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5 days ago
Current Time to make some french toast. <3
9 days ago
That moment when you hit the image storage limit on roll20 and realize you need to delete some of the pictures of Ted Cruz that you've been putting on every map the entire campaign.
11 days ago
When it comes to my terrible singing, there is a line in the Matilda musical that always rings true: "What you know matters less than the volume with which what you don't know is expressed.".
12 days ago
Ghirardelli white chocolate cheesecake out of the oven and looking gorgeous. Time to let it chill overnight then throw together a raspberry glaze. :D
12 days ago
TFW you go to clean the cat vomit you noticed when you woke up but can't find the spot since he already ate it again.


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We are still accepting players, and anyone can feel free to start posting in the IC section. I just assumed that once a character was approved, they would start posting haha. Maybe I should have said something sooner or gave an official start. Sorry about that, I'm still sort of new to this. Anyway, whoever wants to start posting IC can just go for it! I still have a ton of ideas for this RP that I can't wait to post

Thar we go.
Pretty sure we're posting IC, though I also assume plenty of people were busy with holiday stuff. XD
In Book Game 23 hrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
"To understand who does, you have to know about the Corporate Court, the body the megacorporations created when they realized they were spending too much time solving their disputes by ravaging entire small countries."
-Shadowrun, Catalyst game labs
Unfortunately, they are all reposts of reposts of reposts of reposts of reposts...
Seems pretty neat to me. XD
Banned with an irony iron.
Fortunately, the bank robbers were the seagulls to begin with!
Banned for life
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