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Current Everything is going hellish again. If I ever make it back to normal, I'll be back to fun and games again. But I clearly need another break for now.
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4 yrs ago
By Yig! That was a long cold season...


I am the last...

Even when this place was young and the race of man were not yet dreamt of Valusia was thriving.

Your ancestors died to steal it from us.

And many of my clan perished in the theft.

But not I...

Forever I slither.

Out of untold ages I arrive.

A serpent pretending to be a human pretending to be a serpent.

How avant-garde, no?

Yet who could even fathom what we are?

What we were?

Your ancestors built their first city-states in emulation of our grand metropoli.

Your entire legacy was stolen from our elders.

Your highest philosophies, deepest cultural heritage, most advanced sciences...

They are but sparks, scarcely emulating the glorious solar glow of divine methods practiced by reptilian predecessors.
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