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In Welcome to Marchand! 22 May 2017 18:54 Forum: Casual Roleplay
"Helena..Kingsley. Pleased to meet you." she replied, extending out a bandaged hand.
"Not that the family thing is super important...I'm not like an heir or anything ..but the Professors tend to call people by their first names so it'd kinda get confusing if I didn't say it...and kinda weird if I didn't mention the first"
She was pretty sure she was rambling, but it wasn't that often Helena had extended conversations with anyone her age and the fear of an awkward silence was instead leading to her attempting to take up any gap in the exchange with her halting non-sequitur. Mercifully, it was interrupted by Professor Lovette's orientation talk, and Helena was able to remain silent whilst it continued.

As it drew to a close, she neglected to go and look to see who she had been matched with, and instead contented herself with fishing about in her bag for something as so as to let other people go see for themselves.@EchoicChamber @LokiLeo789

Dinah had leant on the wall, eating her way through a box of cereal that rested in one hand, whilst the talk had gone on. All pretty standard stuff. most of it she was going to take as suggestion rather than hard and fast rules. Wasn't as if she was super scared of being thrown out when she'd already been ambivalent about attending...but it was good to know what you didn't want people seeing you do.

She could still make out Toby, though he'd not approached. She wasn't sure if he'd not noticed the presence of his cousin, or was avoiding acknowledging her arrival. If it was the latter she wasn't going to blow his cover. Well, not unless it was really funny anyway.

From where she was though she couldn't help but hear the exchange happening closeby, and the...girl? (She was pretty sure girl.) She was threatening some guy who'd been attempting to...hit on her she guess. Not in a great way, admittedly, but not enough to warrant physical assault. The terramancer strolled past, and scooped up an errant piece of fruit that'd been flung off the table by the recent theatrics, before speaking up to the girl.

"Might wanna turn it down a couple of notches champ. You gotta live with us and we gotta live with you for the next year so if some dude trying it on with you is that big a deal we're all in for hard semester." she remarked, as she idly tossed the apple in between her hands.

Red Sonja and Don Juan taking bites out of each other at every opportunity was one thing. If Norrevinter and Sterling were going after each other, they weren't bothering anyone else. If someone was going to go psycho on people for innocuous things that happened to annoy them... well she had no intention of living with that for a year, so she might as well nip that shit in the bud.

Her gaze roamed over to Canvas. Oh the unmistakble fuckboy smirk of a Sterling.
"And you need to work on your game if you think incest is a great opener."
@Mr Allen J@LorelleQuips


Kora was certainly not sorry about throwing Larke into a table. This was unmistakably a matter of honour and wasn't something any true Norrevinter would have refrained from.

Still, she was going to have to play the game to some degree. At least until she'd established her status.
She glared at Larke in a way that suggested all of it was his fault, before muttering a "Yes, Professor" and dropping into a seat to let the orientation roll on.

Despite everything, the issue of rooms was something she was rather interested in.
She was more than eager to make her way over to find who was listed as her roommate, and more than pleased with the name written under hers.


Her Aunt's Goddaughter!

One of the few kids her age Kora had had around her whilst growing up, as the girl had made frequent visits to Vollr in the Summer. Probably the best possible outcome.

There was another name there, but that one she wasn't especially worried over. Whoever it was, they were outnumbered.
As Canvas is around, the Ahktars have become notable sooner than I'd planned, so here are their details for reference:

Ahktar are a necromancer line originating from Persia, now modern Iran. Coming from a zoroastrian tradition, at one time they served as guardians of a dahkma or 'tower of silence'. They generally refrained from raising bodies except in great need, and instead focused on becoming expert communicators with the spirits, and aiding spirits passing on. As time passed they were often called by council staff to aid in investigations of foul play, as their understanding of the subtle communication methods of the spirits.

Their symbol is the griffon vulture, and whilst their days as guardians of the dead have gone, they continue to breed a flock of the birds where others might keep dogs or horses.

During the war, Reza Ahktar, the heir to the family, was engaged to marry Remona Devereaux, the only daughter of a fading necromancy line. However the two put this on hold in order to do their bit for the magical world. Unfortunately, their scouting team was captured, and Reza among numerous became a ritual sacrifice to the cult, prompting what became known as the infamous 'Queen of the Damned' incident from Remona.

Whilst the union was never seen through, the Ahktar and the Devereaux remained close after the war, and came to see themselves as a single family regardless. The Ahktar were given an estate that belonged to the Devereaux, in France's Massif Central, out of they way so they could continue to talk to the spirits and raise their vulture flock, not coveting the limelight. This was...informed by the fact that Reza's younger sister Leila Ahktar had ended up with a child as the result of an ill-advised fling with a young Sterling.

Since that time the Sterling and the Ahktar have kept a previously unplanned accord, remaining on good terms for the sake of Canvas' wellbeing.
In Welcome to Marchand! 21 May 2017 18:56 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Mr Allen J @LorelleQuips

Yepp. The Norrevinter are relatively disdainful about other pyromancers, (because whilst they are phenomenally good fighters, Norrevinters are also arrogant jerks), but they're in a hereditary role, and acquitted themselves, through Hilda and Reinhardt, extremely well during the war on Alpha-Omega's vanguard. So they've got no motivation to set out to sandbag another dynasty, and tend to be happy enough to give credit where credit is due. They firmly believe they've been chosen by the gods, so don't tend to feel threatened by anyone else.

It's not to say the Norrevinter are the best pyromancers ever of course. How I see it is that magic is more degrees of specialisation. Norrevinter pyromancers have been bred for pure destruction, rather than finesse, for example. They are not subtle casters.

But I can see maybe a lil bit of antagonism happening?
In Welcome to Marchand! 20 May 2017 21:46 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Initially, when she'd received the letter, she'd made a point of ignoring it. She'd leave being at the beck and call of the council to people who were still interested in that tedious runaround that was mage politics. The envelope remained stuffed into a seldom-used pocket of her backpack for several weeks until the thought of it returned and her mind started to change.

Maybe they were hoping she wouldn't show up.

Maybe if she did turn up it would piss people off.

And it did beat her current plans of couch-hopping after her recent falling-out.

So that was how the rather scruffy-looking young woman, in a denim jacket, shorts, and a faded T-shirt, approached Marchand Academy.

Dinah Jael Fox. Second-born of Matthew and Morgana Fox. She strolled along the side of the driveway, half-watching some of the cars that pulled away. She could see for a moment from her vantage point, a somewhat familiar face. Spire Schippers, driving past without a care in the world, whilst Erik Norrevinter seemed to be doing his best to talk his wife out of making the car's engine burst into flames.

Nope. She wasn't touching any of that.

Dinah picked her pace up and hopped across the road in order to avoid running into that shitstorm, and made her way to the steps with fairly little incident.

She was late. Entrance hall was already clear of new students.
Did she care too much? Not especially.
She even took a degree of amusement watching the expression of the receptionist falter and the smile became more strained as the name went down on the sign in sheet.


Dinah offered a lopsided smirk in response.
Yeah, you weren't getting away that easily Marchand.

With the paperwork out of the way she set off upstairs. Her shoes, a pair of battered-looking hiking boots, left some grubby scuffs on the floor. This place was pretty fancy. Council was clearly doing pretty alright for herself.

She didn't hurry too much to get up to the common room. By the time she did, the orientation appeared to have already started.
Also it appeared that the resident Norrevinter and Sterling were fighting, but that was pretty much on the level of water being wet and the pope being catholic.

Pretty much everyone looked about five social classes better off than her, but again, not really a surprise.

She could see Toby Schippers, the cousin, not too far away, but neglected to approach as he seemed to be occupied. Plenty of the usual suspects, usual faces, usual bullshit.

On the bright side, free food and somewhere to sleep that wasn't someone's couch, so she was pretty sure who was winning. With a general disregard for the mess, DInah decided the creepy dude with the ponytail had the right idea and hopped on over to the wreckage of the food table, where she started stuffing several handfuls of dry cereal into her mouth like some kind of socially irresponsible hamster.
Whooops forgot to transfer these two over. It's been a long week. ^ ^'

In Welcome to Marchand! 19 May 2017 19:20 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Kora was strong, and benefited from years of combat instruction under her family. What she didn't perhaps gain was the advantage of forward planning, or she might have realised that putting herself off balance in such a way was going to inevitably lead to her opponent taking advantage of it. The trip caught her to lurch sideways, sending some bottles of fruit juice splashing over the carpet, and her grip loosened enough to allow Larke to slip out.

That wasn't something she was over-concerned with, satisfied that she'd asserted dominant status over the lesser bloodline;
that was until the Sterling opened his mouth and she was filled once more with righteous fury.

"Considering that you're a Sterling I'm probably the only person in this room who isn't your cousin by now." she responded , shooting the red-haired young man who laughed the kind of feral glare that suggested he too was moments short of having a sharp and sudden visit from a bowl of apricot yogurt.

As she reached for another bit of breakfast-based weaponry, the air around her hands started warping with heat, the veins beneath her skin starting to emit reddish light through the white skin. Her eyes were set completely on Larke, less he make a move for it.

She must have tangibly felt the nullification field descend, and the light extinguish from her hands, but it didn't prevent the young woman seizing hold of the large piece of watermelon, winding back, and throwing it right towards Sterling's shit-eating smile..right as Professor Montana stepped in between them.

Possibly for the first time ever, Kora Norrevinter's expression portrayed a sudden and surprised understanding that she had made a very severe error of judgement.


Helena had been listening to Esperanza discussing blood magic with some interest, she wasn't especially au fait with it so it was good to try and pick it up, when the scream and the crash made the girl flinch in alarm.

Two of the students were fighting against the breakfast table. Did that happen often?

Her new acquaintance didn't seem especially alarmed by that development. If anything the opposite appeared to be true, and she was attempting to get a good look whilst Helena herself shrunk into her seat, wary of other potential flying bowls.

"I kind of..maybe hope there won't be. A fight everyday I mean."
she replied.

Her attention was pulled away from the battle unfolding at the food table as Professor Lovette stepped in to begin the induction properly. Helena was already awar,e to some degree who he was. Partly this was down to his rather distinctive dress sense, and partly because of a rumor that he supposedly once vapourized a man during the war. She didn't know how true that was. He didn't look that scary. She could imagine Professor K or Professor Byrne doing that...but they weren't pyromancers so it didn't really work...

Helena was pulled out of her reverie upon realising another had joined her and Esperanza, a young man who had come to a stop between them, and whom had spoken a few moments before but only then had it succeeded in reaching the depth of Helena Kingsley's mind. She hastily smiled, overcompensating jut a little with a burst of overly-fast speech.

"Oh! Yeah. Pretty eventful. I know a lot of bloodlines don't get along but...didn't realise that was going to happen. "

She lowered her voice a bit.
"Also didn't count on some of our teachers being this scary."

She indicated with her eyes the dark shape of Professor Montana stood between the two fighting students. Beyond that Kovalenko and Byrne were stood over by the door regarding most of the students with a kind of pitiless disdain. It was a bit intimidating.

As far as my character's families go -

Nørrevinter - Very well known, hold the pyromancy seat on the council of eight as a hereditary position, and have done so for centuries, so are somewhat akin to akin to magical royalty. This doesn't necessarily mean they're universally liked by other bloodlines, as they're pretty fighty, rather arrogant, and believe themselves to be chosen by the norse gods. This tends to rub a lot of people the wrong way.

The whole Sterling dispute is in some way testimony to that, though has fault on both sides.

Kingsley - Rune-casters generally, english in origin, once the runic representation on the council of eight, now willingly stepped down from that position The former family head, Arthur Kingsley, refused to offer any aid to the forces against the cult during the war, leading to rumours about their tacit support of the doomsday cult. The rumours are that Aeryn Kingsley ran away to join up, and had a child shortly after her return... a child with a defensive primary, when her fiancee at the time was another rune caster.
These two things has made them both mistrusted and a laughing stock in equal measure.

Fox - The Fox family were a pretty famed terramancy family one of the founding council seats. Morgana Fox, Dinah's mother, was a fairly prominent political leader, to the point that her father Matthew, a prominent terramancer of Algonquin descent, took on the name upon marriage. unfortunately the unity between them wasn't all down to primary or personality. It was also that they were both prominent in the doomsday cult, and became pretty key figures in the war. Their actions after the war made the family a disgrace. Their coat of arms has been removed from all official records and most of the extended family now live wholly outside of the magical community.
Sounds like a good idea, in light of mine and Scoundrel's last post, so I'll get started myself and cover anything where my characters are directly involved:

- Professor Oren Kovalenko has entered the common room to keep an eye on students.

-Helena woke up at one of the tables in the common room on prompting from Oren, spilling cereal over the table.

- Kora arrived at the school with family (her Aunt Hilda, the acting pyromancer on the council of 8, and her husband Erik) and they had a fairly tense exchange of pleasantries with the aeromancy and combat instructor Maeve Byrne.

- Helena's struggles to clean up were noticed by Esperanza, who started helping, and currently the two are discussing blood magic.

- Oren told Dumaka to stay in the common room and insulted his intelligence.

- Kora made her way up to the common room, wherin she spotted Larke Sterling and, in light of their family feud, she screamed an old norse battle cry, pounced on him, and flung him into the food table. There, she emptied yogurt on his head, shortly before he tripped her into the same table to twist out of her grip, and started summoning up some aquamancy and making hurtful incest remarks.

- Whilst Maeve declined to interfere with this fight, Professor Montana has just set off a nullification field in the common room and stepped between the two combatants.

-Dinah has not yet arrived because Dinah half-asses everything she ever does.
Helena, until then rather distracted with cleaning, paused for a moment to regard her new acquaintance's arm. She looked for a moment in surprise, before abruptly realizing the potential rudeness there. She then quickly reached for her bag and withdrew a short length of blue adhesive bandage.
"Here! Take some of this. I don't really need it right now." she explained.
"I'm a defensive primary...I guess. I'm not all that good at it honestly. And I guess I'm down for blood magic as well. Not sure I'm going to be so great at that really...I'm not very brave about the having to cut yourself bit."
Hopefully that didn't come across as insulting. Small talk wasn't really something Helena had a huge amount of experience in and it would be a great shame to alienate the only person who really wanted to talk to her.

Oren paced around the room beside the door like a puma in a duster, occasionally checking her phone for a look at the time.
The arrival of Ray Matheos warranted a nod from the woman, but also the look of disapproving contempt that people tended to gain when Oren knew they;d fallen down in something.

She wasn't going to berate another staff member in front of the new intake. If they didn't present a united front to begin, the brats would take any opportunity to capitalize on that. However the look alone seemed like it could probably petrify small mammals, so that was possibly enough.

Oren leaned on the wall beside the doorframe, producing a notebook and checking silently down the roster of names. The Professor paused only to sigh wearily and give voice to the young man attempting to leave the common room.
"As much as I enjoy spending my day trying to round up errant students, you can walk right back in, Kyun. Orientation is about to start and we don't need you any more clueless than you already are."
@Gelatinous Cube


Having said their goodbyes to their protege, perhaps dragging it out a little more than needed, Hilda and Erik turned and began to walk away. One might, as a casual observer, interpret the expression on the face of Hilda, as being a normal reaction of letting your family member go for the first time. The truth was rather more messy.

The bearded man placed a huge hand on her arm.

"She'll be fine kjære, we've taught her well."

"I don't feel comfortable about this Erik. Leaving her with them. You know what they did."

There was a grim silence between them, something long unsaid, for a number of steps, before he spoke again.

"The aesir will watch over her Hilda, this is something she must do on her own."
For a moment he paused, fancying he might see the glimmer of tears in the eyes of his wife, a woman who he'd seen face down an enraged Svalbard bear without a flinch, but he decided respectfully not to mention it as they made their departure.


Kora was not burdened with the same kind of reservations as her elders. She strolled upstairs, scabbard across her back, bag across shoulder, and huge ancient skull tucked under one arm, with full intention of making a good first impression. She was going to be taking over the council seat in a few years time. This gave her a great opportunity to start inspiring respect in the new generation of bloodlines, and winning over older witches and wizards. She was from an inherently powerful family, and had been receiving tuition in the arts of combat and fire magic since she was old enough to toddle. She was going to be the best of the best.

They stepped over the threshhold of the common room.

Large numbers of students, milling about talking. Nothing of great concern.


Her eyes had set upon a rather familiar face. Or, at least very familiar features.

Like a wolf that had just spotted a deer, Kora dropped her bag and padded forwards, watching closely to make sure she was correct in her first assumption.

She was.

It was one of them.

A Sterling.

There was only one way to react to this situation.

Only one way.

With a battle-scream of "TYYYYYR!" the whole six and a half foot of Kora cleared the length of the commonroom in moments, shoving aside students and furniture alike until she collided full-force with the standing form of Larke Sterling. She threw him down onto the table before them, dug her knee between his shoulderblades, and grabbed the nearest weaponry to hand.
This happened to be a bowl of yoghurt and granola, which she unceremoniously emptied over the young man's head.

"You have a lot of nerve coming here when you knew we'd be here, Sterling cocksucker!" the girl exclaimed, reaching for another breakfast item to douse her opponent in.
"Now I'm going to avenge the honour of my ancestors!"

The warrior dynasty had started early.

(Just so everyone is aware, this effective autohit was pre-cleared with @ScoundrelQueen beforehand.)
In Welcome to Marchand! 16 May 2017 20:44 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Helena had been spending the last couple of minutes struggling to mop up the amorphous puddle of cereal with two napkins, fearing any greater movement to fetch more would disturb the small lake and send it over the rug that she suspected costed quite a considerable amount of money. She had sort of hoped someone might offer some assistance, but after successive entrants had merged into conversations, and too embarrassed to actually ask, she'd resigned herself to this frustrating exercise.

That was until Esperanza intervened. Even though it might well have been just out of a wish to find an open seat, Helena was incredibly grateful, and gave a sheepish grin as she soaked the milk up with the new supply of napkins. Someone had had sufficient concern to help her out, and was sufficiently friendly to offer greeting.

"Thank you so much... I wasn't sure how I was going to.. Oh! I'm Helena. Helena Kingsley. My friends call me Hel."

Or rather they would, if she had friends aside from her younger brother, members of a Labyrinth fan forum, and stuffed toy rabbit she occasionally relayed her problems to.


Hilda Norrevinter, the woman stood with the scandinavian group, turned from her niece in order to catch sight of Professor Byrne, and returned with a smile that probably could be considered convincing.
"Maeve, you look well! Kora, this is Maeve Byrne, she was a ...friend mine and of your father's, during the war."

The pause in the statement was apparently lost on the tall, ginger-haired teenager, who extended her hand to shake Maeve's in a way that had probably sprained some wrists in the past. Being as she had a set of headphones hung round her neck that were still issuing the quite background-noise of someone scream-growling in norwegian it was probably not totally her own fault.
"You teach combat right? I can't wait. "

With the bags sat at her feet was a large leather scabbard, a hilt and crossguard of a large, roughly-hewn sword visible. There was also a decorated bear skull, a bag of runes, and a small wood box filled with aesir idols carved out of volcanic rock. Kora was apparently well-prepared.@ScoundrelQueen

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