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11 mos ago
Current Come check out this awesome RP :)…
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2 yrs ago
Just passed one of the hardest tests in EOD school :D Im over halfway done, wish me luck everyone :)
3 yrs ago
I can always make at least one person in a crowd laugh... Because I find my jokes hilarious :D


Call me Tsukai (Su-Kai)

I know I dont have much in here but it'll do.

Real name?
Tristan, however, as previously mentioned Tsukai works best.

Fuckin 21

Godlike stature of 5'6"

Around 140lbs these days

Can't get a match on tinder, that should be enough.

What do I do IRL?
Im in the Army... its fucking horrible, three years left. Im an EOD Tech. I take care of IEDs and other UXO (Unexploded ordinance)

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Hello all! Odd and I have decided that, to assist communication and the flow of ideas and such, we should make a discord for the RP!

Below I have the link!

Odd and I will be waiting to see all of you there and will assign roles as soon as we can! :)
My IC post should be up by tomorrow sometime :)
This is my first draft! Pointers to help expand more would be great!

I really like this idea, Short and sweet backstory but you hit all the major and high points so we got the idea. Cant wait to see more of him in the RP.

Id say he's good to move to the Character tab
Doing good, just trying to think of something

If you need any help with ideas we could do some brainstorming

How are the Character Sheets coming along you three? Still interested?
<Snipped quote by Tsukai>

Looks good to me! You can definitely move it over to the character section!


How about Meglegere's? It looks good to me.
Just to keep you all updated

My character sheet will be up by tomorrow afternoon :)
I'm still here.

A few things popped up that were distracting me. I'm working on a character concept :P

All good! I suspect most of our players will be trickling in over the weekend when people have free time.

No need to rush anything! :)
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