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9 days ago
Current So now it’s population control and there’s too many people on the planet huh? Here’s a solution, mop up a few third world shitholes where half the population is dead anyway. Population problem solved.
1 mo ago
It makes sense that these degenerate millennials love the idea of socialism. It goes in par with their “I deserve more, I want free everything cause’ I’m too lazy or stupid to work” attitude.
2 mos ago
I hated growing up in a rural area. I was denied and missed out on so much. Hence why I smile at the fact I burned and had my old house bulldozed and sold the land.
3 mos ago
Corey Booker- “I’m black. Black people were slaves centuries ago. So this country owes me a presidency and my race free everything.” (Tribalism and self-entitlement. Dems, aren’t you proud?...)
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4 mos ago
“Excuse me man wearing camouflage with a bandana, why do you have a gun? No guns! No war!” *puts fist in air* *3rd world revolutionary stares, then guns them down without a twitch*
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*distorted* AAAAHHHHHHHH—!
I can’t belive this f***king thread has turned me UPSIDE DOWN.


I grind up minority races into my chilly... 👀

I love how these threads just continue without the OP most of the time.

You excluded the wrong crusader FOO’! *hits you with baseball bat*
*voice magnifies by 1000* WASSUP YALL!?
<Snipped quote by The Templar>
That insult doesn't work if you don't know your target's gender, you dumbfuck. Try again.

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What the fuck is this supposed to be?

Your cock/vagina, how did we ever find something so small/loose.
You picked the wrong motherf***ing house!
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Oh sh*t. Here we go again.

Ryder n*gga! *throws grenade through school window*
This is my last attempt at RP'ing on this site, so here below is everything I am up for. Granted this interest check quality is pure $h%+ but I'm running out of effort and motivational fuel here.

Please read below.

Everything I am up for;

So message me if you are interested.

No teenagers, no pre-teen children (especially who can't even structure sentences correctly), no one with dyslexia or reading or writing disorders, and no one who posts once ever 5-7 weeks(labored exaggerated sarcasm). No one with short attention or interest spans, no uncommitted shmucks, and etcetera.

I'll be awaiting.☕️

Hello, welcome, and thanks for stopping in!

As the title reads, I am searching for a partner to carry forth a Star Wars RP, which will be set during the early days of the Galactic Empire, just a few years after Order 66 and the fall of the Jedi mind you.

This RP is to be set around two underworld criminals.
Two of the most cunning, deceitful, underhanded, self centered and cold hearted criminals that the seedier side of the Galaxy has to offer.

They shall start out at rock bottom, with nought but their own weapons and personal belongings, a ship, and minuscule funds.
Through a long timeline of deceit, killing, buying, selling, smuggling, and hostile takeover, they shall form a sector wide syndicate that comes to rival that of great kingpins like Jabba the Hutt, Tyber Zann, and Black Sun.

Facing foes such as these, not to mention the mighty Galactic Empire, it shan't be an easy or clean road.

How it will start;

My Personal Rules;


(Accidental duplicate post.)

Refer here~
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