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11 mos ago
Current Quick everyone, PM Mahz with your wishlist for Guild updates and new features. The more the better. In fact, send him a PM about it every day. Make that every hour. Chop chop!
1 yr ago
Welcome back, Hecate!
2 yrs ago
To all the homies in Florida -- stay safe out there. Now is not the time to wrangle an alligator and surf it down the flooded streets. I know, it's hard to resist the urge.
2 yrs ago
Calling all ELDEN RING players: roleplayerguild.com/topics/…
2 yrs ago
I've logged into this site just about every day for the past fourteen years.


On the old version of the Guild I was the record holder for 'Most Infraction Points Without Being Permabanned'.

My primary roleplaying genres are fantasy and science fiction. Big fan of The Elder Scrolls, The Lord of the Rings, Warhammer 40,000, Mass Effect, Fallout and others.

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It's beautiful.

It's not actually that beautiful. Damn.
Who's "we"?
Todd Howard, I beg you. Starfield. I need it. Tell me more. A release date, another trailer, some gameplay footage, anything.

It's beautiful.
In Mahz's Dev Journal 11 mos ago Forum: News
Not something I'm seeing, weird.

<-- king of RPG 4 life, fuck @Mahz

Repeating for posterity.
In Quick update 11 mos ago Forum: News

With Mahz back to do some work on the Guild, I've now formally stepped down from the co-admin position. Some of you may have already noticed I wasn't very active anymore, so consider this is just a finalisation of my resignation.

But this site has been my home away from home on the internet for 15 years now, so I'm staying on as a moderator in a cool and mysterious advisory capacity. The rest of the team will remain your first point of contact for day-to-day housekeeping.

Stay frosty,
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I don't have actual "admin" access to the site in any way that matters. I have the ability to promote and demote moderators, that's about it.
Todd Howard, I beg you. Starfield. I need it. Tell me more. A release date, another trailer, some gameplay footage, anything.

Alright, it's clear that option 3: a group of Tarnished warriors is the most popular option, with an emphasis on narrative over game mechanics, set shortly after the Shattering war. I like this premise too; it gives us leeway to make our own NPCs for the Roundtable Hold and in the rest of the Lands Between. We could even make it so that the inhabitants of the Lands Between haven't entirely lost their minds yet, potentially allowing us to communicate and reason with the knights and soldiers that serve the various demigod armies, or the peasants that live in the forts and villages throughout the world.

Now for a few other issues. Personally, I think there are several other game mechanics we should also ignore:

  • No respawning, both for us Tarnished and for NPCs/enemies. Dead is dead.
  • No Flasks of Crimson/Cerulean Tears from the get-go. Let healing be done with traditional remedies or restorative magic, and let FP/mana/whatever-you-want-to-call it simply regenerate over time. Healing potions or crystal tears with special effects could be found as loot throughout the world instead, and the ability to craft them (like the perfumers) could be part of a PC's skillset.
  • No sites of lost grace, or at least not in the way that they function in the game. The guidance of grace being visible as rays of light makes sense and should stay, and perhaps this light converges at locations that would make for good resting spots, but that's as far as it should go. It doesn't have a useful place in a written narrative, in my opinion.

Then there are some game mechanics that I believe we should keep, but adapt to make them fit:

  • The strength of runes, the ability to become more powerful by defeating enemies, should probably be a sort of passive effect that we use as a vague excuse for our characters growing in strength over the course of the story, if we don't ignore its existence entirely. I also don't think runes should be the active currency; Patches uses the word "coin" when describing wealth, so let money just be gold coins or something.
  • The Roundtable Hold. I'm not very fond of including Melina in the story and her ability to teleport us to a version of the Roundtable Hold that exists outside of the world. I don't think fast travel in general is a good idea. Unfortunately, we don't know how other characters like Roderika or D are able to travel to it. Do we say that there are portals throughout the Lands Between that can take us there? Maybe it's a place we visit in our dreams? Or does the illusory Roundtable Hold just not exist yet, and we have to fend for ourselves in the Lands Between until we reach the Fortified Manor in Leyndell?
  • Spirit Ashes could be reworked into an ability or a school of magic, like I suggested for alchemy earlier.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions.
No promises because of my schedule but you got my attention.

Hey Ben. Any answers to the questions I posed?
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