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my workout playlist is 4 days long. *4. days.* holy shit
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10,000 SONGS EXACTLY HELL YEAH (though i didn't get there in time for valentine's like i thought :/)
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turns out i'm not as much of a fan of fe: fates' soundtrack as i thought. oh well.
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ok when i downloaded the soundtrack for fire emblem: fates, i did *not* expect it to be 249 songs. holy fuck. at this rate i'm gonna pass 10,000 songs by valentine's
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This looks real nice. I've already got a loose character idea too :)
Uh hey this is really neat? Hopefully it's not too full yet, I've already got a basic character idea.
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Demorra heaved and heaved with all her strength, but these damned weeds just would not let go! She noticed Capella begin to sob, and hurriedly said "Sorry! I'm sorry! I've almost got you free, promise."

She didn't. The vines were matching her strength, and even beginning to win out a little. Demorra was starting to wonder if the poor girl would be ripped in half before she was freed.

Suddenly, a little dog - the one that was trapped in the Mote, before, Demorra realized - ran over and occupied the vines' attention by ripping them right out of the earth. With its assistance, Demorra was able to finally yank Capella free, sending her stumbling backwards a few steps. She sat down heavily, panting. She'd never been an especially strong person, so trying to pull someone free of Mote-empowered grass (Demorra briefly wondered if they were carnivorous) took a bit of a toll on her.

Demorra felt a soft impact with her chest, and stiffened, only to relax when she realized that it was the girl she had freed, giving Demorra a hug and burying her face in her chest. She began to stiffen up again, as she realized, Oh goodness oh gods above there's a cute girl who I've only just met giving me a hug what do I dooooo

Fortunately for Demorra, the man from earlier spoke up.

"Get back. Pull her away from...from that," Griff instructed Demorra.

"...And we need to be ready to run," he added quietly.

Demorra collected herself quickly. "Right. I-" Suddenly, something on the Mote caught her eye, and she stopped, transfixed. She wasn't especially far away from it, so she was able to discern a couple of the runes etched into its surface. As she squinted at them, Demorra realized with a start that she could read them. They said Seven and Chimaera.

Demorra shook her head. Whatever this was, it could wait. Right now, there were more pressing matters. She turned to Capella, and offered her a hand. "Come on, dear. Let's get you up and moving. You heard the man; we need to be ready to leave here at any moment."
T i f e r e t

• Tʜᴇ Dᴜɴɢᴇᴏɴ •

As everyone talked amongst themselves about where to go, Tiferet scooted back into the middle of the group, hoping to leech off of their body heat a bit. It was starting to get chilly in here, at kind of an alarming rate, and her current clothing was not exactly made for colder weather. The one time I decide not to equip my sweater. The one damn time... While Tif groused and grumbled to herself, she took in the room they were in a second time. Chains hung from the ceiling and walls, seemingly randomly-placed, and the dim sunlight illuminating the crypt revealed practically nothing, not even any dust swirling through the air. Tif felt a thrill run down her spine, independent of the cold. She loved it when game designers had a proper sense of atmosphere.

Her delight was quickly turned to dismay as she noticed frost beginning to form on some of the chains, and a slight breeze starting to pick up. She couldn't help but let out a soft grumble (more like a whimper) at the sight. I'm a Louisiana gal, damnit! I can't deal with temperatures below 60, let alone actual ice and shit! She was really starting to regret not bringing that sweater...

All thoughts of the weather were driven from her mind, however, at the massive CLANG-ANG-Ang-ang... that sounded from practically right next to her. Tif practically leapt out of her skin at the sudden ringing, and looked over to see Tessa, her chains out and active, and the corpse of a rat flying away from her. It wasn't difficult to see what had happened.

Tiferet's metaphorical hackles immediately went up. She quietly readied her fiddle, ready to start playing at any sign of danger. She didn't have to wait long.

The wind picked up incredibly quickly, turning into a gale that just about tore the fiddle from her hands. Frost slimes, the bane of lightly-dressed players everywhere, started crawling out of the trenches, dozens of them. Tif didn't even give herself time to think, but instead launched into a favorite support spell of hers, <Kronos>, granting her allies a bit of extra speed in both movement and casting times. The wind practically covered it all up, but they didn't need to hear the song to benefit, fortunately.

Out of the corner of her eye, she also noticed Ochre, who was suddenly in rapid danger of being frozen. Tif shouted over the wind at him, "Watch those fingers, Ochre!", before aiming her fiddle at the ogre tooth and adding a little flourish to her playing, which cast <Irondust>. There was a brief flash at the pointed end of Tif's fiddle, before it expelled a small pebble with frightening speed. Hopefully, that would be enough to shatter the ice (or the tooth, whichever) and give Ochre enough time to escape.
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Just realized I had totally forgotten to post yesterday, so I figured I'd get out a quick one before bed (which really should've been done earlier, sorry).
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Oh dear. She's cute. Demorra was, just for a moment, distracted by Capella's quite striking looks, but was snapped out of it when she responded to Demorra's question with a shaky "I think so..."

"Oh, wonderful. I was rather concerned when you took that tumble down the sand dune, but it seems- Uh?"

She cut herself off as she noticed the grass starting to form into strange tendrils and crawl over Capella's body, threatening to swallow her if nothing was done.

"A-Are we gonna d-die here...?"

Oh gods she's really cute. ...No! Focus! Save first, swoon later!

Demorra shook her head to clear out any... distracting thoughts, and tried to reassure the other girl. "Not if I can help it, we're not. Hang on just a moment." She went around to Capella's back, hooked her arms under Capella's armpits, and started tugging with all her might. Unfortunately, all of Demorra's might was... not very much. On her own, she wouldn't be strong enough to free Capella from the encroaching weeds. That much was readily apparent.
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Demorra took a moment to catch her breath, after the Mote flashed and did goodness-knows-what. She wasn't used to running so hard. She knew almost immediately, however, that she was somewhere entirely different almost immediately. The beach had been sandy, for one, and not grassy. It had also been nighttime.

That last part took a moment to fully register, but when it did, Demorra let out a small, startled "Oh!" She looked around her at the quiet birch forest, and at the others who had been taken along with her. "...How long were we gone?"

Demorra took in her surroundings for a moment longer, before hearing the ponytailed boy from earlier say "This is all wrong." She gave a laugh that was more of a series of breaths and responded. "Indeed. Although... I wonder if-"

Demorra concentrated, trying to see if her memory had been affected in any way. She started with the present, moving backwards. The beach... Edwin's Bend... and back until the moment she first woke up, in a wheat field somewhere with no memories and strange scars lining her body. And, apparently, eyes that just screamed "witchcraft".

She sighed. "No changes, then. Damn."

Demorra could feel the Mote floating close behind her, and see its red light, though she made an effort not to look at it. No need for someone to get entranced and cause it to do who-knows-what again. In the course of steadfastly not paying any attention to the Mote whatsoever, her eyes chanced upon the bi-colored hair of the girl she had been running to save earlier. She seemed... fitful. Like she was asleep, and having a nightmare that wasn't quite bad enough to wake her up.

Demorra got up and moved to her side, though how to rouse the girl she didn't know. For a moment, Demorra hesitated, looking at her oddly-colored hair and considering the likelihood of witchcraft. But the moment passed, and she shook her head. 'Twould be hypocritical of me to be afraid of witchcraft, particularly when I have been accused of it so often myself. And besides, she is obviously in trouble! How could I leave this poor soul to suffer from... whatever malady she suffers from?

And so, she reached out a hand to gently rock Capella's shoulder. "Um. Excuse me, miss. Are you alright?"
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I'll go with 9. I've got an idea for a post already, but I'll defer to the dice on this one. :)
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Guess who finally posted! Sorry about the wait everyone.
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At this point, Demorra had been on the road for quite some time. She had been thrown out of the last village, a tiny place called Edwin's Bend, after someone had decided her eyes were a sign of witchcraft, and managed to whip up a mob that drove her out into the night. Fortunately, she had caught wind of it beforehand, and stolen enough food to last her a while. Demorra huffed indignantly, thinking about it. She didn't even know what was so special about her eyes! They worked just fine, as far as she could tell, and so far she hadn't been lucky enough to find so much as a reflective bit of metal, or a non-grimy window, to see if they looked any different from normal. She sighed, and shrugged. At least the weather is nice tonight. It makes my journey that much easier.

All of a sudden, Demorra found herself at the edge of the forest, overlooking a sandy beach. She had been following the sound of the waves for a few minutes, but hadn't expected to arrive at the ocean so quickly. Perhaps the trees had muffled the sound. Demorra set off walking down the beach, hoping to find a town that'd be willing to take her in for the night, or at least have an open stable stall.

As she walked, Demorra noticed that there were several other people down the beach, along with - she gasped as she noticed it - a mote! There was a young, dark-haired man with a ponytail, who seemed to be talking to an older gentleman with an eyepatch and a... pet falcon? Interesting. As she watched, a young girl with black hair appeared, seemingly in a hurry, only to seemingly become hypnotized by the mote, which Demorra noticed had a maelstrom of detritus whirling around it, and fall to her knees. Demorra frowned and sped up her pace slightly. From what she had heard, touching a mote - or being near one at all, really - was a bad idea. At about that moment, an old, hunched woman appeared and shoved the girl out of the way, and seemed to... spin in place several times, before shouting at the others to grab her cane.

Demorra was quite close at this point, which is why when the mote's glow began to intensify, she instinctively turned away and shielded her eyes, though it didn't seem like its light was as blinding as she had thought. Fortunately, this also afforded her a good vantage point of the other girl. As well as the sand dune she was perched on, which began to crumble. Before Demorra could say anything, the dune collapsed completely, sending the girl tumbling down! Demorra immediately ran for her, hoping to catch her before she landed and was injured. As she ran, she noticed that the girl's hair was, in fact, white and black, split perfectly down the middle. Witchcraft? The sight gave her pause, just for a split second, before Demorra decided to file that thought away for later and focus on catching her for now. Witchcraft or not, she was in trouble.
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