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Yog Sothoth said
are you serious? movies like Fantasia and the Hunchback of Notre Dame were clearly for adults as well as kids. Ignorant statements like that are really ridiculous and show a lack of knowledge

your post.

I think being under the influence and then writing is a literal sin, that should be punishable by death, but only hard drugs like weed, beer, or cloves. The soft stuff like coke and lsd should be just a fine and a stern warning.
Speaking of mental illnesses

this thread.
Brovo said
You do not stop a tyrant by waggling your finger and telling them to stop. You stop a tyrant by hitting them so fucking hard they never do it again. All of human history shows this, but I suppose a prominent example is Hitler. He conquered, and was allowed to conquer, unopposed, through the entirety of , and he didn't stop. Had the western world not decidedly stand up and fight him at a certain point, he would have just kept on going until he went insane or literally steamrolled the world under tank treads.There have been people who have attacked me for utterly no more reason than to get a rise out of me, or out of boredom, or to try and "win" the favour of someone they look up to or find attractive, or for a hundred other reasons really. I could have just said no and gotten the shit kicked out of me again and again, but I didn't. I stood up to them, and they eventually, one by one, fell away.Simply put: Bullies are malevolent predators. They prey on the weak. If you don't fight back, they will continue to prey on you as an easy target. That is the hunter mentality. After all, if you're going to pick on someone, who are you going to pick on? The guy who doesn't fight back, or the guy who will bite and kick and punch and spit on you with everything he's got every time you try?As for abusive parents, that's entirely different and is usually a case by case basis. It's not like a child could possible win a fist fight with an adult in all realism, so this is a lose-lose situation at the best of times.

I'm not goin' anywhere love.

In my day, nerds went to anime club, and you could tell who was weird because they'd speak in tropes and talk about tentacles all the time, and were SUPER into shows that involved gratuitous amounts of fan service.

Now nerds are getting organized, and it's becoming harder and harder to tell who is normal, and who beats off to kill la kill

Your thing looks interesting though.
77. How big is the average spam wiener?

Now, keep in mind I've only deep throated about 12 spammers this year, but I think the average is 7''
153 isn't me actually lol. I normally tell Guru when I bitch him out in the anon confession.
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