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2 yrs ago
Current I don't want to say my RP is dead yet, but it's not looking too good T_T
2 yrs ago
I'm so glad people are enjoying my RP! :D
3 yrs ago
People are actually interested in my RP...wha...?


How do I add a bio again?

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Well, I guess the RP is dead :( I think it still ended up doing pretty well though (for my first RP at least).
Thomas Olfry

Thomas walked back towards the others. "You guys don't need anything?" he asked. He then noticed Lilah and Jean walking around looking at the shopkeepers' wares. Well they seem like they need some stuff at least. he thought to himself.
I'm sorry guys, I've been very busy lately. Hopefully once I get a post up we'll get some more traction again...
Okay cool! I'll get another post up as soon as I can! (Probably today, but if not then tomorrow).
Is this roleplay dead already

I don't think so, If no one else posts in the near future I'll make a post to keep things moving ;)
Yes, Lance is an... interesting character. I mainly put the no killing other characters rule in place so he wouldn't kill others, and seeing as he hasn't broken any rules I'm not going to just kick him out, but I have asked him to tone down his character, so I am hoping he does so.

Alright I'm not sure on all the details of this market. I'll read a bit when I can and catch up on the IC.

If I'm meeting y'all at a market though I'm thinking of an engineer turned salvager, like trading refurbished junk found out in the city for supplies. But that makes me think I would be pretty well stocked on stuff and I don't want to be far and above everyone else. We can discuss details @TiredKhajiit if you like.

And Ill make a CS tonight.

Yeah, seems a bit OP to me. Maybe have your character be struggling to get by or something? I'm not sure, I just want things to be balanced ;P
Also, just so you guys know, you can control the dialog of some lesser npcs (such as shopkeepers), but I will control most of the main ones ;)

Edit: And also, if you control their dialog that doesn't mean you can use it to your advantage (such as giving yourself unreasonably good deals with shopkeepers, having them give you free stuff, etc.)
Thomas Olfry

Thomas also began to look around at the wares of the "shop" keepers. He went from table to table looking at everything they had to offer. He finally found one that was selling some canned food. "What'dya want for a couple cans of food?" he asked the woman sitting on the blanket.

"What d'ya have?" the old woman replied, eyeing him up. He showed her his things and she said "I could use some duct tape, I have some things that need to be repaired" So, Thomas gave her his role of duct tape in exchange for 2 cans of food.

(Added "2 cans of food" to my inventory)
(Subtracted "1 role of duct tape" from my inventory)
Mr. G


"Well sir, that'd person'd be 'bout right. We got anything you could want in 'ere. If you need it, someone in 'ere's selling it!" said Mr. G, making a grand gesture with his arm towards the market.
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