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AAAAAA Bounty is soooo interesting! The art style and character design is super doing it for me xP
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I'm so happy! Good days are great
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Great days are great!
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You ever get so happy you just punch someone or jump off a cliff or die happily


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Hey! I'm just a girl looking at my computer, extremely fuckin bored. It has been a good while since I've roleplayed consistently and I'm lookin to ease back in! I'll never have more time on my hands!

I'm fairly literate and ask that my partner be the same, 18+ is a pref too! I enjoy the brutality of romance, deeply flawed characters and the occasional puff piece. Romance/smut super isn't a must, but i will say its one of my strong suits.

- Killing Eve
- The Terror (seriously so fucking good even if you just want to talk abt it i'm down)
- Starwars
- The Witcher (netflix series not games or books srry)
- Crown of Candy/Escape from the bloodkeep (kind of a deep cut?)

Prompts/settings to play with?:
- A warlock/cleric and their patron/deity
- Love a Neo-noir type setting, we could go with a twist on a PI/Femme fatal dynamic? Super into world building so I'd love to hear any ideas!
- Literally any idea you present

Kept it pretty bare bones, If you're interested PM me or drop a comment. Stay safe!
Booty bump
Been watching all the Superhero junk on Netflix, idk I'm on a kick. Anywho, pm me if you have a reply or are interested and we can exchange ideas

Prompt 1: How could the face of pure evil be so adorable? The young hero bit her bottom lip, staring at her passed out nemesis. They did this, he'd knock her out but fail to deliver a death blow. She'd knock him out and turn him over to the police and he'd escape and destroy a few city blocks. It was a destructive, endless cycle. One that was literally destiny. Reincarnations and all that. This reincarnation of hers was pretty sappy.

Nightingale, as the female hero/soul stuck on repeat was known, didn't exactly know about the reincarnation stuff. Why she was so easy on this villain was totally a mystery to her. She smiled, poking a small bruise on his cheek. So cute. For a murdering, scum sucking, absolutely evil guy.

(So, kinda the thought behind this. Two folks, eternally trapped in a battle of good and evil. This lifetime? Good is madly in love with Evil. You could play Evil as an abusive ass, an abusive ass to everyone but her. Or completely spurn her affection. Creative it up.)

Prompt 2: "Why did you try to kill my father?" A girl, not a child but not yet a woman, spoke in an emotionless voice. She glanced up from the documents before her, all of which were just obscure symbols to her. She couldn't focus.

An assassin was kneeling before her desk, forced to their knees by two burly guards. Their head was down and a black hood covered their hair.

Dulcinea controlled the daily operations of her fathers company. She'd caught his would be killer before her father was even aware if a threat and intended to fix it. But that only worked if the assassin would speak...

(So, story to this. Dulcinea's dad, terrible evil guy, like actual super villain. Assassin person, the hero! Play this out how you think it'd best go! Something interesting. Maybe the hero tries to tell her what her father really is! I dunno. Be creative!)

Holy crap! I frickin love this song, I've never heard anything from the artist! Great tastes! 10/10!
Hah, and I've never even seen Game of Thrones.
And I am! Wanna shoot a pm to talk about ideas and stuff?
I'm making a fresh thread. I'd like to branch out, I think! I've had some ideas for characters buzzing around uptop and I've joined a few fandoms! Its very late so to prevent rambling, I'll cut to the chase.

Random characters/prompts:
→ An anarchist disguised as a freedom fighter
→ Clingy genie
→ A princess with the title of Queen thrust upon her
→ A bounty hunting trip
→ Flirting with Death
→ Constellations personified and incarnate.
(Uhhh just random thoughts. Interpret them as you will.)

Fandom stuff!
→ Avatar: The Last Airbender
(I'm so mad at myself for not watchingnthis before!)
→ Steven universe!
→ Alice in wonderland! (I think an interpretation of the story could be interesting)
→ Supernatural (who's not in that fandom now in days?)

I'm a sucker for the romance, admittedly, but its not a must. I really like interesting characters. Soooooo. If the first thing you think when you read this happens to be 'GIANT TAME PANGOLINS AND SUPERHEROES SET IN A STEAM PUNK WILD WEST!' hit me up. I'm sure we can make giant pangolins work ^-^
@Kinetic Kitty Sure! Do you wanna pm to hammer out a plot? We can create a fun little world!
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