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Hello, I'm kidgoat and I deprive myself of social fun on a daily basis so I'm going to try and break that habit here. I probably won't be that talkative though I'll try my best.

Since Autosave is not supported for this form and I'm too lazy to shift this to google docs, consider this a WIP.

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Hey, life's been catching up with me atm so I'm going to have to withdraw. Good luck with picking out submissions!
Oh right, that fact left my mind this morning lol
Mind if I drop in with a bug type specialist? There's only like three new regular pokemon in Paldea, but my go to types are fire and flying so it seems like a perfect challenge!
@PKMNB0Y Still willing to take in one more player?
I'm sorry, but I've been really tired lately and I don't want to keep you guys waiting for too long so I'm going to drop out. You guys have fun!
I'll probably get something out during the weekend, I'm a bit busy at the moment.

I completely forgotten Fae were their own species- I was just using the word as a stand in for magical creatures. It's fixed now. Since he's otherwise good to go, his sheets been moved over!
He's here! Sorry that it turned up later than expected, I was having some trouble figuring out the backstory. Some details might need to be rewritten but the general info is there, it's already long to begin with and I want to get this out before too much time passes. If it isn't the type of premise that would work here I could change his story to be closer to a common dragon life.

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