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Well, my car flipped twice over, caved in the passenger side, and is totaled. EMT told me I was lucky to survive the crash. Even luckier to be barely injured.
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The forest was silent all throughout the pair’s trek towards Jhorm, no sound of birds nor sighting of fleeting animal life. It was as if the forest itself had been totally drained of life and all that remained was its frozen remains. Even as Nara reached out with her senses to feel Nature, she found nothing more than the trees and a few distant pulses of birds flying overhead. Before the shriek had pierced her mind Nara had never thought as to use her druidic powers to feel the world around. She had been unguarded and mentally shaken afterwards but with it came the realization that she is no longer in a game, her powers are that of a Druid and she must act like it.

Though, even as she tested her abilities she noted that her connection to this natural world was minor compared to what it could be; perhaps a side effect of being so new to it. Nara’s mind was not sharp enough in this world to completely sense everything around her it came in pulses. However, her attempts to understand this feature had to be put on hold as the advanced down the mountains. Her focus was put towards their movement into the boundaries of Jhorm, the forest thinning as the few buildings stood in the clearing. There seemed to be few people in this town, only two people in the near barren fields and a bandaged man who approached them.

It took Nara a minute to take in the sight of the ‘village’ if it could even be called that and answer the man’s question. ”I am Nara and this is my friend Iva,” Nara said with a motion and minor bow to the man, ”We come from the forest above and were motioned here by a troll after we mistakenly wandered into its territory. We came here hoping you could tell us about this region or, by chance, point us in the direction of someone who could.” Though Nara’s voice conveyed an inherent friendliness, even being so kind as to bow the man during her statement, her face betrayed that it was all merely formality. It was quite possible that the man would view a couple of strangers wondering into the town in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere. While they could no doubt get information from him another way, Nara rather wished to not force it out.

However, Nara’s brief pause in thought was interrupted as she realized that, perhaps, they too had felt the shriek from the mountains or at least seen the fleeing wildlife. ”Also, did you by chance hear a monster’s shriek? If so, do you know what creature would make such a noise that could cause even a troll to run in terror? I wish to know what being could make a forest totally barren with such little effort.” Nara’s voice was less friendly than before and her expression more serious as she looked up at the man. Hopefully he knew what creature could perform such a strong mental attack that not even Iva was able to fully withstand it.


Even as the troll answered Nara’s question, there grew a mild annoyance in the back of her mind that she had to wait for his responses. The mention of the human village, Jhorm, and that their current location was a place called Devil’s Spine simply confused her. There were no such places in Yggdrasil and it was unlikely that they had somehow changed during their shift to their new reality. However, before she could even mark notice of the foreign names or even the mention of the ‘Grendel’, Nara felt the wind shift and the forest itself emanate fear. Whatever was coming was coming quick and gave Nara no time to ready a resistance.

The very world itself seemed to shrink away as a ripple spread through her body; a crippling pain arching through her in the process. Her vision narrowed and she fell to her knees even as the horrid sound trailed off into silence. Though her existence in the land had been short, Nara could tell that her connection to Nature had already begun once again as the forest ‘spoke’ to her. Through it she felt the residual echoes of the whine; the innate fear that the creatures in the forest had felt, even the death of a couple who acted on the fear and killed each other. Nara had failed to steel her mind and the effects of it took her more than few minutes to shake off.

Even as Iva nudged her, Nara barely moved as her body felt burdened by the effects of the mental attack. ”I- I’ll be fine. That… fucking whatever caused that is not something the forest likes. I can feel the fear that it caused… several times over from the few creatures near here. We need to go,” Nara looked up at Iva and stood slowly, using her friend as a crutch in the process. Their only options were to head towards the human village, Jhorm, and hope there was some semblance of safety there. Though, Nara heavily doubted it considering the way she looked.

”We should head for Jhorm just at that troll said. Find out more about this place, about whatever the fuck caused that. More importantly I feel we should get as far away from here as possible,” Nara paused as she looked at her friend and then her own hands, ”Though I might not be welcome there considering how I am now.” It was strange that Nara had so easily come to terms with the way she was though she had a nagging feeling that it wouldn't’t quite be the same as in Yggdrasil. One couldn’t just walk into a village anymore as green creature and expect to be given a quest.
I'll have a post up sometime today or tomorrow. As far as the sheets go, I believe it is better left to the GM to handle the approval of the sheets.
Posted once more. Wasn't sure how much time passed between our event and the Nightmare event so I took some liberty in asking the troll some questions. Hopefully it won't be too much of a problem.
Fateful Meeting


”Ah my dear Iva, it truly is you,” Nara said as she gave her friend a brief hug, ”I am unsure where we are but I am sure that this forest feels… foreign. It is not one I had ever set foot in when in Yggdrasil. However I am certain that wherever we are now seems to be our reality now.” Nara noted faux smile Iva had performed with before her, chuckling a little at the implication of a creature like her smiling. She felt silence take hold of the forest once more as they stood together. ”We may be in a different world however I doubt we are alone. After all, you are here and there is probably someone out there some-”

Nara’s words were cut off by the rumbling of the ground and grinding of stone, hopping back with Iva beside her and briefly readying herself to cast a spell. From the ground rose a large creature though calling it a creature might as well have been an insult to Nature as it seemed more akin to the ground that a beast. The crunching of the being’s stone body broke the silence in its wake as it looked between the two. For whatever reason it seemed to be hesitating however it did not seem intent on fighting them at the moment. Nara relaxed her body even as it briefly spoke, catching itself as it almost called them humans.

Even as the being questioned Nara as to what she was, she couldn’t help but chuckle and smile at it. It was as funny sight to see a talking boulder let alone one that took a while to note she wasn’t human. ”Not human, no. Not quite a beast or troll like you either. I am a Dryad, a creature of the forests like you. My name is Nara,” She said with a slight bow before turning to Iva, ”And this is my friend Iva. We seem to have gotten lost and didn’t intend to travel into your lands uninvited.” Nara took a moment to take in the sight of the troll before her and assess whether the creature was likely to be a hassle to fight.

Of course, such a creature was likely no match for a Druid of her skill nor a caster as strong as Iva let alone the two of them together. However, this was sa prime chance for the pair to gain information from the troll and establish themselves in this new world. ”By chance, would you be willing to tell us where we are exactly or, at the very least, point us in the nearest direction of a town?”
And posted.
Sleepless Nights

Nara was Taylor’s second character in YGGDRASIL, the first having been wiped after a few hours of playing. It was in Nara that she had the most fun, playing as a Druid who’s methods for protecting nature were never quite good. She had spent countless hours every week playing her dryad, even going so far as to stay up a few nights out of the week to grind up levels or hang out with some friends. Yet, when the last week of YGGDRASIL came there was very little time for Taylor to even log on to the game, let alone spend hours in game. Finals were coming up and she needed to study while her job had been short staffed for almost a month with vacations popping up across the board. She was determined, however, to be there in the last hours of the game even if she did nothing more than wander around.

When the day came for YGGDRASIL to close, Taylor had asked every coworker to take her night shift or to a least come in to finish the shift for her. As was always the case, there was nobody willing to take the shift for her and she was left at work till almost ten at night. Taylor didn’t even hesitate on hopping on YGGDRASIL when she got home and even ignored the fact that she hadn’t eaten yet. Nara was, in that moment, more important to her than anything in the real world.

YGGDRASIL was exactly as she expected it to be, empty with few players wandering around in the final hours of the game. Some kept logging off, presumably to work or head off to sleep since it would be getting late however Taylor had no intention on logging off. Not until she and Nara had said their final goodbye at least. Nara traveled through the forests of the map, even taking to the some of the cities to relish in the majesty of the game she once played. The time for the end was quickly approaching but the lack of sleep had been catching up to Taylor. It felt like time was passing slowly and, in the last moment, she could swear that it had struck midnight.

Yet, it was cold. Bitterly cold and the stiff air felt like it was biting at her. Had she left her window open on accident? She stood up from her sitting position and, in doing so, snapped to what felt like reality. Her legs were not cold yet, upon looking down, she noted that they were green and surrounded by soft white hair. ”No, this is one weird dream. I swear I was in the plains just a moment ago. I must have passed out and auto pathed into the mountains” She spoke out loud, mostly hoping that whatever was going on was just a figment of her imagination. None of this could truly be real.

At least, she hoped it wasn’t real. Nara walked slowly through the snow, the cold biting into her with every step and the realization slowly sinking in. VRMMO tech was good but it was nowhere near good enough to feel like this and there was no way she could actually have gotten in the mountains on her own. There was really only one way to check, to smile and see if responded. Sure enough, her face twitched and shifted to a smile as her hands felt for a reaction. ”That, that isn’t normal. But, if I’m in here then how did I get here?”

The mountains around Nara were vast and yet, when she looked behind her, she saw a mist in the distance. Below her was a lush forest and she felt a natural attraction to the place, whether this was due to her being a Dryad or simply the fact that the forest was likely warmer than the mountain was hard to tell. However she let the attraction carry her down and to the safety of the woods. The reality of her situation slowly sank in, the realization that she’d miss finals, her brother’s birthdays, even work the next day slowly seeping in. Yet she felt no anxiety from it, no worry or annoyance. Rather, she felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders, that she was finally free to be as she wishes.

It took a while for Nara to reach the forest however, once there, she felt more at ease than ever before and embraced the cool wind blowing through the needles of the trees. Yet, something was off. She could hear a sound in the distance quite like something crashing high above. Though the direction of the sound was obscured by its echo across the area, Nara trusted in her instincts to lead her towards whatever it was that had happened. ”Cloak of Leaves, Activate.” The words slipped out of Nara’s mouth on reflex, stealthing herself and blending into the surrounding forest so as to avoid conflict with whatever or whoever caused the noise.

Yet, as Nara continued along through the forest she did not hear any recurrence of the sound nor did she hear any voices. Rather, it all felt too silent and too empty. Surely something had to be alive in the forest to cause what she heard. It wasn’t long before she spotted… a person floating through the air. Sure enough, as she grew closer Nara grew more sure that she had seen her somewhere before yet she couldn’t quite put a finger on it. At least, not until the girl’s visage seemed to flicker for a brief moment.Ah, so I’m not alone after all. Thank the Gods.

”Cloak disengage,” Nara said quietly as she faded out of stealth, ”Did you parents not teach you to fear the Woods at this time of day child? Or have you just come to greet an old friend, Iva?


I will have my post up tonight after I'm home from working. (About 8-9 hours from now.) Also, I had a post on the last page the I require your approval for. It is just about two items and a spell being added to Nara's list.
@Mag Lev
Well awesome

Any particulars you want to work out? And feel free to notice/do something with Iva in your post if you want.

Well, Taylor would've played the game rather often most of the time, hitting about 30-40 hours a week in the game even if it is at the cost of sleep. It is possible that Iva and Nara met from the time to time while questing or doing in game events. Nara definitely would've wanted to get to know her as she is naturally curious of people. Perhaps they became friends because Nara is one of the few people who don't view her normal form as disgusting? All creatures are valued by Nature, after all.
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Want them to already be acquainted in the game & have them run into each other in the new world then?

It'd seem more fitting that way, sure.
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