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Current Will be gone for a few hours soon to celebrate family members' birthdays. Replies and what not will come after that.
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Ok, so I'd been holding out hope that I just needed to give them enough time and they'd eventually post, but I think it's about time I accept that my other two friends, good old Oryun and Amatsun have disappeared for good. I'll post again as soon as I can figure out a good way to explain their disappearances away.

Not sure how it'll impact the future but the GMs have decided that people who drop are thrown into other classes.
@Inkarnate I've been keeping the roster up to date as much as possible, barring the people I've asked you about.
I know y'all said a couple days back that y'all were still accepting but wanted to ask again in case anythings changed since it was nearly 3 weeks ago.

We still are, as far as I know.
Quoting this for ease of access so I don't have to track it down later in the OOC.

Just gonna throw this up here for now. No clue if I'll force it into the characters tab or what. But ye.

Viridian Forest, Tokiwa Province
Outskirts of Viridian City

Netali returned Lochlan's smile with one of her own. "Neta—" She attempted to reply, though Netali was suddenly cut off by the other girl that had watched their race. Whomever the girl was, she had appeared jumpy, as if there had been a lot on her mind. "Netali, though you can just call me Tali," Netali announced, giving a friendly nod in Karin's direction to at least ease whatever worries she could possibly have within her head.

Sitting her Skiddo back onto the ground, Netali looked to both of her new companions. "So, I take it the two of you are here for the Festival like us?" The breeder questioned, though it was likely she already knew the answer to her question. Hundreds of people had traveled from various cities and regions for what the Viridian Festival had to offer, and these two were probably here for the festival just as Netali had been.

"Or is it something else?"

Unknown Forest
Unknown Location, Dawn

When the man had finally come to his senses, Honami shook her head. At least someone here was focused on getting out of wherever the hell they were, even if Honami was likely to crawl back into her bed whenever this whole ordeal was dealt with.

"The quicker we get back home, the quicker I can go back to bed and forget all about this like it was just a passing dream..." Honami mumbled as she grabbed her school bag and began to follow Hiroko without a thought to if Kaito would follow or not. She wasn't about to play babysitter for some guy who was clearly older than her, therefore it was Kaito's loss if he wanted to keep admiring the forest rather than following the two girls back to civilization.

By the time the group reached the torii, Honami frowned as her eyes glanced over the two statues. They were undoubtedly foreign, with writing that she, or likely anyone else, could read. However, as the clock ticked by, the foreign letters began to make sense, leaving Honami all the more confused. How could anyone possibly understand a language she's never heard of or seen, but understand it within a blink of an eye? Surely, this had to have been some weird lucid dream. Her brain was simply playing tricks on Honami while she laid in bed, unable to wake herself up from whatever this dream was or will be.


A loud echo bounced among the mountains and trees, as if thunder had just rolled in. Yet, when Honami glanced up at the sky, there was no sort of clouds or any bad weather nearby. Still, the trees shook and a gust had blown past the group, fluttering the edges of Honami's skirt and Hiroko's coat before the wind came to a sudden stop. "Just our luck. First, we find ourselves in a forest, and now? Freak weather." Honami uttered with a sigh. If anything, she hoped her umbrella was still in her school bag.
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