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I am the storm that is approaching


I am the storm that is approaching

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Alien Powers

It is an alien that grants:
· Enhanced Metabolism
· Enhanced Healing
· Enhanced Endurance
· Enhanced Speed
· Enhanced Strength
· Cryokinesis

Brief Bio
A Cryosymbiote who was just born so recently and seeks a new host to please their desires and make the host permanent.

IQ: 2

Strength: 5

Speed: 5

Attack: 5

Defence: 5

Health: 9
What remain was to make haste, interactions between Arms Masters excluding Fuyukohime mattered not since everyone was thrusted into the battlefield with little to no briefing.

Adaptivity mattered more for the assumption of a Soldier to accomplish the task at hand that the Chinese has despicably roped them into. As the air to the bird, sea to the fish and so is contempt to the contemptible, dying is not an option and the matter itself would cry on deaf ears, unsettled and dying itself without honor is wack. If Fuyukohime moved without being told, then Rin stomached to rationalized her facade, just maybe, not get too engrossed with the disguise.

Rin went full throttle and touched the earth beneath her which was clad in sea water, geysers clad in chain started multiplying as they protrude from the surface and to those enemies caught in the crossfire would unwittingly fall into their conditional wintry doom, which some indeed fell as they were frozen in their tracks and entangled in chains.

It seemed that because of the terrain, Rin can produce more ice than she normally does.

"Fuyukohime. I'd encourage you to commit friendly fire against me, lest I get mortally wounded, victory would be distant. I'm sure the J.S.D.F has told you about my specialty and the conditions are fulfilled as you're within my icy platform."

Having smirked at the statement of the Ojou-sama, Rin knew that victory is at hand and that shadowing her was top priority. Yosugano Rin, the bodyguard and emissary adviser of Fuyukohime sighed at the slightest fidgeting of those around her, after all fear is natural but it must not consume the individual. China may have fallen from the graces of the Sun and unlike the heated discrimination these days, Rin only wish to cool it down.

"And may Susanoo'o empower us as the storm that is approaching, Milady."
It was an honor to serve not only the Japanese Self Defense Force but also Fuyukohime, herself, above all.

Today and onward, Japan will be reclaiming their name and not seen as fools who are apologetic for their sins. Their world, metaphorically reborn in flames like Suzaku, the crimson phoenix from the ashes, dark, divine and the misery that is the war will be a distant tale like destiny chasing time, for generations to come.

"As your entourage Milady, what is thy bidding? I do wish to wrap our prospects in cold chain to gain Intel and if not, what more can be done to turn things to our favor?"

Although Rin supports herself she directly wants to hear what her Princess may mandate.
Well...I'm something of a Scientist myself
@Bastian Exactly.

I got my research set up and these make good sources for the motif I am going for:


Shu-Torun Counter Bore Waltz

Magnetite Ballets of Shu-Torun

Fansaber is what I have in mind, incorporated dance moves that of a Geisha or Theatrics for this young Padawan whom hailed from a family of "Geisha" equivalent in this verse ofc.

Likely leaning on Jar'Kai since it fits the whole motif.
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