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13 days ago
Current i only have five classes this semester, why is college so haaaaard ;_;
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2 mos ago
if anyone is planning on starting up a worm rp, hit me up, i've been craving one like you wouldn't fuckin believe
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4 mos ago
@DarkestFey apparently mahz was around and doing stuff as of a few days ago, i guess he just hasn't taken down the vacation thing yet
4 mos ago
apparently this song is part of some weird ass conspiracy thing called cicada 3301? idc i just think it sounds really pretty…
4 mos ago
ok well sprouts did call me back, which is the good news. the bad news is that i just worked an 8 hour shift on what was supposed to be my day off. but i get an extra $84 towards a switch at least
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19-year-old female resident of the Great American Wasteland (Arizona). Steadily drowning in college courses and anxiety. Big nerd, aspiring cutie, Music Hoe™.

I have an 8tracks because of course I do.

I'm down for just about any kind of RP (except romance), but especially fantasy/sci-fi ones. Fandoms include Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Worm (especially Worm).

Feel free to hit me up with an RP invitation. (I've apparently gotten a reputation as "reliable", if that sweetens the pot for anyone. :p)

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Alright, now that midterms are (mostly) over, time to put up my sheet! Or half of it, at least. I'm pretty pooped, on account of having to wake up waaay too early today, so I'll come back to this later today.

I'm pretty interested in this too! Although, since I have midterms this week, it might take me a couple days to get a character sheet up, sorry.
T i f e r e t

• Tʜᴇ Dᴜɴɢᴇᴏɴ •

The loud KZZZH-CHUNK of Rael's spear stabbing into the boss' hand shook Tiferet out of what had been an odd sort of reverie, where the only thing that mattered was that she had been playing. She was playing, and doing her job of buffing the others, and that had been enough, until it very suddenly wasn't. Now that Rael had very likely saved her life, the reverie was broken, and a very unfamiliar emotion gripped Allison Márquez:

Mortal terror.

However, at the moment, there were more important matters at hand - like not getting squished or, God forbid, eaten by the cause of said mortal terror. So, her subconscious filed the terror in the back of her head, to be experienced properly once the boss was dealt with. Her legs, meanwhile, propelled Tiferet backwards as fast as she could manage while still continuing to play <Hestia>, and her mouth stammered out a mangled thanks/apology to Rael as the tiny tank practically flew in front of her. Her mind, however, was temporarily stunned at how close she had just come to being killed, and was now essentially running on autopilot for the time being. So, naturally, the thought that floated to the surface was:

Huh. Rael just called me dumb in Japanese. I guess that was kinda dumb. ...Is she Japanese? I've never asked.

It was overridden fairly quickly with more pertinent thoughts, such as <Hestia>'s almost finished, I'll switch off to <Olympia> once the fire shield's up, but quietly, Tif's subconscious filed the thought in the back of her head, labelled "to be brought up again if I survive this".
Speaking of posting, sorry I haven't finished up my sheet yet. I started my second year of college this week, and simultaneously, one of my closest friends started to have a whole bunch of bad shit happen to them. Between those two, this kinda fell by the wayside. That said, I'm hoping to finally have it finished and to start posting by Sunday, at the latest.
Gaaah, I really can't think of any good history for Althea. It's basically just "saw how the gangs and the megacorps were fucking things up for people and decided to fight back", but a one-sentence history doesn't a good sheet make. I've got everything else, though, so that's something.
T i f e r e t

• Tʜᴇ Dᴜɴɢᴇᴏɴ •

Tif caught Graves' irritated stare in her direction and gave him a grin she hoped looked apologetic. For once, her quick wit failed her, so she just held the grin and hoped he didn't decide to just cut her in half then and there. He certainly seemed pissed enough.

Eventually, he relaxed - as much as someone could in this environment - and gave her a hoarse chuckle.

"Least one of us is having fun."

Tif's answering giggle was more of a series of exhalations than a real laugh, her exhaustion finally beginning to show, both in her voice and on her face. "Honestly, man, it's either keep laughin' or start cryin'." Privately, as the knot of anxiety in her stomach tightened considerably, Tif realized she probably shouldn't have said that; she had done such a good job of acting optimistic earlier, even when their morale was already pretty damn low. If she broke now...

Tiferet cut herself off there. "If" nothing. I won't break. I will keep my shit together until we get out of here, no matter what, because people are counting on me. This is not a joke, for once; this is serious shit. I will not break. I will not break. I will not break...

Tif took a deep breath, then let it out slowly. Then again. The knot loosened, and Tif allowed herself a small smile. They would be fine. She knew it.

Rael cut in at about that point, with exactly the notion that Tif didn't want to hear: going back into the slime room.

Tiferet sighed deeply (and a little shakily, despite herself). "Speakin' of crying..."

For obvious reasons, Tif didn't want to return to the horrible gooey death trap they had just left. They only had so many fire-based buffs and attacks, even with a mage whose entire schtick was fire on their side. Plus, they had already been nearly overwhelmed; only stacking a bunch of buffs on Graves had allowed them to make it out, and Tif doubted they'd be able to do that for long enough to completely rid the room of slimes. But, at much as she hated it... Rael was right. That room had at least two other doorways to check through; there was no way it wasn't important somehow. Tif tried her best to think up an idea behind the dungeon's layout, but puzzles were never her forte. She had just been about to posit her idea that perhaps there were switches at the ends of the passages that they would have to trigger to progress, when the sound of cracking ice struck all the thoughts from her mind, save one.


As what was almost definitely the boss of the dungeon tore down the only barrier between it and them, Tiferet put bow to violin and started playing. <Hestia> filled the air of their makeshift battleground, raising the ambient temperature a couple of degrees. The entire party's weapons gained an orange-red flickering glow, as all of their attacks became fire-aspected for the song's duration. If the rest of the dungeon was any indication, doing this would almost definitely paint a target on her back, but Tiferet trusted in her allies to shield her from the boss's attacks. She had to.
Alright, I've got a mostly-done sheet here. The last bits will be added in when I'm feeling less wiped from work (which may take a couple days as I work again tomorrow).

Looks pretty cool! I'm down for this. One question, though; what do you mean by "supernatural", exactly?
T i f e r e t

• Tʜᴇ Dᴜɴɢᴇᴏɴ •

Oh, save us, save us! (Save us, save us!)
Save us, save us!
Save us from, the man with the hex!

As Tiferet's song reached its completion, it was punctuated by the slamming of the massive doors behind the party. The bard was panting and flushed, despite how chilly the air was, leaning against a wall with her hands on her knees after having sprinted through the door just behind the front-liners. She was also starting to laugh, strangely enough. "Hah... hah... Hahahaaa, that was the best use of that spell since I used it to cause a riot one time." She straightened up and then some, stretching her back before looking over towards the others, counting heads to make sure everyone had gotten through alright. "Uhh... Yup, looks like we're all here." Tif gave one of her trademark grins as she faced the party, aimed towards Graves, Elian, and Tessa, especially. They seemed like they needed a bit of optimism. "And that just goes to show! Between all of us, we'll be able to make it outta here just fine." I hope. I really, really hope. If I'm wrong, then...

Rather than continue down that train of thought any further, Tiferet focused on studying the passage ahead, looking for anything that might indicate that the boss was ahead, or signs of more monsters. Typically the encounters were pretty well spaced out, but this place wasn't exactly a "typical" dungeon, was it?
After she finished reading the note, Esther took a deep breath, then let it out slowly, trying not to let the mounting anxiety in her gut bubble out. This situation was... more than she had ever thought would happen to her, if she was entirely honest. She'd never even been in a fight before, unless you counted the one time she decked a dude who called her a towelhead. And even then, that was only the one time. How was she gonna defend herself in some... weird fantasy world, with monsters and shit? And for that matter - and here she glanced at the sobbing Eun-ha - how was she gonna defend others?

Esther let out a quiet "Hmph." and began pacing back and forth in front of the bed she had woken up in, muttering to herself. "Okay, what was I doing before this? I was... asleep, I think. I had just made some more progress on that song, and it was really late, so I decided to call it a day and go to bed, since I had class tomorrow and I needed to go to bed at a semi-decent time. And then..." She looked up suddenly, at the room, its inhabitants, and the picture above the fireplace. "And then I woke up here." Esther paused for a few seconds. "...Fuck, I have class tomorrow." She resumed her pacing, grumbling invectives under her breath. "If this shit makes me lose my scholarship I am gonna have words with whoever fuckin' brought us here, I swear to God. Gonna beat the piss outta them and sell their organs on the black market or something..." She continued in that vein for a while, channeling her anxiety into anger, oblivious to the others in the room.
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