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@Dinh Aaron Mk i have no idea what thats supposed to mean. Lol
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Let me know if you'd be interested in a casual Street Fighter Roleplay!
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I'm back from the ether. Can't promise activity, but maybe
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I am not feeling 100% right now


Yo! I am Fox. I'm a 29 year old guy. I love anime, writing, video games, reading, and all the usual nerd stuff. I also recently came out as pansexual. Probably TMI, but I'm finally ok with admitting that about myself, so why not shout it out occasionally? Anyway! I hope to have fun around here, feel free to message me here or on discord!

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Hmmmm I dunno. I've just never really enjoyed that vibe. I'll think about it, but I really like trying to build my own story that happens to take place in the same universe, you know? We'll see though.
Yeah, it'll be free form

Now that I have a little interest, I might get a post up tonight or tomorrow. I have company over right now, but I'll see what I can do
<Snipped quote by RogueFox>

Don't count your chicks til they are hatched.

I'm interested 👍, done similiar to this via tabletop.

the SF table top game from White Wolf? It's the one that inspired me to make a freeform rp of it haha. I had fun but only ever did one session.
I mean, I have been in several anime rps where it uses none of the characters. They aren't necessary honestly. The world has its own lore. I don't care so much about playing them right or wrong, I just like having originality and I have ideas on what I'd do. I was just asking if anyone wanted to play but it's obvious no one's really interested so it's a non-issue anyway
Shadaloo, the moves, the general feeling. The big thing will be Shadaloo, using psycho power and clones just like Bison did. I could always add Bison, but I've never been a fan for RPing existing characters. Plus this concept comes from a tabletop street fighter rpg
A bump + update. A bumpdate, if you will. I also plan on allowing existing moves from the series, such as the Sonic Boom and the Hadoken. But creativity and making new attacks is encouraged.
Just wondering if anyone would be on board with a Street Fighter RP. You'd make your OC, give them a fighting style and some special moves, and we'd fight in street fight tournaments, and eventually Shadaloo (not run by Bison anymore.) I'd want to avoid using any canon characters from the franchise, but locations and organizations would be A-OK
I do what I want

Ashley had watched as the other girls kept speaking. That was fine, it gave Ashley time to think, and observe. They seemed a bit chaotic, and she couldn't just let them know that she booted some girl out her body. She had to think of an excuse. Unfortunately, by the time Kayla asked them to sell themselves, and Vashti had finished her pitch, Ashley had nothing. She looked over at Vashti, feeling a bit bad for her. A curse had to really suck.

"I'm Ashley, I can make these weird claws that cut shit. I want to know more about the super natural, especially ghosts and apparitions." She decided keeping it under thirty words might impress the new leader of the coven. Though maybe a joke to lighten things up would help. "Plus I'm a pretty great guitar player." She added with a grin.

Elise rolled her eyes when Madison came in drunk as possible. She wasn't a nice drunk either. She thought back to her birth mother and shivered before walking behind the stand to try and better ignore her. She would have just left, but with Emily at the helm of some crazy scheme, she had to be here to speak against it. Emily was not a person Ellie could trust.

She quickly put her nose in a book and lost herself in the words. She couldn't hear the girls talking and chattering, and she really didn't want to. Right now she was lost, and she loved it.

"That's quite impressive, Jessica. But, is the new weapons in response to something...?"

"Thanks! It kind of is. I just found myself a bit outclassed and thought it was a good idea to try new things, broaden my horizons a bit!" Jess didn't want to talk much about the Hound. It was Madison's personal business. She wasn't going to blab secrets that she was trusted to keep by a friend.

"... Hey girls, waaaaaaassup,"

Jess had been excited to see Madison again, she felt closer to her, like a real friend. However she showed up hammered, and wasn't the cool kind of drunk. It was especially uncool when she called out "supporting Claudette" even though she was pretty sure Claudette paid her way too. "Mads, chill. Like, I get things can be rough, but coming here hammered and picking on your friends isn't cool." She was not at all happy with her at that moment. She half considered bringing up the Hound fight just to sober her up, but decided against it.

“Jess, have you ever considered using a normal weapon? Like a gun? I thought America was all about guns…” She paused before shrugging. “Well if you need target practice, I’m sure we can put an apple on Emily’s head!”

Jess laughed at the mention of putting an apple on Emily's head, it helped her cool off a bit after Madison's little show. She couldn't say it was a horrible idea, at least in jest. "Well, guns are loud and I don't know if I have the skill to imbue things I can't see yet, so it'd just be a gun. I'm in this to fight evil apparitions, not to get caught, and not to kill people. Though the apple on Emily's head is a different story." She chuckled again. Even Maya wasn't all that bad honestly. She wondered if the messes everyone had gone through had possibly strengthened the kinship around here a little.

Though with things like secrets and kinship on her mind, it brought her back to Molly. She was not currently ok, and through the week, Jess had planned to bring it up with the girls.

"By the way guys, if Molly shows up, there's something you have to know. She's not really Molly right now, she's currently possessed by some Apparition. I don't blab secrets usually, but I don't owe that Apparition anything." She crossed her arms and leaned against an old stand. "She's not gone though. According to the bastard, he plans on leaving when her soul is strong enough. I wonder if any of you know how to speed up that process so we can kick this asshole out of our sister." This was a Coven, time to start talking like it. Jess hoped this may also sober Madison up as well.

"That depends, sugar," Taylor started. "You're not gonna dissect me or anything if I say yes? I dunnooooo... you look like a secret agent."

"Or an alien. Must be from Mars or something if you can walk around here with that on, sugar."

"Ha, no I won't dissect you. I'm also not an agent, but I guess that's what an Agent would say. As for the jacket... I just feel a bit attached to it is all. It was hot out there, but a bit better in the AC." She spoke naturally to the pretty girl. She seemed a little sarcastic as the conversation went on, but she wasn't bad.

Ashley was extremely grateful to Vashti as she bit into her blizzard. The tangy sweet flavor danced around her mouth and reminded her of her family. She was depressed, because she could see them any old time, but they'd never believe she was their daughter, so she just kept her distance instead.

"Hello, new friends. My name's Herik Cletis. Are you the new members of the Coven?"

Holy shit this dude was a giant. Also, a dude. She thought witches were girls. She nodded at him all the same though. She just needed some answers. Then Vashti went nuts, completely drooling over the guy. Ashley could see how he could be good looking, but Taylor was a bit more her cup of tea. Or Elise, but what were the chances of finding her at all? She was who knows where now, so Ashley wondered if it was worth even waiting. A part of her definitely wanted to though. To make up for all of those lost days of hanging out, watching tv, walking through a park. Ellie wouldn't recognize her anyway.

When Ashley snapped out of her day-dream, she saw another hottie standing at the table now. Long dark hair and pale skin. The questions weren't directed especially to her, so she waited to hear what Vashti had to say.

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