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5 days ago
Current I'm a total Trash Mammal
10 days ago
I'm going to shove some fatty goodness in my mouth today! YES! FATTY BIRGER AND FRIES! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!
11 days ago
Yep.... summer... boring... i wanna go swimming... but i hate going alone because of personal issues and i have no real life friends who could go with me.... I'm bored and lonely
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20 days ago
My new profile picture is so cite! Aahhh so happy i found it!
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22 days ago
I need to find a job or something to do over the summer


Welcome to my bio

That's about it for me. Leafeon out!

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Ik. I'm saying that i finished my Character Sheets are done and I mentioned you to make sure that you saw it so you could easily go back to check them and to make sure their still all good.
Pretty sure I finished
2. This is a bit bold/arrogant of me to ask; I apologize in advance for that, and I am expecting refusal. But I've been raised under the philosophy of "Never hurts to ask". With that said, ...Can I be a Co-GM?

Question: Why is this something you're asking?
I might start it tomorrow just to the same of letting people try to before I pop I'm before I'm already drained from confessing my love to my crush who's christian and straight
I don't know if I should post yet or not. I wanna but i still don't know if i should or not
Well, what if we have a character like the Cheshire cat who helps direct people and helps them whenever they get hurt or something, like their everywhere yet no where. It could be like a flying dragon or snake with little legs, or a pixie!

Another one of these? YAY!
May I suggest some friendly NPCs?

Kay thanks... its probably do to how young i am but thanks anyways. Oh umm... what's a mod by the way?
Lol okay, i was just curious because it would have really effected my background editting if they did need to breath...

I know he is but he is hot and quirky but he is an asshole and a jerk yet i still love it, it's like when people i fanfic's fall in love with their bully..... see this is why i don't have friends
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