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5 mos ago
Current For all my RP partners will respond tomorrow


First a little about me, My name is Tate, and I’m a 22 year old teaching major. I have many diverse interests including:

League of legends
Romance anime
Sports anime
Fire emblem

If any of those also interests you and you want to talk about them, feel free to pm me.

Other then that I’m excited to be joining the guild and look forward to the potential rp’s ahead of us

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I’ll make this brief for anyone who would be reading this, I recently have started doing a sports anime style RP with someone and it’s super fun, and I’d be interested in picking up 1-2 more of a similar nature. I’m not picky on the sport. Traditional untraditional whatever I just love the writing and story style of a sports anime in general and I love romance anime’s so why not try and recreate that feel of sorts. If your interested feel free to pm me
Just include a sport or idea that you find interesting so we can work from there
I would be interested
Added new stuff
I will start of with some rules:

1.18+ only, not that the RP will contain anything, just my preference.
2. Prefer casual, no one liners.
3. If your gonna go away please let me know don’t just drop, Ive had that happen so I will inform you and you should inform me.

Now let’s get to the more interesting stuff, the ideas. This will be broken down by fandoms, actual plot ideas, and general themes that interest me, if the prompt calls for romance I prefer MxF just like I prefer to play Male, can double or play multiple people however.

Anything started I. This section is a favorite
In Howdy 5 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hey there ,

The names Tate , and like all of you I have been role playing for years via forum sites, not really sure what else goes in one of these but I look forward to the potential roleplays with all of you
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