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Check out my flintlock fantasy RP, we're accepting again!
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3 yrs ago
so it turns out walking into a bus lane hurts. a lot. sorry everyone, but I'm back now!
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3 yrs ago
Starting an alternate-history RP set in the Napoleonic era, check it out!
3 yrs ago
Anyone else a fan of Miles Cameron's Traitor Son Cycle? Just finished the last book.
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Back for another crack at roleplayin'


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Hey, am I all good to start posting then or?
Yeah I wasn't anticipating having my chat initiating the meeting, unless I should.
Hey, here's my CS. Lemme know if there are any issues and I'll work to correct them.

Hmm not sure how to introduce Mortirmir to everyone considering he's an independent, I guess I'll wait for some of the other characters to meet beforehand
I decided to post a small intro as well, actually. Looking forward to RPing with you all.
Mortirmir & Inoques

The light from the sun was waning when they finally arrived in town. House Marelda was reputed to guard its territory jealously, and Inoques had some worry that they'd have trouble at the gates, but their entrance into the town passed without incident. Soon afterwards Mortirmir departed to seek room and board, so she decided to look for an establishment which would sell her a drink — mostly to get out of the noxious humidity characteristic of the Mareldan jungle than any particular desire for refreshment. And, Inoques admitted to herself privately, she found the people of this world endlessly entertaining when they were in their cups.

She found a quaint establishment and paid the doorman for entry, pretending not to notice his gawking. She passed through a gate and into a small courtyard, and in the center of it a woman sang in high, warbling notes to the accompaniment of tambourines and other local instruments Inoques could not place. Inoques smiled at the singer appreciatively before taking a seat on a tall stool in front of the bar. She ordered two cups of wine from the barman — he stared too, but took her money readily enough — and settled into her seat to wait for her husband. Inoques could feel him now, as if an invisible gossamer thread connected them. In some ways, she mused, it was not a poor analogy.

A man sat down next to her. "Nice tattoos." He said by way of greeting, and took the opportunity to leer at her.

Inoques frowned. One thing she did not find entertaining about this world were encounters like this one.

"Do they go all the way down?"

She could feel her husband growing closer, and smiled involuntarily. The man seemed to take this as encouragement.

"How much, sugar? I have a room not far-" He stopped as she turned away from him. "Hey."

Inoques made to leave.

"Hey!" He said angrily, and reached for her.

There was hiss-crack, and suddenly the man was flat on his back, the remnants of his now-shattered stool scattered around him. The music ground to a halt, the instruments making a discordant sound as their owners abruptly stopped playing.

"I am a man slow to anger," said Mortirmir, his tone deadly serious as he stepped over a piece of splintered wood. "But if you should ever touch my wife, I think I shall kill you."

The man groaned, and then retched.

Mortirmir turned to Inoques and she grinned at him. "I bought you a cup."

~ ~ ~ ~

"You did that on purpose." Mortirmir said later, as they walked back to their inn.

"Yes." Inoques admitted, and smiled coyly.

He looked at her. "Why?"

She laughed, and took his hand in hers. "You know why."

"Hmm." He said, but she could tell he was pleased.

They passed the rest of their journey in companionable silence.
I've started on part of my first IC, but I think I'll wait for one or two posts first so I can insert my char somewhere fun though!

Definitely interested, I'll be working on a mage probably!
Hey, so I have a kinda weird idea for a character. I've drawn up most of the CS (I'll DM it to you @Eclektik), but if it doesn't fit the RP then I'd be happy to make a different sheet -- I really like the premise of the RP after all.
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