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Current i love being able to fit all my weeb music on my phone now. i'm nearing the 6,000 song mark and i've still got around 40GB left of space. fuck yeah.
3 mos ago… <- cool song (alexithymia - a_hisa)
4 mos ago
that strange feeling when 90% of your music is instrumental, obscure weeb shit. also when you have about 15 GBs of music so you can barely fit half of it on your phone.
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7 mos ago
so meine meinung is possibly the greatest band to ever exist. if you like really chill japanese indie pop at least.
8 mos ago
gonna go test for my third degree black belt in tae kwon do tomorrow. the test is 12 hours long. i'm gonna fuckin die lmao


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With a lack of anything to really do, Allie just kinda sat on the sidelines for a bit, watching the other students interact. The two guys with the Shinx and the Growlithe seemed to be getting along well together, though there was a bit of defensiveness from one side initially. The two other girls seemed like they were hitting it off as well. Allie pouted a bit. How was she gonna make friends if everyone was already paired off with each other?

At that point, she noticed a boy standing near the back of the group with a Machop, holding some very heavy-looking bags which he'd occasionally swap with his Pokemon. He also looked kinda lost. Perfect! Allie approached him confidently, Rosetta at her heels.

"Hi! Um, I noticed that you looked kinda lost. Are you new to Alola? I didn't see you come off the ship, though... Did you just move here or something?" As she said this, Rosetta approached Tommy's Machop inquisitively, making little chittering sounds at it.
I was busy with homework and other engagements tonight, yeah, but I should be able to get a decent post out tomorrow-ish!
This is also a bit outside of my comfort zone, but god damn does this look entertaining. Count me in!
As the boat bearing many new students at Alola Academy arrived, another was fast asleep in her bed in Hau'oli City. Allie was lying on her back, not dreaming of anything in particular, with her Larvesta, Rosetta, lying next to her, curled in a ball. She had been so excited that she hadn't been able to sleep for a while, and was now completely dead to the world.

Well... Almost.


At the sound of the ship's horn from outside, Allie jolted upright in a blind panic, waking up Rosetta, who was thrown farther down the bed and landed on her back. The dog-sized bug flipped herself upright and chittered indignantly at Allie.

"Sorry Rosetta! The ship horn spooked me, that's all." She started scratching Rosetta's fuzzy head as a form of apology. "I know I was meant to go somewhere today... What was it again?" Allie, who was still slightly groggy despite being scared awake, fumbled for her PokeNav and checked the date. As she saw it, she remembered exactly why she had been so excited yesterday.

With a sudden flurry of activity, Allie ripped off her blanket and practically leapt off of her bed, going straight to her closet to put on some clothes. Rosetta squirmed her way out of the blankets and made a questioning noise.

"Don't you remember Rosetta? It's the first day of school! And that boat horn means that all the students coming from abroad are here, which means school's gonna start really soon, which means we need to get going, like, 10 minutes ago." As Allie said this, she had quickly changed from her pajamas into a gray-and-blue striped t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and was now grabbing her backpack (put together the day before) and the two pokeballs that contained her other Pokemon. Rosetta scuttled across the bed and hopped onto the floor next to Allie, and without further ado, the two of them swept out of the door and headed downstairs. (Quietly, though; Allie's mom had worked the graveyard shift last night, and was now trying to get some sleep. Her dad had left for work already.) Allie grabbed some bacon her dad left out for her and a granola bar for herself, and an Aspear Berry for Rosetta, and after they quickly chowed down on breakfast, Pokemon and trainer jetted out the door towards the docks.

It wasn't very far to the docks from Allie's house, but she was still breathing rather heavily when she arrived. Rosetta seemed pretty pooped too, so Allie scooped the not-so-little bug up in her arms as she surveyed who had gotten off the ship already. So far there was a girl around her age with glasses and a black ponytail, who was in the process of admonishing her Gastly for licking a Buizel. Its trainer, a green-eyed girl who had a distinctly Unovan accent, looked rather apologetic, though Allie had missed whatever had happened between them. There was also a brown-skinned boy with a Shinx sitting on a bench, and a boy with shaggy red hair and a Growlithe, who was looking around alertly. An interesting group so far. Allie broke into a grin. Things were sure to be pretty interesting this year.
Allie's sheet is all finished! It's also worth noting I changed her surname from Márquez to Teosinte.
@Tojin carrying a 3 foot tall, 60 pound bug on your shoulders all day must be some sort of strength training.

...Hm. I seem to have underestimated how large Larvesta are. Thanks for catching that.
I've got my sheet about 90% done! Just have to finish the bio and I'm all set!

I'm thinking Abra, Alolan Grimer, and Larvesta. The first two because they're found around Hau'oli City, and Larvesta for some variety (and because it's really cute).
I'm up for this! By the way, which city is the Academy near, exactly?
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