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Current you can never really tell if a person is looking out from behind their own eyes, or if the eyes are being piloted by tiny mice in swivel-chairs.
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If you have Ghosts, You have everything
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I guess now is the time that I jump onto Tumblr and reblog 100 posts from a new blog I found before fading into nonexistence on that website for another month.. how the hell do I have 300 followers :V
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rioting can lead to punching the pieman, my friend


College student at a state college in the American Pacific Northwest. I am studying history to go into an education masters program, and then hopefully go teach high schoolers, also going for a political science minor since I keep taking polysci classes :V . Positive Nihilist, leftie, enjoy in depth discussion of topics/fun tangents, also enjoy being left alone... depends on the day. I also am not a fan of capitalizing the beginning of a sentence. why does it need a capital letter? there's already a punctuation mark before it! (he says as he continues to capitalize the word "I")

Other interests include:
-Overwatch: support/Junkrat main. #freefuey
-Combat Robotics: and if you're like me and are too poor to actually build shit but want to pretend you've made something anyway, check out ARC ( /cross-forum plug :V
-also in the vein of robotics, I volunteer through the FIRST (for Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition community. FIRST puts on a lot of really cool robotics based events for schoolchildren, and I do encourage you to check out their events and/or get into volunteering if you're into that sort of thing. it's also a gigantic commitment and probably not as much fun for people who aren't as into it as I am :V . still, go take like 3 minutes to watch this, this shit is so cool!
-Hearthstone (fuck cubelock amirit I definitely dont love cubelock or anything)
-MtG (and by that I mean I dick around with a group hug commander deck with my friends)
-I play Sheik in one of the Super Smash brothers games but I forget which one. pretty sure it's not melee :V

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yeah! fuck the clerics!
I have a personal superstition against entering discords made for RPGs on this site, as games with discords tend to die off, so I will pass for the current, and perhaps join later
*pokes head in*

*sees that the prologue is still going on*

*goes back to not existing in your consciousnesses*
been busy and tired, will post when able
@The Angry Goat Fastest Lad alive is still kickin’

make that a two man army!
If that's the state of things, I think I'll drop formally, given that nearly all of the Titans have already done so informally.

ONE MAN TITANS! defend San Fran alone!

A Month Before Present...

Warden had been troubled with dreams for a while. Well... Troubled isn't quite the right word for it. In these dreams, he felt an intense tug towards a location not at all close to the earth, one that he assumed to be home to his plant half. Unfortunately for him, the Justice League was in something of a transition period, with himself as one of the only consistent members, so he was pretty much always on the clock.

which was fine, he didn't need to sleep. He just liked doing it. He felt like it made him fit in with the others better. And also the whole dreams where he felt the pull of home. Those were nice too.

Now though, with the Justice League properly functioning and more than capable of working on their own, he finally had a chance to take one of the fancy space jet things and go investigate whatever this call was. En lieu of any information regarding his human half, this had been the closest he had come to his origins, and he felt deeply that it was right for him to try and find it. So naturally, it figures that he'd be caught four days into his mission by a bunch of mind controlling slavers and spend the next three weeks working for them.

Three Days Before Present...

"Just a feeeeew more adjustments, aaaand....

ah shit"

The alien, with three eyes independently on stalks coming out of a central quadrupedal mass had no discernible facial features. Despite that, it still managed to look incredibly frustrated. He had noticed a ship coming his way.

This single alien had managed over the years to run an incredibly profitable slave asteroid, mining it for its copper, and controlling his victims with a mind control field that had a strong lingering effect. This was quite useful for him when he needed to repair it, and it also meant that even if people came to try and rescue these slaves, they would face a group of captives fighting as hard as they could FOR their captor. The issue was, Gdrench was not prepared for an attack by a group of Thanagarians.

"ah shit...ah shit...ah shit..." It frantically moved for its laser rifle, grabbed it with two of the eye stalks, and waited. It had been a mistake to attack that trade route. It had hoped that the reward in prey would have been worth it, especially Thanagar usually kept to itself. It was wrong in this instance.

The fight was short. Most of the captives were in no condition to fight, even though they wanted to. The plant-man, though. He was. Killed two on his own, and incapacitated three more. He was a strange catch: extremely unadvanced tech, clearly new to driving it, looked a bit lost. A strange catch, but an easy one. Kept saying something about going home. Gdrench decided that its asteroid would be his home instead. He acquiesced. Forcibly.

The explanation of this became the being's last will and testament, after the Thanagarians demanded an explanation as to where the hell that thing came from. when "that thing" later woke up, he requested permission to not go with the Thanagarians. They seemed pretty happy to not have to deal with him any more.

At this point, The Warden no longer felt comfortable following these dreams of his on his own. He would meditate on them, and come back at them later with more knowledge, and perhaps a few friends. He had been gone long enough, and needed to go home.

As usual, the party had started without him. Snake-people he sighed, stepping into the teleporter always with the mixing of different animals. makes me feel unique as a chimera of man and plant, I suppose. he passed through the teleporter, and took a moment to throw up on arrival. He never had, and never would find the experience of being disassembled pleasant. He observed the city, and the battlefield developing within and beyond it. Fate, as usual, was getting to the source of the threat, while some of the overall weaker members were tending to civilian protection - the stretchy guy looked new to him. It looked as though those two had their bit of the fight handled, which was good, because the Warden needed to make sure that these lizardmen didn't do too much damage to the forest.

He made quick work of the distance, running along on his vines with a near 60 foot stride, and threw himself into the nearest available dino-lizard person, who proved to be stronger than he expected. It held its own in the grapple war between the two of them, but seemed to have forgotten that The Warden had 3 more limbs. A few quick thwacks from a vine on the back of its head, and he fell to the ground. Warden then launched himself up with his vines, and pulled out a pinecone he had picked up on the way over to the fight. Focusing his power on it, it rumbled, and then burst into a sapling, and then a small and sturdy pine. On his way back down, he utilized this new growth to flatten a lizard into the ground. Using his vines in concert with this new club, Warden began to cut a hole in the general's defenses, trying to bring himself closer to the king, while awaiting further orders from Fate.

Expect a long winded post with absolutely no relevance whatsoever to the JLU plot to explain my absence :V
the nice thing about the really long prologue is that I was able to disappear for 2 weeks and not miss anything important to Stina :P
@NecroKnight my secondary's name is ghost, so uh, yeah. that'll get confusing I guess

@Omega Man I'm moving this week then going on vacation for a week and a half after that. expect few to no posts until that whole debacle's done.

EDIT: also do we have a discord yet

EDIT AFTER THE EDIT: I'm a dumbass it's literally in the post above mine.
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