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Watch the sky.
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Name: Rhys

Gender: Dude

Age: Legal to drink anywhere in the world

Class: Samurai


Argest Allegory - Writes a roleplay that blinds all foes because the font is too bright.

Oaken Onslaught - Cleaves the horizon with an axe. Super effective against firewood.

False Flight - Jumps so high it seems like flying, but only if you can't see the wire in the background.

Cordial Connection - Magically connects to any WiFi access point, as long as it has no password.

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Humanity was never meant to fly.

July 1st, 1915: Ace Pilot Kurt Wintgens was the first to die when Germany globally weaponized aircraft, bringing the Great War into the sky. The moment the first bullet reached the clouds, an unfathomable force emerged from the heavens, changing the course of history for all time. Great floating structures descended, harnessing the power of lightning to decimate the human forces. The inhabitants of these structures soon followed: powerful, winged beings possessing fantastic powers. The nation from the sky became known as the Avians, and the nature of the Great War turned on its head.

Cloud Kingdom is a WW1 era story revolving around the Knights of the Sky - the aviators - and the magical winged cloud people whose territory has become encroached. Ideally I would like to see people playing both sides, engaging in thoughtful confrontations, epic dogfights, and romantic duels. Much more info to come with interest.
Hey, sorry! Busy week. Will get my CS up this weekend.
Hey, sorry guys. Busy week. Will be posting this weekend.
Thank you! Sounds kickass.
I'm feeling this. What do you mean by 'stage' in the sheet? Sorry, not super experienced with Wuxia.
Ah ok, I just liked the term talent lol. I'll switch it up.
@Ekreture Gotcha. I'll brainstorm a bit and get back to you.
@Ekreture Well, NYC is pretty close to the start of the trail...still trying to figure out how he'd hear about the Wayward Travelers though.
@Ekreture I was thinking about doing an amateur boxer from NYC with a friendly older brother sort of disposition. He was on a losing streak, but one day suddenly started winning all of his matches and was in the middle of a promising career when things started to go to shit. Still working out the details, but let me know if you have anything to add or change about that.
@Sho Minazuki buddy Vesper's done I think. Take a quick gander at his skills and let me know if they's good with you.
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