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Okay, so it looks like the general consensus is that you can't really run a discord RP server and advertise here. There needs to be a more cohesive link between the server and the guild, otherwise the mods will lock the thread. That's a shame but like Harbinger said, the focus should always be on the website and not drawn away onto different apps.

More or less this. Advertising is generally frowned upon, to the extent that it would be breaking a rule. Put simply, you shouldn't recruit players here for something offsite without keeping an active thread. I know there was a Nation RP that did everything related to it on Discord and kept an updated thread by posting a summary of everything that happened every few years.

But yes, using RPG to recruit players without a true connection to the Guild isn't really allowed. Like explained, you need a cohesive link between RP and RPG.
Well, if everyone else is posting their WIPs here...

I've been tossing the idea around for a while now of opening up a discord RP server but I thought I'd ask some pbp RPers what their take on it is, and whether or not it's a good idea to store character sheets/do applications on RPerguild - I couldn't find anything in the rules that said no. Just want to open up a conversation about it and see what people's experiences of this medium are.

As someone who has done a hefty amount of Discord RP, it can and can not work for people. It works for my friends and I's weekly tabletop sessions, however, with Discord's limitations, you're ultimately better off using RPG unless you don't care for lengthy replies or fancy formatting.

Regarding the CS/application process idea, as long as the server has a connection to RPG, you're likely okay. Offsite stuff (especially servers without any true connection to the forum) tend to be looked down on by the moderators, but regardless, there have been people who've recruited for Discord RP here.

<Snipped quote by Euphonium>

I wouldn't say that's necessarily a PW Mod/GM's role, but a player's role. You are running and managing your own individual RPs in the game, and part of that would be to give feedback on what has happened in your RP. The PW Mods can chase you up, but they should not have to write up a wiki summary on your story. Besides, I'm not talking about a 20 page submission on every fine detail, it just has to be a short paragraph similar to what you would see on the back of a DVD cover.

By offering feedback you are also opening up the opportunity to hear about other things that may affect your own RP.
"I did this in that RP"
"Ok, but remember there will be a patrol in this sector here because this happened in this other RP"

Yeah; I agree with your idea, although I wasn't necessarily implying the Mods/GMs should have to do it. It was more so me voicing an idea so that the setting could have something similar to the Wikia for Moon Guard, hence the "dedicated lorekeeper" comment. In the end, such an idea isn't truly needed as an integral component for the PW, but it would be nice to see something like that come to fruition.

Edit: Rereading what I said earlier, I can see why you came to that conclusion.

<Snipped quote by Euphonium>

Low level characters (including Force users) will need no approval at all. (If they're broken they'll get ignored IC, and/or fixed by a GM.)

Streamlined enough?

Where would one draw the cutoff between "Low level" and "High level"?
People who leave the keyboard sounds on instead of off on their phones drive me insane. Hearing "clickity click clack" at light speed is annoying, but the people who do it think you're being the annoying one when you call them out. It's the same with people who give someone a ringtone when they're always texting or calling them. Hearing the same 30 second ringtone multiple times in a row, and also less than 5 minutes grows annoying.

Mute. Your. Phones.
<Snipped quote by Inkarnate>

For a persistent world roleplay I would like to see that any story I create has some impact or is perhaps referenced by another group of players, possibly for their own use. For example, and using Rogue One as an example, if I was to have a story where my character was to obtain the blueprints to the Deathstar, that information is now readily available for another group of players. They don't need to know the entire roleplay persay, but a short summary for what was achieved would help. If the GMs think that what was achieved was too much, then they could alter it by saying the data was corrupted or something, but that's where their expertise in balancing the game comes in.

To sum up, perhaps a thread listing an index of the outcomes/summary of each RP would be a good option.


If we had someone with a lot of time on their hands willing, there could be a dedicated lorekeeper for it later on if anyone wanted to write the summary similar to that like a wiki page, though that might be asking a bit too much.
A simple question poised more toward the prospective playerbase rather than the GM team. With the information we currently have [which is admittedly little] what are your thoughts, concerns, and wants for this project? Answering this constructively can be used productively by the GM Team, I imagine, so let us keep it within the realm of what could be good for the game.

Whilst I had not directly participated in the previous PW (though I did take a look at it several times while it was still running), I do feel in the Star Wars PW the character (or even group) application process should be more streamlined, though the main thing I had issue with EH's application process was the tiered system. I don't want to spend a ton of time worrying over my character's power level, I just want to make a character that's cool yet realistic (in SW terms) that the PW mods approve of, especially with how Jedi/Sith are already pretty OP to begin with.
@Inkarnate Oh yeah, that reminds me. Since our characters have learned their first language skill, should we put it down in their sheet? If so, what should we put?
I think this topic is by now beating a dead horse, but this thread and this one may be of use. Hell, there's probably a few other ones out there discussing EH that I missed since everyone was discussing it.

Anyway, I do think that EH failed for several reasons. The majority of the mod team overseeing it seemed to have literally vanished off the face of the Earth, and you had to jump through so many damned hoops just to apply for a CS from gauging the majority of your sheet by numbers/power level to having multiple people approve your CS even though there was hardly anyone to even approve of them.

Additionally, EH tried to be too much at once with smashing every possible setting/genre together to give people freedom to RP what they wanted within the setting, which is nice on paper, but ultimately leaves--in my honest opinion--no true focus to the setting, especially a setting without any overall plot outside the threads themselves until they, inevitably, had died too.

What I'm trying to say is that EH was hardly an example of a PW. For instance, the United Federation of Planets, a group ran by the staff of EH, was supposed to be the largest superpower in the galaxy, but it didn't have much impact on the setting despite being so powerful. With everyone off doing their own thing in what lore was available, nothing really changed in the setting. Castles didn't change hands in a war on Ecetopia, manhunts to end the reign of a bloodthirsty gang hooked on some drug on Frixion Prime never happened, etc.

Things didn't really change within the setting; it more or less stayed the same even after everyone grew bored of EH. A PW is nothing if events don't actually affect the setting outside individual roleplays.
Usually, I bump the thread at least once per day so it doesn't vanish into the sea of roleplays/interest checks if I'm looking for more interest. You can also try advertising the roleplay to your friends, or you could advertise it in the status bar or #rp_advertising in RPGO.

Though, ultimately, I do think that you may be jumping the gun a little. The RP has only been up for two days, and I don't believe you made an interest check beforehand. I would suggest trying to make an interest check to drum up some interest, however, but I also think that it could be better to skip the interest check since you're already at the RP stage and just advertise it wherever you possibly can.
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