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Current i'm tired
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Finally finds rp plot and idea decent, and then just stops responding …how frustrating
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Still procrastinating …
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When you have a paper due but you procrastinate last minute…… could not be me
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I can't sleep, so does anyone want to do a bts roleplay, thats what I'm craving lol I sound drunk
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Name: Jillian ( Jillybeen)

Age: 18+ ( I'm in college )

Gender: Female:

Pronouns: she/her

Sexuality: I'm bisexual ( Be who you are for your pride )

Looks: Log wavy brown hair, green and orange eyes, but literally, they have orange in them, near my pupil

Personality: Kind and caring, kind of secretive, not good at expressing emotions to some, bubbly I guess, athletic, but I'm not that smart.

About: I am over 18, not saying a specific age, because just no, I used to live in such a horrible state, but I moved after I started my first year of college, and I am living in a dorm, so I'm around that age, over 18 lol. My birthday is April 15th, the same day as one of my best friend's boyfriend, Manny, lol. I'm weird like, very weird. I like makeup, and soccer and I used to have a horse, but it died in October lol.

Married to: Min Yoon-gi ( No, sadly ) :( I'm not married and I had a boyfriend, but not anymore


RP Notes
When I roleplay, just ask me, or I'll ask you first and I only do select topics


1. Vampire Diaries
2 Dystopian/Apocalypse
3. High School/ School
4. Romance
5. Drama
6. Any books or movies I've ever watched
7. Harry Potter
8. BTS

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i will
hi wanna rp?
iI'll really like the wolf and human girl idea
Interesting…birthday sounds interesting ;)
Okay thanks!
Where do we post the submission sheet thing? Or do we not do it yet?
Well, welcome!
In Otter 4 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Well then… hi and welcome!!
singer and fan sounds interesting…even though you and i are already doing a rp, we could do 2, right??
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