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Current I think it's time we blow this scene, get everybody and the stuff together. Ok, three, two, one, let's jam!
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And they don't. BRB, I think Wal-Mart has it for five bucks on Blu-Ray.
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Picked up King of the Monsters with my birthday money. If my TV provider still has Kong: Skull Island available to watch for free, I can binge all the Monsterverse movies this weekend.
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So I'm 24 now. Um… yay?…
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If even one Naruto-runner hits a landmine tomorrow, I will consider it the best thing to ever happen on my birthday.


"We've entered a new era."

"Welcome to Jurassic World."

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>mfw I found out people actually showed up to the Area 51 raid

New target, nuclear option authorized.

Harumi clammed up as Ruruka got closer. The other girl had a certain confidence that irked Harumi a bit. Closer again, close enough to detect a "natural" scent, so to speak. Was that cherry blossoms? Before Harumi could speak up, another girl— Tanaka, I think, she thought— proceeded to try and push Ruruka's buttons.

And then, she was falling.

Or, it felt like falling, anyways. Damned Direct Links. Harumi landed hard on her back, and something fell on her stomach. If they'd been IRL, that would have knocked the wind out of her. She felt something touch her chest. A light squeeze.

"Hnn...Thanks for breaking my fall you two, and I apologize, Harumi."

Harumi felt embarrassed, and fought the urge to cuss the other girl out like a sailor. Ruruka certainly didn't sound sorry. Okay, stomachache or not, Rexy gets to chomp her later. Where were they now? And who was making that racket?

@Rune_Alchemist@King Cosmos
Ouran High School Host Club is why I check for expensive-looking objects in a room when I enter. And if there is, I keep it in sight, and stay the hell away from it.

Harumi was perfectly willing to listen to the other girl… until she questioned Harumi's skills. "So I need better skills?" she said. Harumi's tone had become quite cold. And even though her expression didn't change, her tone and aura seemed to make the air around her drop a few degrees. "So being able to remotely hack into a PC with government-level encryption isn't good enough?"

Okay, so it was a bit of an exaggeration— her contact had opened a back door for Harumi to infiltrate— but this Ruruka had touched on a nerve. Harumi's skills were one of the only things that couldn't be taken from her. It was the one thing she was proud of. Harumi could feel Rexy's body lean down, the Digimon's nostrils twitching as she sniffed.

"This one smells tasty. Can I eat her?"

Harumi could tell the big Digimon was joking. Besides, while it would probably hurt, it would have no effect on Ruruka other than that. "No, no eating her. She might taste funny or give you a stomachache."

>Discord server still has @everyone available for use

Harumi's body tensed up when Manaka looked at her. Of course she knew what Harumi did. It was in the invitation. She listened carefully. Thor restricting hackers would make things harder. But hackers would do what they did best: find loopholes in the virtual realm, and exploit them to hell and back.

Harumi stayed silent for a moment, processing the information. She leaned against Rexy's leg. "I couldn't care less about what's right and what's wrong," she said. "While I'm certainly against someone restricting my ability to do my job, I can't 'fight the good fight' for free. I would assume some of us have that luxury— and I'm sure I can tell whom just by checking everyone's cosmetics— but I don't.

"It's not that I don't want to help," Harumi finished, "it's that I want to afford a place to sleep and food to eat."


Harumi's first reaction was to tense up. It was instinctive, but not quite to tue point of a fight-or-flight reaction. However, as Manaka spoke, Harumi thought, Oh, God. The founder of the world's most notorious hacker network is a dirty Christmas cake obsessed with teenage girls.

This had to be some kind of joke. Someone was recording this to put on AnataTube. Some elaborate prank by the Random board on 42channel. Before Harumi could say anything, another girl laughed, spouting stuff off about Jormungandr being evil. Frankly, Harumi couldn't care less. Before she could voice her question, Heri spoke up.

"Question!" the little Digimon said, his tone naive and innocent as a child's. "You say these guys are all good hackers, but why did a lady as old as you find a bunch of kids? I mean, there are probably people as good ad them near your age."



Harumi's lips twitched into a ghost of a frown. So she's that type, the girl thought. But if she's here, she's no upper class twit. Then the two Digimon— Sistermon Noir and Sistermon Blanc— began speaking. She'd never heard of a concept of "System" Digimon. Wild Digimon? Yes. Abandoned Digimon? Also yes. But if they were a part of the system, they had some kind of purpose.

Harumi stepped forward, Rexy and Heri flanking her on either side. "So this Miss Manaka, as you call her," she said. "Something tells me she went through a lot of trouble finding people she deems worthy to join her. Would I be correct in assuming that, Sisters?"
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