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Current *Stares at my empty subscription tab* I'm fucked....
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Here lies Rolo. Cause of death was rage due to fail at perspective on a random tree draw because the needed something to do. The suck at sketching but the we some how good at freehand painting,
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Hey. I'm back. Kinda
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Hey guys. I'm dropping the site. I'll try to be around maybe once a month but honestly I can't keep up with everyone with their response speed, length of post, and being able to make a response.
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School doesn't have this blocked! Mwahahahah! I can finally finish character sheets


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Pretty sure i fixed it most likely not.
I'm up for this. Can I be the person saves nine?

Mechanical Engineer
Nationality & Affiliation:
Scotish, European Union
Birth Planet:
Marie has dusty blue doll-like eyes to go with her barely tan skin, with multiple tattoos on her arms of different symbols and one of a vine wrapping around both of her upper arms, she also as one on her back of a group of brightly coloured Lotus flowers, her natural hair colour is an oak brown but she dies it a rusty red, she is very small even though she is really strong compared to everyone. When she is on the way to the car repair shop which is where Marie works at or at work she is normally running around in a pair of dirty overall shorts and a black crop top, with a tool belt pair of black generic brand sneaker and an old faded gray Tam o' Shatner hat, when she isn't on duty she is wearing a white bagging t-shirt with the words "I <3 Scottland" on it that she got from a gift shop out of boredom and a pair of bell bottom jeans with a pair of white converses that she draws all over, tho she does wash them ever month so she can have a portable blank canvas.
She is physically strong and really smart, there is nothing that she can't do, or use her brute strength and fix. If she can't fix it through brains or brawn then she'll either try to get help or do research on it through massive amounts of reading.
She is emotionally weak, so she is very emotional and have a hard time controlling them so she will say things she doesn't mean to say, plus she has a soft spot for stuff animals, she collects them cares for them and sometimes she would talk to them. When she does hurt someone she'll try to fix it through any means possible and within her comfort zone since her first reaction to a problem is "What can I do to fix this"
Marie is like a little kid in a nutshell but she gets her work done and is more than happy to help someone out if it's needed and if she is either really bored or she has to because someone higher ranked than her, tells her too but even then she would end up complaining sometimes because she does enjoy kicking back and listening to music peacefully
She has never really talked much to anyone, except to her brother. For as long she could remember ever since their parents died in a house fire that Marie started on accident due to her being so young and not knowing what a candle and a blanket can cause by being stuck together, her older brother was always there for her no matter what. So from this started the 'must fix it all' attitude, like in middle school a student busted a locker while in a fight and Marie fixed it tho it took her a few days to do so, or like in her junior year of highschool a teacher's car wouldn't start and since she was already starting her college courses in becoming a mechanic she was able to fix it. She continues this tradition of her's to fix any problem and has become somewhat of a goal for her.
-William Anthony VanderSnappe: Older brother, Alive; Currently studying to join the fireteam on their home planet
-Lynn Lee Hynghen VanderSnappe: Mother, Dead; Worked has a merchant for her own shop
-Micheal George VanderSnappe: Father, Dead; Worked has a miner on Saturn and its moons, the company sometimes would send him off to mine asteroids and rogue planets after they are spotted and scouted.
-Beatrice Boin Hynghen: Aunt, Alive; Works as a scientist, whereabouts unknown
I'll probably join this, tho my character originated from a somewhat "unofficial" event horizon rp, so i'll have to have it approved. Still on the edge, if I'll be staying on the site but count me in any way. Just need to read up on stuff in the forum first since this is my first time.
Chinoki Mehoeshi


She's normally shy, and quiet. She doesn't like talking to anyone or being around anyone at all.


Her mother went to this school, graduate top of her class, And went on to continued in sword fighting where she ment Chinoki's father while on duty. It was your basic fairytale that you've seen thousands of times. Her mother died later after giving birth because she was killed during a mission leaving her father to raise Chinook by himself with the help on her grandmother of course. Her father works two jobs and her grandmother helps to maintain run down house while Chinoki is off working herself or at school trying to follow in her mothers footsteps since it a family tradition for the first born daughter to to ClayMoore Acemdy on her mothers side of the family, so Chinoki decided to continue this.



Other things:
-She likes to be called ChiChi as a nickname
-She has a small fluffy puppy that she picked up off the streets one day that she takes care of and would go to the school borders to hi to and give them water and company before finishing school and walking home with them making sure no one tries to steal him. His name is, Tenchi

Student Council

Student Council:
Recording Secretary

Normal theme:

Battle theme:

hey I'm dropping out. from this and the site. I'll be around whenever but i just can't keep up
hey I'm dropping out. from this and the site. I'll be around whenever but i just can't keep up
@Majoras End
Oh Yeah sorry. totally forgot that I still need to try to tweak gowther somehow... I honestly have no clue atm and might have to drop from the site.

When late morning break rolls around Yoke decides to walk down the park and rewind for a bit since their hands hurt from cutting hair and French braiding and mermaid braiding and inverse braiding and just a lot of braiding since that's their speciality. They sit down in a near bench and watches as two people talkedtrying to make out what they were saying but interfered there own feel rid bits to make.more entertaining for them personally.
They named the guy Davis because it sounded live a suitimg name and the other person was Pat because it suits them kinda but they ran out of name ideas and Pat was the first thing that came to mind. Yoko chuckles has she watches Davis seem like he's trying to.flirt hut really has no idea what their doing and Pat seemed so.niave to his flirtation but went with it out of kindness. It doesn't help they were kinda far away like 5 minute walk far away but they could still see their outlines so it made for an interesting live tv show.
Yoko starred at their trying to check for the time so they could see how much longer they got till the end of their break which was about 20 minutes. He yawns and ships ovee placing their head in their hand as they watched the two being really noisy about them.
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