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Current Im still a dude. screw false promises.
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Inner peace status: reclaimed.
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Naura, Naura, Naura!
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Fortress of money gone up in flames.
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One arrow is enough to decimate an civilization.
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Wants to RP like an damned maniac, Always being an GM in IRL has left me with intense, unfulfilled desires to be an player myself but the GM side of me seems to crave the control and world building, secondary GM positions wanted and desired with unholy thirst.

Also an unredeemable Tea loving bastard.

2018. Year of darkness
Gambling addiction is a bitch. While tea is still my favorite, started coffee drinking because of unlimited supply of it at workplace, much much easier. Writings getting rusty but imagination is still present. I am ready, WE are ready! Lets RP BUCKO´S!

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@Tenebous This tics well with me, Ill have a CS up tomorrow.
Now bear with me here boss. I´d like to run this character idea by you before I go making CS.

I dont know what plans you have for the rest of pantheon but Id like to sort of commandeer one of them for story purposes (again, bear with me.) Im imagining this power hungry archwizard type who was already succumbing to old age BEFORE they went about casting down Aeurius. After the fact and realization that they could not contain the black sun, he in desperation abandoned his old and brittle body to find a new "host" of sorts.
This is where my true character Daisos comes to picture, young and strong arena fighter who practically fanboys Aeurius gets possessed by aforementioned pantheon member. But immediately runs into the problem of Daisos not being aethertouched (If its meant that we all are aethertouched then he is on the far end of weaker scale.)
The archwizard has full control of Daisos´ form for only a day during which he crafts magical, immovable bracers that firmly bind them together, however the archmage is so spent by the effort he loses control indefinitely. Daisos sets out to the world to confront black suns curse while having this much older, more powerful being as sort of mentor/rival/companion spirit watching over his shoulder.

What you think?
I really like the setting being done here.
Already Im imagining a simple prize fighter possessed by one of the spirits who cast down Aeurius. not regretting but wondering, what is the curse of this black sun. what has he done, what have we done?

Whohoah, new fantasy RP and original setting to boot. interest expressed.
I see an abundance of Rp these days set in established anime, movies and shows.

How about an original!?

Weighting here interest in high flying sci-fi adventure set in doomed galactic casino station plummeting from orbit.

WELCOME TO GUHRAKA! Best party of your life!
The station jingle rang as it had a thousand times before. Moronic masses reveling in petty gambles, dance and drink. Enough luxury for a night that could dull their senses for entire lifetime. Below the first deck lay the gambling frontier, gladiator phalanx.
Here, this solar systems very best did battle. As their blades and blasters clash the crowds cheer and groan depending on the bets they waged.
Below yet lays the abyss zone, no extravagance is too great for GUHRAKA! Brothels and Deathcard parlors lay side by side the true coliseum of this station, where death sentenced scum of galactic society are sent to either meet their violent ends or to profit from it. Without exception to the death.

This Heavenhell, this jewel of galaxy should have remained untarnished forever, UNTIL SPACE PIRATES AND MECHANOID ALIENS ATTACK THE STATION FROM BOTH ENDS AT ONCE!

Order is gone, help is far away it is every man/woman for themselves. Now you players WILL survive GUHRAKA!

Name: your character name...

Race: Human, Robot or Drakkar(beastmen)

Pic of character: (No irl pictures.)
Pic of character mech/power armor/ if any: (still no irl pictures.)
Gender: if any...
Age: If relevant...

Faction: If you have any allegiance, if not, the WILDS are your familia.

Special Skills:

Backstory: (if you remember it) On a desolate world full of violence and mystery, what brought you here?
Da Rulez:
1. GM and his appointed authorities are king whilst settling disputes.
2. Thou shalt not bring "gamechangers" into play as long as I breathe. (those who know this, Im looking at you.)
3. We are here to have a good time, so lets get to it.
4. PM me if anything bothers you game/setting wize.
Main points of the RP:

Both through great backstories and future actions your characters will DEFINE what the world that Hakara is
and forever will be.

Ever expanding cadre of npc characters set foot on the world alongside your characters to either aid or hinder
your goals, or just laugh sitting in the sidelines.

Techs and mechs!!!:
Technology of the old remastered and repurposed! Build an unmatched powerhouse of destruction! Or strive to be that
powerhouse yourself!

Factions: Instead of the players being clumped together, your characters will follow their ideals to whichever
faction suits their goals and needs, there WILL BE BLOOD.... Or atleast some strong words and mech duels.

[More on the way, with meaningful details.]

[REX] Commander Raka: "Red scaled terror glances the turqoise sphere below his feet, the enymy is sure of their uprising
whilst their mines run dry and seas are bereft of bounty. Orders my liege? "Withold the mercy of obliteration. Send the Dragoons."

[BC] Secretary#5: "Wilds you say?" "Few dozen, with salvaged wargear to boot." "And?" "Wha? the?" "Daft are you?
fresh mercenaries are so soft. Drop the centurion." "NO! You are insane, that thing is for settling wars!"
"This might not be a war to you, but to Blackwood company..." "NO NO NO!" "Goodbye mister mercenary, he is coming for you."

[CORTEX] Gunhead: "And I was merciful to you..." "Dont do it! Don Bend is wrong! This city is built on a back of merciful colossus
I plead you, dont do this kind soldier." "Video evidence proves you promoting pro-human mentality, and guiding their troops via
radio. Thank you, for disproving my mercy." "C-c-curse you gunhead! CURSE YOUR CP""**KABOOOOOW**...
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