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This surprise Weezer album is quite a shot out of left field.
3 mos ago
6 mos ago
I'm accumulating a lot of former friends.
6 mos ago
It is my birthday! Happy birthday to me.
7 mos ago
This morning I shaved my head; I am now bald. I had fairly long hair—for a man—for several years. It shall take some time for me to get used to having no hair at all.


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Granted. You receive a waffle made out of Shadow Dragon's blended remains.

I wish for my sick friend to get better.

The wildest summer that I ever knew,
I had a flat tire down memory lane.
But I came back after five months and a half,
And now I'm just trying to explain.
I Live My Broken Dreams - Daniel Johnston

I'm irresponsibly lazy.
>Journey into Cube's tunnel and seek out ash and flint to absorb.
>Investigate the red glowing thing. Perhaps give it a lick.
>Spawn Green Slime, named 'Blue'
>Lick dirt
I've never entered one of these before. I might submit something this time around.
What are they about?

I am writing a fantasy novel about a woman named 'Life', a betrayal she suffers, and her subsequent struggle to save her betrayers. It is currently titled 'Cold', but that might change.

How long have you been working at it?

November of 2018. It was originally a NaNoWriMo project that failed disastrously, only ever coming about a tenth of the way to completion. Usually, I delete old failed projects like this because I don't like being reminded of past failures. I ended up keeping this one around entirely because of the aesthetic appeal of the first chapter; I liked it too much to get rid of it. So, instead of deleting it, I've been doing a little reworking of those sections that were already written, and will then try to expand it to a full length afterwards as well.

What do you think about your story stands out?

A few things. For one, there is a mixture of genres involved: fantasy and adventure, but also tragedy and horror—the last of which without a lot of explicit gore, at least of the conventional blood and guts variety. The central story is an inversion of the classic revenge plot, with circumstances conspiring to lead the protagonist to be the one to save the people and the system that wronged them, rather than to try and defeat them. I would mention there being a lot of moral ambiguity present but I don't think that's uncommon in today's literature.

What are you finding most challenging?

My own laziness. I am, sadly, progressing at a snail's pace. I've put more work into it lately than I have for the past few months, though, so that's nice. I also have another big project commanding a lot of my word count, so I have to balance my own project and another, collaborative one. Here's hoping they both turn out, eh?
There can be no dedication to the future without knowledge of the past.
Prime Minister John G. Diefenbaker
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