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Kuri listened with diminishing curiosity as Lunearo recounted his story. Honestly, he was more intimidating before he started talking. He was a lot more... open than she had expected him to be, seemingly untroubled even as he went into detail about what she would assume to have been a pretty traumatic experience. Well, if he was fine with his mask-face, then all the better for him.

"And don't call me 'dude'. I am a Necromancer, not your roundabout human tower apprentice. I am Lunearo, the Grave-Keeper. I have no other names nor titles."

The girl barely managed to conceal an eye roll. She had met plenty of old mages like him back at The Imperium--those who thought that the more restricted a type of magic was, the more powerful its users were. Her interest in him satisfied, she gave a joking and somewhat sarcastic salute, then turned her attention to the merchants.

Wargs? Kuri was more than a little disappointed. She had come along expecting something more exciting than just forest beasts. True, the whole scene with the stag and the warg was a bit weird, but it wasn't that big of a deal. This mission was turning out to be a bit of a bore, in her opinion. The only amusement she gained was from the little outburst shown by one of the returning men--inner conflict was always fun to watch. Taking Einarr's departure as a sort of dismissal, she gave a small wave to Aelsu. "I'm gonna go check out what they have."

She strode a couple steps into the camp, then stopped. After rummaging around in her pocket for a second, she pulled out the ring she had stolen--uh, borrowed--from the Captain's tent, and slipped it onto her finger. Turning her hand, Kuri took a moment to admire the way the sunlight bounced off the white gem, then stuffed both her hands in her pockets and continued walking. Captain Vaughn wouldn't find out if she just wore it for a while.

Turning a corner, Kuri saw the loud scout from earlier come out of what seemed to be the medical tent, muttering to himself. With nothing better to do, she decided to follow him; he seemed like the type to be involved with exciting things. Quietly, she walked behind him, making sure to stick to the shadows--she definitely did not fit in with the look these merchants had, and didn't want to stick out too much just in case. The scout stopped in front of a smaller tent, looking around the area before ducking inside.

Hmm. Was there something going on? Kuri moved to crouch behind a stack of boxes next to the small shelter, curiously listening in. Whatever it was, it would probably be useful to get some more information about what was going on with the other merchants.

Kuri stepped forward with a grin, tossing the pouch into the air once and then stuffing it into her pocket. “Aye-aye Captain,” she said playfully, “We’ll make sure to be on our best behaviour!

Turning around, she quickly considered her options: dwarves, a sick prince, or merchants and monsters. Honestly, she wasn’t too interested in dwarven politics, and while Restoration magic seemed pretty cool, she’d rather check out what was happening with the traders, and maybe even pick up a couple knick-knacks along the way.

Kuri. Stay out of trouble. I’m going to find these monsters.

Waitwaitwaitwait,” Kuri started, jogging after Aelsu, “I’m coming too!” Not wanting to be left behind, she hurriedly caught up to her armoured friend and joined the group. Cheerfully, she greeted Einarr; while they hadn’t talked much on the journey, he seemed nice enough during their brief introductions on the ship.

She turned to Lunearo as Einarr spoke to the merchants. “So, uh- dude,” she began, “What’s up with the whole mask thing? If you don’t mind me asking, that is.

At first, the voyage had been enjoyable.

The thrill of being on a boat for the first time and the promise of soon being able to explore a completely new land was exhilarating to say the least, and Kuri spent as much of her time above decks as possible. The shackles were just a minor inconvenience to the light-hearted half-elf, who took advantage of the group's uninterrupted time together to get to know more of her newfound companions. After a while, however, the repetitiveness of the days that went by, the blandness of the food that worsened every meal, not to mention the retching sounds that seemed to constantly be coming from below deck, wore down even her.

When they finally arrived, the normally cheerful young woman was happy to quietly enjoy the feeling of solid ground under her feet, barely registering the words of the Lieutenant and the angry jeers and shouts of the crowd that had gathered. It was, after all, simply a louder display of the same disgust and rejection she had experienced for years as a child in the Imperium. As they were walked through their new home, she curiously looked around at her surroundings, old habits making her quickly take note of different pathways and shortcuts between the small tents.

The Captain was much younger than she had expected, and while she was intrigued at first, she soon became distracted by the glint of a small ring laying on the table next to a stack of books. While the others were distracted by the masked man, Kuri quickly pocketed the piece of jewellery and stepped back to join the line. Something about the ring was strangely compelling—she was sure that she would find a use for it.

She grinned when it was her turn to speak. “Sure, Captain! Nice to meet-cha.

Kuri simply listened as her companions asked about their purpose here; honestly, she couldn't bring herself to care much. Haev was a big city full of new adventures, and she just wanted to explore as much of it as possible. "Redemption" could wait.
@Mag LevForgot to ask earlier, but what are your posting expectations?
@LuckyOf course-- I was thinking of changing it anyways. Electromancy goes better with her backstory, I think :p

Also, I'm a huge fan of the artist who drew the picture you used. Guweiz, right? They're so talented!
@LuckyChanged my character a bit to balance it out more.

Ignore the picture, I guess.

Just wanted to get this up as soon as possible. I'll probably go over it again later, but let me know what you think!

@Mag Lev Great, thanks!

And what are your thoughts on animal companions? Nothing magical, just like a dog or something.
Quick question while I'm fleshing out my character -- are there any particular places where different races congregate? Is there an East Asian-esque culture anywhere in this world?
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