. These were people of virtue by birthright who came from wealthy families who helped the economy flourish.

Those at the top were generally there by birthright. Men carried most of the wealth and influence upon society. It was men who had the most mobility, either coming from money or making something of themselves. The women were much more restricted.

Still, there was a power to be had for those who had wealth and those who had social status. But some had both. In the public eye, they were sought as ideal citizens; in other words, celebrities. This particular group of elitists was highly admired because of the fact that they were vampires and had a mysterious allure about them, yet their identity remained secret.

Though Queen Victoria ruled Britain and London within, hidden forces were at work, rivaling that power in many ways. Nestled conspicuously amongst the city’s elite population, multiple vampire clans commanded authority over the city of London, making the metropolitan their hub for underground activities. Most of the current vampire groups could date their lineage back to the original vampire. Their fingers were far-reaching, from control of the development of medicine to the brothels and slums. Their impact created competition in London’s economic growth; thus, Queen Victoria refused to have peace. Vampires were not ones to back down after being hunted to near eradication. Fear of the consequences wrought on any who might dare cross them kept people in line. Vampires at this time were diplomatic and self-governing. Their Siress and Queen of the Vampires, Nathalie Thévenet, was ruthless and would do anything to protect her kin.

Queen Victoria felt threatened that her control was waning. She had not been superstitious and didn’t believe that vampires existed, despite evidence to the contrary. It was only when signs and attacks became clear; Queen Victoria’s fear led her to become a zealot against the vampires, fulfilling the prophecy.

This story is about a human female/male who falls for two of the wealthiest and eligible bachelors/bachelorettes in London. How she/he gets there is up to you. These gentlemen/women cater to high-class society when it comes to their business, and she works for them. Will she/he become their most prized possession? What will this triad relationship turn into? What goes on in the vampiric community as a whole? What becomes of the coven?
-hears a loud noise behind her- What the...? Oh hey, welcome to the Guild!

Katla Aakre 500 BC - 1066 AD (Viking, High Priestess)
Aliases: Cassandra Valle; Nathalie Katia Thévenet (current alias),
Title: Siress, Queen of the Vampires

Close to 2,000. Looks 30





She is a beautiful and frightening woman with alabaster skin made more porcelain by the contrast of her gothic Victorian aesthetic. With piercing blue eyes, she's a goddess of death. Her gaze casts fear into the hearts of lesser beings. Her silken hair flows like ghostly wisps, with all of the danger of nature, beauty, and the supernatural rolled into one. While some might take her soft features as a sign of weakness bred by a life of luxury, be warned; it is a testament to her overwhelming power and the ease with which she overcomes all obstacles set before her.

Vikar (Edvard Thévenet), eternal lover
Brother: Tarald (Wesley Dallam/Réne Thevenet)
Progenies: Salvatore Di Vittiori & Lochlainn Alberich

Cunning, intelligent, ruthless, steadfast, stubborn, open-minded, compassionate, persistent, vengeful, determined, loyal, protective

Collecting beautiful people. Being in nature, reading, traveling. Performs Viking rituals during the holidays when she sees fit. Painting. Entertaining.

Healing, Telepathy, Blood flow vision (able to see significant blood vessels), Clairvoyant, Multilingual (Read, write, and speak: Old Norse, Old English, French, Italian, English, Latin)

Periods of psychological instability, adrenaline-induced episodes of intensity. If in direct sunlight exceeding 5 hours, it will take about a full day to heal.


Scandinavia 500 BC at the start of the Iron Age.

"Family is my strength or the cause of my self-destruction. Wealth can't buy family nor happiness. Happiness comes from the little, humble, and simple things in life. Things that are usually taken for granted."

Katla Aakre was the youngest and only daughter to the tribe's chieftain and high priestess. Her beauty was unmatched. She had piercing blue eyes, silver hair, and porcelain-like skin. A diamond in the rough. Rare genes like Katla’s were considered a sign from the gods. Many cooed over her, wondering if she was a daughter of Freyja or the equivalent of the deity herself living amongst them. Much was expected of Katla, the fates (Norns) had an unexpected destiny waiting for her.

As a child, she was like any normal kid, highly family-oriented. She enjoyed her sense of freedom that any normal kid would have. Katla got away with murder compared to her older sibling, Tarald, when it came to playing with other kids in the tribe. Occasionally, she would pull pranks with the other kids. She was inquisitive about everything. Why were things they were? What was her purpose? Once in awhile, she got into mischief and got into trouble for it. Katla wasn't always close to her brother, as they got older, they played and bonded over time. But there were times where he couldn't include her. She wanted to do everything her older sibling did: learning how to fight, fish, hunt, gather. Tarald was always protective of her but not so much as their father. When she was old enough to wield a weapon, she begged her brothers to teach her archery, sword fighting, and self-defense, something she did against her parents' wishes. In their eyes, Katla was too frail to engage in combat. Growing up, she learned to be diplomatic and be in tune with the gods and nature.

Her father didn't think that she should be doing those things and he wanted to protect her for as long as he could. She was his pride and joy. Her village was a small, tight-knit community; everyone looked out for each other. It was a peaceful time. At the age of sixteen, Katla's parents established an alliance with another tribe via an arranged marriage, which would end turmoil and rivalry. At first, she was appalled by the idea of marriage. She felt as if her sense of freedom would be ripped from her hands. Per her parents' request, Katla respected their wishes and went through with it. Arrangements took almost two years. The only time she met her betrothed was at the altar. The wedding took place during the winter equinox per request of both parents as it marked a new dawn for both families.

Seeing him for the first time at the altar was something she wasn't expecting. He stood there at 6ft, long dark brown hair that was pulled into braids and a ponytail. He had green eyes and a groomed beard, muscular warrior build, young about two years older than she was. Katla's jaw dropped at the sight of him; he was unlike any of the boys she had grown up with. To keep the peace, they united their tribes as a full community. For the next eleven years, Katla had a happy life. Her husband, Reinn, was her entire world, the source of her happiness. In the early stages of her marriage, she resented him, for he was cold and didn't seem to want this. As time passed, that changed. Her love for him was intense and passionate, filled with trust; he was her everything. As her bond grew with him, her family relations didn't weaken but became robust. Every spring when the ice melted, warriors, including Tarald and Reinn, voyaged to other locations to expand their land and communities. Soon, foreigners began to encroach on their territories; consequently, wars broke out. These wars lasted for about two years, at which point Reinn's parents stepped down, allowing them to take over. During this period, Katla was expecting her first child; she thought this was an impossible milestone. When the day came, Katla was ecstatic after trying for so long. She finally had a family of her own. Her parents were growing older and feared that their line would end with Katla.

She despised the times when Reinn left for raids, the fear of losing him ate away at her. She had visions of him dying in battle, capsized by the sea during a storm, even assassination attempts. Every time she woke up in a sweat, she grasped the necklace he gave her, praying to the gods that he was still alive.

A year later, at the age of thirty, she lost her husband in battle and was expecting a child. On the same night her betrothed died, she had a miscarriage. Within that moment, her world began to crumble around her. Depression and misery overtook her. For days she didn't leave her home and ate very little. Tarald stuck by her side, giving her comfort. Even though she was the tribe's leader, people began to question her authority since she was in no shape to perform her duties. She handed the responsibilities over to Tarald. Every day that went by, memories of her and Reinn didn't seem to fade. Inconsolable of her loss, Katla voluntarily offered herself up as a sacrifice to a demon. Legend has it that a demon by the name of Ryreth was madly in love with her because of her beauty and promised she would have children one day, But how is still unknown.

As a result of the sacrifice, Ryreth made an oath that would possess her at the same time protect, keep her alive, never bear witness to the pain she endured, and stay with her. Consequently, there's always a price to be paid. Ryreth had a mate, Dakal, who was stuck in Hel. For Dakal's return to the realm of the living. It would be at the behest of the same ritual and the right vessel had to be born.

Winter of this same year, tragedy struck again. This time, she lost her family and half of her tribe to famine, sickness, and warfare. Katla tried to save them, except for one, her brother. Seeing Tarald lying there dying in the cold winter snow was too much for her. Ryreth witnessed Katla’s inconsolable pain and taught her how to save them. Her and Tarald would become the first eternal beings recorded in history and share the Immortal Kiss.

Together they witnessed humankind's effect on the earth. They moved around Scandinavia, drawing no attention to who they really were. People started to question them out of fear. Rumors and legends were made about them if they stayed in one place too long. For them, it was better to live away from civilization.

Viking Age: 793 - 1066 AD

"Eternity alone already feels like a curse. Maybe I shouldn't have done what I did all those years ago out of desperation. But yet, I feel a hunger to continue on… Could this be the age I find my mate? Something tells me this is where I need to be, but the Norns hold the answer. What if he's like Reinn? Strong, loving, same personality… Even look alike. Verðandi and Skuld guide me on this journey."

Years passed for Katla and Tarald as the first two original vampires. As they remembered it, their old Scandinavia began to flourish into a colonizing nation filled with exploration, whalers, farmers, and raiders. Tarald was looked upon as a seer for he had the gift of foresight, and Katla was the town's high priestess known for her healing capabilities. It was during the Viking era that her awaiting vessel, Vikar, would be born. Katla waited till he was thirty-five to be with her. She watched him grow and become a man and become a famous warrior within their town. He was the son of an Earl. One day, he went out for a raid in the spring, after a prosperous voyage, he returned with fatal injuries. His family, filled with dismay, was frantic and begged for Katla to save him. Accepting their plea, Katla had him brought to her home where she didn't allow his family to witness or visit, for she was uncertain if it was going to work. In the privacy of hers and her brother's home, she healed him using traditional methods. Days went by as she continued to care for him, never disclosing her true identity to him. His body from what she could tell, his body could not accept the Immortal Kiss.

A year or so after she healed him, the town continued to grow in prosperity and fortification began. People started to question why the siblings haven't aged since they moved there; fear continued to grow. The siblings lived a life that didn't draw attention to themselves as murderers. Rumors started to spread once more, a small group of hunters established themselves and went out one night to look for Katla and Tarald. Conflict broke out. The captors brought the siblings into the public eye for trial and execution. Vikar was standing in the crowds and stepped in their defense. In his case, the siblings were judged innocent. Once the crowd dispersed, that was the same night, Katla finally disclosed who she was and was grateful for his aid. In return, she gave him the gift of immortality.

Renaissance and Colonial Era (Age of Enlightenment)

"Living in such harsh conditions isn't for the faint of heart. Death, poverty, and despair await at every doorstep.LLooking for its next victim. Glorious Rome, such power no longer at the hands of mortals. Enduring such times made my stomach churn. The putrid smell and sight of mass graves reminded me of my mortal life. Maybe I wasn't such a fool for making that pact. Would it be a choice I would make again? I'm not certain. Humanity is a complex force of nature, but the more I observe and learn. I rather be alive than dead. My thirst for more has become unsatiated. It's time to share my knowledge and power… With this decree, I am the Vampire Katla Aakre, and will now be known as Nathalie Katia Theévent, Queen of the Vampires."

After waiting for such a long time for Vikar, the Viking age came to an end. With changing eras, they moved around from place to place, blending in, adjusting to the times, changing their names. Throughout the periods, they witnessed the fall of the Roman Empire, lived through the dark ages, and survived the Black Death that swept across Europe. Eventually, the trio settled in Florence, Italy. She met Salvatore Di Vittorio under the alias Cassandra Valle in the mid-late 16th century, during the height of the Renaissance. His status in society impressed her, especially with his financial background, making him her third progeny. She saw Salvatore as a son she never had.

Another era comes along, the Age of Enlightenment, a movement of intellect and philosophy that sparked human reasoning. Enthralled by human reasoning, Nathalie used this era to her advantage as the start to reign. In 1715, she officially became Queen of the Vampires, a strategic and unknown move to those wished ill of her kin. The Great Northern War took place in 1700-1721. The way in which wolves, hunters/zealots, and vampires became involved was that King Charles I broke a peace treaty. Unfortunately, it played a minor but significant role in the war. She had placed Tarald as her Military Commander for this war. At the sight of human and supernatural casualties strewn across the battlefield, Nathalie had Tarald pull back their forces. Defeat was not an answer; instead, she sought refuge on an island in the English Channel. Such an event triggered her psychological instability and adrenaline-induced episodes of intensity that her desire for vengeance and to gain numbers became her obsession. Humans who fled to Jersey for safety during the war became either a vampire's prey or a victim of the Immortal Kiss. Nathalie gave the gift to those who she thought earned it and who she deemed beautiful. Nathalie remained in Jersey until 1741.

Summer 1742

She moved to Copenhagen, Denmark. After increasing her numbers, she felt the need to return to her native homeland and see the changes. The constant warfare between France and Britain was too much.

On her travels to Denmark, she met an aristocrat who had ties to the royal court. Enthralled by her beauty and knowledge, the aristocrat invited her to stay with the royal family. Upon her arrival at the estate, Nathalie met Lochlainn Alberich, a monarch's son. Intrigued by his desire for rebelling against the reform and interest in human reasoning. Nathalie wanted to collect him not only for his looks and power status but his desire to know more. He reminded her so much of herself.

Over time she shared her secrets with Lochlainn, entrusting him to keep her identity secret. One fateful night, she witnessed a commotion, silent as the grave, Nathalie watched his father arrest him for practicing the dark arts. With a heavy heart when everyone was asleep, Nathalie went to check on him, seeing the effects up close and personal was too much for her and gave him a choice to either live or wither away.

Katla's time in the mortal realm was starting to wane. She needed to rest. A war between her race, wolves, hunters/religious zealots, plague (lack of consumption supply), and sovereign power took a devastating toll on her.

Winter 1743, London

Before she went into her stupor the following spring. Nathalie established the vampiric council. She had taught Salvatore and Lochlainn everything they needed to know and gave them titles because they were now in her stead. She had prepared them for when she would not be around, entrusting them to protect her, Tarald, and Vikar until it was time for them to return. As the vampiric Prophecy foretells:

"When legends of old return, new prosperity shall reign."

Nathalie paced the floor of the dim-lit room, light from the fireplace danced across the halls. In the room sat the two younger vampires, her, Tarald and Edvard (Vikar) and a few others she instated as council members. "I cannot stand to see another of my kin suffer for fear of mortals. Too much damage has been caused, and we are on the brink of extinction. Each of you must go your own way. Seek safety and refuge, abide by our rules. Feed on animals or go into a slumber. British reign will come to an end, and our place amongst mortals will be reinstated. I've already seen what our future holds. A religious monarch will take the throne, at which point my awakening will happen. Whoever sits on the ivory throne, will regret their decision. We used to live in peace, now we live in fear. We are myths, legends, and nightmares of old. It's time, my children for the world to adjust without us, for we adjusted to the world. When that time comes, we will give in to our true nature as predators instead of prey."

Victorian Era

"After a hundred years of rest, I feel the need to return and face my enemies. It is time for vampires to take their rightful place amongst mortals. That beautiful, eerie, ominous sound is the life of my awakening, I wonder who has stirred me awake. It wouldn't be long before the others join me in a new reign."

Her story, along with Tarald and Vikar (Edvard Devereux), would start in 1840s London. Her awakening caused by music and a sovereign power would spark her desire for her true nature, consuming blood from beautiful people that she collects and feeds on the lust of mortals.
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