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Current use these cites to find your representative…
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The FCC is planning to rescind rules protecting net neutrality. This will let corporations decide what you can & can't see. Contact your representatives NOW to protect your free speech and pocketbook.
9 days ago
You aren't a true historian until you want to die because you have to properly cite 70 different footnotes on your 20 page paper at 1 AM the day it is due
19 days ago
Prayer does nothing. Demand change from your representatives. This is the ONLY country where mass shootings are a regular occurrence.
24 days ago
how the hell do you get "Noot-telly" from Nutella? there's no "y" sound in there anywhere!


College student at a state college in the American Pacific Northwest. I am studying history to go into an education masters program, and then hopefully go teach high schoolers, also going for a political science minor since I keep taking polysci classes :V . Positive Nihilist, leftie, enjoy in depth discussion of topics/fun tangents, also enjoy being left alone... depends on the day. I also am not a fan of capitalizing the beginning of a sentence. why does it need a capital letter? there's already a punctuation mark before it! (he says as he continues to capitalize the word "I")

Always enjoyed fantasy, superheroes and animal based stories (like Redwall - would not classify myself as a furry though. there really doesn't seem to be a middle ground in that sorta thing, huh? as soon as you get anywhere near something that would qualify you for the group, you're just lumped into the generally agreed gigantic social lump that is that subculture. that way with a lot of things, really. /tangent), likely to end up in those general veins.

Other interests include:
-Overwatch: mostly main Zarya/Junkrat/Torbjorn/Reinhardt
-Combat Robotics: and if you're like me and are too poor to actually build shit but want to pretend you've made something anyway, check out ARC ( /cross-forum plug :V
-also in the vein of robotics, I volunteer through the FIRST (for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition community. FIRST puts on a lot of really cool robotics based events for schoolchildren, and I do encourage you to check out their events and/or get into volunteering if you're into that sort of thing. it's also a gigantic commitment and probably not as much fun for people who aren't as into it as I am :V . still, go take like 3 minutes to watch this, this shit is so cool!
-Hearthstone (fuck quest rogue amirit)
-MtG (and by that I mean I dick around with a group hug commander deck with my friends)
-I play Sheik in one of the Super Smash brothers games but I forget which one. pretty sure it's not melee :V

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Good to see you're still around, I'm quite enjoying this world and would have been dissapointed to see it fade away
Season 2 - E P I S O D E I:
A Traitor Among Us

Having spent another moment getting her bearings, Lara turned to face Warden. Seeing a full blood alien inspired a sense of comfort and ease in this dark hour.

“Sure,” she answered, raising her exhausted shoulders and putting on her mask of confidence. “I can always use the exercise.” Warden smiled, happy to have the company.

The two of them walk side by side through, what had seemed to be their safe place just a few days ago. The people passing them by acted different, at least to Lara. More worn. Less optimistic. She saw and heard it all: The rapid heartbeats. The microscopic sweat forming. The uneasy breathing. Even when she didn’t boost her powers though Tactile Telekinesis, they were both a blessing and a curse.

Few people still had the immensely straight back Warden could boast about. Even when they smiled hopefully. A contemplation Lara caught herself glaring at the quiet mountain of a man. Though she had never had much contact with him, his undoubtedly patience had shinned through from the very first moment. While Lara had had to learn that virtue the hard way.

“You know, at first I thought it was all about the attack,” Lara said and opened up, just a little. “Now, I wonder whether or not all of this was merely a way to keep us busy. To draw our attention towards our home and away from the world. Make us neglect our duties in favor of sleeping better. Yet for now I can’t seem to find a single occurrence apart from a few lootings and people yelling the end is near. What do you make of us this?”

Supergirl was, like her father, a strong and dependable person, constantly worried about the protection of others. A goal to move towards, for the whole team. Her silence did start to worry him, though, as they walked onwards. Without talk to distract him, his thoughts were drifting back to the possibility that anyone could be a martian... even her...

But then, what could he do? He shrugged mentally. It wasn't like his abilities let him tell friend from foe if they hid it well enough. So he'd wait, and act when it was needed. Finally, Lara piped up again, returning from her own thoughts as well. "They need time to prepare, I suppose," he responded, scratching the back of his left leg with a vine. "Silence is not always peaceful."

A minute or so later, and they reached the storage room. There was even less stuff than he remembered; just some more medical equipment and some parts for a few new bots, replacing the ones Shazam had broken a few a couple weeks ago. "Should just be the rest of this" The Warden said as he grabbed about half of the stuff, and continued out the door.

Supergirl followed, and they soon made it to the training room. Or, well, close to the training room - as suddenly the Warden is dive-bombed by a training bot emulating his appearance - and powers, it seemed, as it grappled at him with a vine. The Warden quickly grabbed at one of his acorns with a vine, tossing it into his hand. Punching into the bot, he opened up his hand flat, and willed the plant to grow. As he willed, the tree became a sapling, tearing apart the robot from the inside. "Shazam and Toon girl are probably in there!" he observed to Laura, who had too dropped what she was carrying. Two more bots, both Shazams, were moving towards them down the hall. "I'll deal with them, then follow" The Warden declared, propelling himself towards the bots with his vines right behind the still growing tree he threw at them.

(in collaboration with @unknown100)
<Snipped quote by The Angry Goat>

Hey, I can't really come up with anything to write, so how about you just add that last small part where they arrive downstairs?

I internet gremlined in my friend’s houses when i was waiting for my internet box to come, which is also an option
@The Angry Goat I've written a bit in the Piratpad:

I thought we could do a bit there before posting. Just a bit ;)

Sweet, I’ll be on in a few hours
No point in denying them the hunger of desire
>officers trying to be secretive

>drunk Stina
For the fifth time in an hour, Stina remembered how happy he was that Hassan had forgotten about his proposal to pay people to fight. He had gone a bit overboard on the drinks, and would not have had the wherewithal to stop him from doing something that idiotic. Speaking of idiotic, he was probably hitting on Sister Krista a bit harder than he should be, considering he was about to go on a trip to a foreign land full of danger and possibility, possibly never to return. He lost himself in thought again over this...

...Grace? I've... always dreamed of seeing El with my own eyes, and I'm sure the soldiers will need some spiritual guidance while on the long journey," he only caught the second half of Krista's remark as his thoughts came back into focus, and was still thinking about the question, and how to respond, when the pirates entered the bar.

Having lived his life above the slums, poor, and hives of villainy, he had never been able to fully comprehend why people did things like piracy, theft, and the like - his adventures with Hassan were the starting point, and sympathy was a long time coming. So when Mel disrespected her custom and implied she knew of him, his temper took a downwards turn. Now glaring more at her than paying attention to what his surroundings, he was surprised a second time by the garishness of the man's dress when he looked back over at him talking to the barman. Stina was already moving to get up when he was surprised again by Dragonov and Lyacon.

"Of course!" he replied, loudly, to their query. "Com-m-m-me Hassan! Duty calls!
I should post soon
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