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I'll be a bit snarky about this. But may I ask on what is the purpose of his cyborg eye? Just one nitpick, it seemed that it is more made to fit the image of the faceclaim, when you could just write on Appearance something like 'he doesn't have a red eye' or 'He wears an eyepatch', which is more common for pirates. But if you really want your character to appear like the face claim, you can just write that a ruby/red glass is placed on his eye sockets, etc.

Putting that aside, the main issue of the character: His Devil Fruit. I expect a few Logia, and am pretty open towards them, but I didn't expect literally the strongest Devil Fruit for this first one.
Whether it is the strongest is up to debate, still that Yami Yami fruit could do things that are thought to be impossible even by the wildest Devil Fruit Standards.

But I’ll make it clear, the main purpose is more to clarify on that fruit you’re using. I know you're using the fruit a bit differently, but I want to make sure--- Will be a bit spoilerish but just a few questions---


@Noodles Currently, he has no particular job or something like that. But, he definitely can assist the others. Can I obtain a profession through progress after we proceed into the story? or I'm fine with anything really

edit: Will there be a first mate for you? or you are alone through this hell xd?

love to join this ~ since you use Large Group tags, we're not going to be like the Straw Hats? I mean, a certain character is the only one in their occupation, etc? @Noodles

First post reserved for me. meep meep

Non-Canon Log Horizon RP that solely focus on a small band of misfits called Twilight Brigade (AU Debauchery Tea Party)
The RP has limited spot of 12 spots thus the small group tag. Reserve a spot if you like to join, first come, first serve.


these rules should be kept in mind as these rules will be the law of the RP

1) Use animanga face-claims. Drawn character or characters from game is fine as long as it isn't a sketch or plain black & white.
2) This RP will be High-Free or a bit casual. Please use proper grammar and try to develop one nice paragraph or two paragraphs
3) We don't want to terminate/kill one character without the permission from the roleplayer. An agreement between two parties must b
4) Respect other players and OOC fights should be kept in private pm.
5) Plotting for characters should be DONE in OOC. IF charA interested with charB, talk about it in OOC. IF charA wanted to plan an event with charB, talk about it in OOC.
6) Romance in the party is allowed but don't make it too much.
7) Anyone can start in different major cities, make sure to state character's location above your post.
8) Do note, this is non-canon and AU, meaning the events that happened in Log Horizon don't happen here unless for plot purposes. No mentioning about the event except the expansion pack's incident. The cities also have vague description, you can describe it as you like but referring to the wiki is advised.
9) Characters must be accepted first before roleplaying
10) Last but not least, Have fun and spark some dramas ICly.

Welcome to Elder Tale, Adventurers!
Welcome to the guild ~ See you in the RP!
Welcome to the guild ~ I wish you enjoy your moments here ~
Welcome to the guild ~ Enjoy your stay!
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