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Hey there! twelvelemons here. Thought I'd send out some feelers and see if anyone is interested in some Casual to Advanced (~1-6 paragraphs) roleplay in the Dragon Age universe. I'm mainly looking for something involving romance of some kind. I'd like any potential roleplay partners to be 18+, as I'm an adult myself and don't feel comfortable roleplaying with minors. Speaking of which, I am all for smut if you feel like it, but it isn't necessary. We can just as easily fade to black or avoid the topic all together, if you'd prefer. I'll list some of my main ships below, as well as any plots I already have in mind for them. All of my ships are trans inclusive.

Hawke x Anders [MxM]
- After the events of DA:I, Hawke remains trapped in the Fade. However, he manages to find spot where the Fade is thin/a tear. Instead of leading back where he came from, though, it leads back in time to either Awakening era or earlier, where Hawke meets a younger, pre-Justice Anders.

Alistair x Warden [MxM, MxF]
- Alistair never got recruited by the Grey Wardens, and instead went through with his Templar training. He is posted at the Ferelden Circle, where he meets Surana/Amell.

Hawke x Varric [MxM, MxF]
Hawke x Merrill [FxF, MxF]
Warden x Anders [MxM, MxF]
Warden x Zevran [MxM]
Zevran x Alistair [MxM]
Solas x Adaar [MxF, MxM]
Hey there folks, twelvelemons here. Excited to meet you all!

I've been roleplaying for upwards of ten years, most of that being one on one. In the past, I've mainly trolled omegle as my way of finding new roleplay partners, and would continue on email or discord from there. I've never actually roleplayed over forums before, so you guys will have to show me the ropes! I'd say that I'm a Casual to Advanced roleplayer, and my replies tend to be between one to five paragraphs depending on the rp and my partner.

When it comes to what I like to roleplay and my general preferences, I'm fairly flexible. I tend to roleplay as canon characters, but I'll gladly take a crack at some oc roleplay as well. I enjoy fantasy and scifi worlds, and I particularly enjoy roleplays that include romance and/or adventure. I also love it when rps have a good mix of angst and humor to them. My current obsession is Dragon Age, so if you're interested in doing some writing in that universe feel free to ask me about my plot ideas or ships!

As for the more personal stuff, I'm a 21 year old college student studying Anthropology. I go by they/them. I'm a pretty big gamer, and I make art occasionally. I'm also a huge nerd about tea. At any point in time, I'll probably have at least one piece of media that I literally can't stop thinking of, and will talk your ear off about if you let me. In general, I like to think that I'm a pretty chill person - so don't be afraid to drop by my pms! I don't bite, I promise.
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