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"You said she was a rune Tiwaz. You propagated the aforementioned bullshit. Any backtracking now defeats the object of learning better judgement in the future." Oren responded, with a wave of her gloved hand and not a small hint of condescension.

"Though do consider you suggestion read. Unfortunately as you come to know me better you will discover that I'm just as rude even when the rest of my team aren't making a mockery of the whole operation. So anyone who wants to knife me is welcome to do so now, whilst they have the advantage. At least that gets it out of the way.

Failing that, and unless anyone else has a question, you're all scheduled downstairs at the training hall to begin exercises working in your Aett. Turn right upon leaving the room, down two fights of steps and at the end of the hall. If you lack appropriate clothing you'll certainly find it down there. I would highly suggest taking advantage of the opportunity to its fullest extent. Something I am going to be denied apparently. But such is life."

Oren shrugged her shoulders before moving to leave, having said her piece and having remarkably little inclination to remain around the room for reasons of socialising. If anything the faster she could leave that dumpster fire behind the better. The whole thing was a disaster and her own team hadn't even remained around long enough to see out the first meeting, so she already found herself discounting the use of the Aett power in her mind.

At least if you came at something with no expectations, you could not be disappointed.
Well, in theory. She'd come to the meeting with no expectations.
And yet somehow still felt let down.

Oren made her way into the site's training facility. As what she had had planned was not really working out, she turned her attention to some more general tasks, and pulled a laptop from her locker and placed herself onto one of the side benches in order to tap on the keys. In the run-up to the meeting she'd been working on a presentation on the main world eater species. Their physiology, behaviour, abilities, weaknesses. It was a reasonably comprehensive guide. The sort of thing that should be invaluable. Hopefully, the woman mused, it was not going to be lost on the....current group.
In The Runes 4 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay

Oren regarded Algiz with a dull contempt. She wasn't offended as such, as much of this apparent dissection of her had entirely missed the mark, but the principle of these attempts to antagonise her when she was trying to get to talking about other things was starting to grate on her nerves. Well, not starting to.
"Just about everything you just said was you constructing a strawman. May we continue?"

But she'd run off. And to make it even better, so had Sowilo. Wonderful. Brilliant.

That was going to make the following talk quite a bit more difficult, and there wasn't much that could be done to avoid it, seeing as Uruz was already asking about how things were proceeding given they were already down two people.

"Well the meeting was supposed to be about assigning you all your teams based on your Aett. These are invaluable to your runic usage, as being around others in your Aett will boost your own abilities.

Freyr's Aett consists of Kenaz, Ansuz and Uruz."

She indicated each of the constituents of the first team.

"Knowledge, Vision and Strength. One can only reach its full potential with the others.

Next, Tyr's Aett. Tiwaz, Berkano, Laguz. "

Oren pointed all of them out to each other.

"Wind. Flora. Healing. Creation and destruction.

Finally I would be pointing out Heimdall's Aett. Isa, Sowilo, Algiz. However it appears both members of my team have run off without good reason. So that sets a brilliant precedent for the future.

As far as the rest of you go, it's been arranged for you to commence some training as part of your Aett as means for you to get an understanding of the people you will be working with. Make the most of this time, as it will be very important to your abilities. A rune alone is a blunt instrument.

Before we continue, any questions?"

In The Runes 4 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
"I've already said this once today. I don't need to see what your rune is. Algiz. Also known as Ehlaz. Elk. Protection. Shield Power." Oren responded. Whilst she couldn't help but feel that this paltry challenge was demeaning all concerned, she also couldn't help recite by rote.
"And as far as my history I don't see why I should tell you either way. It has negligible value to talk about and also imply that I needed to prove myself to you." she replied in regard to the question about the leaving the city. She wasn't going to play that kind of game. Not in the least because she had little interest in the approval of others. Well, certainly not the approval of people who were effectively five years junior to her in the organisation.

She also hadn't any particular desire to go into her own past. She was moving forwards.

Her avian gaze flickered over to Ansuz.
"We're certainly going to have some field trips beyond the borders eventually. Hopefully after bonding. Anything we'd be looking for out there is not something we'd want to half-ass."

There were a number of things she could name, but that was, perhaps, for a later date. Most people present didn't necessarily need to hear about some of the more obscure and nasty things in the wilderness. Mareitt, draugen, nokken, the plague-carrying Pesta. If she'd never had to leave the city she would have counted herself as lucky.


Helena gave a warm smile of greeting as she and Dawn were addressed by another young woman. Well, she had been there a little while, but up til that point, consuming a fair quantity of coffee in a short period of time.
"Oh no, it's fine.... I'm Helena... not a rune or anything. Not a hundred percent sure I need to be here...but also I sort of should try and be here in case everything gets weird with that person I'm not totally sure should be I'm still here. Also no-one's going to eat the donuts and I don't want them to go to waste."
She took another one out of the box, before blushing alittle at the compliment Makorai had given on her dinosaur attire. She had hoped that it would give the best first impression.

And it was clearly working out wonderfully.
In The Runes 4 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Oren was absolutely not happy with the situation and didn't believe for a second that anything good could come of letting this go. She would have been quite happy to keep her line of questioning going until she got what she wanted....but Clifton was giving her a look. An almost imperceptible look, but enough to demonstrate to her that he wanted her to back off.

And she was going to...grudgingly comply.

Oren folded her arms and side-eyed the man. Regardless of what he had in mind about dealing with this intruder, she didn't really appreciate being undermined so early in the proceedings, united front and all.

"I have no problem with informing people Clifton. I just take issue with anyone attempting to state their opinion as fact. Especially when they don't have any data to back it up." she replied, in regards to his mild rebuke.
"If we want to teach these people anything about runic powers then stamping out the propagation of uniformed bullshit is a pretty vital first step."
In The Runes 5 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
"Oh! No problem. Sorry for running late. It's been pretty full-on today."

Helena was somewhat relieved to have the young woman carry on conversation with her. It lightened the charged atmosphere a bit. Helena hadn't been totally sure if she should stick around in light of what was going on. If it was alright she didn't really need to be waiting round. On the other hand if it turned out to not be alright, the fact that she wandered off mid-questioning wouldn't exactly look good.

The young woman opened up the box of donuts.
She figured as everyone else was already eating muffins they probably wouldn't be needed, so reached in and took one with chocolate frosting from the box as she watched the rather tense situation across the room. She hadn't gotten breakfast...and well it wasn't like the situation would progress differently if she wasn't eating a donut.

"Pleased to meet you Dawn, I'm Helena. Don't worry, I'm not like, a rune or a valkyie or anything. I work round the office. Get coffee, make copies, get lunch orders...that kind of thing." she explained.
"Someone's got to do that sort of thing whilst the others are..."
She gestured in the general direction of the confrontation.

Oren was still watching Kana with narrowed eyes, apparently not convinced by her assertions that it had been a test of their ability. Not so much that she couldn't forsee The Blessed trying such a thing, more than she'd hope if they did they'd seek to inform Clifton about it beforehand lest someone end up getting shot.

You didn't live very long in a world of shapeshifting monsters without a healthy amount of suspicion of others, and she hadn't any intention of speaking about any operations until this had been dealt with.

And then Tiwaz was speaking.

Oren didn't do the best job of hiding the irritability in her words. Mostly at his tone. As if he was the only person 'on to' the individual she'd been grilling for about ten minutes.

"Tiwaz, if you want to try and proclaim your superior intellect to the rest of us, being aware that there is no 'snake' rune, that no runes in the elder futhark are circular, they don't even curve, and that the grouping is supposed to be divided evenly between each of the aetts, would be a good start. Because otherwise you risk looking like someone who has no idea what he's talking about." Oren shot back, already irritated by Algiz's staunch defence of the potential intruder. She didn't really welcome someone else sticking their oar in.

She raised her voice sufficiently to speak to all assembled.

"I feel like maybe this is a good time to announce to all of you that I've been in the employ of The Blessed for nearly five years at this point. I have spent much of that time researching runes, the runic abilities, devourer species, and the lore associated with them. If I know nothing else, it is runes, and if you are going to listen to nothing else about what I say, do at least pay some attention to what I have to tell you in regard to those topics."

In The Runes 5 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Helena was doing her best to navigate the room without losing her cargo, when she noticed she'd been approached. It was somewhat unusual to be working around anyone shorter than her fairly unimpressive height, so it took a moment to catch Dawn.

"Oh! Thanks I'm honestly fine. It's really not a-"
she was cut off as CLifton breezed past and removed one of the contained from her grip.
"Really I don't need any help."

She gave a slightly strained smile before setting the coffee and milk down on the table and pulling a set of insulated cups from a large pocket in her voluminous sweater.

She might have maybe had more to say, but Clifton seemed very much occupied with one of the current attendees, who Oren was now back to owlishly glaring at.
"You seem to have forgotten my request." the Isa rune spoke, the whole situation setting alarm bells off.
"Draw your rune."

Helena, for her own part, took the point to step a little way back from the confrontation, with some intent to grab the coffee pot if things turned ugly less it end up emptied on someone's face. She was in no way qualified in security procedure. She wasn't even super qualified in office procedure.
In The Runes 5 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Oren was midway through her attempts to give Kana the third degree when she realized she was being addressed. And perhaps not in the most constructive way. She gave a sharp sigh and momentarily turned hr avian gaze away from her target.

"Firstly Tiwaz I have no interest in seeing your rune. I know what your rune is. I've already listed it off. Please try to pay attention or this initial meeting is going to take a very long time. Secondly I've already provided the person in question with pen and paper. Thirdly your input is holding me up from dealing with the problem of an unregistered person being present in an extremely important meeting, so without wishing to start things off on the wrong foot I'd appreciate it if you-"

"Oh, hey, is this the ...what happened to the doors?" Oren glanced round for a moment to see a somewhat familiar face peering around what was left of the door, a young woman with a mop of untidy ginger hair, wearing a far oversized sweater with a triceratops on it, juggling coffee, milk, sugar and a donut box, and looking rather uncertain of her position between everyone apparently already eating muffins, and the fact that the last time she passed the room the meeting was supposed to be happening in, she was pretty certain that it had doors.

"Yes Helena. The meeting is here." Oren muttered wearily, gesturing for the office intern to scramble in with the drinks thing and attempt to navigate to the table across the room with it without bumping into anyone. Mostly because at least half of them looked lowkey terrifying.
In The Runes 6 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Oren took a place near the side of the door, arms folded, making note of everyone that ventured inside and comparing it to her mental notes. She eyed the room. The place was filling up.

"Tiwaz. Berkano..."

Just then the door was thrown clear off its hinges, narrowly missing her in its journey.


TO most people it would probably be the person tearing the doors off who was the subject of scrutiny, but Oren's attention was elsewhere.

There was someone in this room who was not on her list.

The Isa room swept over to Kana with a few quick, decisive steps, and withdrew a notebook and pen from the pocket of her coat.
"If you're not willing to reveal your rune, you won't mind drawing it to check it off on the record, will you?"

There was something rather avian about Oren's gaze. She always had a look about her a little reminiscent of a hunting owl, no moreso than when she was pretty certain she had caught someone in a lie.

And she was pretty certain.
Because the alternative was that she had managed to forget one of the runes.
And she never forgot anything.

In The Runes 6 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
In The Runes 6 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
Blessed HQ - Courtyard

The acquisition department was an area of the organisation that deal with some interesting requests from time to time. A lot of the expected things, weapons, body armour, ammunition, but sometimes slightly more unusual things were asked for. Icelandic sheep blood. The skull of a white crow. A wolfskin that had been hung from a yew tree under the like of the first full moon after midwinter. It could be pretty eclectic.

So when a certain request was made for a skateboarding half-pipe, and about fifteen different kinds of shoes, they fulfilled with a lack of concern...and perhaps a certain degree of interest as to exactly what it was intended for.

Oren Kovalenko, the Isa Rune perched on the top of the wooden structure, her legs folded beneath her and a pair of black trial boots resting in her lap whilst she worked in the soles with a scalpel and a screwdriver. A few minor adjustments to the formula. The flexible sole should allow for the blade to be pushed in and out by pressure to the toe and heel respectively, and the built-in shin-guard would prevent any problems arising from stray edges. Last thing you wanted was to catch and ankle and end up bleeding out in the field.

And that seemed to do it. Isa paused for a moment to regard her handiwork, before slipping them on and rising to her full height at the top of the ramp. She took a moment to adjust the camera mounted at the top, and commended the recording.

"Isa Rune, Tactical Manoeuvring Experiment, Iteration 6. After extensive study ice skating of I've altered the use of the most promising boot samples to have small retractable blades in the sole to allow my to direct myself effectively."
With that, the young woman stepped to the edge and sprang from it, as her feet hit the vertical surface, the painted wood bloomed with ice and she slid down at blistering speed, hit level ground, passed it and was thrown up the other side by the momentum. She let her boots leave the surface entirely, managing a quite turn in mid air before she came to stand across from where she'd commenced her trail, a shimmering stripe of from left to mark her progress.

A glance at the clock. Four seconds.

Not bad.
Could be improved.
But not bad.

She would have liked to make a second attempt, but duty called. There was apparently supposed to be some sort of 'meet and greet' with the other runes. Of course Isa was pretty intrigued at least, having spent the better part of her possession of her abilities with no equals at all, but at the same time...for the better part of her possession of her abilities she'd had no equals at all. She suspected most of the conversations she truly wished to have with these people were not for this point in time. Frustrating.

She packed up her things, though retained the shoes on the basis of expediency, and made her way to the room in question. The ice-wielder strolled in at a brisk pace. Of course she'd prepared. She'd looked them up on the records to ensure she was ware who was who. They didn't look especially out of the ordinary, though neither did she.

"Kenaz. Sowilo. Algiz. Ansuz." she greeted with a small nod in each direction.
"Good morning. I am Isa. The first rune, in a sense."

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