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2 mos ago
Current Have not been feeling great sorry to all my partners waiting on replies. I will be delayed another day or so it seems
4 mos ago
Moms in surgery right now, posts are delayed
5 mos ago
Ok in P5 is best girl the one you would choose for yourself or the one you ship with joker
5 mos ago
Girls I talk to: what’s up bro, how you doing wanna play? Guys I talk to: Hey sexy, want this hot rod, or to play league either is fine. This is why I’m single , only the homies want me lol
1 yr ago
Replies will be slow this weekend sorry in advanced


First a little about me, My name is Tate, and I’m a 23 year old teaching major. I have many diverse interests including:

League of legends
Romance anime
Sports anime
Fire emblem

If any of those also interests you and you want to talk about them, feel free to pm me.

Other then that I’m excited to be joining the guild and look forward to the potential rp’s ahead of us

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Hey my name is Tate, and as the title suggests I am looking for partners for a few roleplays; now I prefer to list the ideas fandoms and such first, then rules after because no body reads the rules first anyways

Ok next up some rules

That should be it hope to hear from any potential partners soon
I’ll make my post tomorrow sorry for delay everybody if we are waiting on me
Ok I got my guy up for review

I thought I would post here for clarity I am heavily interested just going through some things at the moment, I’ll touch base tomorrow with the gm as I’m having troubles picking a mobile suit for my character concept and work from there.
I am interested
I am interested in playing either Ez, if we choose that group or if we decide to make Rakan work, I would love to play him. I could figure something else out but count me interested
Here is the discord for those interested in deiscussiong thing or who have questions
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