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Who's up for a good fight? See me if you like Jurassic Park, Mortal Kombat, and Cthulhu Mythos in one.


I prefer group RPs and cooperation in between players. Usual characters are superhumans, half-human hybrids, cynics, and Nietzscheans. Usual settings are civil wars, blood feuds, and/or outside-context problems.

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here.
"A Guinness would be lovely! That's me favorite." His Irish heritage was slipping. Seamus always was so fond of the drink. In fact, he felt like he could not resist his mojo! This would fuel his social prowess.

The Irishman waited for others to join in on the drinks. Not fair if he and the queen had all the fun! After all, he only got plastered to have a good time. Not to just get by. The Irishman can brag that. Seamus also chuckled, "God invented alcohol for a reason. In victory, we deserve it. But in defeat, we need it."

While the Irishman loved his Guinness, he wasn't above other drinks. Irish whiskey can also be good in a pinch. Just about any drink of Irish origin he'd guzzle down, but even he had limits. Seamus was no Leprechaun and it was in his best interests to stay sober before a big fight.
Ronan rolled his eyes, annoyed at what Angeline did. "Seriously?" He had to blink twice to regain his composure. Nonetheless, he messaged to the group, "I need a distraction. Fire at will." He was ready to sneak across for some shoot and loot action.

Shahab and Laleh followed suit. "Pumping them full of lead!" Shahab readied his machinegun to blast a clone's head off with a barrage. Just as the barrage connected, sounds of an exploding watermelon came to the minds of any witness to the carnage. Laleh on the other hand gunned down the injured clone as they tried to run. The distraction was provided as the remaining enemies scrambled to cover.

Ronan was quick to exploit their fleeing retreat by quietly dashing across among the commotion. None of the sensors or eyes were able to pick up thanks to the speedy getaway. He was also able to flank the enemy too, with none of the robots aware of the commando on their tails. Two down, the rest to go. Ronan gave the signal for all operatives to open fire.
Seamus was about to further socialize with the queen until he and Encarnacion were cut short by the dismissal. "I'm sorry your royal highness." After they were to be moved, Seamus then resumed when he can. Under a different environment that is. Sometimes it'll be a bit difficult without the power of Guinness.

Assuming the other socializing team were in the same page as he was, he'd tell others about himself only at the right time. "I'm a child of an agent NC pilot. Inherited the position all the way from Ireland too. For now, I'm just here to get the job done." He looked to see if there was a fridge near by. He could use a drink. So far, the queen looked like she could hold her liquor. Guinness was his main form of socialization, true to his roots.

So far, the queen seemed like an ally of convenience. While he has no intention of betraying his people, enemy of the enemy is the friend. They could easily discuss things over a drink. Though he wasn't a total drunkard, it would take more than just one pint to get Seamus plastered for a good time.
Nonetheless, welcome back!
Ronan got closer to the convoy, seeing how ripe with supplies the disabled and destroyed vehicles were. However, something caught his ears. "Sensed a patrol up ahead." Ronan coldly alerted and gestured to his colleagues that he heard a patrol coming ahead. So far, the nature of the patrol was unknown until they approached. The two siblings readied their weapons, fully expecting resistance. "Overwatch!" Both were ready to unleash walls of lead upon any attacker. Good thing that Morgan and Ronan acted as eyes and ears for the squad.

The skull-masked commando trained his shotgun ready in case they go after the group. Instead of charging, he hunkered down and kept his eyes peeled. He was going deep as he expects the convoy to come loaded for bear. At this moment, he saw nothing, but he heard mechanical and squishy footsteps. Suspicions about what the group would face off against may turn out to be correct. Ronan then messaged to Soup, "Don't blow cover." If his message fell on blind eyes or deaf ears, Ronan may as well regret not bringing duct tape with him.

A patrol of six bots and clones revealed themselves. They were none the wiser of the group in ambush. They seemed to be looking to see if the coast is clear and buy time for the convoy to either recover or send a signal for rescue. As if booby traps were bad enough as they tried to take a shortcut, an ambush would certainly rub salt into their wounds. Both were armed with what seemed to be standard Emergence Entity equipment: carapace armor that appeared similarly to flak armor, assault rifles that operated with magnetic propulsion, and batons for use in a pinch. They certainly weren't expecting paramilitary force, but hooligans and criminals instead.
Ronan merely rolled his eyes. Angeline was just plain tempting fate. He beckoned to the rest of the operatives to follow him. Knowing how to be quiet, the commando rappelled down quietly and took advantage of the dense forest cover. Ronan was on overwatch against any enemy patrols. "Overwatch..." Any enemy patrols that threaten the group, he had his shotgun trained on them. A machete was readied in case of close encounters too. Though in case the entire group needed a clean getaway and a distraction, a single flashbang was on his hip, ready to be thrown.

The siblings took hint and followed suit. They weren't as quiet as Ronan was, as Shahab had heavier weapons. Laleh readied her dart gun and her assault rifle. The dart gun can accept a variety of darts to mend or murder from a distance. She really hates close quarters battle as she found it too risky against Xenos. Shahab on the other hand was fond of louder means of combat. He still could melee in a pinch though, owing to his heavy weaponry. Machineguns and grenade launchers didn't seem to be suitable, but a buttstroke from either was powerful enough to bruise at best and fracture a skull at worst!

All three were in a triangular position, covering all potential angles they could. This mission required teamwork to pull it off well. Ronan whispered over the comms, "Don't fuck this up." Shahab and Laleh nodded, "No need to tell us twice."

@Sgt Vandingo
@That Angel

Since you all heeded the call to arms, I have set up the mission zone for you folks. You may engage at your convenience.
Ronan responded to the questions. "Robots, Xenos, and Abominations." The tone changed to contempt when mentioning the last item. It was a derogatory name for the artificial beings or clones from the vat. The Emergence Entity allowed their citizens to have up to two clones as a substitute for undertaking dangerous missions. While it seemed altruistic, the Emergence Entity in reality wanted cheap cannon fodder. Furthermore, the clones looked human from a distance yet had an uncanny valley appearance. Cloning didn't typically come out pretty as function was a priority over form.

Once everyone was all aboard, the siblings gave the signal to roll. Although the seating was pushed to the max, claustrophobes may relocate to the other VTOL. This was going to be a raid. "Preparing to deploy! Going in!" Laleh warned the group, "I'm the first one to visit you if you do any wannabe hero antics. Too many of our finest operatives kicked the bucket trying to be a hero...and instead doing something stupid!"

By the time Laleh gave her spiel, the VTOL was in the air, deploying. They were going into the forest according to the coordinates. The forest was moderately dense, providing plenty of cover to use. While the trees provided some protection against projectiles, they should not be counted on. At the end of the day, the best defense was not being shot at! Since the operatives didn't come in hot, there was an opportunity for stealth as the stranded enemies were none the wiser. The pilot also made sure they didn't land far from the convoy, two kilometers away at most.
Shahab immediately responded to Soup. “I knew this would happen. Because you are fresh, I have readied your equipment for you. But next time, bring your gear from the armory.” The engineer-bombardier acted as a big brother to the group. Soup now received a conventional sniper rifle and a pistol as her sidearm.

Ronan rolled his eyes. “Don’t baby her.” The steely commando was sure that the new recruits were of somewhat good judgement and free of defect. While he seemed to be rough around the edges, Ronan cared about the success of the recruits.

Laleh helped Soup out on locking and loading. “Don’t do anything stupid though. Remember to keep your head down or the aliens will put it down for you.” She also greeted others who heeded the call to arms.

Shahab announced to the others, “Once you board, no turning back until the mission is done. The op won’t last forever. Lock and load!” Laleh chimed in. "This is a point of no return. Do think about it!"
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