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hmmm, Ill probaly have Seiritif tag along with the monster hunting if thats alright

The boat ride to the new land was anything but gentle to Seiritif. Tied to icy chains which slowly numbed his skin but that feeling felt increasingly irrational due to this being the first time in his life he has been upon a seafaring vessel. Resulting in him puking off the sides of the ship into the sea multiple times until his stomach was empty. So, upon arrival he was overjoyed at the sight of land, rushing to get off the boat as quickly as possible, and nearly falling on the ground in the process. But to his own dismay the reception of the group was that of anger and rage. Instinctively He attempted to raise his voice towards the crowd to attempt to calm the beast before realizing both that it would have been a futile attempt to calm a crowd this size, and that this wasn’t his battle to fight, yet.

Even though Seiritif is no stranger to mistrusting eyes, something in the people’s glances felt… different. Accustomed to the looks of fear, worry, and mistrust from others, but now these peoples’ eyes were full of disgust, not only directed at him but towards the rest of his group. As his normally tall frame slowly slouched down in response. A single thought crossed his mind as he suddenly pulled his frame back up to his normal height. You’ll either get used to it, or figure it out.

The sight of the tents was almost amusing to the tiefling, being no stranger to living with tents as he’s done so for most of his life in the circus. Just now he was trading one batch of tents for another. The main difference being the searing cold, which may prove to be problematic in the later months, silently conccuring to himself that would need to get clothes more suitable for this climate in the near future.

Once the lieutenant finished his speech, Seiritif kept a watchful eye on the grave keeper as he began to speak up. Watching him with the same look of a cat witnessing a new anomaly. Something about the man seemed to draw Seiritif in, as he never seemed like the type to pucker up to others, yet here he is, bowing his head. Being even more caught off guard when he drew his own blood directly in front of the group, his incantation was undoubtedly that of a necromancer as it reminded him of his old guardian back. But of what the incantation does seamed to be a mystery to everyone involved.

Failing to suppress a smile at the old man’s temerity; the tiefling stepped up to speak. Sweeping his arms grandiosely at the rest of the group all while looking at the lieutenant. “I believe the masked man speaks for all of us under this tent, as we owe you my good sir, and the order our lives. And for that I believe the least we can give you is our loyalties to your work as we follow you into this new land. As this sentence is far from gracious for what we have done in our past.” Pulling back, Seiritif gave a brief bow as he began receding to the back of the tent.

“Therefore, if you ever call, I shall arrive at your whim. You have my word.” His last words held a tinge of doubt in the air, barely noticable but it was inimitably there. Flinching at his own voice’s betrayal, he hastened his pace to the back of the group, keeping a watchful eye over his new band of misfits all while trying to avoid eye contact after his slip up. Most of what he said was true, his loyalties are now with the order as abandoning now would be suicidal. Yet he still couldnt make himself trust those around him.

I know this is pointless but I can't contain my excitement anymore!


Edit: *Ahem* Excuse my outburst. I'm good now.

I 100% get this, I got way too excited over an rp thread than I should have at the sight of this starting!

Let it begin!

Ah cosmic horror, one of my favorite genres.

Speaking of which....

Have you seen the Yellow Sign?

As a massive fan of cosmic horror, I'll have to try out some of his stuff, sounds interesting
I guess we'll also see how many people end up transitioning from making a character sheet to actually posting in character- I feel like from my experience we usually lose around half the party at that point. XD

Ive got faith in most of this group to make the transition, besides most peoples characters in this group are pretty indepth just to ditch at the last moment

Oh god, the band of missfits this is turning into is amazing. I cant wait to see how this'll go down
I wanted to get this done before the end of the day so I might have rushed over some mistakes that I can fix tommorow, but past that if
theres any problems with him please let me know!

Looks like you got alot of space being taken up rn; but im really interested in making a tiefling if theres still room
Im Nightingale, as the names says ive gone through a few roleplaying websites before but I really enjoy the way this one looks! I plan on mostly playing in fantasy or cyberpunk style rps but anything that peaks my interest I will look into. There isnt much too me besides that
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