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10 mos ago
I can always make at least one person in a crowd laugh... Because I find my jokes hilarious :D


I'm a Jaguar at heart. Easily my favorite animal.

Call me Tsukai of course (Su-Kai)

I know I dont have as much as I should in here but maybe Ill work on it some more at a later date

Alright here's a little more.

Real name?


Oh... Personal... But 5'6"

You're getting a little nosey... 130lbs

Aight slow down this ain't a dating app... But I look fine... My grandma tells me I'm handsome all the time. -_-

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Much more work must be done but Ive put a little down so far so I might as well save it in a post for you to get a feel for my ideas
@Flower Quick question. Only Marvel and DC heros and villains?

I was thinking about something a little more off the beaten path...

I.e. Son of Bakugo from my hero academia?

It's totally fine if I can't play them.

I'm more than happy to play the next Stark :)
Ah! Dont leave me out!

Ive been outa the game for a while but Im looking to come back.

Ive got an itch to write and this defiantly reaches it.
Welcome to the Guild!

Most of us don't bite so no need to be shy!
Post up tomorrow hopefully!
Sounds good mate :D

Yep! Good idea :)

Then it's up to us to finish up these missions!

You're up for our squad :D
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