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Current @DarkestFey apparently mahz was around and doing stuff as of a few days ago, i guess he just hasn't taken down the vacation thing yet
23 days ago
apparently this song is part of some weird ass conspiracy thing called cicada 3301? idc i just think it sounds really pretty…
1 mo ago
ok well sprouts did call me back, which is the good news. the bad news is that i just worked an 8 hour shift on what was supposed to be my day off. but i get an extra $84 towards a switch at least
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1 mo ago
dear sprouts: Fucking Call Me Back Already Asswipes
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2 mos ago
finals are mostly done! but i'm really worried about one in particular, because it's worth a third of my grade and i kinda blew it off until the last second. :/ oh well, hopefully i won't fail lmao


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Oh, save us, save us! (Save us, save us!)
Save us, save us!
Save us from, the man with the hex!

As Tiferet's song reached its completion, it was punctuated by the slamming of the massive doors behind the party. The bard was panting and flushed, despite how chilly the air was, leaning against a wall with her hands on her knees after having sprinted through the door just behind the front-liners. She was also starting to laugh, strangely enough. "Hah... hah... Hahahaaa, that was the best use of that spell since I used it to cause a riot one time." She straightened up and then some, stretching her back before looking over towards the others, counting heads to make sure everyone had gotten through alright. "Uhh... Yup, looks like we're all here." Tif gave one of her trademark grins as she faced the party, aimed towards Graves, Elian, and Tessa, especially. They seemed like they needed a bit of optimism. "And that just goes to show! Between all of us, we'll be able to make it outta here just fine." I hope. I really, really hope. If I'm wrong, then...

Rather than continue down that train of thought any further, Tiferet focused on studying the passage ahead, looking for anything that might indicate that the boss was ahead, or signs of more monsters. Typically the encounters were pretty well spaced out, but this place wasn't exactly a "typical" dungeon, was it?
After she finished reading the note, Esther took a deep breath, then let it out slowly, trying not to let the mounting anxiety in her gut bubble out. This situation was... more than she had ever thought would happen to her, if she was entirely honest. She'd never even been in a fight before, unless you counted the one time she decked a dude who called her a towelhead. And even then, that was only the one time. How was she gonna defend herself in some... weird fantasy world, with monsters and shit? And for that matter - and here she glanced at the sobbing Eun-ha - how was she gonna defend others?

Esther let out a quiet "Hmph." and began pacing back and forth in front of the bed she had woken up in, muttering to herself. "Okay, what was I doing before this? I was... asleep, I think. I had just made some more progress on that song, and it was really late, so I decided to call it a day and go to bed, since I had class tomorrow and I needed to go to bed at a semi-decent time. And then..." She looked up suddenly, at the room, its inhabitants, and the picture above the fireplace. "And then I woke up here." Esther paused for a few seconds. "...Fuck, I have class tomorrow." She resumed her pacing, grumbling invectives under her breath. "If this shit makes me lose my scholarship I am gonna have words with whoever fuckin' brought us here, I swear to God. Gonna beat the piss outta them and sell their organs on the black market or something..." She continued in that vein for a while, channeling her anxiety into anger, oblivious to the others in the room.
I'm definitely down for this! Not really sure how complicated we can get with our powers, but no matter what the response is I've got a good power in mind.

Alright, background and appearance have been added, as well as links to the songs all of her abilities are named after, because of course they are (except for her Memento ability). Hopefully this gets off the ground soon, it seems really fun!
Thanks so much! :D I’ll add the appearance and background sections when I get off work... in four hours. :/ And no references, unless I read it a while ago and forgot about it, and this is my subconscious’ way of reminding me of it. What webcomic is it, if I may ask?

...Is it Homestuck? It’s Homestuck isn’t it.
Well, this looks interesting! Here's my sheet, lemme know if I need to fix anything. Also, I noticed there's no appearance or background field. Should I just add those in somewhere or was that intentional?

I tell ya, waking up to 12 new posts in here was a wild feeling.
For us? Definitely.
Hey, you're the one who made the Discord server :p
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