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Updated my sheet. I feel pretty good about it now. ☆
Working from mobile, so my sheet is going to take a bit of time and finesse, but just to dump some info, here's a very rough alpha draft.

Name: Aleksander IIX
Age: 30
Ethnicity: Germanic
Vices: Primary: Binging. Secondary: Drinking, Drugs, (Also a bit scrappy)
Personality: Careless, easy going, cool headed, skeptical.
History: Jaded ex-knight turned hedonistic vagabond.
Equipment: sword, warhammer, buckler, brigandine armor, bag of silver.
Appearance: handsome but tired looking face. Brown hair, blue eyes. Construction worker/dad bod style build. Think retired soldier.
Also still working on mine. I'm doing everything on mobile right now so formatting my sheet is going to take some finesse on my part. I'll post it as soon as I can.
Everyone else's character looks so good. I'm gonna work on mine a bit! Can I elaborate a little more on skills and stuff?

@manapool1Are we still waiting on people? Or were you just waiting on booksmusicanime?
I'm interested to be sure. I'm new to play by post, and I've never played mutants and masterminds, but I could learn it, very familiar with roll playing games in general. What I do bring to the table is reliablity. I'm not gonna flake out.

If you don't have a problem with a noob joining, I'm in.
@polybiusFee last things before I get started. Is psionics or any other kind of space magic a thing? Is the emperor considered the pinnacle of divinity or are their gods people worship? Are their demons, or supernatural like entities dissimilar to aliens?

Thanks! This is all shaping up nicely.

I'm going to post about my character/noble house very soon.
Def interested.
@kallethcan I choose more than 1 major vice? I want to have binging, scrapping, and boasting!
Might I suggest a cheat sheet that you can send to new players. A small glossary of lingo and acronyms.
Going to work on my CS today. @polybius a couple questions, I wanted to kind of make a dual character concept. I wanted to make a brother/sister combo character. They will basically be inseparable, therefore on the same sheet, is this a bad idea? If you want I could PM you some of the details.

@Brink I think it'd be cool to have affiliated characters. If GM has no problem with it, I would be willing to work out a team up situation.
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