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@TruthHurts22 Hey there. Regarding the exam. Someone kinda already asked this question but I didnt see a definite answer so here goes. Do students get points deducted when they make mistakes? Like how it went for the provisional hero license exams.
Sounds cool, I am interested.
Consider me interested.
Raiyen was caught off guard by Peter's all-in attack to the point where the best Raiyen could do was dash backwards. Unfortunately despite his quick reaction the Vermillion Gundam once again could not keep up with his commands which causes it to be impaled by the Byzatine Gundams beam sabre. From the holographic interface Raiyen could tell that his Gundam was losing power fast, so as a last ditch attempt Raiyen quickly diverted all remaining power to its right arm. As a result, the Vermillion Gundam quickly toss aside its pistol in his right arm and opened its hand wide as it glowed vermillion red. However just before the Vermillion Gundam could use its Vermillion touch on the Byzatine, Raiyen remembered that the last mobile suit that was attacked using the Vermillion touch suffered severe damage despite the low model damage level set. " If I destroy his Gundam.... then I'll be no different from him..." Raiyen thought to himself as he powered down his the Vermillion touch and allowed his gundam to fall limp and lifeless on the floor of the forest.

" "I will not let my past haunt me.", truly words to live by" Raiyen said while smiling as the computer announced the result of the battle. "In time everything changes, even people" Raiyen uttered as he collected the pieces of his gunpla and placed them all in his suitcase. " Your resolve to look pass your past actions is admirable" Raiyen continued on as he turned around and grabbed his opponents mobile suit. Raiyen took a short moment to admire his opponents fine work before making his way towards Peter. " I look forward to fighting you and perhaps.....even alongside you somewhere in the near future Peter." Raiyen said with a genuine smile on his face as he handed over the Byzatine gundam.

" That's your reason? " Raiyen replied Peter's statement as his gundam threw both of its beam sabres which were aimed at the Byzatine's chest area. Each of the beam sabres length shortened themselves just before they were thrown at their target to be more dagger-like. Shortly after that, the Vermillion Gundam grabbed both of its GN pistols that were stored inside the containers mounted at side of its legs and proceeded to open fire on its target. Aside from firing the GN pistols, the Vermillion Gundam also fired its GN vulcans to increase the amount of shots being fired. " What's the matter? Having second thoughts ?" Raiyen uttered with his usual monotone voice as his Gundam continued its onslaught of fire.
I am
As soon as the GN long blade was parried by the Byzatine, Raiyen intuition told him that a counter-attack was imminent. He intuition was right on the mark Raiyen realized as he quickly shifts the Vermilion Gundams head to left to avoid getting decapitated. Unfortunately even though Raiyens reaction was near instantaneous, his mobile suit simply could not keep up with his reaction which lead to the beam sabre to glance off of the mask of the Vermilion Gundam thus revealing a small right side portion of the gundam's real "face". "I know many things about you.." Raiyen said with a monotone voice while simultaneously throwing the GN short blade towards the Byzatine Gundam's hand which was holding the beam sabre. Raiyen knew for fact that unlike the original Epyon which boasted high agility and offensive capabilities, the Byzatine was slower and also more defensive meaning that I would more likely take hits than dodge them. "Like your famous "coup de grace" during the first round of the tournament" Raiyen said as he follows up with an upwards strike with the GN long blade in an attempt to inflict heavy damage to the head, upper and lower torso of the Byzatine. "You could have just waited for the timer to time out....." Raiyen continued as he commanded his vermillion Gundams for a downward kick aimed at the left knee joint of the Byzatine. "Your last opponents mobile suit was basically a sitting duck without any of its limbs but since it was still "functioning" the match could not be concluded...." Raiyen continued while regaining his mono-tone voice as the Vermillion Gundam throws its GN long blade javelin style towards the Byzatine Gundam. " Since 5 seconds was such a long time to wait... you decided to slice and dice what's left of your opponents mobile suit.." Said Raiyen with his signature mono-tone voice as the Vermillion Gundam dashes backwards while taking out both of its beam sabre from its storage unit at its back skirt. "How honourable of you..." Raiyen said with a hint of sarcasm as he readies himself for another onslaught.
The Vermilion Gundam quick raised its left arms shield to block the incoming stream of vulcan fire as it jumps off the tree and propels itself towards the Byzatine Gundam. From the perspective of the Byzatine's pilot, it should look like the Vermilion was going for a standard shield charge type attack. However as soon as Raiyen's Gunpla got within a few inches of the Byzatine, in an instant the vermilion dashed towards the right side of the Byzatine and followed up with another dash which propels the Vermilion Gundam towards the Byzantine for a kick attack aimed at the right side of the torso while simultaneously grabbing both of its GN blades which were stored on the hip area of the gundam with both of its arm in one swift motion revealing the Vermilion Gundams true speed. More often then not Raiyen likes to downplay the abilities at the beginning of a battle with a mediocre opponent, however since he is fighting notably strong opponent he'll make an exception. After the kick attack, the Vermilion Gundam dashes backwards for a moment to bring its left arm up which is also holding the GN short blade to utilize its shield.A split second later Vermilion Gundam charges towards the Byzantine Gundam once more while rotating its shield in an attempt to disrupt any incoming counter-attack and create a more devastating impact. As soon as it got close enough, the vermillion Gundam thrusts the GN Long blade with right arm towards the left shoulder joint of the Byzantine in an attempt to render its right arm immobile. Throughout his onslaught, Raiyen expression remained dead-pan to hide his personal Vendetta with Peter. "Let's just see... let's just see the capabilities of this mobile suit." Raiyen thought to himself.
Raiyen was pleased that Peter accepted his challenge, however he was somewhat disappointed that Peter didn't shake his hand. As he made his way towards a vacant battlefield, he placed his suit case on top of a nearby table and opened it revealing a red mobile suit and an extensive amount of weapons that are all cushioned by a foam like substance. After mounting a handful of weapons into the red mobile suit, Raiyen proceeded to place both his customized gunpla and and his GP Base at their designated areas. Raiyen's mobile suit was quite weirdly equip, having two shields of different yet similar design mounted on each arm, two containers mounted on the knee that appear to store a pair of pistols, two beam sabres and two solid GN blades one long, one short, both were colored appropriately to match the colour scheme of the red mobiles suit which are mounted on the both sides of the hip area of the suit. "And so it begins" Raiyen said with a more serious tone in his voice as he grasped the control spheres that materializes upon the activation of the machine. As the Vermillion launched out of its launch hatch, it quickly flew towards a tall tree in the forest and perched itself on top of it to wait for its opponent.
@RennyThank you. I sincerely hope that your trust in me is not in vain.
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