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4 days ago
Current Perhaps more interestingly, Poo has handed out 4500 ratings. Four-thousand-five-hundred! Who has time for that?
5 days ago
"You should really talk to Father, he's upstairs in the cellar."
25 days ago
Ciao, Italy and hallo Nederland! Back home from holiday. My regular programming will resume next week.
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1 mo ago
Back from the festival & still alive, but going on vacation tomorrow. Bringing my laptop so I should be around at least once a day to check on things and write a few posts.
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2 mos ago
Going to Liquicity Festival this weekend. Won't be online much (if at all).


Original join date: August 2008
Moderator since: 20 January 2016
Co-admin since: 5 May 2017

24-year-old Dutch guy living in Amersfoort, NL, with my girlfriend. I love Italian food and German beer. Also Belgian beer. And Dutch beer... just beer, really. Other than roleplaying my favorite pastimes are playing videogames and going on roadtrips through eastern Europe.

In the old version of the Guild I was the record holder for 'Most Infraction Points Without Being Permabanned'.

My primary roleplaying genres are fantasy and science fiction. Big fan of The Elder Scrolls, Warhammer 40,000, Mass Effect, Fallout and others.

Active roleplays:
The Elder Scrolls: Fruits of Contention
It's Always About Demons
Warhammer 40k: The Eternal Fight for Freedom

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Dibs on the Orc witch.
Yes, I want to try this again and make it succeed. So much potential. I might try my hand at filling the female Orcish magic user role you requested.

EDIT: No, I'll definitely try it. I have a lot of cool ideas already.
@Dracorex As a former member of JPLegacy (RIP), I always know about new paleo stuff.

Oh shit, me too! My username on that forum was Tyranno Infinity (yes, the Yu-Gi-Oh card).
@Hank An inconsistency I find myself thinking of 99% of the time when considering bans on RPG is that 99% of the time you guys take forever to ban the people that are really unwanted here (i.e. ace of hearts who had already been warned a few times if memory serves me right) but when it comes to non-offending members or members that made a minor transgression against the wrong person the response time can sometimes be within a minute.

Ace of Hearts is an example of that. Took way too long.

Context is important to us. Ace of Hearts was a frequent offender, yes, but his behavior (that I know of) was contained to the Mildly Political Hangout thread, a place we've taken a more lax approach with when it comes to moderation because there has to be somewhere the people can bitch at each other for being on the wrong side of the political spectrum.

Response times are also heavily subjected to where our attention happens to be at any given time. This was less of a problem in Oldguild because there was a fully fleshed-out report system in place, but I know that a proper report system for the current Guild is at or near the top of Mahz's list.

Looks good, @Celaira. I was thinking along very similar lines myself.

I hope so too, @pugbutter. That said, I would like to award you the prize of Most Offensive User during the recent events. The frequent Nazi comparisons and other formidably venomous words have been a constant source of top-grade vitriol over the last few months. You have a skill for dragging someone's name through the mud that few people can match. It both impresses and appalls. Have you considered a career in politics?
I was going to make an exhaustive post and quote every relevant post that I wanted to reply to but the thread had since moved with such speed that I'm just abandoning the idea and going with a more general approach. Thank you for your concern, by the way, @pugbutter. I'm already feeling better.

First things first: no, I cannot speak for Mahz or his actions. In the end, this is his site and his site only -- we're not equals. But I'm a strong, independent black woman who don't need no man co-Admin so I'm going to assert my authority anyway. And, knowing what Mahz is dealing with at the moment, I think he'd want me to take charge of this situation, so here goes.

We (the moderators) have talked about these issues very extensively over the past few months. In fact, this has been practically the only thing on our plate for ages. I believe the only unrelated permaban we had to hand out these months was Ace of Hearts. Everything else has orbited around this particular piece of drama, so it's obviously a serious situation and I understand its gravity. And I would like to apologize on behalf of all of us. We regret the sequence of events that has led us here and understand that we're not blameless.

Several of the bans in question will be overturned -- some starting immediately, others in the near future. I will contact the parties involved myself. Those who said that the rules haven't been applied uniformly and that emotion was a factor are right, I won't deny that. But we're humans, we're all emotional creatures, and especially when it comes to something we're as passionate about as the Guild. Sometimes people, who are just as passionate about it, bring up issues they have with combative rhetoric after previous attempts to get something done (and nothing much happened) and it's easy to fall trap to the idea that they're being disingenuous in their concern. To those people, and especially @Odin, I want to emphasize my regret over how this situation has escalated (in part) because of our inaction.

We will become more transparent. One way or another, preferably with Mahz's help (but I don't blame him if he can't spare the time right now), the staff will maintain a public audit log of our actions against offenders and, if possible, we will engage in dialogue with offending users to make sure they understand why we're taking action before we hand out bans. Discord, being as fast-paced as it is, will have to accordingly be moderated faster & looser, but such is the nature of chatrooms vs forums.

That said, the rules are not going to be rewritten again. They were changed recently and I believe in them as they stand. I am, however, open to suggestions on the application of said rules and the moderation policy itself.

I am also not going to change the staff roster at this time, nor will moderators be elected democratically. I reiterate that this isn't a country and real life political systems do not apply. But your concerns have been heard and lessons learned by all of us.


In return, I want to ask something of the community as well. Please help me in deescalating this situation. I have taken a step back, evaluated the current situation as objectively as I can, and in the future I want to hear & fairly treat everyone's concerns with staff members, should they arise again... but not in public threads like this. You've all seen how quickly this got sidetracked repeatedly and it was only through frequent reminders of both moderators and regular users that it hasn't spiraled out of control. Threads like this are always a hotbed for drama. And I understand that many people feel the moderators should be held to a higher standard than the other users, and that's definitely true to some extent, but the rules are still the rules and witch-hunts against moderators are just as bad as witch-hunts against regular users -- which are against the rules. I know @pugbutter doesn't want us to cry about how tough our jobs are, but we're still people with feelings trying to do our best. Alright?

Not speaking for myself, by the way. I have no feelings. Shit on me as hard as you want, I can take it. But show a little mercy to the others and if you want to vent and rage about a moderator, do it to me.

Any questions?

Seeing as how Nyt didn't allude to any totalitarian imagery, no one should have had any problems giving him a proper response in the 24 hours since he uploaded this post.

I don't tell you how to manage your time.

Seriously though, you're right, and that's why Nyt deserves a proper response (as do several others), which I want to write when I'm feeling well and have ordered my thoughts. Currently not the case. Hopefully tomorrow.

It's just blatant irresponsibility. He wants to reap the laurels of being the creator and director of this site, of having his work praised, but doesn't want to be open and discuss stuff with us when it matters? When we bring valid and important questions to him? That's just not how a leader behaves, simple as that.

He's a hobbyist website admin, not the despot of a banana republic. He doesn't "lead" anybody. He gives you a space to fulfill your roleplaying needs, and we (the rest of the staff) help him take care of spambots, misplaced posts and trolls. That's it. That's all this place is. And frankly, your assumptions about his motives for creating, hosting and maintaining the site are disingenuous, and comparing a -- let me remind you again -- hobbyist forum to a democratic nation is at least melodramatic, if not outright ridiculous.

And by the way, websites are never democratic. The internet is an exercise in benevolent dictatorship to begin with.

If you thought my earlier post was vitriolic I implore you to reconsider your knowledge of the meaning of that word, but fear not -- I'll educate you on its meaning right now. Many of the points raised in this thread are valid. Yours are not. I don't appreciate your sensationalism and I'd prefer if you just keep out of the conversation entirely if you can't manage a reasonable level of discourse. Several people have complained in this very thread that users are blowing the issues out of proportion and your post is a textbook example of that very same thing. Overthrow Mahz? What the fuck are you talking about? Do you have the slightest idea how the internet works? And are you seriously implying that he go read a book written about war to learn how to administrate a hobbyist internet forum?

You need to get some perspective.

I was about to ignore my guests for a long time to write a post to address everything in this thread and then I realized that's very inappropriate, so you'll have to wait until next week. Apologies.
Welcome to the Guild and nice avatar, @Saquira. You dare fight a Dunmer? Is that your own character?
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