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Current you can never really tell if a person is looking out from behind their own eyes, or if the eyes are being piloted by tiny mice in swivel-chairs.
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If you have Ghosts, You have everything
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I guess now is the time that I jump onto Tumblr and reblog 100 posts from a new blog I found before fading into nonexistence on that website for another month.. how the hell do I have 300 followers :V
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rioting can lead to punching the pieman, my friend


College student at a state college in the American Pacific Northwest. I am studying history to go into an education masters program, and then hopefully go teach high schoolers, also going for a political science minor since I keep taking polysci classes :V . Positive Nihilist, leftie, enjoy in depth discussion of topics/fun tangents, also enjoy being left alone... depends on the day. I also am not a fan of capitalizing the beginning of a sentence. why does it need a capital letter? there's already a punctuation mark before it! (he says as he continues to capitalize the word "I")

Other interests include:
-Overwatch: support/Junkrat main. #freefuey
-Combat Robotics: and if you're like me and are too poor to actually build shit but want to pretend you've made something anyway, check out ARC ( /cross-forum plug :V
-also in the vein of robotics, I volunteer through the FIRST (for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition community. FIRST puts on a lot of really cool robotics based events for schoolchildren, and I do encourage you to check out their events and/or get into volunteering if you're into that sort of thing. it's also a gigantic commitment and probably not as much fun for people who aren't as into it as I am :V . still, go take like 3 minutes to watch this, this shit is so cool!
-Hearthstone (fuck cubelock amirit I definitely dont love cubelock or anything)
-MtG (and by that I mean I dick around with a group hug commander deck with my friends)
-I play Sheik in one of the Super Smash brothers games but I forget which one. pretty sure it's not melee :V

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wanted to get in some actual emotion out of Stina for once. for those curious, his ring

it also currently doesn't have any power - though it might just be dormant. Pretty much I'll only make it do something if it fits the dramatic arc of a part of the story much later on and Lovejoy is ok with it doing something :P
Cero was a beautiful city, the only one of the subjugated lands to really stand up to the grandeur of Varya. Usually Stina would be straight to the Karamzina, and ready and rearing to go, but for once.... he wasn't quite feeling the need to be as rigid and on time. There was a pang in his heart, a sadness about leaving behind the glories of the homeland. The fearless beauty of civilization in the heart of this world of dead ice.

A memento, he decided. He needed to find something to remember this place by. Shopping for himself was not something Stina had ever done. On his few trips home, his mother or father inevitably found some sort of reason to drag him to some high-class tailor or cobbler or something, even if he insisted that the activity wasn't necessary. It was always an uncomfortable adventure, not in the least due to the long, awkward pauses, whichever parent brought him along simultaneously expecting him to lead the conversation, and getting frustrated at him every time he stuttered. For all their talking up of his inquisitorial school, they sure weren't very quick to accept the damage he had to take to be ready to protect Varya's great mission.

He shook his head. Too much of a focus on the past. He didn't have to get clothing anyway, he thought, as he unbuttoned his coat. heir official garb was good anyway. He wandered his way into a market square, perusing the area, looking for anything of particular interest. Stall after stall, most of them selling basic provisions. He picked up a small block of cheese along the way. The woman selling it seemed nice.

He came to the center of the square, passing by a small shop, the entrance to it squeezed between two market stalls. out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse, the first something to drive his interest. he turned to look more closely. In the window of the little shop, a bunch of rings, assumingly a jeweler's store. the one that had caught his eye was a small wooden band, the wood only covering the top and bottom forth of the ring. connecting the two wooden half-circles was a strange substance - colored resin, something with which he was not familiar - white and blue, capturing perfectly the look of ice. He walked inside, stooping to make it through the doorframe, to take a closer look.

"an aether ring. That's what that is." a man, wrinkled, hunched, and at least two feet shorter than Stina came up beside him. "Or at least that's what I was told when I bought it meself. Woman came through, seemed a bit out of sorts. Said her husband had died, was looking for ways to keep the kids fed, was selling off some of his old stuff. She said he wore it in his years in the army, was supposed to enhance his inner aether. 'Course, he wasn't an inquisitor or anything like you are, sir, so I personally doubt he would have noticed the difference if it did help." Stina smiled at the respect the old man gave him. The shop owner reached out to Stina's hand, and he obliged, giving over the ring. "It is quite beautiful, is it not?" he said, and both silently contemplated the object for a few seconds.

"'Course now I work in metals, got plenty of rings in here where I can tell you just how I put 'em together. That's a good thing, ya know, since I gotta teach my grandson how to do this before I go on to whatever's next. His pa ain't no good, but he's a good kid, respects his elders, and his betters." He pauses for a moment, regathering his train of thought. "oh yes. I can tell you all the ways someone can put together a ring outta metal, but wood? first ya gotta find that stuff, and then he's added in this blue stuff in between. Iffn I wasn't a ringmaker meself I could see how someone would think it magic. At any rate, that's why it's more expensive than the others. Kinda partial to it meself, too," he said, handing the ring back.

Stina smiled. "I leave soon, a-a-a-and it may be a long time before I return. I.....I will remember you, and I wiiiiiiill remember the glory of Varya's cities, and the strange beauties you can find even in-in their smallest corners." He pulled out his coin purse, payed, and took the ring for himself. "May......y-... you bask in Varya's hunger" he said as he left. Surprisingly, it managed to fit his pinky perfectly - he realized after the fact that he hadn't even bothered to try it on, something he really should have done considering how much larger his hands were than the average individual. He smiled. He didn't feel any changes to his aether, but he did feel his purpose returning, and he strode confidently to The Forge.
Hi everyone!

Just a quick update. Chapter 1 opening post is being worked on. Things are moving a bit slow right now, since a lot of us are collaborating on character dialogue. Shouldn't be that much longer though. :)

I'm actually posting things in the collab now so stuff should move faster :P
@The Angry Goat Hey dude. Would you be up for a collab post with myself, shy, and Myst? We could use discord or gdocs. It'd probably work better for a three-way conversation between our characters. Let me know!

discord would probably work better for me
Oh I've read the entire thing, I've just not read it with retention of information in mind. I don't really think any of it is relevant to my character though, which is the point I was trying to make, so it's fine if I go in blind

I have no idea what's going on any more but I feel like that's probably in character so I'm good with it :P
@OppositionJ Oh wow! I didn't even notice. Thanks for catching it!

Happy One Year Anniversary everyone!

It's certainly been an interesting first year for the RP. Thank you all for sticking with this huge, lumbering monster for a whole year. I know the pace has been glacial at times but I feel like it's been pretty great regardless. You guys are such talented writers and worldbuilders and it's been an amazing experience for me to share this thing with you. Chapter 1 is soon to begin and I think things will move a bit more quickly from now on. Can't wait till the warband is reunited!

a slow pace is much better than 1 month of frantic posting before everyone abandons the thing.
H Y P E it's been like, half a year since I put up a post lol
yeah! fuck the clerics!
I have a personal superstition against entering discords made for RPGs on this site, as games with discords tend to die off, so I will pass for the current, and perhaps join later
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