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14 days ago
Current 2020's parting gift to the world: an even more virulent strain of COVID-19 that spreads through schools like wildfire. Motherfucker just had to have the last laugh.
25 days ago
If you ask me, the fact that Jesus thought it was perfectly fine to pair fish with red wine means that his crucifixion was totally justified.
25 days ago
Happy holidays!
1 mo ago
on vacation in Night City, catch me later
1 mo ago
The status bar isn't a thread or a chatroom. Don't flood it with multiple statuses in a row about a single topic.


Original join date: August 2008
Moderator since: 20 January 2016
Co-admin since: 5 May 2017

My responsibilities as co-admin concern moderation & community management almost exclusively. Questions and problems regarding the functionality and features of the site itself should be directed towards @Mahz or @LegendBegins. This includes such things as account deletion or taking usernames from old and defunct accounts.

27-year-old Dutch guy living in NL with my girlfriend and my daughter. I love Italian food and German beer. Also Belgian beer. And Dutch beer... just beer, really. Other than roleplaying, my favorite pastimes are playing videogames & watching movies, attending music festivals, raves and concerts, and discussing philosophy, economics and science while drinking the night away with my friends.

In the old version of the Guild I was the record holder for 'Most Infraction Points Without Being Permabanned'.

My primary roleplaying genres are fantasy and science fiction. Big fan of The Elder Scrolls, The Lord of the Rings, Warhammer 40,000, Mass Effect, Fallout and others.

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Entered my good boi and good girlie. Looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful pets!
<Snipped quote by Hank>

I figured. You're the co-admin, after all :^p But I mean Awson, Toellner, Doivid and the rest- do they still come 'round here often? Hang out in the discord or anything like that?

No, they don't. There is a Discord server for Spam folks that some people are occasionally active in (Taaj, Card, Narglehunter, etc) but it's mostly dead. I talked to Sophi just the other day, and Foxes is active in another Discord server for the IRC old guard along with people like Scribz and LightAlysCity. Other than that... everyone's pretty much gone, I think. The official RPG Discord server is used by newer folks.
Where do they hang these days?

I'm around.
To whoever sent me a candy cane; thank you for the kind words! I laughed when I saw "Fijne vakantie" though, because it's not an accurate translation. I get where it came from, you put "happy holidays!" into Google Translate, but the Dutch word for the holiday season isn't related to the word holiday -- "vakantie" -- which is strictly used for going on a vacation. So in the interest of education, here's the word we use: "feestdagen", which basically means feast-days.

So now you know! Fijne feestdagen!
Give your like impressions yeah?

I want to try it but I think I may wait for the next extra sick version of the 3070s or 3080s or whatever.

The videocards, you mean?

I'm just gonna try playing it on my 1660 Super and hoping for the best. The Witcher 3 runs like a dream on that card so I'm hoping that if CDPR's optimization game is on point again, I can get CB77 to play smoothly on Medium or something.

Either way, I'll let you know what I think!
Very interesting concept. But how do you picture a narrative in which some players only control a single character in a party and others control entire factions?

That's just what this whole thread is, no? Most of these memes are old enough to vote.

Anyway, carry on.
<Snipped quote by Hank>
Exodus is semi-linear in that each "zone/level" is a micro-sandbox. You have plenty to explore but its not all one big map.

That sounds pretty dope. I might have to give that a spin sometime.

But for now, Cyberpunk awaits...
You ever try that new Metro? I've never played a Metro game but I loved the Fallout games.

The Metro games (as far as I know, I haven't played Exodus) are linear, story-driven shooters with a healthy heaping of survival horror elements. They don't play like Fallout at all.
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