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How unfortunate. It seems that I'll have to shut this idea down for the time being due to the lack of progress we have gotten.
Always looking for more players!
Bumping because we are still open for and looking for more applicants!
@Tenebous one more thing. Can you describe briefly geography of continent?

Hmm, for the most part the known lands of Peus has a large amount rolling hills and scattered mountains, there are a few spots between them with plains and forests as well. The Broken Coast, where Jorn is located, is the Southern most edge of the known. In the past of Peus, other lands were accessible from the primary continent however the rise of the Black Sun caused large chasms to form and separate much of the known lands of Aeurius' time.

As for anything specific, I leave that up to the players if they so wish. Just know that much of the land is similar in temperament to Middle European countries.
Always open for more players!
@k4azis Beasts are very common though most are small things such as dire wolves, imps, goblins and the like there are much more dangerous creatures which roam through Peus. They are daily occurrence in most villages and, as such, most small farming towns have palisades and their own guard regiments provided by the kingdom or God who rules them. Even in Jorn the farming and woodland villages supported by the city are reinforced with magic from Amari.

As for magic and magic items, for the most part most small communities have at least one or two Aether Touched in them. The most accurate counting of the occurrence of an Aether Touched is about 1 in 50 people. A city such as Jorn is, however, an outlier with a large amount of Aether Touched (recent census ringing in at 300 with 80 aligned with the Scarlet Flame). Magic items, on the other hand, are rather rare. While anybody can use a magic item, it requires a being with a strong connection to the Aether to create one. It takes years of training to infuse an object with the essence of Aether and, even then, most would lose power over time. However relics exist from Aeurius' time throughout the world which have yet to lose any power, some held by the Pantheon and some lost to cities swallowed by the earth.

The sheet has no limit on skills and talents and the like however it does need to be balanced. Characters are not expected to be some grand adventurer who have killed a drake or giant.
@ProfessorLambo@Warbozz I am fine with that idea as, yes, not all characters will be Aether Touched. Aether Touched his simply a comdition to become a Mage of sorts in Peus.

@CaptainMarvel No race is strictly off bound as long as it is something reasonable. A half giant would likely never exist nor ever survive to adulthood. Magic is something different. An anima is the form one's connection to thr Aether takes upon taking control from it. Spells draw upon the Anima and its connection for energy however the caster will suffer if they are inexperienced or untrained and use something too strong. A major downside of being connected to the Aether with an Anima is the physical drain it takes on the caster.

However, anything is possible with the power of the Aether. An Aether Touched could become like a God if they found the right books to learn from or teacher.
Of course, all are welcome to apply however I'll be accepting a group of six for the time being. If any more apply once the group is filled, accepted characters will be place in reserve for future use amd may very well join at a later point. It is not first come, first server of course. All sheets will be processed according to how I believe the characters will interact, the quality, and whether I believe they'll make the story more interesting.
Ah yes, forgot to mention that I have put it in the Character's Tab for separation from main lore. @Paradoxial
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