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2 mos ago
I'm accumulating a lot of former friends.
2 mos ago
It is my birthday! Happy birthday to me.
3 mos ago
This morning I shaved my head; I am now bald. I had fairly long hair—for a man—for several years. It shall take some time for me to get used to having no hair at all.
6 mos ago
Things are not so good sometimes. But, everything will be alright in the end.
7 mos ago
I have one (1) very good friend.


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I found out some bad news recently.
This looks like it could be interesting, maybe. Mind PMing me the link to the Discord server? Provided there's room for something for me to do.
I asked that first question because both of the Canadian cities you have on the list already have CFL teams.

I know the basic rules, so I think I'm good on that front. Is this going to be pretty mechanics light?
How did you decide where the teams would be located?

What kind of gridiron football does the PFL play? Do they compete with the NFL and CFL?

EDIT: Slightly tentatively interested.
Thank goodness my mind is only loosened and not lost. It would have been awful if I had to lose (l-o-s-e) my mind.

Granted, you're no longer cold because you are perpetually on fire because you are teleported to the surface of the sun.

I wish I won the lottery.
Granted. You become your OC—but not the one you're thinking of right now. The other OC. That one you made when you were eleven and really into that show you don't watch anymore.

I wish I could selectively read minds.
Granted. Your income is very stable at a consistent zero dollars and zero cents. Your future nice house is the fancy hospital you'll spend the night in the day that you die.

I wish for more wishes.
^ Independence Day. The superweapon is the alien ship and the extremists are worshippers of A M E R I C A N P A T R I O T I S M

A newly married couple move into a new apartment and decide to start a family.

Wish granted. Unfortunately, I lost it somewhere. Oh well.

I wish for Spam to finally be put out of its misery.
This thread's gimmick seems mildly exploitative.
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