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Roleplay Featured: Moonbase Delta

"Put that damned thing down, kid. You'll just end up breaking it."

Terese Karstensen




Kingdom of Denmark


Assigned Wing:

Born into the lower class of Denmark, Terese's childhood had been more inclined towards work, rather than being a kid. Her family had ran a generations-old mechanic shop, and while business tended to boom due to many Danish driving older cars, government policies made it difficult for the Karstensens to stay open. Often, Terese would help her father where she could, allowing him to save a bit of extra cash rather than hiring more employees to do the work his daughter could do in a shorter amount of time. It was here where Terese would discover her love for vehicles, taking a vested interest in learning about them.

By the time Terese was an adult, she would move on to work at a local Hydrema plant. During her employment at Hydrema, Terese had been a part of the construction of several vehicles sold by the company, such as various dump trucks and other earth moving equipment. After some time working at the plant, however, life seemed to have other plans for Terese, who had been labeled as a possible candidate for Project Palace due to her lengthy mechanical background. At first, Terese had been hesitant to accept the offer presented by the company higher-ups, but after some debate, she had caved in to their wishes and signed a contract to work as a civilian contractor.

Terese is someone who tends to be stubborn as a mule, appearing hard set in her ways. Throughout her career, Terese has been molded by hard work and effort, leading to her dislike of know-it-alls, especially those that think vehicle maintenance is an easy task. While Terese doesn't believe herself to be a grouch, she tends to prefer getting the job done rather than worrying over casual small talk or making conversation with others. Such things can be a distraction, and distractions lead to breaking parts or other accidents. Breaking a useful tool or part often gets Terese riled up, much like her dad's temper, though digging through her belongings frustrates her even more.

  • Hangar keycard
  • Moon buggy keys
  • Tool belt and assorted tools


Extra Info:
Determined to be Successful

Town Bridge

Sifa was left dumbfounded. Most rich individuals would tell her to scram, yet this one took a vested interest in the foreigner.

"Well, the same as you, really." Sifa replied, scratching the back of her head. "I have been travelling for sometime, seeking to fulfill my rite of passage. Some of my people join the military, others prefer scholarly knowledge from the higher arts. Me? The open road." The foreigner attempted to explain, wondering if she made any sense at all to the man. She had yet to see similar coming of age rituals through her travels, and it wasn't unusual for Sifa to wonder if her people were truly different than any other civilization throughout the world of Payle.

"However, I've seemed to have overstayed my welcome here. I kind of forgot to save some coins for tonight's room..." Sifa jested, laughing awkwardly into the night. She had no issue with sleeping outside, yet there was an allure to sleeping in a warm bed that anyone would've likely coveted.

Roleplay Featured: Low Fantasy RP - Payle

Town Bridge

Being so easily tempted is quite the bane.

It had been some time since Sifa had stopped in Anvil, yet her foolish stupidity ruined what was to be a nice evening. Whilst the haunch of meat Sifa had bought for lunch was quite tasty, the butcher took the last of her savings in trade—coins that should have been spent on her room, instead.

"Stupid old innkeep... I even said I'd work for a room!" The girl grumbled as she prowled the streets of Anvil, wondering where she could possibly stay. "'I don't want to hear it, girl! No money, no room!'" She continued, mocking the elderly innkeeper with a sarcastic voice that somewhat sounded like an grumpy senior. Reaching for a stone on the ground, Sifa cast it aside into the river, her eyes watching the rock skip across the water and scaring away what few fish were nearby. When the pebble finally sunk into the water, however, the foreigner's mood would change from anger to one of interest, as her gaze lingered on a "rich" man, who appeared seemingly lonely as he leaned against the railing of the town's bridge.

Her curiosity piqued, Sifa approached the man, and leaned against the railing beside him. Screw the innkeep; it wasn't every day one saw such nobility in some unknown village! "So," She spoke, "What brings you to this part of the woods, if you don't mind me asking?"

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