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Unfortunately, it seems that this idea has died. Thank you all who have taken the time to try and keep this alive for the meantime.
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@GrizzTheMauler Looks good, feel free to move him over.
Sounds like a good time. Well, not for the common people but hey.
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”Collateral? Well, we’d rather you keep any deaths to Hive members or those who are armed. If you run into any resistance from the civilian population, try to remain non-lethal. It would be bad for our stocks if people associated their deaths with Lotus.” Victor stood up from his chair and walked over to the windows of the tall tower. The sun had almost fully set by their point and the chrome skyline glinted in its rosy glow even as neon lights flickered on. His pager dinged and woke him from his distracted state before he looked over to his two employees. ”Your rides are down in the garage as we speak. Feel free to ask them any more questions as needed. I look forward to the completion of our missions.”

Silent. The dock was near completely silent in the early dusk of the city. No workers or security had stayed late and, even then, few would’ve been seen at the port nearest to the Slums. Through the silence a dull hum could be heard coming from the warehouse near the two operatives. Though it seemed liked a normal building at a distance, up close there were minor details one would normally miss. Much of the building had seemingly been reinforced with more sheet metal then usual, its door seemingly thick plated steel rather than a light alloy, and a new code lock placed where the old ones had been.

No city maintenance would’ve performed such upgrades nor could most of the gangs have done so quietly without paying off the guards. However, none of that mattered to the decker and merc as the night fell. All that mattered was that they get in, get the information, and get out.
Ah, yes. I hadn't noticed the posts in this once. I do have an OOC up here for those still interested:…
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I'll start work on a post for Sam and Weiland tonight and it should be posted before the end of my day or early next day. I look forward to seeing him finished, @GrizzTheMauler.
Yes, we are always open for more friends. @seriousarmour The OOC is posted up above if you wish to head over and submit more there.
”Wonderful,” Victor said with a smile as he tapped a few keys on the computer near to him. With a brief flash the monitor showed a basic layout of the Slums, aptly named District 22, and its surrounding areas. The layout then appeared on the wall of windows opposite of it as Victor turned towards Weiland and Sam. ”As you can see, the red spots on this map are hotspots of activity within District 22 where we believe information trading has been going on. Our undercover operations in the area have allowed us to track down most of these spots as being under the control of a gang called ‘Hive’” Victor quickly tapped on the computer a few more times and the image changed to that of one of the locations.

”We recently managed to get an meeting with one such broker at an apartment just outside of our controlled territory. Unfortunately, we are unable to send any of our undercover ops or other forces due to them likely knowing of their connection to Lotus. You,” Victor said with a brief motion towards Weiland, ”Are thus perfect for this mission. As you have never been stationed in Lotus City or directly associated with Lotus itself, you are the perfect person to meet the informant. You are to attempt to get whatever information the broker has on Lotus and, if possible, the broker himself back to us. Victor briefly looked over the layout of the District and sighed. ”We’d prefer him alive mind you.”

The blue light of the map blinked out and Victor took a seat in the leather chair near the desk before looking at Sam. ”As for Sam, she’ll provide you with backup if things go wrong and will meet you at our covert ops station once your mission is down. Her main mission, however, will be to handle a raid on one of Hive’s dens on the edge of District 22 with our Security Forces. Sam and the Security will try to handle it as quickly as possible and should provide you enough of a distraction to not be overwhelmed by Hive should you need to use violence, Weiland.

Victor briefly tapped on the computer’s keys for a few seconds before turning to both of them. ”As of right now, you have been paid 50,000 credits Weiland. Use it as you wish. Your pay will be 25,000 more with a bonus based on the value of the information you retrieve. As for you Sam, you are officially appointed as a Sergeant for Corp Sec, act well and fully in your capacity and capture as many members of Hive as possible. A car will take you both to where you need to go and information will be provided further with your liaisons in the District.”

”Good, I knew you’d understand Bishop,” Yuri whispered to one of his guards and the man stepped out and led Fixer off to a different room. Yuri simply watched as the man went out and then sighed. ”That elf always gave me the creeps. Anyway, you’ll be paid about 100,000 credits if the mission is successful. If not, well you’ll probably be dead or I will and either way you wouldn’t get paid. So make sure not to fail.” Yuri stood and guided Bishop and his crew into a small meeting room behind the bar, making sure to take a bottle of vodka with him and place it near Bishop’s side of the table before he sat down.

”You see, I’ve got word that Lotus is making moves against a gang in the area, Hive, and they are going to cause quite a commotion. Gangs all throughout the slums will be moving to strike them while they are down. And that is where you come in. See Bishop, we’ve got contacts with a Decker and we need you to meet up with them and keep them safe,” Yuri pulled up a small tablet and slid it over to Bishop. The tablet displayed the layout of a warehouse on the Docks and some… unusual inconsistencies with the structure. ”A broker sold us this information and there are things with this warehouse that are off. If my hunch is right, there are things stored here that I want. The Decker is to hack you into the building and get into the mainframe, you are to protect her while she gets what we want. If anybody comes in, you kill them. Corp, Gang, I don’t care. Put a bullet in their heads.

Yuri rolled over a small comms transmitter to Bishop and tapped his own. ”Once you’ve got the information, take whatever you want from the building. I’m sure they’ve got some nice guns or armor stored there. You’ll alert us when done and a car will drive you outta there. Understand?

The black forum board flickered across the Decker’s screen, nothing more than a entry way into the DarkNet but nevertheless a step into the world of illegal jobs beyond. Most were small missions barely paying out 20,000 credits. Steal some man’s information, get the security footage of an affair, the usual kind of small jobs one would expect. Some jobs were more dangerous. Hack into the database of a cam for a gang, fuck up the guidance system of someone’s car, all looking to kill someone or steal someone’s shit. Then there was one job which stood out among all of them.

A gang needed a Decker for a run to steal some information from a rival and they were paying heavily. A solid 100,000 credits for a simple hack and run. The catch being that the operation would be during some sort of chaos in the Slums and all gangs would be active. It was dangerous but 100,000 credits could very well pay for an upgrade to one’s deck. All it required was meeting the muscle in the Docks and getting out without causing too much trouble. A solid job. An easy job for a Decker of her skill.
@MarsAdept I'll be writing her in with some interaction with one of the characters.
@MarsAdept Looks good, feel free to move her over.
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