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3 yrs ago
Yes! I've been accepted into the University and course I was applying for!!
3 yrs ago
Be sure not to become what you hate. I used to hate those who abandoned RPs without a word and then I became one of them, a lesson to us all
4 yrs ago
Yes, when I said before "Han kills luke" I really just meant that he commits suicide because Princess Leia was cheating on hom with Kylo Ren
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4 yrs ago
@Flightless_Soul What? You didnt want to hear how the Ghost of Darth Vader appears and sppoks the shit out of everyone?
4 yrs ago
Han kills Luke, the First Order has solar power weapons and Kylo Ren becomes leader of the resistance


Prone to vanishing for a indeterminately long time without a word. Guaranteed to crawl back into the guild at some point and act like nothing has happened.
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