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Current Space travel at less than light speeds would take forever. Even traveling at light speed it would take a crazy amount of time between planets. Or... anything.
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Searching for peace on a battlefield.
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May the Fourth be with you!
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Looks like I'm back at least for a moment. Lol
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R.I.P. Coolio


Yo! I am Fox. I'm a 30 year old guy. I love anime, writing, video games, reading, and all the usual nerd stuff. I also recently came out as pansexual. Probably TMI, but I'm finally ok with admitting that about myself, so why not shout it out occasionally? Anyway! I hope to have fun around here, feel free to message me here or on discord!

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Oliver James Grundy

The First Day

A maroon 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan pulled up to the gate. Music could easily be heard from the outdated van, along with what sounded like chatter from two young girls speaking a little too loudly. The sliding door opened and within seconds, a somewhat skinny teen hopped out. Oliver was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a tri-force from The Legend of Zelda on it. He smiled as he looked at the familiar sites of the gates and grounds. He noticed the really rich kid nearby making comments, as well as a really pretty girl countering his comments with compliments.

Before Oliver even had a chance to make his way to the trunk, his two younger sisters hopped out of the car. They seemed to be around 8 years old, and were identical twins. They had bright blonde hair, one in pigtails, the other in a ponytail. They each wore a matching pink outfit with light breathable fabric. They began running around in circles, laughing, their energy high from the two or so hour ride. A short and portly woman with curly brown hair down to her shoulders stepped out of the passenger's side, as a tall man with a green baseball cap covering his blonde hair walked around the front from the driver's side. The portly woman was holding a camera, and with about as much shame as the desert has water, she snapped out. "Chloe! Rebecca! Calm down and stand next to your brother!" Oliver sighed and shook his head, knowing at least a few eyes were on him. "Mom, I thought we agreed you'd let me just do this alone this year. Do we really need pictures?" He smiled halfway through his objection as his mother snapped the picture before he was done. His mother bustled as she got everyone together for a full family picture, minus his older brother who wasn't able to get out of work. "A little to the right John, perfect!" She had the camera on a tripod and stood with her arm over one of his shoulders, while his father smiled with his arm over the opposite. "You'll thank me in five years when you have these pictures to look back on, honey." She finally said in response to his complaints. She pulled him into a tight hug. "Now you be good. And have a fun and safe year, okay? Your brother wanted to come see you off as well, but you know how his manager can be." Oliver hugged her back with a nod and a few reassuring words as she trailed off from her main point quickly, more or less interrupting herself, as she had a tendency of doing.

John, Oliver's father put a solid hand on his shoulder and grinned down at him. "We're all proud of ya champ. Have a good year, and stay in touch. You know how Ma gets when you don't check in." Oliver beamed and nodded. "Yeah, of course dad. You know me." Finally his sisters ran up and hugged him at the same time, remembering how lonely it got last year when he was at school. "Bye Oli!" Chloe said, still hugging him. "We'll miss you a lot!" Added Rebecca. Oliver smiled and tousled their hair. "I'll be back before you know it." He chuckled as he finally made his way to the trunk and began pulling out his carefully prepared backpacks, putting several on his back as he picked up his 32 inch tv he had made sure to bring along. He put the TV down for a minute and took his bike off of the bike mount on the back of the van. He carefully balanced the TV on the seat. He started toward the gate as his family waved and pulled off, being careful with balancing his set up.

As Oliver neared the gate, he accidentally locked eyes with Alistair. "I thought we banned the nerd and weeb convention this year?" Oliver shrugged and kept walking, not really wanting to upset someone who had that much money. He also noticed that Mara was there, and she seemed to have things under control. He chuckled as he pressed on to Edgebaston Hall. He parked his bike and locked it to the bike rack, then made his way to the front desk where he fumbled with his TV as he retrieved his keys, then he pressed on to his room, still the same one from the previous year, Room 202 in Edgebaston Hall. He got in with a little trouble and sat his TV on his desk before shedding his several backpacks. He let out a sigh of relief and stretched his sore arms a bit. He was definitely not in the mood for unpacking yet, and decided to go check out his favorite places. He locked his door and made his way toward the library.

Avery Jillian Sawyer

Over the Summer

Avery had opted to stay at Edgebaston over the summer. She already knew her parents wouldn't be home, and she wasn't usually invited to any of their spontaneous vacations. She spent a good bit of time studying, but as it was summer, and there wasn't too much to keep up with, she spent even more time out on the field, practicing archery. She had several trophies, many of them at school in the trophy case, but still plenty at home as well. She also practiced her acting a little. She was always criticized on being wooden, so tried to read her lines more naturally in the mirror, to mostly no results.

Socially, she had done pretty little. Her club mates at the archery club were all home for the summer, and she didn't go out anywhere else often. She did stay in touch with her best friend, Daphne, over texting. They were pretty different people, but something about their friendship just worked. Her birthday passed by on August 4th. She noticed her bank account had gotten several thousand dollars deposited in it by her parents, but not even a happy birthday text. She did get a few texts from her friends at least. She was used to that with her birthday though, but somewhere in her heart, it still stung the same.

On the day before classes, Avery was out shooting. She approached the target and excitedly took a photo of her triple bullseye. She posted it on her instagram, blissfully unaware of the livestream occurring at the same time. She didn't have many followers, seeing as she usually just posted things about her archery or when she ordered a really good meal. She had maybe two selfies across her entire instagram. She made her way back to Edgebaston Hall just in time to watch the LaRue twins walk out. She hung back a moment, being sure not to be seen, she didn't feel like having her good mood ruined. She then went to her room and sat at her desk. She was hungry, and had only come in originally to change clothes, but now she found herself not wanting to leave.

The First Day

Avery woke up fairly early. She quickly got dressed in a dark blue blouse and a black skirt that came just above her knees. She put on a pair of nice black shoes as well. She applied a little eyeliner and a hint of eyeshadow, then made her way to the cafeteria. She knew it was good to get your food early on the first day, she had 11 years of experience with boarding schools. She ate quickly, then curious to see some new faces, went to the main gate. She saw Alistair and Marabeth acting as the welcoming committee and basically spun around on her heel, ready to go anywhere else. She found herself wandering to the archery field. She geared up and grabbed her bow, ready to pass the time the same way she had for most of the summer. With any luck, she might run into some club mates or convince a newbie to join.

Avery is le finished!

I'm interested! I am curious about the setting though. Is this modern, or in a vintage era? I assume modern but thought I should ask lol. Anyway I'll brainstorm a bit on a character!
I'm just letting people who might be interested know that I have gotten 2 interested parties, so I'm no longer looking for any partners at the moment. I'll bump again in case anything ever opens up!
I've been in the mood to RP Naruto, and over the years I'm down to only a couple of 1 on 1 RP Partners, and they aren't interested in Naruto. The RP would be pretty simple. We would decide a village to start in, then make a squad of ninja OCs (2 each). For fairness, no eye jutsu or jinchuriki, at least not at first. Other Kekkai Genkai are fine. The story is pretty loose, but it's going to be taking place in an Alternate universe around the time that original Naruto took place. I'd be fine with discussing any tweaks or changes. Please drop me a DM or reach out to me on Discord if you're interested!
I'm sorry, I had dnd last night. I think I have just a little too much on my plate. I'm gonna dip out of this one. Sorry.
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