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6 hrs ago
Current Don't spam the status bar, please. Condense everything into one status update as much as possible. If you have more to say... well, tough. Restrain yourself.
1 day ago
Admin's verdict: pizza with pineapple is delicious.
3 days ago
Posting from my brand new Chromebook. Happy (early) birthday to me!
4 days ago
Good to see our friends on Iwaku are back online and to be clear, we don't consider that kind of chatter to be advertising.
1 mo ago
We're looking for feedback on how to improve the new user experience. Share your ideas here: roleplayerguild.com/topics/…
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Original join date: August 2008
Moderator since: 20 January 2016
Co-admin since: 5 May 2017

23-year-old Dutch guy living in Amsterdam with my girlfriend. Moving to Amersfoort on July 1st. I love lasagna, craft beer and videogames. My favorite pastimes are drinking with friends, writing and going on roadtrips in eastern Europe.

In the old version of the Guild I was the record holder for 'Most Infraction Points Without Being Permabanned'.

My primary roleplaying genres are fantasy and science fiction. Big fan of The Elder Scrolls, Warhammer 40,000, Mass Effect, Fallout and others.

Active roleplays:
The Elder Scrolls: Fruits of Contention

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Either is fine with me.
@Raineh Daze Will you be playing a character of your own or just controlling NPCs and GMing?
Welcome to the Guild, @Breadcrumbs. Fantasy roleplays are probably the most popular type that we have here, though I'm sure it's a close contest with high school/slice-of-life roleplays. Enjoy your time here and let me know if you have any questions.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 1 day ago Forum: News
If anyone wants to have a brainstorming session with me in which we can discuss the details of such a tutor/mentor program, my PM/Discord inbox is open.

The Guild is also closing in on its 10th anniversary! I'm looking for ideas to do something fun with the whole community to celebrate the occasion. Ideas for that can also be pitched to me.
@Jbcool She's all done!
In Umm Hi 2 days ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Hey there, welcome to the Guild. No need to worry about anything here.
@Taaj, you liked slam poetry right?
Welcome to the Guild, @Captain Vane. Let me know if you have any questions concerning the functionality of the Guild. I'm sure you can find or host a piracy game here.
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