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Current I finally decided that I will switch my major. I am switching to Anthropology with a concentration in Archeology. I am thinking of double majoring in English or History then minoring in Language.
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That moment when you put up with multiple days of disrespect from your SO's friends and your SO never sticks up for you and occasionally agrees with them *sigh* and I have been told I'm in my prime...
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I apologize for the delayed replies to RPs and DM messages. I haven't really looked at them since I've been busy this week.
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And I heard the woman start to raise her voice where I could hear it. Pretty hard to do, but she didn't sound happy. I heard her stomp down the stairs to my door then nothing happened.
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I think I just caused a war with the people that live above me in my apartment complex. I was building a 9 cube shelf real quick at 8PM. Everytime I hammered. I heard one of the adults stomping and


Hello, I am OddApproved!

I am a university student who needs to work while going into debt. Even though my schedule is busy, I decide to participate in my favorite activity which is roleplaying. I tend to be a full-time student while working part-time at Wal-Mart. If you ever want to hear weird stories or talk crap about Wal-mart, slide in my DMs.

If you do not want to talk about real-life, slide into my DMs and say hi or let's discuss roleplay ideas. I am always up to start one-on-ones with people. I tend to play male characters (rarely female characters unless they are side.)

My schedule this upcoming semester will be very jam-packed, so I do apologize if it takes me a moment or two to reply to roleplays that I am in. I will try my best!

Schedule (I am in eastern standard time.)

Please forgive me if it takes a few days to respond to things. I will try my best to keep up with everything, but my main focus here will be my participation in my DMs (one-on-one roleplays) and the Sanctuary roleplay.

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Sorry for my delayed reply! I got one up today since I had time, and I hope to have more time in the future (who knows.)

Ruben did not realize that Reya came through the doors while hearing him muttering to himself. He was too focused on turning off the heat, moving the pans over to the sink, and starting to wash them while talking under his breath.

"Err.. did you get the..."

Turning his head to look at Reya, who tried to speak up, he turned in the water to get the dishes ready for washing. Watching her peak out into the front of the house and come back to thank him for the help. Ruben allowed a small smile while glancing at the water running. "It is the least I can do," he said while adding dish soap.

Sighing at the thought, not too long ago, Ruben thought he would jump right to the conversation where it was interrupted since Reya had to go out and take orders and deliver food to the customers. She was in the kitchen with him now, and he didn't know how to bring it up. Reya thought she was intruding when she asked to get drinks, and it was because he overthinks everything.
Rubbing the back of his neck, he seemed to stare at the water for a minute before speaking up, "Reya, I didn't mean to make you feel like you were intruding..." trailing off, since he didn't know if he should bring up going out for the drinks. Would she even want to? Would she think he's weird if he said it was okay too?

Shutting down, he was horrible at talking to people - he started being bad at it after his parents divorced. Socializing was not his forte and probably never would be. Playing with the dishes a little, he was starting to wash them, and he didn't look at Reya the whole time while talking. "I mean. If you want to go out for drinks, it would be good to join you. It might be a need for both of us," he offered up his true thoughts on the matter even though he felt like his offer was to get rejected.

Starting to scrub the dishes, he didn't like to cook with them too much before washing them. He had a pet peeve when it came to switching foods in and out of the pan, especially foods that could contain allergies or cross-contaminate in some way.
Ruben decided to glance over to Reya and see her physical reaction if there was one to his words. He knew he wasn't the best at talking about what was on his mind and usually stayed to himself - a habit that was learned because of how his mother was. She was a strong woman, but she wasn't at the same time. Anything that could be perceived as stressful was shut down when Ruben talked about it; he sometimes couldn't even ask her about her day without a freakout.
This caused him to create bad habits of not talking but being talked to, causing a lot of one-sided conversations, and he was out of his comfort zone at this moment.

It wasn't even that much time between when he said it was fine, and now, his anxiety jumped, and he decided to offer her an out. "I mean if you don't want to anymore. It's okay. I wouldn't want to go to the bar with me either. I'm not any fun. I'm very boring - I don't have anything to talk about unless you want to hear about the story of when I broke my arm at summer camp years ago," he mentioned. Ruben thought that was one of his most exciting stories; him breaking his arm at 12 or 13 at summer camp. It was a story that most wouldn't judge him for; he didn't tend to get bad reactions from telling it. Reya probably heard the story once or twice already which is why he brought it up.

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Being in a bigger city meant more opportunities for school, and Mr. Ray Dotson was in the workforce of engineers while Mrs.Dotson was an accountant for a big law firm. That meant their children had to have the best of the best when it came to school, making them sign Marcus and Louis up for private school.
In the private school they attended, homogeneous ways were introduced to them. Everyone had to wear the same uniforms, color-wise, and only got a few options out of the essential clothing. Being a private school with reinforced beliefs, girls got to wear skirts or dresses while boys wore pants or shorts.

While arriving home, Marcus was in high school and Louis in elementary-middle, but they got out simultaneously. They were walking through the white-painted door of the house they bought before both boys were born. Louis had earplugs in while Marcus dropped his bag right at the entrance, leaving it by the shoes without a care in the world.

"Marcus, take care of your bag; it doesn't belong by the dirty shoes; you know how I feel about things being left there," their mother stated while peaking around the corner of the kitchen, into the hallway. She was a blonde-haired, decent-looking middle-aged woman. Their parents were nothing special in the looks category even if the Dotson men were considered easy on the eyes - this side did not get the best genes except the kids.

Groaning out, he leaned over and picked up his bag with a sassy attitude. "Hey, Mister, I don't appreciate that attitude right when you get home. You could at least say Hi first or ask me how my day was," she almost used a demanding voice while giving him a stink eye as most mothers do; she was bird watching the teenager.

"Why don't you give attention to someone who needs it," Marcus casually gestured to his younger brother, who was standing right at the door. Taking one earplug out, he seemed somewhat surprised that the conversation was being pointed at him. Did Louis want the attention? Marcus and their mother appeared to be getting heated, and he slowly put the earplug back in before taking off his shoes.

"Hi, mom," Louis said while walking by and heading straight up the stairs to his room. He was not having any part of being in this conversation with his mother.
Their mother instantly gestured to Louis while he walked by, "Hello to you too, Lou," she said while looking at Marcus. She chooses to mouth these words to Marcus, "Be more like him, huh?" before going back into the kitchen.

"Are you serious!?" Marcus raised his voice out of ultimate disbelief, "He is like that because of your awful parenting!" he shouted throughout the house. Marcus instantly darted towards the stairs, stomping the whole way up.

"Marcus, come down and apologize! YOU do not speak to me like that; I am your mother!" She shouted up the stairs while going after him. Marcus seemed to ignore her and her words.
They stared at each other, one at the top and the other at the bottom of the stairs, while death glaring each other. There was a moment of silence before his mother spoke, "Linsy can't come over tomorrow,"

Marcus seemed to retaliate instantly, "Fine, Kathy!" he shouted at her while going into his room and slamming the door. His mother seemed not to know what else to say except to show anger by balling her fists before going back to the kitchen and back to cooking dinner.

Louis was in his room with the door locked; he kept his headphones in - while reading a chapter of a book that school required. He barely heard any of the stomping, shouting, or overall argument between his older family members.
The story that he was reading for school was classical, and it was about Robinhood, which was one of Louis's favorite characters. He enjoyed the Marvel films and such, but he desired people like Mogli or Robinhood.

Mentions&Interactions: Marcus, Louis, Kathy (there mother)
@Dark Cloud it's like -6.6889 celcius.
@OddApproved Is the weather slightly warmer in Michigan than say like Seattle?

I don't know that answer. Right now it is like 20 degrees right now. I think?
I'll keep an eye on this.

Early, he was too busy when it came to listening to the echoing sound of the roof being a pain in the ass for another year in a row. Ruben did not notice that she had already eaten a scone, and if he had, he would continue to state that she needed to eat more. Reya was quick to throw a teasing vocal fit when it came to his demand, and he allowed a smile to creep upon his face, which naturally turned into a slight smirk for Ruben, "Yes, thank you," he appreciated that she at least ate some more. Besides, if he didn't' try - Emma would go on and on about it the next time she was around. Did he want her hounding him? Most of the time, he zoned it out anyway.

Ruben noticed the whole atmosphere in the kitchen changed; he didn't realize the girl overthought his comment about them going alone. In his defense, he wanted to know if he could talk himself out of going if she was inviting other people.
All this instant emotion flooding from the girl seemed to catch him off guard. He tried to open his mouth to talk a few times, but she was going on, and he didn't even realize she was embarrassed or how she took his comment, "Reya, you didn't intrude..." he whispered while rubbing his neck. Ruben didn't even know if the girl heard him or not while she left, but he sighed deeply.

Being alone in the kitchen again, he seemed to zone out from the happenings of a few seconds to minutes ago. His hand fell limp to his side while he thought. Only snapping out of these thoughts when he began to smell burning food, "Dammit, Ruben, you're an idiot," he stated to himself while rushing over to the food which was burning.
Ruben quickly tried to save what he could, only a few things, and everything else went into the trash. Trying his best to catch up on the orders, he realized the kitchen began to thicken with smoke from the food which burned, and the dripping of the leaking roof started to bother him again - he could hear it; it was similar to hearing your blood pulse while you have a headache.

Whispering to himself, he was somewhat mad at himself since Reya seemed to instantly shut down from him being quiet or anxiety-ridden about too many people. "You could have said yes," his voice was annoyed while talking to himself and fixing his mess of burnt food and delayed orders.
Ruben did view their relationship as a superior and employee-focused dynamic, but he did consider Reya a friend. While thinking about his social life, Ruben doesn't think he ever hung out with anyone in the past two years at his house. Ruben might have joined in on going to the bar or other places with people but quickly excluded himself from the night. He was only in a social area for maybe up to two hours before hiding away and spending time with his cats and dogs.

He had the following order up, three American breakfasts since he could save most of what that entitled. Pancakes were not a slow thing to cook, and that was the burnt pile of stuff in the trash now. Ruben decided to plate up those three plates, grab a waitress tray, and take the orders out himself.
Going over to the truckers, he had a somewhat friendly smile on his face, "Here is your order; I apologize for the wait," he offered them a sincere smile with these words while placing their meal in front of them. Before leaving the table, he asked if they needed anything. One of the truckers decided to pick up a small conversation with the chef, asking Ruben questions and such - at least one of the truckers was not from around here. He was asking directions and how to get to one point in the state from here.

Since he wasn't busy or cooking anything, he decided to stand there with arms folded and talk to the three men. They seemed to be all traveling together or going to the same place.
He seemed like he was having a decent time with the three men. Ruben even laughed a little bit when something funny came up. The truckers appeared to appreciate that he came out to serve them; one of them added that he wasn't treating the girl 'right' aka, Reya, since she was the only server.
Ruben glanced over to Reya, who was busy with a new face. He explained that they were not engaged in the morning, and he helped when he could, but they seemed to tease him for it anyways. This trio seemed to want to have a good laugh while getting ready for the road again.

After the conversation, Ruben walked away and stared at Reya from across the room. He only did this for about a moment before entering the back with only an 'associates' sign. Moving his hands through his hair, he sighed, "I think I'll need a drink after work," saying those words to himself while going over to the sink and washing his hands.

While washing his hands, he tried to determine where the conversation went wrong. Was it something he said? Did he look at her funny without realizing it? Did he use the wrong tone? He kept washing his hands while thinking over the minor occurrence, "What did I do to get that reaction?" Ruben didn't realize that him asking if they were the only ones was flirting or her asking him out. Wiping his hands off, he kept trying to think, since he didn't believe that comment was the case - was it?

"Did I make her feel like she was intruding? How though?" he kept talking to himself. Ruben had a habit of talking aloud to himself since he would think things over better by doing that.
Leaning on the counter, he placed his hand somewhat over his mouth and chin while thinking. He stared at the ground; he had nothing else to do except wait for orders. Ruben was going to think about that conversation till he either talked to Reya and asked what he did wrong or figured out what went wrong by himself. He was planning to try and talk to her the next time she came through those swinging doors, since he didn't want to make any type of scenes in front of the customers or get fired.

@The Muse Don't apologize! Even the rule(s) say that posts are not expected but to at least try to do a post once a week. You already got multiple of those down. Lol. You technically have till Jan 16th @ 11:59 PM, if you are following Sunday @ midnight to Sunday @ 11:59 PM as the weekly intervals.
@SleepingSilence Welcome to the association!
<Snipped quote by OddApproved>
Must've been nice in a small town like West Branch and St Helen. I remember going up there and the IGA was like the largest anything resembling civilization.

It was nice but boring at the same time. I'm pretty sure Walmart has out-thrown all the IGA in/around West branch, pretty much. They tend to like to do that, sadly.

add-on, I think there is an IGA in Beaverton Michigan still, but I could be wrong.

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