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Well, my car flipped twice over, caved in the passenger side, and is totaled. EMT told me I was lucky to survive the crash. Even luckier to be barely injured.
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Seems fun.

“Another nose bleed at work? What did you do this time, get hit in the nose by a door?” It was warm, the voice that called to her as she waited on the bench for him to reach her. Her brother, Marcus, had always been that way since she met him almost a year ago. He always acted as if they knew each other all their life, though she presented a cold front to him for the first month. The truth was that she had no idea how to react, they shared last names and even her parents didn’t deny it when she asked. But now, now they were inseparable.

”No, I think it is just the weather or-”

“We both know that isn’t true Maria,” He said as they started to walk together, “You keep spending too much time on that game, I don’t understand what you see in it. On top of that, you keep pushing yourself by working and attending classes in the morning.” Marcus sighed and simply looked down at Maria, though she avoided eye contact with him. He had spoken the truth and there wasn’t much she could say in response, there certainly weren’t any words that came to mind at least. “You know I worry some-”

”I know but there is no need to worry. I’ve got a break from college coming up and I’ll be able to spend some time resting,” She said with a small smile, ”I can handle myself Marcus but thank you.” A long silence stretched between the two as they continued towards their apartment, something which had become routine long in the past. It wasn’t until they reached the apartment that either of them spoke. ”I’ll eat after I’m done playing so you won’t need to make an extra plate for me. If you do, please wrap it up this time.”


Maria didn’t quite like the sensation of the the VR headset or, at least, hadn’t gotten use to it even though she’d been playing WEO for almost half a year. It certainly didn’t help that her hair was still wet from her shower, another routine she had started since spending hours playing the game. However, it didn’t take long for the sensation to fade and she was patched into the game, finding herself standing in the field she’d left Zeira at. As was the custom, she took a few swings of her staff before sighing and looking at her teleport book.

There wasn’t much for Zeira to do in game, at least not much that she would consider to be overly fun in the long run. However, all thought left her mind as she noticed a seemingly empty spot in her book. It was as if there was no name for the teleport yet… it still existed like it was a ghost. Her natural curiosity took over as she instantly pressed into the teleport and appeared in a white expanse with a red gate and a weird bunny maid. Several others were there too, though none she recognized right off the bat.

Her line of thought was interrupted quickly as the maid started to speak. The bunny was named Frika and, though she gave the usual spiel about content that most main quest NPCs did, she felt as if there was more energy in her words, more hype than Neira had come to expect out of the NPCs of WEO. It was no surprise that the EULA appeared before them, as it had many times in the past, and Neira simply flicked yes and looked at the gate.

”Man, this is some crazy shit. I didn’t expect to come online and see something like this,” She said as she walked towards the gate. It was odd that such a structure was in WEO, especially since it was so different than what the rest of the game had been like. ”Can we like, come back to the original game if we go through this gate? Like, I’m not going to be locked into this campaign till I finish it, right?” Zeira turned towards Frika, though she was behind her at this point, and watched the others interact.
I'll express interest.

The smell of smoke and blood which hung in the air was disgusting, though it might have also been the mix of urine and shit which was most prominent among the smells. The crowd gathered around kept on partying as a man slowly bled out around them, Spades watching as one of the grunts dragged him away. Most of them were took high or smart enough to know not to say anything, after all they could end up just like the poor fucker. The blue and pink lights kept flashing even as the splatter of blood coated them, the drinks kept coming, and Spades, well he did his job. The idiot who became a corpse was filching money, decided to keep a bit on the side rather than paying to his wonderful overlords.

And it was Spades job to take care of him, of course Jun may have meant in a more peaceful way since this meant they’d take a hit in having to get a new seller for the area. However, the cocky little shit wanted to believe he was hot shit so it was in Spades best interest to make him feel like hot shit. Feel was a loose word in this case since the idiot didn’t feel much after the hot lead tore through his head and left a mess on the ceiling. “Let’s get the fuck outta here boys, I’d rather get this shit’s blood off me and the smell of piss is only making it worse.” Spades turned as his two underlings, some low level grunts named Thomas and Ero, wandered towards the exit.

13 was always a hell hole of a place to be in, low class and poor fuckers everywhere, but also the perfect place for SinDicate to took root in. People needed a bit of organization in the chaos of the slums and, well, SinDicate was ever so willing to be their benevolent overlords. Of course, the small times fuckers in the area didn’t really like SinDicate being all feely-feely with their money but they fed them drugs and kept them safe, a fair trade since a twitcher could easily put a bullet in your head. Or, maybe they prefer to have EPA take ‘em on a date. But Spades was only in the hell of a district because it was business. It was all business, even if it meant killing someone.

He could barely hide the disgust as he walked through the streets, a few people here and there practically shitting themselves as they twitched out on drugs. The whole district wasn’t exactly a shit hole but places like the club, places where SinDicate was essentially the law, it was. They didn’t care about the trash on the streets or if that trash was their most recent sale, simply that the cash kept coming and the EPA kept their noses out. Luckily, both of those stayed true as long as nobody was fucking it up.

And where was Spades place in those two things? Well, Spades kept the dealers in line and occasionally brought some income in on the side, of course sometimes that meant stealing some shit from the Corps but that came with the job. It was better than being a fucking vegetable in some Corp hospital though so he had no qualms with it. However, it seemed Jun did have qualms with the way Spades had handled the last job, at least it seemed that way by the sympathetic looks of the SinDicate grunts as he walked into their club. It wasn’t until he heard the voice of Jun, obviously deep in a bottle of whiskey, from the back of the club. “Ah, Spades my good friend. We’ve got business to talk about,” He called with venom dripping from his voice.

Even drunk Jun was a sight to behold, barely even an adult and somehow the leader of SinDicate. Though, that seemed to be due to his credit as one hell of a decker, at least according to rumours. Truth likely was that Jun simply was a cold hearted bastard born and raised in District 13 who wanted to be something other than a dealer or a twitcher. “I heard you took care of Jeong for me. Very good however,” He said as he leaned forward and passed the bottle of whiskey to Spades, “It seems that I’m now out of a dealer for Jeong’s club. Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to dock a few credits from that mission but not a whole lot. You inspired fear in his men and that is good, now they know to never cross SinDicate.”

“So I hope,” Spades chimed in as he took a swing from the bottle. “To be fair, Jeong deserved it. This shit sits on his ass telling me about how the expenses have been for his ‘club’ cause of supposed damage caused by a twitcher last week but the only fucking thing in the club that looked like it was any different was his fucking hand at the shiny new ring he had.” Spades shook his head and passed the bottle to a few other people and looked over at Jun. “Either way, no hard feelings. Understandable loss about the money Jun. Now for the serious question. It has been a while since I’ve been able to really get outta here. Most of my work has been in the low districts and I want to get the hell out and see what it is like out there. So how about Jun, how about I have a bit of fun outside?”

Jun stared at the strobe light above him for a few minutes, seemingly lost in the pulsing blue and green color. “You’ll be free to leave soon but we got a big job for you, if you are willing,” Jun said with a smile as he took a swing from the bottle when offered. It was a chance for Spades to finally have time outside of District 10. But whatever they meant about a big job, he didn’t exactly have a good feeling about it.

[ "”Are you a gambling man? Yes? Good, we’re gonna play Russian Roulette. And you go first." ]

Jack ‘Spades’ Werhner

Spades isn’t exactly your average person, though that is quite obvious from the augs which riddle his entire left side. But beyond that, he is rather tall and bulky, standing at 6’4 and weighing close to 245lbs of pure muscle. His hair is kept short in a military-esque buzzcut and he prefers to keep any facial hair as a simple goatee, no mustache. Tattoos cover his body, though ending at where his augs are, and tend to depict a deck of cards.

Spades isn’t exactly what one would call a gentleman, then again some people just wouldn’t even call him a man anymore, though that hardly bothers him. His job is violence and he is damn good at, especially enjoys it too which just makes that another plus. It is rare to find Spades having an actual conversation with someone that isn’t focused on how good their sidearm is, how many kills they have, or what their latest job was like. Though, really, it is rare to see him actually talk to someone unless he is fuck all hammered and seemingly oblivious to social cues.

However, social cues don’t really matter when it comes to doing a job and it definitely doesn’t matter when a EPA comes around while you’re breaking down a door. As much as Spades loves money, he also loves to not be in jail and to not be dead. Possibly one of the reasons why he is less than willing to accept an offer to be bought out of a job, though the other reason might be his debt to the people that saved his life with the augs he was given. After all, debts gotta be paid whether you are dead or in prison, though it’d be pretty hard to collect if he was dead.
Loyal Irritable Empathetic Reserved

Accessing Database:
Locating Data File: Wehrner, Jack
Status: Deceased

Jack Wehrner was born to a middle class family and was well taken care of, especially due to his Father’s position as a member of CorpSec, an occupation Jack would later take himself. His live in Europa was rather simple, he attended school and did as he was told, he played with the other children. However, at age 5 his Father died in the second war between EuroCorp and Korporat, an event which soon caused much turmoil in his life. After the death of his Father, Jack’s Mother took to heavily drinking and abusing drugs. She sought work in unsavory parts of town and they had to abandon their apartment for a shitty slum apartment so that they could afford rent. Though, this did not mean Jack was any better off for it.

Soon after taking up residence in the slums, Jack was forced to work for pennies with his Mother at the back-alley restaurant. His education was abruptly put on halt, only attending schooling a few hours every night and even though only receiving basic education. There were many times with the young Jack and his Mother were faced with either losing their home or starving, neither options being ones either wanted to take. However, as Jack grew older, he soon found himself facing a plethora of jobs available to him.

Over the course of his teen years, Jack worked odd jobs and helped him Mother out as much as he could, though he secretly kept his mind focused on his one and only goal. Jack wanted to be a member of CorpSec, even if it was EuroCorp’s fault that his Father died. Upon turning 18, Jack entered training to become CorpSec. He went through training not too different from that of military or a cop, though less focused on the legality of what to do with their detainees. Upon turning 19, Jack was welcomed into CorpSec as a recruit.

Jack’s service was uneventful. Jack service ended abruptly due to a gas leak related explosion which resulted in his death.

Encrypted Data Detected, Decrypt?:


Jack Wehrner was severely injured during combat with data jackers in one of the labs. A makeshift grenade had been thrown at him, likely with the intent to kill, however his training had allowed him to dodge away from the majority of the explosion. However, the shrapnel from the explosion shredded the left of his body and he was forced into a medically induced coma until his CorpSec Captain could make a decision.
Wehrner was subsequently discharged and left in the hospital, his wounds healed however extremely crippled and requiring life support due to damage to his lungs, heart, stomach, and other vital organs. He is to be pronounced as dead and his Mother, widow of Gerald Wehrner, is to be paid for her loss.

End Doc

Accessing Criminal Files
Subject: Spades

In the March of 2993 an individual was noted appearing in areas of District 14 where heavy gang violence was noticed, though he showed no signs of involvement in the violence at the time. It is assumed that this was the first appearance of the subject of this document, Spades, and the beginning of his involvement with the gang known as SinDicate. Spades soon resurfaced after EPA officers [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] responded to a call of intense gunfire on the fringes of District 14, upon arriving they found the criminal fleeing the scene with a two others.

Civilians in the area recounted how Spades and four others had approached a small gang, local to District 14, and demanded that they join SinDicate or die. The gang supposedly laughed it off calling Spades a ‘Tinman hunk of junk who’ll be better as scrap than a dog for SinDicate’. Spades repeated himself to which the leader of the rival gang responded by attempting to stab him. The events which happened afterwards were what the officers arrived to, the entire other rival gang brutally murdered and only one member of SinDicate killed.

Little was heard of Spades until he surfaced once again during the riots of ‘94, though seemingly done so under his own reason as he was not accompanied by any members of SinDicate. It is believed that he was suspect to the injuries of several officers due to molotovs and a stabbing, though none could clearly identify him for these crimes. He once again appear towards the end of ‘94, this time in an EPA raid on a club suspected of harboring illegal augs. Upon entering the building, they were met with resistance beyond what had been suspected. After almost half an hour of fighting, EPA officers were able to take hold of the club, though with minor losses and being unable to capture any living members of SinDicate.

A mole inside SinDicate soon surfaced with information about Spades, information which proved valuable to the EPA officers tasked with keeping track and attempting to arrest him. Spades had, in fact, appeared in SinDicate in late 2992, though very crippled from an incident. At the turn of 2993, he was seen walking through SinDicate’s territory with augs where his crippled limbs were, seemingly provided to him by the ever gracious leader of SinDicate, Jun Right. Word spread that Spades was to work for SinDicate, to pay off his debt for the augs, and act as a mercenary for them.

However the mole soon disappeared, likely brutally tortured and murdered by SinDicate, not long after he met with the EPA officers [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. Afterwards, Spades activity seems to drop immensely, rarely being spotted in the streets and little being heard about his actions for SinDicate. It isn’t until late 2995 that he resurfaces on a camera feed of a corporate lab, though accompanied by three others. It is believed that his involvement in the datajack of [REDACTED] information was simply as muscle in case a serious fight broke out, though they only met resistance at the end of their jack due to the late response of the security systems.

Throughout the rest of ‘95 and into parts of ‘96, Spades was involved in a string of break ins to steal from several shipping depots and clinics. It is likely that the information gathered from [REDACTED] was used to track down several sources of augs and ingredients for designer drugs for SinDicate’s use. It is believed that his performance in his missions gained him the position he currently holds among his employers as an ‘Enforcer’. The information from Civilians in the area of SinDicate’s operations proved invaluable in keeping track of Spades movements, though not in his capture as many gave conflicting accounts of how activity. On top of this came the knowledge that he often traveled through the sewers so as to avoid public view and prevent tracking.

Information on Spades has been of little use in his capture, often times only being encountered by EPA officers during datajacks and thefts and always with several others. Plans are in the making to raid [REDACTED] location in an attempt to arrest him, though it is yet determined when such action will be taken. Hesitate is marked due to the strength of SinDicate and Spades worth to his employers.
Arrest Priority: High
Danger: High

Feed Interrupted

District 13

»Modified SMG with Silencer

»Blackmarket Assault Rifle with Red Dot Scope

»Blackmarket Steel alloy combat knife


Spade’s armor is a steel alloy based suit, one which mostly covers his vitals, with an interface that allows him access to various styles of camo for city environments. It is believed to have been stolen from an EPA compound and was taken off the blackmarket by Spade’s bosses, though the reality of it is probably a lot more simple. Despite its composition, its light weight and mobility focused design makes it less resistant to sustained combat, only really acting so as to stop full penetration of bullets and only able to take light rounds.

Much of Spade’s body was left shredded and near useless due to shrapnel from an explosion. As such, he was fortunate enough to be given a deal to get augs and work off the cost of their implementation.

» Cybernetic Heart and Lung
Due to the shrapnel, Spade’s left lung was left completely useless and his heart with shrapnel stuck into a portion. His new heart and lung function much the same as the original organs. The most major difference is that he has a much greater stamina and tires less often than usual.

» Left Arm and Leg
Perhaps the most needed of his augmentations was the one to his arm and leg, both of which had been left near useless due to burn damage and shrapnel tearing up tendons and muscles. Spade’s left arm and leg are both high quality augs made from a steel base polymer, though maintaining a light design, and improve his lifting capacity and stability by quite a bit. Shock absorbers installed into his left arm allow him to fire more accurately and his left leg allows him to run for longer. Though, their quality is also the main reason he is so heavily in debt to his saviours.

» Audio Feed Left Eye
A heavily unneeded augmentation but one which was put in for… security purposes. His left eye is exactly like his other eye but can be switched on so as to record everything Spades sees, the purpose of which is to make sure he completes his jobs exactly as detailed and doesn’t keep things hidden from his bosses. Once his mission is over, they may access the datastore implanted next to it and upload it for review. Only a few people have access to the activation code for it and, as such, Spades cannot turn it off himself. It is, however, turned off whenever he is not out on a work.

𝙰𝚌𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚝 𝙱𝚊𝚕𝚊𝚗𝚌𝚎:
Spades only really has a few hundred credits to his name, mostly due to the debt which he has been paying off to his saviours. Almost 80% of his pay goes directly to his boss.

» 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙵𝚞𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝙽𝚘𝚠
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