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2 days ago
Current It is the giving season my people, as such I shall be giving away free games from Humble Bundle. Be here around 6pm CST and I'll drop a link to a discord made just for it.
5 mos ago
Well, my car flipped twice over, caved in the passenger side, and is totaled. EMT told me I was lucky to survive the crash. Even luckier to be barely injured.
1 yr ago
Remember kids, be Fonz Cool.


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I'll express my interest in this. Always loved steampunk.
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Color test

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Interested in being a Mage.

For the purpose of this RP and since communication is key for designing a character, I'm normally on late at night so 11pm-4am CST. I work 6 days a week and the time before that is time I'm working or getting ready for work so it'll be impossible to reach me at that time. Normally off on Fridays so on that time I'd be awake from Noon to 4am CST.
Sadly, I believe I'm going to have to drop out of this. Work has been killing my inspiration to write recently and I've taken up working on an old project of mine. Y'all can do what you want with Sia so long as you give her a good death in the end.
Sorry for not really saying anything sooner, simply haven't had the time recently. Work is picking up for me and I ended up with a schedule that put me at 6 days straight working this week and I had 2 days from the previous week leading into so I've not really been working on a sheet. I'll try and get something up in my free time but I can't say when that'll be.
I'm still here, considering my next move.

@Mag Lev How'd you like some company for Sia?

Well, she is currently in a brothel trying to get information about Fergus so if you want to take part in that then I'd be open to it.
@Mag Lev Sweet 4th down!


@Mag Lev@Blueflame@LordofthePies@Traps

Vote for casual, casual with sanity meter, or table top.

Edit: @Blueflame

I like a bit of casual with sanity though I'm up for table top.
Normally stray away from the insanity that is table top elements but this sounds like it'll be a great time.
I've been otherwise busy with work for the past few weeks. Business is picking up as we head into holiday season at the restaurant I work at so I've been working harder than usual. I'll try and get something up in the next day or so since I am off.
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