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One more week until GenCon!
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What a beautiful day to discover what nonsensical shenanigans my PCs will get themselves into. <3
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One does not appreciate how much sin can be simply covered up until you find yourself hiding your busted-ass cake under layers of frosting.
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TFW a party member gets themself killed obsessively trying to harvest just one more vial of brown mold while they were the only one on watch at night. <_<


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If one would happen to pass near a window on their way down to the common room of the inn, they might notice the unusual flurry of activity going on outside at this time of night/morning. Quite a few lit torches can be seen in the distance marking the watchtowers spaced along the pallisade and several of Xolkin's band can be seen hurrying across the town square, with torches in hand and weapons drawn.

In the main common room, Xolkin and Kella stand around a small table on a patch of floor cleared of the wreckage wrought by a boulder that had punched through the ceiling and destroyed a number of the larger tables in the room during the prior attack. On the table is a very crudely sketched map of the town that Kella is in the process of making marks upon even as she continues her conversation with Xolkin. "...was built to be able to fight off most dangers native to the untamed hills. I can't see this being any worse that having to repel a raid by the elves of Ardeep forest."

"That would be a reassuring thought if I had already consolidated power here, gotten a proper garrison trained and moved into the keep itself but for now it stands alone and empty across a broken bridge and the men with me are hardly better than-" Looking up from the map, he sees the party as they begin to make their way downstairs. Grinning , he makes a broad gesture as he addresses them. "Up so early? Why, the sun hasn't even risen! But I'd be more than happy to put a few of my newest supporters to work if that's what you wish. I'd offer you a proper breakfast, but it seems those miserable goblins ransacked the kitchens. Trail rations will have to do I'm afraid."
A peaceful night of sleep is what you are angling for and a peaceful night of sleep is what you get! Congratulations, none of you is murdered while you slumber! The last thing you would have seen before turning in for the night would be this merry band of bandits raising the drawbridge to the town and arguing among one another as to who got what watch during the night While Kella and Xolkin confer.

A good thing you all didn't do the same and waste precious hours deciding who would do what and when, since you are awakened at the tail end of your rest by the voice of Captain Alassandar bellowing from the main entrance to the tavern. "Oye, ya lazy fools, grab those weapons of yours we were so kind as to let you hang onto. There's a warband coming at us from the north. At least fifty or so orcs my men tell me, though we're having trouble getting an accurate count in this darkness. Regardless, they seem to be sizing up my town and will likely attack before dawn."
"Wonderful!" The captain exclaimed, clearly thrilled to have claimed ownership of an entire town for himself without having to do more than wave a sword around a bit to do so. "In that case, I would like you all to surrender your weapons for the time being- in the name of peace of course. I'm afraid tha-"

"No." Cut in Kella, not looking at either her Zhentarim allies or the caravan guards but instead peeking inside one corner of the package. She had initially taken the parcel with some mistrustful hesitance, which had abated once she got a brief look at what it contained. "They're friends. We can probably trust them far enough to not try anything overtly stupid. Let 'em keep their weapons.

"Oh. Er, alright then. I suppose if that's all settled, then be my guest." With that, he makes a broad gesture in the direction of the inn, which has clearly fallen victim to at least one boulder. Still, the building was large and sturdy, so there were likely at least a few rooms still intact. " I offer you all the hospitality my grand new town has available at the moment. If you do happen to end up running across any of my new subjects, do be so kind as to inform them of the change in management."
Jump from one carriage to the next dramatically!
The half-elf Elran, amateur entertainer and accidental paladin, shifted uncomfortably on his seat. All his armor and weaponry had been crammed in a bag that was currently pressed against his side, jostling against him every time they hit a bump in the road. Not paying attention to the darkening weather or the crazy mutterings of the man he knew basically nothing about that shared his wagon, Elran busied himself fiddlling with the lute lying across his lap, now and again giving it an experimental strum before grimacing and returning back to his tuning of the instrument.

"It's Elran. El-ran. Not El-ah-ran." He responded in rote monotone, reciting a conversation he was all too accustomed to having every single time they stopped someplace new along the road. It was as though people saw his slightly pointed ears and found the need to jam as many extra vowels into his name as possible to fit to their notion of how elven names were supposed to sound. Shaking his head as he came out of his personal reverie, he finally looked up from his intrument. "I'm sorry, that was rude, it's just-"

Realizing who had been addressing him, he gave an exasperated sigh yet grinned nonetheless- the reaction of one who realizes he's being made mock of but doesn't hold it against the instigator. After all, his companion had probably been there half the time he had found himself correcting some passing villager or shopkeep and likely knew exactly how he felt on the matter. "So, uhh, what were you saying? I'm afraid I wasn't really paying attention. Something about a blind man and a road?"

"Describe her? Why, you can see for yourself- that's the villain right before your eyes! One of you heroic folk seize her!" Declares the good captain, ripping sword from scabbard and pointing at the doorway of the inn, where a woman has emerged to examine the fresh corpse. Wearing a set of brown monk's robes, the face you can see within the drawn hood is that of a Chondathan human. In one hand she carries a loaded crossbow, while a small winged serpent coils around the other arm.

"Drop the theatrics, you thick-headed ass. The townsfolk all jumped ship when the giants attacked, this lot are all just a bunch of vagabonds that showed up later looking for plunder." She says, ignoring the exaggerated gesticulating Alassandar had been doing while she glances over the rest of his party as if making a quick head count. "And most of them are in pretty rough shape as best I can tell from what I saw of their scuffle with the goblins earlier."

"Ah. Well. If that's the case." He responds, seeming almost disappointed to have to end his charade so soon. With a sharp gesture from his left hand, the rasping sound of six more swords being drawn can be heard. "I hereby claim this town in the name of the Zhentarim. Any objections?"
ANOTHER ONE! *cheers*
Elran would prolly be hanging in the same cart as his FRIEND AND COMPANION Jester.
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