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College student at a state college in the American Pacific Northwest. I am studying history to go into an education masters program, and then hopefully go teach high schoolers, also going for a political science minor since I keep taking polysci classes :V . Positive Nihilist, leftie, enjoy in depth discussion of topics/fun tangents, also enjoy being left alone... depends on the day. I also am not a fan of capitalizing the beginning of a sentence. why does it need a capital letter? there's already a punctuation mark before it! (he says as he continues to capitalize the word "I")

Always enjoyed fantasy, superheroes and animal based stories (like Redwall - would not classify myself as a furry though. there really doesn't seem to be a middle ground in that sorta thing, huh? as soon as you get anywhere near something that would qualify you for the group, you're just lumped into the generally agreed gigantic social lump that is that subculture. that way with a lot of things, really. /tangent), likely to end up in those general veins.

-Justice League Unlimited

Other interests include:
-Overwatch: mostly main zenyatta/junkrat/lucio/mercy/winston/torbjorn, and eventually mei if I ever actually play her :V . Often willing to queue with people if I'm online, as long as you don't mind me not being particularly talkative (TheAngryGoat#1580)
-Combat Robotics: and if you're like me and are too poor to actually build shit but want to pretend you've made something anyway, check out ARC ( /cross-forum plug :V
-also in the vein of robotics, I volunteer through the FIRST (for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition community. FIRST puts on a lot of really cool robotics based events for schoolchildren, and I do encourage you to check out their events and/or get into volunteering if you're into that sort of thing. it's also a gigantic commitment and probably not as much fun for people who aren't as into it as I am :V . still, go take like 3 minutes to watch this, this shit is so cool!
-Hearthstone (fuck quest rogue amirit)
-MtG (and by that I mean I dick around with a group hug commander deck with my friends)
-I play Sheik in one of the Super Smash brothers games but I forget which one. pretty sure it's not melee :V

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telling us explicitly the implied direction given by the IC entry post is not going to help: you've given us no framework in which to work. How long have we been here? What's the usual thing that new people would be doing, if they were new? how does this city in the middle of nowhere sustain itself? is there an internet connection? with whom are we living? Giving too much freedom of worldbuilding to the cast leaves us unable to properly post, unknowing if we're breaking the rules of your storyline.
I'm already getting roth and eovaine mixed up >_>
(and the hidden dwelf).

Crouching tiger, hidden dwarf
Six Corners. Seemed to be an odd place to start a meeting. No walls. Chaotic. Not really that open to dwarven kind, either – though Sirgala was more than capable of passing as elven or human, her mixed lineage blending the lines between them.
At least it was close to home; a donkey or a horse would be expensive, something for which she’d rather not have to pay if she could avoid it, especially since she wanted to scout around on foot before she got into town proper. And once she got into town? straight to the bar?...peruse the shops?... check for caravans? step at a time though, she thinks, keep in the present, keep focusing on the closest step.
The acrid smell of far off smoke. A thought - a worry.
The town really didn’t have much of a defense.
She did see the invitation on a flyer. And broadcast from the town herald.
How much thought was really put into this meeting? How did this man even know who to expect – how many, of what skill, of what allegiance?
But no – the armies of darkness would not be so bold. A Great Wizard would not be so idiotic as to be THAT unprepared.

Would they?

Sirgala continues onwards, apprehension pooling in her stomach as she further considers the possibilities; thousands dead; cultists loose way up here; material wealth lost; the ramifications on the trade networks and how those could affect the surrounding villages. She shakes it off, and tries to focus on other thoughts. But the feeling remains.
Dusk seems to be an hour or so off, the city also that far. Rest here for the night? no. In the city. One way or another. Need to know... does not seem good…
The smell was growing, and she could see smoke in the distance, through the trees. cultists still here? she wonders, electing to put her gauntlet on, rubbing it some mud when she gets the chance to make sure it stays dull in the fading sunlight. Alert and ever the more apprehensive, she continues this way for the next 40 minutes or so, until she finally crests a hill and can get a proper look at the city.
Sirgala didn’t think her stomach could have dropped further, but drop further it did as she looked upon the ruins, smouldering embers in the twilight. After staring in horror for a good half-minute, her instincts kick in. Prudence and caution of the highest order. Sleep in forest. Cloak gives camouflage. All shiny items in pack. Leave it here in the morning. Scout out quietly. Full hunter’s gear.
The next day, she wakes, observes the ruins again, and changes her plan slightly – this is the day of arrival. The Wizard must have also chosen to arrive today. Had he been there, there would have been far more of a fight. Would have been less one-sided. Surely?
She would watch.
She bore witness to Mulad’s conversation with the dead, necromancer? recognizing him not as a grand wizard, would that not come with an entourage? Some sort of fanfare? but simply as some sort of traveler, perhaps a cultist, preparing the day’s ambush against the travelers as they straggle in – or maybe the first of those responding to the Wizard’s call?
At any rate, she would keep watching, safe in her little hideout she made. Let things happen, let her determine when it was safe to act. Sirgala has plenty of patience.
just use imgur, man
I never understood, well to better put it I wasn't aware and still am confused somewhat. What's the normal/enchanted ratio on equipment and weapons?

I mean, all my shit's enchanted because that's just kinda what Sirgala does :V
Kestrel seems like she'd be useful, could give me something to enchant :P
I get the feeling that none of us have any idea what our posts are supposed to look like... or all y'all're just slow to post. I definitely don't know what you expect of us with that first IC post :V
<Snipped quote by Claw2k11>

Roth's an elf. He doesn't mind humans but gnolls are pretty much beasts. Pretty sure it's guaranteed to get ugly if Roth speaks his mind. Which he does. Because he's an elf.

Inb4 half the party murders each other immediately
we gon die
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