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Just here to share my multitude of ideas and meet people who do the same nerdy things I do. Been RPing off and on for way too long. I'm into fantasy and sci-fi RPs mostly.

I’m also Artifex, for those who knew my other account.

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In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

– Midtown –

As the sun completed its descent below the horizon, New Haven was blanketed in the darkness of evening. Lina used the dark to her advantage as she skirted quickly through the edge of Midtown, taking the utmost care to stay out of sight. Fortunately for her, the authorities had not noticed her leaving the scene with the duffel bag and, therefore, hadn’t given chase. She had dropped from the rooftops to street level a few moments back, and was holding down a low profile while moving hastily toward the Warehouse district. The Underground had a few safehouses tucked away in the area for her to lay low, though neither of them were current destination. She had actually carved out her own little hideaway a while back to serve as ‘base of operations’ when she needed it. In fact, Lina had a few of these around town, her main one actually being closer to Bywater. It would have taken much longer to backtrack to her primary headquarters — especially with her recently acquired cargo— so she decided to go with her alternate quarters.

As the evening grew steadily darker, Sear began to move toward the less occupied part of the Warehouse district. The lighting was much more sparse which deterred many people from passing through or hanging around. She eventually arrived at an old, long-abandoned textile mill. The doors and windows had been boarded up or sealed off, and there didn’t appear to be a way to enter the building on ground level without breaking in. Of course, that wouldn’t have been an issue for Sear, but she preferred to keep up the appearance of the building being unoccupied. A catwalk stretched across the upper level of the building on one of the outside walls, but the stairwell leading up to it had completely collapsed making the catwalk inaccessible from the ground. Scaling buildings was a breeze for Sear, so she surveyed the area to make sure she was alone and made her way up the side of the wall by using a pair of superheated knives as makeshift handholds. She vaulted over the side of the railing of the catwalk once she reached it and landed with a light metallic thud. Even though the stairs had been long gone, the platform itself had managed to stay relatively intact; it also helped that Sear had taken the liberty of reinforcing the welds and replacing some of the more rusted metal. The catwalk actually led to a couple of offices on the upper level that overlooked the rest of the factory floor. She hadn’t bothered to block or lock the office doors since they were rather difficult to get to without Variant abilities or just sheer climbing ability. Lina glanced around once more before entering one of the offices and carefully closing the door behind her.

The power to the mill had been disconnected ages ago, so the building was nearly pitch black on the inside. Lina gave her right eye a few moments to adjust to the lack of light before making her way down the steps to the ground level. Her eyepatch had night vision integrated into it, so she didn’t have a need for a flashlight. She weaved her way through the machines covered in years worth of dust and grime until she came to a certain one near the middle of the factory floor. She grabbed one of the wheels of the machine and turned it in a sequence of clockwise and counterclockwise movements mimicking a combination lock until a mechanical sounding click was heard. The machine actually served as a secret entrance to a subterranean hideout that Lina had constructed underneath the factory with the help of a few other members of the Underground. The floor underneath the machine shifted as it slid backwards to reveal the hidden ladder leading down into the hideout. Once she climbed down, the machine slid back into place over top of her, leaving her once again in darkness. She took a few steps forward through a short passage that opened up into the main room. As she entered the room and triggered the security sensors, the room was slowly illuminated with the warm glow of a few LED lights mounted into the low ceiling. To the immediate left was a decent-sized generator attached to what appeared to be a fairly large solar panel. The generator filled the otherwise silent room with a low electrical hum. In the far corner of the room, there was a small alcove with a sleeping pallet, surrounded by a few boxes of supplies and gear, and a small desk with a computer. A set of weapons had been arranged neatly near the pallet, within easy reach in case of an emergency. Against another wall was a long metal desk with several papers strewn about one half of it, most of which appeared to be hand-written notes. A map of New Haven decorated with several pins and markings hung on the wall above the desk. Lina tossed the duffel bag onto the desk and rolled her shoulders and neck, relieved that she could finally drop the weight. She walked over to the computer, powered it on, and performed a cursory diagnostic check on all her systems. The mechanism that controlled the hidden entrance didn’t require any immediate maintenance and her security systems appeared to be in good shape. Her generator, however, was reading at below half power as it had been a while since she came to this particular spot. Sear walked over to the solar panel and placed her hand directly on its surface. Her eye glowed bright orange as she released a flow of solar energy onto the panel’s cells and charged them until the meter read full. The panel and generator were sufficient to uphold the power needs of the secret base while also allowing it to run completely off the grid.

Once she was satisfied with the state of her lair, Lina proceeded to get down to business. She walked back over the duffel bag and unzipped it. ‘Case’ was probably a more appropriate term as it had a large foam insert inside specifically designed to carefully carry glass bottles. She removed one of the bottles and gave it an initial examination. The liquid inside was completely clear and the outside label seemed to be replaced with another that was totally blank except for a large red “X”.

Yeah, that’s not suspicious at all…

She was leery about opening the bottle and giving the contents a smell test, but she figured it was a necessary next step since she couldn’t identify the chemical from the outside. She slowly uncapped the bottle, raised to just underneath her nostrils, and gave the liquid a light sniff…

Odorless…of course…

They weren’t making this easy. Lina decided to try something slightly more effective before taking the chems to one of her connections for a proper identification. There had definitely been no shortage of lab break-ins by one group or another since the discovery of Variance, and Lina had the pleasure of ‘interrupting’ a few of them. Most of the time nothing really came of the encounter besides an arrest, but Lina had managed to swipe a couple of souvenirs for herself each time. She rummaged through her stash until she found a couple of such souvenirs: pH strips and a small dropper. She wouldn’t get much out of the test, but she figured it was a start. She made her way back to the table, carefully filled the dropper with the chemical and placed a few drops on a couple of strips that she laid down. After a few seconds, her brow furrowed in surprise.

”No fucking way…”

* * * * *

– Midtown –

The scene in front of the lab was pure chaos. The streets were crowded with rescued lab personnel, first responders, and several government agents. Onlookers were being kept in check by the authorities as they vied for the best angles for their Optica and Blabbr uploads. Numerous news drones littered the immediate airspace as they flew as close as they dared to the blaze. Despite the best efforts of the fire brigade, the fire remained barely contained.

After what felt like an eternity, a massive rescue vehicle barreled onto the scene with sirens blaring. It was a transport vessel for a small fleet of AI-controlled firefighting drones. The fireproof drones were quickly deployed and flew directly into the burning lab. The drones were basically flying fire extinguishers equipped with devices that dispensed a dry chemical cooling foam throughout the most critical parts of the inferno. As the building was systematically swept, the fire died down completely in a matter of minutes.

Even though the lab had suffered an incredible amount of damage, it wasn’t enough to condemn the building outright. It would, however, shut down the operation of the lab for several weeks for repairs.

– Midtown, near Lakeview –

As the events of the evening began to wind down, Michelle Collins paced calmly throughout ‘The Hive’ of Central Command at MAD HQ. Even though the entirety of the Scourge hadn’t been caught, it felt good to have at least a couple of them behind glass. It wasn’t a total loss and Michelle was proud of her team.

“You all did excellent out there. All teams report,” Michelle ordered.

“Noxia was apprehended after a bit of a fight, but Flea got by us. He also has the stolen chemicals from the lab. We still have drones out searching, but I doubt he’ll be found. He knows how to avoid them.”

“Never say never, captain…we’ll get him. Great job, Alpha Team,” Michelle knew how slippery Agile variants could be, but speaking negatively into any situation was against her personal and professional code. “How about you, Bravo Team?”

“Things got pretty heated here. The Scourge was already in the middle of a fight with a couple of vigilants when we arrived on the scene. Or perhaps they were here to rain on their parade, because the chemicals have not been recovered. According to Graffite, the one guy we did capture, the chemicals were taken from them by another Variant who’s probably long gone by now. Also, another Variant we hadn’t seen before came and scooped up Ruby before we could grab her. We’re assisting NHPD with the pursuit.”

“Godspeed, Bravo Team. Keep me updated.” Michelle cut the call and addressed the room. “Stay on, Bravo Team. We’ve had too many get away from us tonight. Let’s get it together, people.”
In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Yeah, we got room…don’t be afraid
In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I like what you did with this one…captures Ruby pretty well actually. Approved! (My bad for the delay)
In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Pretty intense, but exactly the kind of thing I would expect to arise in the aftermath of the discovery of Variants. Very nice work…this is approved!
In Pariah 1 yr ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

– Midtown –

Sear’s gaze shot skyward as she spotted a figure dropping down from the rooftop above. She half-expected it to be Flea coming to help his fellow Scourge, but she was slightly relieved to see it was a certain smoky skeleton.

”Good to see a friendly…face?” Sear wasn’t above throwing in a joke of her own. There was a sense of humor somewhere behind the fiery glare and steely focus.

Ruby had been slightly disoriented after crashing to the pavement so suddenly. Her bottom lip had been busted and her chin was now sporting quite a nasty scrape. This stunt only served to fuel her rage further. She managed to roll her way out from underneath Grassbones’ feet and toward Sear, who was just within reach of her blood blade. Ruby took a wild swing at Sear’s feet while attempting to get to her feet but the swing had been low enough for Sear to dodge the attack with a leaping side flip. Unfortunately, however, Sear landed directly within Graffite’s reach.

“Not so fast, girl!” Graffite yelled as he motioned to grab Sear from behind. Sear was quick to react and managed to duck under what would’ve been a chokehold. She hooked a karambit around his right wrist and gave it a hard yank toward the ground. Graffite’s stone skin prevented his hand from being instantly severed but the pull instead brought him down to one knee. However, Sear had immediately realized her mistake in leaving Graff’s left arm open for an attack, and she caught a brutal backhand to the chin. Now, he had finally grabbed her and proceeded to toss her into the side of a dumpster that was against a wall in the alley. When Sear collided with the dumpster, the wind was knocked out of her for a few seconds. As she was recovering, she could hear the sound of sirens beginning to close in.

Shit…time’s up…

Lina’s gaze darted rapidly between Graffite, who had begun to charge towards her, and the bag that was still pinned to the alley wall. She had caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure on a nearby rooftop over Graffite’s shoulder as he made his way towards her. She recognized that creepy bird anywhere, and couldn’t decide if he was planning to simply spectate or to jump into the fray. She bet on the latter and decided to leave the Scourge to the other two Variants. She couldn’t afford to get caught up with the authorities after managing to steer clear for as long as she had. Before Graffite could reach Sear, she unsheathed a few throwing knives, infused them with heat and hurled them directly at Graff’s face. He threw an arm up to shield his face and deflected the knives without incident. However, this was just enough of a distraction to allow Lina to get to her feet and scale the alley wall with a few fancy parkour moves. She was able to retrieve the bag while dangling from the ledge of the rooftop above it, and she threw its strap over her shoulder before pulling herself up onto the roof. A very angry Graffite grabbed one of the knives he deflected from Sear’s attack and threw it up at Sear as she went over, and the knife nearly connected with her leg.

“Dammit, Sear! Why can’t you just leave shit alone?!” Graffite screamed as he punched a dent in the nearby dumpster.

”I’d say you have other things to worry about right now…” Sear slyly commented as the authorities began to round the corner a few blocks down.

Lina stared Graff down for a couple seconds before giving him the finger and escaping before the New Haven PD and MADmen made their appearance.
In Pariah 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Love it love it love it…Vanguard is officially approved!
In Pariah 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
After reading his novella bio, everything looks good…officially approved!
In Pariah 2 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@RawrEspada4 @Teyao@Smike@PatientBean@The Man Emperor@RBYDark@Letter Bee@Lewascan2@DClassified@Blizz@Expendable

First IC is up!

Just FYI, I don’t expect absolutely everyone to be doing the same thing, since we have a large roster, so I’m not forcing everyone to jump into the event I posted. But make sure any other event you post makes since with what’s going on. As always, if you gots questions, I will clear the fog.

Have fun!!
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[ Privy Newstream ]
Local GA Members Latest Victims In Chain Of Disappearances

NEW HAVEN — More victims have been claimed in the string of disappearances plaguing the citizens of New Haven. Local Variants "Maximus" and "Kid Kilowatt", two of the city's most powerful Nobles and members of the Glorious Alliance, have been formally reported missing by NOVA officials. There are still no suspects or leads as the case continues to baffle the authorities.

* * * * *

Local Lab Set Ablaze As Occupants Are Trapped Inside
Foul Play Suspected As Variants Are Seen Fleeing Scene

* * * * *

[ May 15, 2080 - 7:04 PM ]

The flames roared as the lab turned into an ever-increasing hell. A burglary gone awry had caused an entire floor of a large chemical research laboratory in Midtown to explode into a blazing inferno. The fire was spreading rapidly leaving several people trapped inside as firefighters outside struggled to extinguish the flames. The streets were littered with emergency and law enforcement personnel clamoring to get the situation under control.

It was soon discovered that the incident was caused by a few members associated with the group known as the Pariah Underground. Four Variants were spotted leaving the lab on foot with duffel bags that were assumed to contain stolen chemicals. Upon learning that they were being pursued by the law, they split into pairs and headed in different directions. Flea, an extremely short Variant with the ability to leap fifty times his height, and Noxia, a girl partially covered with reptilian scales who had the ability to spit acid, both headed toward Bywater. A bulky Variant, called Graffite, possessing stone skin that is near impenetrable, and a girl, Ruby, with the ability to construct blades and spears out of blood, were heading in the direction of Uptown. Each pair carried a bag and seemed to be very protective of their cargo. The chemicals weren't apparently volatile and were well secured within their duffels.

– Midtown –

Lina stood in a darkened alleyway a few blocks from the burning lab. She closed the phone in her left hand after reading the Privy notification that popped up on her screen while casually twirling a knife in her right hand. She had been in the middle of researching the lab on the Nexus after tracking Graffite and the others to it. One of Lina’s favorite hobbies was sabotaging criminals in the act and taking the spoils for herself. She wouldn’t consider herself a ‘vigilante’ per say since she doesn’t really do it to uphold any kind of order…she just likes fucking with people who do a bad job and taking their shit. But tonight was different because the Scourge was involved. Those four lunatics were always giving the Underground a bad name.

No matter how hard we try to stay out of NOVA’s face, these idiots are always making trouble for us…

Lina carefully peered down the street awaiting signs of the Scourge while trying to keep a low profile in case MAD happened to pass through. She really didn’t want to be associated with the crime in progress, but she couldn’t help but find out what the idiots were up to. She chose this spot on a whim and figured it was the path of least resistance if they were to flee the lab. As it turned out, her instincts proved correct, because she saw Graffite himself dart around a far corner accompanied by Ruby. Just as fate would have it, they were running in the direction of her little hiding spot. Graffite appeared to be carrying a duffel bag slung over his back with the strap running across his chest. Lina considered letting them pass without interfering in order to continue tracking them. The day had been overcast and she hadn’t gotten much sunlight, so she felt a bit underpowered…but the opportunity was too juicy to pass up.

At times, Lina felt the need to add some flair to her little skirmishes, so she leapt from the alley with a front flip as the two Variants were crossing and landed in a ‘superhero crouch’ brandishing her dual karambits.

”Sup, Graff? Whatcha got there?”

The two Scourge stopped dead in their tracks, both very visibly annoyed.

“Out of the way, Sear! Mind your damn business!” Graffite shouted with clenched fists.

”Nah, I don’t think so. I’ll just take that bag instead. Not much time before MAD shows up, so I won’t be long.”

“We don’t have time for your bullshit!” Ruby yelled as she conjured two large blades of crystallized blood. She dashed at Sear swinging both blades toward her upper body. Sear ducked and parried the attack with her karambit then sent Ruby flying with a well-placed kick before making a beeline for Graffite. Sear knew he was slower than she, so she was able to get close enough to cut the strap of the duffel, front flip over him, and grab the bag before he could grab her. She leapt back and immediately hurled the bag in a high arc toward a wall in the alley she had just left. In one swift motion, Sear holstered one of her karambits and pulled out a throwing knife, infusing it with heat. She threw the knife at the bag just as it had hit the wall, and the heat allowed it to pierce both bag and brick with ease, pinning the duffel and leaving it dangling high above the action.

“Ugh, you bitch!” Ruby screamed as her temper flared. She sprinted toward Sear who had re-equipped her other karambit, ready for a fight.

Here we go…gotta make this quick…

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@The Man Emperor
Nice job...I like the tech pets! This one is approved!
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