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Current R.I.P. Coolio
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Looking for a 1on1 RP partner for a Naruto based rp. DM me if interested? We'd have a lot of details to discuss.
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Merry Christmas!
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This tardiest explorer, driving hard across the plain!
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@Dinh Aaron Mk i have no idea what thats supposed to mean. Lol


Yo! I am Fox. I'm a 30 year old guy. I love anime, writing, video games, reading, and all the usual nerd stuff. I also recently came out as pansexual. Probably TMI, but I'm finally ok with admitting that about myself, so why not shout it out occasionally? Anyway! I hope to have fun around here, feel free to message me here or on discord!

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I'm just letting people who might be interested know that I have gotten 2 interested parties, so I'm no longer looking for any partners at the moment. I'll bump again in case anything ever opens up!
I've been in the mood to RP Naruto, and over the years I'm down to only a couple of 1 on 1 RP Partners, and they aren't interested in Naruto. The RP would be pretty simple. We would decide a village to start in, then make a squad of ninja OCs (2 each). For fairness, no eye jutsu or jinchuriki, at least not at first. Other Kekkai Genkai are fine. The story is pretty loose, but it's going to be taking place in an Alternate universe around the time that original Naruto took place. I'd be fine with discussing any tweaks or changes. Please drop me a DM or reach out to me on Discord if you're interested!
I'm sorry, I had dnd last night. I think I have just a little too much on my plate. I'm gonna dip out of this one. Sorry.
don't worry, there's no rush. I just didn't know if they wanted to play around in character a bit while we waited
@Shadow Dragon @Searat did you guys just want to interact some more while we wait for a story post? Or maybe do a bit of delving on our own?

Location: Outside her apartment, Brooklyn

Interaction: Katiya [ @Mintz ] Dani [ @DDVicky ]

Moonjumper grinned over at her partner in anti-crime after she landed heavily next to her. "You really gotta work on the light landing." She laughed as she joked with her, getting back at Katiya for the snicker she noticed when she had come out in her x-uniform. Not even a full minute later though, they were confronted by a young excitable girl. Moonjumper couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm. "I don't know if I'd call us super heroes, but we do our best to help the citizens of New York. We ain't aliens either, look at the suit." Her voice was light and she had a wide smile as she pointed at the X belt on her x-uniform. "We're mutants, and I can't really make anyone else float. Your sister sounds pretty cool though." She looked over at Dani when Dolores mentioned her sister being a meanie. Despite the age gap, they looked very similar. As the two girls began to bicker, she laughed a little to herself, and when she heard Dani exclaim that she didn't care, Moonjumper shrugged. You can't win them all over. "It was a pleasure to meet you girls, but Quadra and I should be going, work to do and all that." She grinned and gave Dolores a wink. "Be good out there, Kid." She wasn't about to pry into a teenagers life about having powers, especially not a stranger.

Sadie looked over at Katiya with a grin. "Great kids, huh? She mentioned her sister making her float. Wonder what that's about." The two didn't have to go far to find trouble, as right in front of them, two armed men ran out of a deli holding a bag, a literal grocery bag, of money. Sadie took quick stock of the situation, checking where civilians were, it was pretty crowded. She knew a direct approach wasn't a good idea. She looked back at the girls. "Get out of here! We'll take care of it!" She hopped into the air and floated next to Katiya, the men were pushing their way through the crowded sidewalk which was slowing them down a little. "Alright, you know the drill, throw me over to them, try to get me high up so they don't see me coming." *Moonjumper braced herself, ready to be thrown by her giantess of a roommate.
Yeah, I just didn't expect to be offered pics haha.
Thanks for looking around for me, it's just none of those really match what I had in mind for Hecate. I hope not having a reference image isn't jarring for anyone.
I was checking out this RP, and noticed the absence of any visual reference for your wraith girl Hecate. I happen to have a nice one in mind. Wanna use it?

Thank you! But no, she's an eerie blue-ish white. I can try to find a reference but I was just hoping the description was enough haha
Hecate listened to Mortimer's speech, visibly shaken by his sincerity, and by the bravery he and Vinashy were showing. She shook her head with a mournful expression. I do not know what kind of help I could be with fighting adventurers. I am not very strong... Though, rebuilding the Everdark is something I very much would like to do. I have not yet traveled deeper into the dungeon... mayhaps we head that way to search for more survivors...?" She gazed at her brave companions, feeling a little more hopeful than she had just 5 minutes ago.
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