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is this dead?
so what do we do?
im waitibg on the others to post before i do.
Vanessa smiled. "Thanks" She said before taking off down the hallway. She went all over the house finding all sorts of rooms.
Vanessa looked up at the huge place. "This place is really big. Mind if we explore?"
Vanessa nodded. "Thank you." she said.
"I see." Vanessa said. "There was someone else nearby, I didnt really check if he was still there but i sensed him earlier when i sensed you two and her." she looked over at Karou.
np ^.^
"Yea the headachs are a pain but i think ive managed farely well." She said. "At first i didnt even know i had and 'ability' until i starting hearing things no one else had said aloud."
just thought i should warn you. i will be on whenever i can manage though until then.
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