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4 mos ago
Current Okay, "Spike" is now at the rehab center. Lady who runs it thinks they might be a cardinal. They've got a few baby siblings from other recent rescues to grow up with as well.
4 mos ago
We found a baby bird that's not even a few days old in an old planter. no nest anywhere so we're guessing it got blown away by the storm. Giving the bird to a rehab, hopefully they make it.
4 mos ago
i should probably look for more rps
4 mos ago
JW:CC's third season and Army of the Dead come out tomorrow on Netflix, it's gonna be fun binging it all
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4 mos ago
Just got the second covid shot, when do i start to magnetize or mutate into a monstrous creature with extra arms or a 2nd head


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I'll write something here eventually.

If you're a friend of mine or if you're someone I know well enough to not cause issues or drama, you can find the invite link to my discord server right here.

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I'm personally waiting on more posts since we only had about half of the group post recently.
Yo, does anyone have any ideas for MMORPGs? Trying to branch out and maybe find something new to play.

inb4 someone says final fantasy
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Apartment Complex
"Sorry; my bad." Christopher replied apologetically, having been called out for his language. "Just... this is all crazy."

He began to wonder how some of his neighbors could be so calm right now, or at least appeared to be. Were they seeing the same thing he was? This hadn't been some mere dream; Chris had already tried the adage of pinching oneself when Alton vanished into the fog without a trace just minutes earlier.

Taking a deep breath, Christopher tried to calm himself down too. What did his grandfather used to say? Count to four. Inhale. Count to four. Exhale. Something like that, he figured. Regardless of any attempt to calm his worries, however, it would all be in vain the second he saw the mechanic moving towards the complex entrance. Was he out of his mind? Opening that door was going to doom them all!

"Wait!" He exclaimed, nearly jumping out his skin in panic. Making his way towards the door alongside a headphone-wearing woman, Chris placed his hand on the push bar in an attempt to stop the mechanic from opening it. "Don't you dare open that door. She's right. You might be nuts, but I'm not about to walk straight into some mysterious fog we just heard shrieking from. Alton took off the moment the fog rolled in, and he vanished without a trace."

Christopher looked anxiously outside, and then to the mechanic. "The best thing we can do now is keep those doors shut."
A trip around the world. Outer space is cool, but it'd take years or even longer to reach some places. You can see and do more around the world in the same time span.

What is your favorite thing to do?
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