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Who's up for a good fight? See me if you like Jurassic Park, Mortal Kombat, and Cthulhu Mythos in one.


I prefer group RPs and cooperation in between players. Usual characters are superhumans, half-human hybrids, cynics, and Nietzscheans. Usual settings are civil wars, blood feuds, and/or outside-context problems.

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"FORGET THE DOCUMENTS! THEY'RE BACKED UP!" Elena was prepared as she had with her a 256 GB flash drive as well has cloud storage. As she was evacuating, she tried to do so orderly and without attracting the monsters' attention. Ahklut and Wechuge were already keeping each other occupied. Exploiting the mess, she used the moment to help some others too, including the doctor.

Ms. Henderson will have a lot of paperwork to fill out. But that's the least of her worries and her priorities. The after-action reports will be quite detailed too. Memos after memos are things she'll have to do to prevent repeat incidents.

Jacqui rolled her eyes at Elena’s response as she picked up most of the documents that were closest to her. There were some written research that hadn’t been typed and scanned onto the computer - a foolish choice for a young marine biologist like herself. This, along with illustrations of various other titans, had to be saved for the sake of research.

But as she turned to consider retrieving the last few pages, several huge chunks of debris fell from the roof and right on top of them, ultimately burying them for good. Jacqui gasped as she staggered backwards, narrowly avoiding being buried alive as her face sunk into her stomach.

"Shit!" she cursed under her breath, before getting back up and moving on. She had little idea as to what written info was lost, but hopefully it wouldn’t be too valuable. She could only hope that it won’t come back to bite her in the ass later.

Elena made sure not to be crushed by the debris and scanned her environment to ensure the safest path to the choppers. She was anticipating which chunks were going to fall, similarly to leading a target. The intel officer was evading where the hazards will be rather than just where they are. She learned from the fate of her dead lover and strived to avoid that. While she was outwardly unflappable, Elena was worried that it was never about if the megafauna would break out, but when.

The fact that two broke out spoke how woefully unprepared TERRA was at handling multiple escaping kaiju at once. Weapons development is the first department she’ll hope for, as current military technology were no more effective than squirt guns. As Ms. Henderson knew that foul language would protect her better than firearms against especially Wechuge, she still was antsy about attracting attention. She hushedly whispered to Jacqui, “Keep your head down or the megafauna will keep it down for you.” Elena knew how to be quiet, but she wasn’t sure if the young marine biologist knew too.

Jacqui simply nodded as she struggled to keep up. She could hear the sounds of the rest of the personnel screaming their lungs out, with some being crushed by the surrounding debris. If they were to survive, they would have to keep calm and move in an organized matter. It would be just like the practice drills that she had been apart of multiple times…

Still didn’t fully prepare her for when the real thing happened.


Wechuge countered the water blast with another trick up his sleeve: Ice Breath! Wechuge wasn't restricted to melee as the ice breath enveloped across the water shot at him and upon Akhlut. Breaking the column shooting at him with a swipe, the ice breath allowed Wechuge to close the distance. Akhlut may be enveloped in ice, but the ice will only hold for so long. Though of course, it'll give Wechuge time to close in and pin Akhlut down.

Realizing the situation, Akhlut had only seconds to react. Yet as he attempted to cease his fire, the frost was faster to reach him. It encapsulated the mammalian titan’s blubbery form as it seemed to completely freeze him in place. Still, the beast’s eyes were still able to move around, allowing him to track his opponent even through his frozen prison. He would suddenly vibrate within the ice, causing multiple cracks to form before he could break himself out and taste the chilled air once more.

The giant bear was now closing on him, in which Akhlut didn’t hesitate but to proceed in diving back into the frozen depths. Once underwater, his sonar would be put to work as he proceeded to locate the exact location of Wechuge. His lumbering footsteps alone would be enough to track him, but the whale beast needed pinpoint accuracy if he was to guarantee a successful hit. Rapidly circling around his opponent, Akhlut would suddenly rush upwards as he attempted to catch the bear off guard by breaking the ice right underneath him!

Wechuge wasn’t stupid. Because the bear had the intelligence of a primate, he was able to predict some of Akhlut’s maneuvers. Using his opposable thumbs, he was able to grapple with the giant whale-wolf just as it leaped upon Wechuge’s chest. While Akhlut successfully pounced on Wechuge, the bear was able to dig in a few claws into the whale-wolf’s sides. Both enemies felt pain, but the thick hair, skin, and fat was able to mitigate some of the damage. The embedded claws allowed the bear to bear-hug Akhlut, spin the enemy around, and then throw him directly to Outpost 4! With the jagged edges and possible spikes, Wechuge attempted to deal heavy damage against the rival.

The whale-wolf’s gargantuan form was thrown with incredible force as it found itself crashing onto the ice. Yet it supported its weight just enough to have him slide straight into the outpost, colliding into the southern compound with heavy force. Both Jacqui and Elena would’ve undoubtedly felt the impact as the violent tremor threatened to put them off their feet. The former struggled to hold onto a nearby rail before she gathered her bearings.

Akhlut issued a guttural growl as he struggled back to his feet. He was somewhat shakened, but not out of the fight yet. He still had plenty of strength and pure malice left to spare. As he watched his opponent slowly walk towards his position, he looked around at his surroundings before seeing a broken radio antennae near him. Quickly glancing over at the lumbering bear, he’d proceed to sink his teeth into the metallic structure, ripping it from its base. And before the bear could attempt to grab hold of him, Akhlut would swiftly swipe his makeshift weapon straight at Wechuge’s face before attempting to tackle him with this sharp claws and gleaming white teeth.

Elena managed to recover from the tremor, doing so by taking cover as she would do during an earthquake. The intel officer dropped, took cover, and held on to minimize chances of being injured or killed. She observed the two monsters duking it out, surprised that Akhlut was using improvised weaponry against Wechuge. Not wanting to stick around to see who’d win, she continued to evacuate in an orderly fashion.

Wechuge was pushed back as Akhlut used an impromptu sword. Giving a painful cut across the snout, Wechuge wildly swiped at its opponent. The bear was as mad as it would be if it was shot in the rump. Yet while Akhlut’s opponent became hyperly aggressive, it would seem that his swipes were unorganized and sporadic - lacking focus on the target at hand. This would give Akhlut a potential opening to capitalize on his lack of vision. He slid upon the ice as if he was a professional ice skater, dodging the rather predictable strikes, but not before getting a surprise swipe upon his back. He would be swiftly able to parry behind Wechuge and proceeded to pounce on the bear’s back, biting and scratching it with ferocious vigor.

Wechuge stood up in an attempt to get the smaller monster off his back. While the lupine cetacean was able to get a few good hits past the fur, Wechuge was not backing down despite the barrage. Seeing a weak spot on one of Akhlut’s fins, the bear once again grabbed Akhlut and bit down on the dorsal fin. Wechuge aimed to deliver as much pain as possible to deter Akhlut.

When the bear’s teeth sunk into the beast’s proud fin, Akhlut would issue an ear-piercing screech of pain. He shook around violently to get free, however Wechuge’s teeth were firmly planted into him. Sensing no other option, the cetacean’s blowhole would open and out came another jet of water straight into the bear’s face, perhaps providing Akhlut time to escape his grasp.

Wechuge, blasted directly in the face, was forced to let go of Akhlut, but not without a few teeth scraping the fin. 36,000 pounds per square inch provided quite a crunch. At this point, the two combatants were battered, but not down and out. The brawny bear was determined to drive off the distraction until Akhlut yielded or retreated away. A bellow of anger echoed throughout the damaged base as Wechuge was ready to throw Akhlut far away for all the trouble. While the tussling giants were a blessing in disguise for humanity, the giant bear was more than annoyed at the overgrown whale-wolf. In one of the ultimate attempts to clobber Akhult, Wechuge got up and unleashed a drop-kick on Akhlut.


Elena fancied herself as unflappable. But she was regardlessly surprised by what happened next. The screech of pain did give her quite a ringing pain too, but it also gave her the notion that the monsters could be hurt and repelled if killing them was impractical. As she saw that the beasts were wounded, she planned on adding something to her memos once they evacuated: If it bleeds, we can kill it. Checking on the emergency exit and Jacqui, she felt justified that staying calm was the best approach. Ms. Henderson was somewhat grateful that Akhlut provided a much needed distraction. Anchorage could have become Wechuge’s all-you-can-eat buffet. Her only hope was the speed of the vehicles she and Jacqui will board. While choppers aren’t renowned to be speedy, recent advances allowed them to exceed 160 mph.

Following her fellow intel officer’s lead was probably the best decision that Jacqui had ever made in her time with TERRA. Now as they exit the staircase room, they’ve finally reach salvation and it appeared that they were just in time. A lone helicopter stood motionlessly in the middle of the pad. Yet as they took a closer look, no pilots or passengers seemed to be onboard. Dread overtook the young marine biologist as she looked over to Elena.

"You know how to fly one of these things?" she asked concerningly as she proceeded to enter the front left passenger seat.

“Yes. It’s easy enough.” With her background, she was knowledgeable and capable of using the vehicles her parents used. Readying the chopper, it seemed easy to Elena like a walk in the park. “We’re ascending. Stay calm and we won’t crash.” Ascending up, she ensured that there any weapons systems were offline. Elena felt that these peashooters would do nothing on either of the kaiju. If Jacqui was to ask, the blonde intel officer would clarify that profanity was more effective on the monsters than the weapons systems onboard. As she was smoothly going up in the air, she exhaled, “Made in America.”

Suddenly, there was a violent thud as the entire platform was hit by a huge blubbery mass. Akhlut was thrown back by the bear’s powerful drop-kick, sending him flying straight into the landing path at nearly full force. Jacqui jumped as the copter was pushed back considerably by the sheer force of said impact. The landing path swayed dangerously to its east side as objects began to slide down its face.

The cetecean meanwhile would emerge from the rubble as his tail unintentionally swiped at the base of the metal structure, assuring the structure’s fate. With a terrible metallic creak, the entire structure proceeded to finally tip over and crash into the snowy surface below. Had the helicopter stayed in place for only a few seconds longer, it would’ve surely fell with it.

"Jeezus christ!" she blurted out suddenly as she gripped to the edge of her seat, "Those two are really going at one another."

Elena reacted quickly by stabilizing the chopper as best as she could and going full throttle on the ascension once stability is ensured. Once the two were well out of reach of the freakish fracas, she accelerated away from the base and was ready to rendezvous with other TERRA personnel as part of the evacuation procedure. Elena then assumed that the two megafauna would go at each other for quite some time.

Once they were out of range from the beastly slaughter below, Jacqui’s release would lessen before she turned to Elena. "So uh," she stammered briefly before gathering her words, "Where exactly are we going now? I’m guessing back to HQ?"

“That’s right. Mind the assholes once you get there.” Elena affirmed that the HQ in Boston was the destination. Luckily for both of them, the gas tank was full to the brim. “This will take a while. Get comfy.”

Jacqui would sigh a breath of uneasy relief as she sunk into her seat. She began to reflect on the battle they’d just narrowly escaped, noting the intense rivalry that the two titans had. They were literally at each other’s throats, no doubt signifying that the two had history with one another. Her primary research specimen, Akhlut, seemed to be on roughly equal footing with the bear titan, although he seemed to have more of the high ground in that situation. Where would the two travel next after one kills the other? Or perhaps more likely, once the two give up and part ways?

But soon she will realize that they weren’t the only two titans unleashed into the world. And sooner or later, these two gargantuan forces of nature will be in combat with others of their kind, testing their mettle as to who will live and who will perish…

It was only a matter of time.

The giant bear now had to deal with the blubbery nuisance once more. Anticipating that Akhlut was trying to drag it into the water, Wechuge proved that it wasn't slow. Attempting to evade the pounce by scooting back and standing up, retaliatory swipes accompanied the maneuver. These swipes were warning swipes however. But if Akhlut wished for a fight, Wechuge will bring a good fight! Bear roars flavored the swipes in the attempt to keep the enemy at bay. Further attempts to grapple were certain to encounter one of Wechuge's advantages: opposable thumbs. Although it didn't seem like an advantage, an opposable thumb on each of Wechuge's front paws allowed for better climbing and (by extension) wrestling.


Elena, getting reports that Akhlut escaped and engaged Wechuge, didn't sigh in relief. However, she would be pleasantly surprised that the cetacean is giving Wechuge a tussle and her some more time to mobilize defense forces against the monsters. Interpreting the satellite data's recorded video and images, the intelligence officer predicted that the conflict would be short. Nonetheless, this moment allowed her to assist in giving useful information to the mobilizing forces. So far, Wechuge has been deemed a bigger threat as his size exceeded that of his opponent. Before Elena came of age, she always recalled her father taking out the trash with a .44 Magnum revolver in case of bears. Extrapolating from Wechuge's size, she recommended the heaviest artillery in excess of the usual M777 howitzer and the GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast. To her, anything less than those would only anger Wechuge. Crossing her fingers, she hoped that her intel did not fall on deaf ears.
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Even though the humans thought they were so smart, Sovereign chuckled at the thought of them "containing" him. He let it all happen as they provided an opportunity of recruiting more minions. Exploiting the false sense of security they had until the ultrasonic pulse, the mastermind sandworm took the time to have an easy escape. Reaching out to an employee in his pen, he projected an apparition of a fellow employee to position him into opening the gate. Hallucinations made the employee perceive the gate release as a closing mechanism. While he perceived his actions to be locking and enforcing the pen, in reality the patsy released Sovereign in the process. With the pen open, he moved right out. To make matters worse, not even TERRA security guards were safe from inculcation. The chaos was compounded with inculcated servants helping out their master in various ways. Whether it was opening gates, opening fire on their fellow man, distractions, or other ways of running interference, it became clear how much of a cognitive hazard Sovereign's abilities were.


Meanwhile in the Arctic Outpost 4, Elena scrambled to track multiple kaiju breaking free. "Activate all monitoring systems by Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau! The populace must be evacuated and the megafauna redirected!" She knew there was no way to effectively combat the kaiju for now. With multiple Kaiju converging into the cities, there was a collision course bound to happen. Not one to take unnecessary risks, she knew that redirection was a simpler task than directly engaging.



Wechuge smelled the air with a rage, harassed by TERRA containment forces. Swiping and biting its way out of containment, the beast displayed unprecedented strength in busting through a ton's worth of solid steel. Things got even messier as the gunfire kept provoking it into attacking. Once it brute-forced its way out, the giant polar bear headed towards its usual stomping ground. Smelling what seemed to be a large whale, it was on guard. The bear was hungry though, it's at the moment planning on getting a good meal after threats have been dealt with.


Sheldon assumed that the "god" he serves has been out and about after receiving further orders. After he covered up sabotage on Sovereign's orders, the Minnesotan moved onto the next task. Cleanup has become a specialty these days, using his background as a technician to cover up for Sovereign as needed. Said orders were telepathically relayed, so there was little chance of interception.

Another inside job against TERRA and other "interlopers" was predicted. Sheldon was contracted before by a variety of employers. A janitor disguise was just plain cliché to him, meaning his expertise as a technician is his primary resource. As he got into a white van full of tools for the trade, he drove to his destination.
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