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Hello! My name is Mako and I’m looking for roleplay partners! I’m looking for people to roleplay any scenario/fandom/original world in doc linked below. I’ll be playing as my character, Maddie (pics below). Please make sure to read the full ad!


- Romance and nsfw/smut will be involved along with general themes. For this rp ad I’m only doing a MxF or FxF pairing with me playing F and you playing as a male or female (cis or trans). I am comfortable with any amount of story/smut ratio.

- Literate roleplayer. I will match my partner’s post length but I prefer at least 5 sentences per reply whether PC or mobile.

- Please be the dominant role or at the very least be able to switch.

- 1x1. No group rps.

- IF you are playing a canon instead of an OC, you must have knowledge on them. I do not double. Also please don’t choose rp ideas, topics, etc that you don’t know how to rp.



If you are interested pls add me ON DISCORD to discuss the rp!

CONTACT: Vampy#2495
Still looking
Still looking

Hello, my name is Mako and I’m looking for 18+ Vikings roleplays. I’ll be playing as my goblin warrior character, Alfie (pics below) against one of the male canon characters listed. I will send her full ref in DMs.

Alfie ref photos (Censored link) -

NSFW link -…


I’m looking for people to play as any of the characters below:

- Ragnar
- Rollo
- Ivar
- Bjorn
- Athelstan

Please be a literate roleplayer, play the dominant/switch role and be knowledgeable of the Vikings show. You must have watched at least up to Season 3. Also please be comfortable with mature themes that are in the show such as violence, smut, etc. Add me on discord to rp!

Contact - Vampy#2495

Hello, my name is Mako and I’m looking to play as my OC against the following HP characters. I’m looking for people to play as any of the following:

- Harry
- Ron
- Draco
- Snape
- Lucius
- Sirius
- Lupin
- Neville
- Fred and/or George
- Cedric
- Voldemort or Tom Riddle
- James Potter

The rp will include romance, story, nsfw and any other genres/themes that you want. We can do the HP timeline or Marauders.

Literate 3rd person roleplayers only. Also you must have watched all of the HP movies. I am open to long-term as well. MxF only. Please DM me to rp!

MY CONTACT - Vampy#2495 on discord
Still looking
Still looking
Hello, my name is Mako! I’m looking for roleplay partners to write stories with. I am looking for people to play as Din/the Mandalorian now that season 2 is out. I will be playing as my OC, Maddie (pics below). She is naturally a redhead but I can adjust her appearance since her faceclaim is a cosplayer. This ad is always open. If you match or almost match the requirements in the list below please don’t hesitate to message me!



- 18+ partners
- Semi-lit, literate or multi-paragraph writing.
- You to play as Din/the Mandalorian.
- You’re comfortable with roleplaying MxF romance and nsfw.
- You must have watched The Mandalorian season 1 and have or will watch S2 soon.

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