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I will so take you up on this. This sounds amazing!
This sounds interesting. I'd love to give it a go with you. Want me to send you a PM?
Throwing a bump up.
Hello there! Obviously, you're at least mildly interested because you clicked the thread! What I'm wanting to do here is basically a pairing of two people that are in a band together. I am perfectly fine with a male and female or a female and female pairing. My character will always be female for this one, sorry! Romance is optional in this RP, that will be completely up to your discretion. The story, however, will be dealing with darker themes as it carries on and is rated 18+ for that reason. So if you aren't a fan of alcoholism, potential violence, or drug use, you may not enjoy this very much. I plan for this to be a very slow burner of an RP, so I would like someone who would be willing to be able to do that. I consider myself a mid-casual to high-casual on my good days, so expect two paragraphs sometimes or four paragraphs some days. I do, however, use shorter posts that are in the middle of dialogue or action because we need to get that stuff moving, you know? I do not reflect my standards onto you though. You go with whatever you are comfortable with, and I'll work around you!

Well, that's all she wrote. If you are interested, just leave me a message here or PM me!
Sounds like fun to me!
What a lovely little site I've stumbled upon! I'm The Hornet, as I'm sure you've gathered. I've been collectively a Roleplayer for about five or six years, starting in World of Warcraft when I joined one of my online friend's roleplaying guilds. It just started from there, and really started to take over for me. I devoted a lot of my time through high school to getting on World of Warcraft and literally wasting the day away with people who shared a common interest with me. I even got a couple of friends in school to write a few stories with me, but they never went really far.When you can't find me here, I'm most likely reading or playing video games. I'm a huge nerd for GTA V, Friday the 13th and Dark Souls (as I'm sure you guessed from the name).

I'm a sucker for anything Romance, but I like a lot of tragedy and like a sad ending more than a good ending. Considering my background with World of Warcraft, I am always up for anything in a Fantasy environment. I could also do a horror roleplay because I just love being the mouse in a game of cat and mouse. I'm a patient person, I can wait a few minutes to a few days if the need be. I will always try to give the person (or persons) I'm roleplaying with a few paragraphs at a time. I know most of you aren't looking for essays, but I will do my best to give as much attention to detail as possible! I'd consider myself maybe a more experienced roleplayer, and definitely not nervous to tackle any sort of project if I'm interested in it!

Well, I guess that's all I have for me. If you have any request, ideas, questions, concerns, comments, complaints, I will leave you a toll-free customer support number to call you can get a hold of me here or at my inbox. Thank you for looking at my little post here and have a great day!
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