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4 mos ago
Current Alright man. I'm slipping. Shits going sideways... I can't keep up.
4 mos ago
Y'know what's really depressing? No one irl knows my birthday is 2 days away and I'm not going to have anyone to spend it with... Or anything special to do for it... Just gonna be a regular day...
5 mos ago
There... Added a little joke to the bio... Finish with something funny... Usually leaves a good impression
5 mos ago
I can always make at least one person in a crowd laugh... Because I find my jokes hilarious :D
5 mos ago
Im sorry if I come off as r00d, Im just teasing... No intentions of hurting feelings!


I'm a Jaguar at heart. Easily my favorite animal.

Call me Tsukai of course (Su-Kai)

Join this RP it needs more young shinobi like yourself!
Join us

Hella into Naruto, If you wanna do a Naruto verse 1x1 or have a group for me... Please... Let me know.

I know I dont have as much as I should in here but maybe Ill work on it some more at a later date

Alright here's a little more.

Real name?


Oh... Personal... But 5'6"

You're getting a little nosey... 125lbs

Aight slow down this ain't a dating app... But I look fine... My grandma tells me I'm handsome all the time. -_-

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Welcome to the Guild!

Most of us don't bite so no need to be shy!
Jesus I'm bad at guessing my ability to post. Please forgive me. I really want to do this. I'm trying to find enough time and energy...
Post up tomorrow hopefully!
Sounds good mate :D
Well shit I wasn't subscribed and it slipped my mind, you can expect more coming from me very soon (tomorrow)

Yep! Good idea :)

Then it's up to us to finish up these missions!

You're up for our squad :D

Easily could have been from the outskirts of town, late because of a detour, then assigned to a squad by the hokages right hand man (like shikamaru is to Naruto)

Or join after the first mission

Well, changed now since Im falling into the beta category of S-III's

Im working slowly but surely, Dont wait for me. xD
@Lord Shaxx Ill make him younger to fit into the betas' I was going for a emile/Fred typa fella
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