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Y'know what's really depressing? No one irl knows my birthday is 2 days away and I'm not going to have anyone to spend it with... Or anything special to do for it... Just gonna be a regular day...
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So... Y'all aren't even hiding your smut interest check huh?
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Fair warning. I do bite.
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There... Added a little joke to the bio... Finish with something funny... Usually leaves a good impression


I'm a Jaguar at heart. Easily my favorite animal.

Call me Tsukai of course (Su-Kai)

Join this RP it needs more young shinobi like yourself!
Join us

Hella into Naruto, If you wanna do a Naruto verse 1x1 or have a group for me... Please... Let me know.

I know I dont have as much as I should in here but maybe Ill work on it some more at a later date

Alright here's a little more.

Real name?


Oh... Personal... But 5'6"

You're getting a little nosey... 125lbs

Aight slow down this ain't a dating app... But I look fine... My grandma tells me I'm handsome all the time. -_-

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I know it's my turn, should have something up tonight.
Well be sure to enjoy your stay, @Nightingale43.

We have plenty and if you can't find just exactly what you're looking for you can make it yourself and find partners that way!

Welcome to the Guild.

Enjoy your stay, but be warned, lasting RPs require dedication and (an) amazing partner(s)!!!
@The Harbinger of Ferocity

To be quite honest I don't want to embarrass myself in front of you

However answering your question, I don't want any pvp conflict... The gladiator cats was more of an allied attempt to kill gladiators... Which is my personal favorite.

But yes anything with cats and humans would be fine with me no matter how big or small the emphasis. That's why I left it so malleable and open ended.

However I don't intend anything more magical than the sentience of the cats we play.

PM me the plot you'd like to follow, I'm all ears.
So interested.


I want to be a Spartan II

Is that possible? If not, I could pass for one of the clearly inferior Spartans *Insert eye roll*

Jk Im cool with anything, this looks like a fun RP, Totally down for the ride.
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I walk a lonely road~

The only one that I have ever known~

Don't know where it goes,

But its home to me and I walk alone.

(Just rings true.)

Jesus this is horrific to imagine.

So Im absolutely horrible at making interest check look pretty but Im just trying to get an idea into your head...

If you've ever read the Warriors series you know kind of what Im talking about, a small to large group of cats all living together

however I dont know if I want to take on the whole, territories, approach

I would rather a completely non logical group of big cats all living together forrrr a reason that has yet to be determined...

Maybe it could be like, they all protect a small/large group of humans they have befriended? or maybe this could be some war style rp where they are sent on assassination missions (either killing other cats or humans)

Like this could go a million different ways... I just want to play my avatar.

Here are some ideas
-WWI or WWII assassin cats
-Future WW assassin cats
-Humans are replaced by cats, and they are at war.
-Just a pride of mismatched cats livin life
-(heck Id do just a regular Lion Pride rp)
-Roman Gladiator Cats
-Throw an Idea at me Im all ears.
I am an Uchiha to the bone.

Read the manga, watch the anime... do your research...

You'll find out I am one of the most loving people you'll ever meet, once you get past my Hatred and Bitterness.
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