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Current I've just joined RPGuild. I'm looking forward to having lots of fun.
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I'm an old veteran of forum rp, and I've been roleplaying in all its forms for the better half of my life. Writing collaborative stories with other people, be they familiar friends or new faces, is something I could enjoy until I go the way of Terry Pratchett. There are few genres I won't broach when it comes to RP, so if you have the inclination feel free to message me your ideas.

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Thanks for taking the time to glance at my thread; I may, over time, add and edit stories that I'm interested in doing but for the most part (when it comes to 1x1 rp) I tend to hash out details with the person in question through PMs. Below, I will list some need-to-knows.

Info About Me

  • I am open to nearly every genre there is as far as settings go, particularly sci-fi/post-/apocalyptic. Some I tend to avoid, like school/slice of life, but if you pitch a particularly nice idea I could be convinced to give it a try.
  • I am fine with partners of any age, however, If you aren't 18+, I will *not* do mature-themed roleplaying with you. End of story. That being said, I am 18+ and perfectly accepting of smut and adult content (blood, gore, violence) if my partner desires it. Otherwise, we'll default to fading the sex scenes and keeping the rest to a minimum.
  • I am open to any sort of gender pairing, realistic or otherwise. Really. MxM, MxF, FxF, even trans-M and trans-F. I can even double up on characters of various genders if needed.
  • I am literate and capable of at least a few paragraphs per post, more if needed. I'd like the same effort out of my partner, but it's not mandatory. If you can give me a decent cohesive paragraph, that's great! I am capable of posting at least once a day, more barring anything interfering (work, life, etc.)
  • I really can't stress this enough: If there's any reason at all that you can't continue to RP, please tell me. I won't be mad, I'm very accepting. I've had plenty of times where I may have had to stop for one excuse or another, so I understand that life and things like to get in the way. Just tell me. If it has anything to do with me as partner, do give constructive feedback so I can improve.

Examples of Fandoms I'll RP (OC or vanilla)

  • Chobits (Master x Persecom)
  • Pokemon (Trainer x Trainer) (Pokemon x Trainer) (Pokemon x Pokemon)
  • Doctor Who (Doctor x Companion)
  • Harry Potter (Student x Student) (Teacher x Student)
  • Steven Universe (Gem x Gem) (Gem x Human)
  • The Tower (Gunslinger x Ka-tet)
  • DC/Marvel + Crossovers (Super x Human) (Super x Super)
  • Killer Stall (Assassin x Civilian) (Assassin x Assassin)
  • Fallout (Survivor x Survivor) (Captive x Raider) (Raider x Bounty Hunter) (Vault dwellers)
  • Final Fantasy (Moogles) (Heroes)
  • Chrono Trigger (Time Travelers) (Time Traveler x Prince/ess) (Time Traveler x Commoner)
  • Various other books, video games, and mangeka.

Original Content

*Under construction

If you're interested in having me as a partner, do not respond to this thread; Please PM me with pertinent information instead. Thank you.
I'm a big fan of apocalyptic and sci-fi settings, so I admit that I'm interested myself.
I threw my interest around in some other RPs but they either seemed to wilt or my concept would have needed extensive GM back-and-forth, which is a right pain in the ass when everyone else is geared up to go and I didn't want to hold anything up. (while dealing with work = traveling)

At least with this, I have a fairly decent idea on what I might want to play, so colour me interested; I love apocalyptic settings.
Welcome to the guild! I do hope you enjoy your stay.

Thank you for the kind words.

@Vault Kid

i like your avatar.


Yours is nifty, too. As you might have guessed, I thoroughly enjoy the Fallout universe.
I am really interested in this roleplay but work = travel for me, and I'm writing from my laptop at the moment. I have a character concept in mind, but not much real work done as far as the nitty-gritty details are concerned, some of which would require working with the OP through PMs.

I doubt I'll be back in time to really throw my hat into this, so I may have to bow out, as I don't want to hold anything up for everyone else involved.
<Snipped quote by Vault Kid>

It's over in the character Tab at the top of the thread :)

Oh, I hadn't noticed, sorry about that hon. I've been exhausted of late so it seems I've been slipping on seeing things.
Could we perhaps have a character skeleton to work with, as a basis for what you expect to know about them? I find it easier than say, whipping up my own because I have no clue if a Bio is wanted, or equipment, etc.
I've never read or watched anything related to RWBY beyond some half-interest in its Wikipedia article divulging some of the plot and information about the main characters, but aside from that, I'm oblivious to the deceased Oum's works. I do have to admit that I am interested in the sentai aspect of it, though, and if you're willing to work with a novice regarding the source material (considering you want to boldly alter most of the OC anyway) then I wouldn't mind tossing my hat in for this.

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