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Current you can never really tell if a person is looking out from behind their own eyes, or if the eyes are being piloted by tiny mice in swivel-chairs.
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If you have Ghosts, You have everything
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I guess now is the time that I jump onto Tumblr and reblog 100 posts from a new blog I found before fading into nonexistence on that website for another month.. how the hell do I have 300 followers :V
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rioting can lead to punching the pieman, my friend


College student at a state college in the American Pacific Northwest. I am studying history to go into an education masters program, and then hopefully go teach high schoolers, also going for a political science minor since I keep taking polysci classes :V . Positive Nihilist, leftie, enjoy in depth discussion of topics/fun tangents, also enjoy being left alone... depends on the day. I also am not a fan of capitalizing the beginning of a sentence. why does it need a capital letter? there's already a punctuation mark before it! (he says as he continues to capitalize the word "I")

Other interests include:
-Overwatch: support/Junkrat main. #freefuey
-Combat Robotics: and if you're like me and are too poor to actually build shit but want to pretend you've made something anyway, check out ARC ( /cross-forum plug :V
-also in the vein of robotics, I volunteer through the FIRST (for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition community. FIRST puts on a lot of really cool robotics based events for schoolchildren, and I do encourage you to check out their events and/or get into volunteering if you're into that sort of thing. it's also a gigantic commitment and probably not as much fun for people who aren't as into it as I am :V . still, go take like 3 minutes to watch this, this shit is so cool!
-Hearthstone (fuck cubelock amirit I definitely dont love cubelock or anything)
-MtG (and by that I mean I dick around with a group hug commander deck with my friends)
-I play Sheik in one of the Super Smash brothers games but I forget which one. pretty sure it's not melee :V

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if none of the current leaguers want to help you out, my secondary will be in the Justice League when I get my next post out lol

Bludhaven // USA:

May 16th, 2019 - 10:00 AM // Saalima's Apartment// It Always Goes Deeper

Saalima woke to her alarm with a start. She forgot it was Thursday... she was supposed to stream in an hour, and she still had so much to do in the meantime. She started some hot water for tea, and made some ramen, holding another ice pack up on her head with her powers as she did so. She'd need to catch up with a few of her street contacts. She also wanted to get whatever info she could on that cop who didn't report her to the others. Carl was his name, and it was relatively easy to find him in the employment records. She'd made a public request for information a year ago, and there was a Carl on the list of employees - she'd have to check later to see if it was the same guy. But first, she needed to make some money.

Bludhaven // USA:

May 16th, 2019 - 9:00 PM // Saalima's Apartment// It Always Goes Deeper

Waking up from a quick nap, Saalima donned her dress. looking out the window, she did a quick check to make sure no one was looking before putting on her headscarf and darting out the window. Trevor usually slept near the Baily Church, and he was one of her strongest leads - able to pick up gossip from some of the darker parts of street life. He also told her things without charge, generally. She decided to start her patrol in that area, and eventually came across her friend, lounging in a back alley next to the church's dumpster. She floated down and lounged across the alleyway from him.

"Good to see you're still around. Caused quite a stir last night, you did..." he trailed off for a bit, looking intently at something that wasn't really there. "I ain't really got that much for ya here, unfortunately. Only thing I got for ya are rumors of a metahuman called Tusk organizing some shit. No idea if he's connected to whatever you got up to with that fiddler though."

"Haven't heard of Tusk either... any locations? times? goals?"

"Whatever he's going for, he's keeping it quiet"

She nodded, and flew away. The name meant nearly nothing, but it was a starting point - she'd have to start drawing information out of criminals she ran into. She passed by the park concert a few minutes later, and it seemed to be going fine. She imagined that whatever was planned she was able to thwart the previous day. Her patrol continued relatively uneventful - the one drug deal she did run into was a pretty easy job to take care of, and she was sure that the dealer would think twice about pulling a gun on her in the future, especially since the arm he did it with wouldn't be very useful for a few months.

The comparative peace of that night, however, was broken by a small explosion over in the Caernaervon section. She quickly made her way over to the area. the source of the sound seemed to have come from a bank, which seemed just about right based on the large hole taken out of the wall of the building. She'd have to take this cautiously - that was not small scale weaponry. turns out the bank was rather small, though, and she floated in just in time to see a man shoving his...pelvis into the last keyhole of the safe, surrounded by 4 guards armed with what looked like metal dildos? The ghostly figure, previously unseen hovering above the robbers burst out laughing. They looked up,
perplexed and surprised "I...HAHA...I can't believe... I get to have... one of those villains...with an idiotic theme...HAHAHAHA! What are you compensating for little man."

"Get her!" The man with the pelvic tool yelled to his guards, who immediately threw their weapons at her, drawing more. she easily deflected all of them, and telekinetically sucker punched the closest one. he took it surprisingly well, but a few more hard shoves with her powers made short work of him. turns out it's hard to fight invisible waves of force. Ghost was immediately suspicious, as she deflected the next wave of dildos and started beating down on the next one from range. This was way too easy. way too... comically villainous. What was its purpose? The third martial artist was down - she was able to get a good focused hit in on his left kneecap, so he wasn't going much of anywhere for a while - and the man finally turned around, vault open. "I'd fight you, but I have bigger needs. come to think of it, so do you" He said, looking pointedly out the windows. she turned around to see 6 more men armed like his guards, setting the apartment complex across the street on fire. She was out the door and over there like a flash - There were people in there - people who needed help.
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Uh, clay?

is it actually clay? i thought he was still a person
clayface except he's made of slime instead of ...

wait what's he usually made of :V
I'll be able to post again in like, a half week btw
@DocTachyonjust so you're aware we're both in Bludhaven, so collab/competition/etc. seems likely on the basis of proximity :P

Bludhaven // USA:

May 16th, 2019 - 2:06 AM // Green Line Docks// It Always Goes Deeper

Ghost woke with a flash to the sound of at least 4 police cars pulling up to the warehouse.... shit she thought. She tried to lift herself upright, and quickly almost passed out again... she hoped it wasn't a concussion - but she needed to move NOW. Gritting her teeth, she moved up to the upper floor again, her flying clumsy, before collapsing again under cover in the upper area. Parts of it looked quite unsafe, and it was clearly unused, so she hoped they wouldn't send anyone up there while she nursed her wounds. The cops entered, guns drawn and holding flashlights, a few audible gasps as the stockpile of weapons came into their view.

"Carl, check the top floor. It looks abandoned, but you can never be sure"


Well. shit. Just one though... She could work with that. He walked slowly through the area, checking every corner - she could tell by the beam of light flashing over one way, then to the right, then back again to the left. She steeled her mind as he approached her position, forcing his mouth shut and gun arm straight up as he turned to face her.

Still lying on the ground and speaking in a soft, low whisper, "Only the criminals and corrupt of this city fear me - you need not if you are honest. I am the Ghost of Bludhaven, and you would do well to heed my word. The ringleader of this little operation was a man in garish green with a fiddle. Watch the Melville Park concert carefully, and be aware that he is active here now. Speak of my existence here and you will regret it." She released him and watched intently as he considered his options, and then slowly moved on with his patrol, and later back downstairs.


Ghost allowed herself a small sigh of relief. She also didn't appear to have a concussion, just a zinging headache, which was nice. She watched as the cops cuffed the gunmen and led them off - she was sure they'd see little of the cell, but fear of her was a far greater enforcement tool. eventually they left the premises, and she was able to leave from whence she came. The rest of her patrol could wait - she had an investigation to do.

Bludhaven // USA:

May 15th, 2019 - 2:47 AM // Saalima's Apartment (Near Blue Line North, Second Stop) // It Always Goes Deeper

Saalima was again grateful that she had managed to land an apartment that was cheap enough to live in without a roommate - realistically hiding her alternate identity would have been next to impossible in the long run, but it also helped that she could do things like grabbing
an ice pack out of her freezer at 3 in the morning without someone questioning why she was making so much noise - or why she had bruise marks all over her head and shoulders. Lowering herself into her desk chair, she pulled out her paper notes and started her computer. She began to consider the case as a whole. It was clear based on what she heard that this was bigger than just this violinist. His goals could be important to figuring everything out though, so she'd start there. Attack on a concert implied two things right off the bat - he was snubbed by a band pre-concert, or he was going over the details of the distraction to the real plan. These didn't have to be mutually exclusive... She looked through the set list for the park concert, and then started cross-referencing the bands that had violinists or fiddlers - 3 - with any articles or other sources of news (band websites, youtube pages, bandcamp accounts, weird internet music forums) within the past year or so. It took her a while, and she managed to find one Jamari Rivers, violinist for one of the bands who had left it 6 months ago to pursue his education at Rutgers University. It was an incredibly weak link, especially since he was still living in that city (confirmed, since he showed up as a club member), and also didn't look at all like the man she had fought, so she doubted it significantly.

Okay, so that's out the window. This left him as a distraction as the obvious deal. Desmond was in jail right now on tax evasion - he'd be out by the end of the year, but he was still a bit more limited in his abilities to act than usual, and besides, his level of crime generally didn't involve derelict warehouses full of guns that could easily be found by wandering do-gooders - and he had never really associated with other supervillains anyway. so it was likely that someone else was up to something.

With Desmond in jail, it opened up opportunities for others to try and get in on the local market. Who though? Could be any number of the nutheads that run around in Gotham - but why would they bother coming over here? They never really did when there was no one patroling this city, why would they start now that Batman had left their city, and she was here? She supposed they could still be trying out using this city as a base or something: it wasn't outside the realm of possibility, but there were others who could be up to something... She'd do more after some sleep. She had some friends that needed to be visited.
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Yours is much better, but I thought I'd still share.

this one is terrible wtf
If we're posting maps, I'm using this one for bludhaven

Bludhaven // USA:

May 16th, 2019 - 1:55 AM // Green Line Docks// Meet the Fiddler

Four. she could count four for certain. Three armed, and one with... a violin? And dressed in garish green and white costume. Ghost had to consciously restrain herself from groaning at the sight of it. She had thought herself free of these idiotic men who dressed in costume to commit their crimes - but then she dressed in costume to stop it. Crazy attracts crazy, she supposed. Regardless, she assumed that this fiddle was important to whatever his theme was. He was the obvious tough fight, then. But first, listening. People give away many secrets for free to the wallflowers....

It was mostly logistical. some whens, some wheres, and the general plan came together - they were setting up to attack a concert. The open air one in Melville park tomorrow evening. She wrinkled her nose. She was thinking about going to that - go out more, they say...what could go wrong, they say. This couldn't be right. This couldn't be all of it. This was way more than they needed for an attack on a relatively unprotected event. And why attack it - the fiddle probably played into it..... . . . .

There must be something bigger going on. Whoever else was in on this wouldn't show themselves if she stopped the attack on the park, though... unless she got lucky and they didn't figure out. It was childish to assume that though. She squinted in thought, reaching under her mask to rub at the skin between her nostrils with a knuckle - an old tick. Her best course of action was of course still to stop these criminals in their tracks, but she would need a long term plan. Later. Right now, to the problem at hand. well, the problem in their hands, anyway, she joked to herself as she landed gently on her perch, and the first gunman collapsed as she pulled and pushed along his arm, fracturing the bone in multiple locations. The two other gunmen looked around frantically, calling for backup as another gunman fell, his own gun pounding his face into the ground. The two guards from out front rushed in, and suddenly found themselves tripping on bullets as Ghost pulled ammunition out of a box and into their way.

"whatever's causing this is clearly in here somewhere you imbeciles - try shooting upwards!" the green clad man demanded of his remaining guards. Ghost smiled - look at the cute little idiots, finally figuring it out. She probably had about five seconds to smash the third gunman's head into the concrete floor a few times - then breaking his trigger fingers just to be sure - before she'd have to move. She was out the window by the time the salvo of gunfire came from the two remaining guards, recovering from their autumn adventure.

She chucked to herself. She wasn't sure if the fall/autumn wordplay was awful or brilliant. Maybe she'd try it on someone. She looped around to the front entrance, making her grand entrance behind the last two gunmen, switching their safeties on. there was but a moment of audible clicking when they expected shooting before both were bombarded with ammunition, pebbles, and other debries as they both fell. All the while, her final opponent was tuning his instrument.

"Ah, I was wondering when we'd meet... Ghost, they call you? I was hoping to perform for you later, but I'm sure that you'll enjoy my little solo..." he said as he started up a tune that sounded a little something like this, knocking Ghost back hard with a blast of sonic energy. She slammed into a wall and grunted in pain. She was unfocused, but could still push him back. The Fiddler too was knocked back into a wall, but recovered quickly. the sound of sirens was approaching, and he grimaced. "Looks like we made enough of a commotion for them to notice. addio!" he said, letting off a discordant shriek of a sound from his violin that blew ghost back again. She shuddered, attempted to rise, and then fell, the light fading to black.
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