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Who's up for a good fight? See me if you like Jurassic Park, Mortal Kombat, and Cthulhu Mythos in one.


I prefer group RPs and cooperation in between players. Usual characters are superhumans, half-human hybrids, cynics, and Nietzscheans. Usual settings are civil wars, blood feuds, and/or outside-context problems.

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(Collab post between me and @Metatrooper)

As the squad of EE soldiers moved close enough to start engaging the Griffin operatives, one of the clones would feel a hard plastic object beneath its foot. As it looked downwards with a dumbfounded look, the object would emit a loud beeping sound for a second. What came next was a large explosion, taking out the clone who stepped on it along with two other clones and two droids who were unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast. The remnants of the squad were disrupted by the explosion, with some being disoriented and the others getting blown backwards. Taking advantage of the confusion, a certain robotic sniper would take aim once again and fire a shot towards one of the clones knocked down by the explosion. The shot managed to land on its shoulder, killing the already injured clone as it lay limp and lifeless on the ground.

"Morgan, I can use a hand over here!" Ronan was struggling to capture the Xeno leader. While the leader was flushed out, that doesn't mean he was going down and out without a fight! Fangs and blades locked together as it became a heated scuffle. Morgan now could see why Ronan was struggling: The Xeno leader had retractable fangs and a seemingly strong bite force that allowed it to stop Ronan's machete with a bite.

Instead of finishing off the remains of the squad, Morgan moved to assist Ronan in taking down the sanguivore instead. He issued an order to the rest of Griffin through his helmet, informing them about the EE stragglers before running towards the skull-faced commando and the living vampire. Sneaking behind the Xeno leader, Morgan attempt to put him into a chokehold and knock him out for easier capture, however, that plan would come to failure as the sanguivore's acute senses would manage to spot the Harbinger before he could make his move.

Ronan thought quickly and readied his shotgun. But this time, he wasn't going for a shot, but for the buttstroke. Readying the butt of the shotgun, he quickly delivered a strike to the back of the distracted bloodsucker's head. Luckily, the strike wasn't too hard. The Xeno leader was knocked out cold from the strike, slipping down to the ground. "Thanks nonetheless." Ronan nodded his head and saluted his fellow commando in acknowledging respect, readying the unconscious body for capture. Handcuffs made of high-quality steel ensured a tight restraint and rendered all possibility of escape moot.

Morgan regained his composure and faced his fellow commando before giving a thumbs-up and remarking "Don't mention it." He would then produce a tranquilized dart from a hidden compartment in his forearm-mounted vambrace, before administering it to the still unconscious sanguivore. "This should keep him asleep for another hour at least." Morgan would then tap into the team comms and send a message to all of the remaining Griffin operatives, "Their leader has been captured, eliminate any remaining hostiles and return to the rendezvous point for evacuation."

Shahab and Laleh both responded promptly. "Understood. On it." Both siblings acted quickly to commit themselves to cleaning up the mess. They took aim at the remaining enemies as needed. While they weren't keen on stealing others' thunder, they will act as the cleanup crew if nobody else wanted to.
<Snipped quote by Ubermensch>

At the moment after Seamus gave fire, Encarnacion followed his fire with another release from her giant cannon, the tank trembling just slightly as the recoil caused the breech to jump backwards, open and unleash its spent casing before the AI automatically reloaded the cannon and aimed at another target. Meanwhile, Encarnacion reached out to Seamus, saying,

"Hey! Irish! Should we move closer to the target?"

"If you're better there, go ahead. My primary weapon's useless at close range. Shoot and scoot!" Seamus was ready for hit and run tactics his ancestors were famed for. Fighting fair wasn't an option. "They'll try to get us with sheer numbers, but quality trumps quantity!" This was a prime moment to engage with discretion. After all, it was the better part of valor. Seamus moved Fomorian after every time he fired. It was harder to hit a moving target rather than a stationary one.

On the flip side, despite his particle cannon being an energy weapon, the Irish lad was still leading his targets and firing at the right moment, especially aiming for the marines. They may be easy to kill relatively speaking, but they can easily take down careless NC pilots. Glass cannons need to be shattered before they fire.
Seamus used his cannon to provide even more supporting fire. While he planned on making it easier for his colleagues, he was ready to fight if needed. The Irish lad wasn't counting on luck this time. Skill was key at this moment. A levelheaded approach was taken as he joined in the barrage with Encarnacion. Suppress and slaughter may be the result as the boarding crew will have it easier thanks to the distractions provided by the cannon and the railgun.
The Saurians have been finished off swiftly thanks to the focused attacks of the operatives. After giving Morgan a nod as a gesture of reciprocation, Ronan gave the rest the signal to engage any hostiles at will. However, one hostile caught his eyes. "I think I see a leader. We better take him alive." The masked commando fortunately knew how to be quiet. Readying a flashbang, he crept around the mass of clones and bots. Tossing and scooting, he deftly rolled the flashbang over to the mass, disorienting them, but not completely stunning or knocking them out. Milking the commotion, he pounced on the would-be deserter of a leader, grappling him with the intent to knock him unconscious for capture. However, the leader had a surprise of his own: Retractable fangs! As Ronan knew those fangs meant trouble, he had his machete to the fanged humanoid's jaws. While they both were in deadlock, the two were also in a standoff.

Laleh and Shahab reloaded their primaries, moving in to take advantage of the chaos. Both were able to observe Ronan grappling with what seemed to be some sort of space vampire or Xeno in disguise. While Shahab provided covering fire against any retaliating enemy, the medic was ready to fire Ronan a dart if he gets bitten. Bite force is not a factor to ignore.
Seamus on his own initiative readied the particle cannon and provided supporting fire as needed. While he was aware of critical targets, he was also aware of drones, gunships, and even infantry with power armor as he scanned the area his allies were engaging. "Providing covering fire. I have the range." While he was careful not to shoot the hostages or the ship his allies were boarding on, he made sure that the drones, gunships, and power-armored infantry did not down his allies.

Full power was on his primary weapon. Seamus also readied the plasma ball launcher just in case. The missiles were for now not engaged as at the range he was in would not warrant a barrage of missiles. Though if more powerful enemies were there, he'd attempt to close the gaps to maximize the payloads. Bringing heavy weapons to the table was a wise move for now.
Seamus was now focused on bringing heavy weapons into the field. He covered all ranges for his role, so the Fomorian NC was far from defenseless. Readying his cannon, Seamus radioed to his group with, "Preparing the primary weapon!" The long range particle cannon was aimed at threats to the group, however, he was conscious not to disable the missile cruiser for the boarding.

He was also conscious not to destroy the hostages, Terra's parents. While vehicles were easy pickings in comparison to NC's, numbers should be minded. Seamus however, deemed enemy NCs to be a bigger threat. As far as he knew, the NCs were more heavily armed than the vehicles. Exploiting his mech's versatility, the lad was ready to attack enemy NCs that were in the range of his particle cannon.

However, enemy ships that were a direct threat or hindrance to the the boarding crew would also be on Seamus' radar. He kept an eye out, cannon ready. "On overwatch!" At long ranges, he felt safer as Fomorian was a bit of a glass cannon. Just because he could dish out damage doesn't mean he can take it as much in return.


Thanks! You have both my stamp of approval and full permission to port your character over to the characters tab.

So her current status as like a double agent will come to an end within my first post. I wanted to type out the scene instead of condensing into a paragraph in the bio. I hope that's okay.

Looking over your application right now, it's decent except I'd like to clarify something. The reason why I asked for at least a paragraph in the personality section is because it'll help me tailor the story for characters. If you would kindly do so, I'll be happy to accept it and give you permission to port it over to the CS tab. Thank you for your consideration!
Room for one more?

Sure thing! Feel free to apply.
Ronan had Morgan's back this time. He fired a quick shot at the Saurian that Morgan was engaging after the enemy readied a weapon. The Saurian was shot in the back, just in time to give Morgan opportunities to recover. The force of the buckshot was enough to knock the already heavily-injured Saurian down on its stomach. Morgan was free to stab the body to ensure the Saurian's death.

Thanks to Angeline's intervention and Tanya's barrage, the ambushing Saurian that attacked the Canadian bombardier took cover by a thick tree. Shahab attempted to flush out said Saurian with a grenade. "Frag out!" Shahab launched the grenade to the Saurian's position, yet it turned out to be a dud.

Laleh was ready to fire a dart to temporarily heal injured operatives, but Ronan radioed to the two siblings to provide suppressive fire on the Saurians from behind. Shahab focused on the Saurian that attacked Santiago as it was out in the open. "Say goodnight, lizard!" Laleh aimed against the Saurian in cover, yet had difficulty against it as her rifle wasn't penetrating. Shahab managed to get the other Saurian to duck and cover, but it turned out they had tricks up their sleeves.

"I heard that!" The ducking Saurian retaliated against Shahab by throwing a grenade. The grenade revealed a nasty surprise. ZAP! Shahab took the brunt of it, convulsing as if he had a seizure. Thinking quickly, Laleh fired a dart to his hip, pumping him full of adrenaline, painkillers, and hemostatic agents just in case of internal bleeding. Fortunately, this was key in preventing Shahab from going out cold. Both hunkered down in new cover after the grenade attack, quickly reloading to provide more firepower.

The Saurian in cover screeched out to its compatriot to use real weapons and to go lethal. "You'll never take us alive!" The covered attacker attempted to draw fire from its compatriot by using potshots and suppressive fire against the closest Griffin operatives. The remaining two Saurians knew they were outnumbered by the operatives, but were determined to give it all they got to make them regret the raid.

While the Saurian that engaged Shahab and Santiago was the most dangerous opponent so far, that particular Saurian wasn't a leader. RT-07E5's shot revealed who led the convoy. A seemingly normal-looking humanoid was deep in cover, using communication equipment to request reinforcements. "We're being attacked by active insurgents, send reinforcements!" Despite the frantic tone of voice, it would be a while before EE could get a bead on the location for sending reinforcements.

The EE on the other line merely responded with, "Just hold the line as best as you can! Reinforcements will take a long time to trace your remote location." The leader's face sunk as a new sense of urgent self-preservation took over. Directing a mass of four robots and six clones against the operatives, he hoped the cannon fodder would provide a distraction as he scampered for cover.
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