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2 mos ago
Current If anyone is planning any DnD games. Im a brand new player and would love a chance to play. :)
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10 mos ago
Just passed one of the hardest tests in EOD school :D Im over halfway done, wish me luck everyone :)
2 yrs ago
I can always make at least one person in a crowd laugh... Because I find my jokes hilarious :D


Call me Tsukai of course (Su-Kai)

I know I dont have as much as I should in here but maybe Ill work on it some more at a later date

Real name?
Tristan, But Id much rather be called anything else... I don't like my name one bit XD

oh hey, Im 20 now

Oh... Personal... But 5'6"

You're getting a little nosey... 135lbs

Stunning. Don't believe me? Last mirror I looked in shattered and the last person to take a picture of me started complaining that their phone screen cracked.

So what do you do?
Ugh. Im in the Army... that sucks, but what is cool is that Im learning how to be an EOD Tech! The guys that take care of IEDs and other UXO (Unexploded ordinance) But Im not done with school yet so you don't have to worry about me blowing up just yet. :)
Im done with the school now, being a tech aint as great as I thought it would be, but its my job for now... :/

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