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Current that feel when you have to write and memorize a 90 second monologue in japanese by tomorrow (hahahaha kill me)
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tfw you're like "eh, i don't need a flu shot, i'll be fine" and then you get the flu
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i only have five classes this semester, why is college so haaaaard ;_;
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if anyone is planning on starting up a worm rp, hit me up, i've been craving one like you wouldn't fuckin believe
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apparently this song is part of some weird ass conspiracy thing called cicada 3301? idc i just think it sounds really pretty…


19-year-old trans female resident of the Great American Wasteland (Arizona). Steadily drowning in college courses and anxiety. Big nerd, aspiring cutie, Music Hoe™.

I have an 8tracks because of course I do.

I'm down for just about any kind of RP (except romance), but especially fantasy/sci-fi ones. Fandoms include Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, The Adventure Zone, The Magnus Archives, Critical Role, and Worm (especially Worm).

Feel free to hit me up with an RP invitation. (I've apparently gotten a reputation as "reliable", as per Ammokkx, if that sweetens the pot for anyone. :p)

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Damn. Maybe next time.
Is this still full, or did I get here too late? :p
I'm also interested! (Also, as a rule, how in-depth do you want people to get with their powers? Just so I know the appropriate amount of work to put into it, lol)
Yeah, I think my interest has waned a bit, sorry. Good luck with the RP!
I've only played MHW, but assuming that's not a problem, I'm in as well!
A L L I E /// T I F E R E T

Personal Dossier

Allison “Allie” Márquez.




In-game, Tiferet stands at about 5’3” and 140 pounds, putting her on the petite side. However, this is far from the first thing one would probably notice about Tiferet, which instead is her rather morbid fashion sense; much of her gear is adorned with bones, crosses, and Day of the Dead-esque skeletons, and her face is often adorned with skull makeup as well. Even her fiddle is black and white. This all stems from Tiferet’s desire to know what exactly it’s like on the “other side”, though she also just thinks it looks cool. It certainly helps her stand out from the crowd, even in a game like Pariah.

Allie is an… odd individual. Contrary to what one may expect, she’s very lively and gregarious, and absolutely loves trying out everything life has to offer. She’s driven by knowledge; specifically, wanting to know everything, including the unknowable, like “what happens after you die”, “what’s at the center of the universe”, and “does Finland really exist”. Most of the time, this involves buying (or stealing) anything she considers “neat”, exploring every little nook and cranny in a given place, and even doing drugs every so often (though she steers clear of the really bad ones; some things just aren’t worth experiencing). Her preoccupation with death is also rather unnerving, especially because she’s been heard to make a few nonchalant comments about breaking into morgues. (She’s probably joking. Probably.) However, this also means that Allie is really nosy; if she thinks someone’s saying or doing something that’s worth finding out about, she will try to discover more about the situation, whether through eavesdropping, a bit of petty thievery, or even just annoying someone into telling her.

Despite her strange clothing choices, obsession with death, and general creepiness, Allie is actually quite a nice person. It takes a lot to make her angry, and even then, she’s very quick to let things go. Sometimes, the person who attracts her ire will find themselves subject to some sort of semi-harmless prank, but that’s usually the extent of her “wrath”. Allie mostly plays Pariah for the social aspect, and loves partying up with people and running quests together. Of course, others may not want her around (you wouldn’t believe the number of people who get freaked out by the skull makeup), but they usually come around.

Allie’s life has always been pretty stable, if not particularly normal. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to a Mexican father and an African-American mother. Her mom was a high-ranking executive in a prominent tech company, which brought in enough money to allow Mr. Márquez to stay home and raise Allie, and to pursue his dream - being a musician - on the side. Allie was always a very inquisitive child, constantly pestering her parents with questions, especially about their respective lines of work. “Mommy, whatsa headset?”, “Hey Daddy, how d’you play the thing that goes ‘BWAAAP’?”, and so on. Initially, the Márquezes were exasperated by their daughter’s need to know everything about everything, but they soon began to enjoy seeing their daughter taking an interest in so much.

Her school years progressed with little fanfare, and were soon left behind, though Allie seems to have retained a few things from her middle school goth phase - namely, her fashion choices and obsession with all things dark and deathly. At the moment, she’s pursuing a career as a mortician, using her violin skills as a backup. Normally, the salary of your average broke college student isn’t enough to buy Pariah, let alone a VR headset, but Mrs. Márquez was nice enough to get them both for Allie as a birthday present this year.

The name Tiferet is usually accompanied by a response of either “Who?” or “Oh yeah, the one skeleton chick, right?” She’s mostly known for her… interesting getup, which has gotten her a bit of admiration from the more fashion-oriented players. Another subset of players know her because they happened to come upon one of her “concerts”, which generally take place in some dark corner or other; a graveyard, an abandoned building, the middle of the woods, a graveyard, and so on. Yet another sliver know her as a fairly dependable support mage, and speak of her fondly. Finally, there are a few rumors making the rounds (mostly from veteran to newbie) about a ghostly woman with a violin, who sang the most beautiful, haunting song you’ve ever heard, then disappeared into the mist. Were one to ask Tiferet, she’d likely just drop a comment about how “It’s a fiddle, actually” and then move on. All of these, taken together, make Tiferet known, at least, though she’s far from a household name.

Attribues & Additional Information

Mainly support, but with a bit of utility.


Wandering musician. Also necromancer, if you believe the rumors.

Weapon of Choice
A fiddle. It’s specially-reinforced with steel to make beaning people with it feasible as a last resort, though Tiferet does also have a short sword on her, making the fiddle a last last resort. Tiferet also considers her voice a weapon, on account of the puns.

Here is a list of all the spells Tif currently knows.

Earth and Enhancement.

Benchmarks (Physical)

  • Nimble Hands - As a result of playing her fiddle so much, Tiferet's obtained a good measure more finger dexterity than the average person.
  • Scavenger - Since her wanderings tend to take her to some inhospitable places, Tiferet's become adept at foraging around for useful supplies and food.
  • Charming Young Lass - Since Tiferet's main method of making money (other than adventuring) is traveling from town to town and busking in the most crowded area she can find, she's developed a charming persona that she puts on when she needs to get something from someone. Like, say, money.
  • Discerning Ear - Being a bard all but requires that you have keen hearing, so you don't miss anything during combat. Tiferet is no different.
  • When All You Have Is A Fiddle... - Tiferet commonly travels alone, and as a result has had to fight her way out of bad situations more than once. She's more adept with the short sword on her hip than one might expect, and her steel-plated fiddle packs a pretty good punch.

Benchmarks (Mental)

  • Nimble Mind - Playing a fiddle during combat requires that Tiferet's attention is split between the battlefield and the song, to make sure everything goes well, and she has accordingly developed almost a sixth sense of where she is on the battlefield in relation to her allies and enemies.
  • Well-Traveled - Due to her extensive journeys across the world of Pariah, Tiferet knows her way around many areas of the world better than your average adventurer - including some of the nastier locales, usually ones that involve undead and/or forbidden knowledge, like old haunted libraries.
  • Combat Casting - Specializing in party-wide buffs tends to get you focused on in a lot of combat situations. Tiferet has gradually grown used to being attacked while playing, and her song is no longer easily interrupted.
  • Vicious Mockery - Tiferet is skilled at getting a rise out of people with a verbal jab, and in general is also adept at dropping groan-inducing puns. This also extends (slightly) to general body language. Needle people enough, and you get a sense of their personality through what they react to, and how.
  • Expanded Repertoire - Years of playing the fiddle, both in and out of Pariah, have given Tiferet a huge library of songs she knows how to play, though a comparatively small fraction of those have effects within the game. It's mostly useful for busking, but it gives her a pretty solid pool of spells to choose from too.
Everyone's favorite necromantic bard is back again, now with 100% more benchmarks.

I'm also interested! Gonna go for something a little less well-known, I think, though what exactly that ends up being is still up in the air.
T i f e r e t

• Tʜᴇ Dᴜɴɢᴇᴏɴ •

As Arnaakus covered the floor in icy spikes and brought its massive hand slamming towards her, Tiferet, still slightly out of it from her previous attack of... whatever that was, had the distinct impression that this dungeon was a bit out of their league. Rael was also jetting towards her incredibly quickly, probably to move her out of the way of the massive icy fist heading her way, but Tif wasn't too bothered by either of those things; she trusted Rael to save her again. It was good timing, too; just before Rael reached Tiferet, <Hestia> was completed. The fiery glow around her companions' weapons faded, but simultaneously, a ring of seven small fireballs sprang into existence around Tiferet. They parted to allow Rael through, and stayed in a ring around their controller as if they were anchored to her.

Tif's feet skidded slightly as she was deposited behind the back line, but she found her footing easily enough. Not wanting to waste any time, she quickly shouted "Cheers, Rael!" and began casting another buff spell. This one wouldn't be as effective as Hestia, perhaps, but she had a feeling the party in general - and Graves especially - would thank her for this.

Rather than the upbeat sound of a swing band, or the smooth chords of a violin, a drumbeat that sounded more at home in a club than a battle against a massive ice demon issued forth from Tif's instrument. Her allies might notice a shield made of interlocking triangles briefly shimmering into place around them, then disappearing, as Tiferet's spell granted the entire party a small reduction in damage. As she played, Tiferet fired off <Irondust> as quickly as she could, a stream of small pellets spraying out of her fiddle's end pin and striking Arnaakus. They didn't contribute much damage, truth be told, but it was better than nothing.
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