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That works.
Not particularly. I can modify his age to 12+.

I have Rhodri at sixteen, so I suppose putting it slightly closer would be ideal for them to interact more often.
@TwinkleTheToes I had an image of students being slightly younger. Is the age you have for Cole particularly important to you?
I've got my character drawn up whenever we're supposed to post them if we are that is.

Feel free to put it up.
Good to see interest. I have an example profile I can put up soon as well, as it will be my character. Feel free to ask any questions and or develop any plot arcs you wish to see for yourselves as well.

On Ynys Brân, a small island to the south-west of the great realm of Teyrnas Arawn, sits one of the most prestigious academies for magicians and warriors amongst all nations - the Penvro Academy. A fiercely independent institution guarded within the walls of a refurbished yet ancient fortress, the students learning within its halls and classrooms are given a taste of a world without borders, freedom from the squabbles of the sub-kings or the conflicts of their native lands. They are supposed to be allowed to master their magicks in peace, to better themselves independently of any obligations that could await them at home.

Under the gentle but watchful eyes of their teachers, the students can enjoy their school life to the fullest, both through their training in the magical and martial arts, and participations in the clubs and activities that are ever-present within Penvro's campus. And if the concept fascinates them so, the youths are granted many opportunities to distinguish themselves, not only by proving their might in battles and the inter-school and inter-academy tournaments, but also in the quests that may seek the aid of a talented student.

In all things, Penvro seeks to transform the young teenagers that step into its halls into the greatest of adults, so that those who return to their lands will bring the best of themselves with them. The independence of the island facilitates such.

Yet, there is uneasiness in this era.

There are rumblings from the mainland of strange happenings.

Agitators in the royal courts have ambition designs on the academy.

And even Ynys Brân itself is afflicted with mysterious phenomena ...

What does the future for Penvro?

For the students, their school life will certainly be an interesting one.


This is an animesque magical school RPG akin to so many others you see in media (such as the anime battle school shows, or if you stretch the metaphor, Final Fantasy 8), set in an original magitech-based world. General day-to-day technology is vaguely on the same baseline as our world, but with the addition of magic and higher-concept machines and some other exceptions (possibly higher-tech nations). The geography of the world is not entirely fleshed out besides Arawn, which is a monarchy comprised of numerous sub-kingdoms, but other countries exist as well. Their creation is dependent entirely on you, if you are willing to join this RPG.

The martial arts and powers used by your characters are up to you (within reason, of course). This is a diverse academy of warriors and magicians, after all.

The character sheet is below.

Abilities: (Where you put your powers and techniques)
Equipment: (Weapons and whatnot)
Short Bio:

I am also looking for co-GMs.
I am a fan of aloe vera drinks.

The shadows around the woman suddenly trembled as her head once more disappeared beneath the pool of darkness. Then, a jet-black foam frothed forth from the concrete that Khelfin's body was impeding the the sun's omnipresent rays from reaching, leaping clear of his frame and immediately melting into a crouching human form upon striking the no-longer-obscured light. And the woman, having only been seen prior as a head in a sea, was now pointed away from Khelfin, the green of her jacket-clad back directed towards the other Hunter rather than the pale of her face.

She rose to her feet and turned around, one hand casually brushing away wavy black locks away from her sunglasses. Her smile, despite being partially obscured by her scarf, had not dimmed in the slightest, and in fact seemed to brighten in response to her rescuee's question.

"Medeinė," she replied cheerily. "But you were fiiiine. I bet you could've killed that Grimm without breaking a sweat."

In her eyes, Khelfin did not appear severely wounded in the slightest, nor did he show any indication of having depleted the energies of his aura barrier. Neither of those facts particularly mattered to her, however. She was just here to do a good deed and help out a fellow Hunter who was not actually too in dire need.

Also, eyecandy.

"But do you want to team up?" Medeinė asked, casually whipping her scarf forth once more to eviscerate an unfortunate lower-order Grimm that had carelessly decided to approach. Its head was split apart into halves before she even finished her sentences. "We can divvy up that responsibility of ours. The more the merrier, as they say."

From within the shadow cast by Khelfin's kneeling frame, a length of fabric suddenly lashed out, cracking the Grimm's mask with a single, powerful strike to the face. It violently recoiled, shrieking in pain, bone white splintering from its face as it staggered back ... and then, punctuated by a rush of air, the orange scarf returned in a cloud of black, slamming the monster's head back down against the cold, hard concrete with a terrible, snapping sound.

It was done.

Like a fishing line being reeled back, the scarf retreated once more into the patch of darkness right underneath Khelfin. A second later, a woman's face emerged, floating atop the shadowed concrete. Her brown eyes blinked twice behind her shades, but once they caught sight of the Hunter above her (and more apparently, his exposed chest), her mouth curled upwards in a big grin.

"What's cookin', good-lookin'?"
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