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Dietrich 'Deiter' Wagner
"Roger that Cyclops, ready fire support- I don't know about this one. Thirty seconds to engage."
"Dedicated fire support on standby for two minutes. Just give the word."
Deitrich took a deep breath, it was always nerve wracking engaging new opponents without data. This one they couldn't even get eyes on, it was hiding in a crater. Across their assigned combat zone, the rest of his squad was working on other various objectives assigned by their squad leader. He sighed, letting out the little tension he did feel before moving- Krieg mirroring him to the point that he sometimes forgot which one of them was really in control. Stepping out of cover he took two steps and jumped, assisting it with the standard boosters- necessary due to the increased gravity- and launched into the crater, sword drawn.

In that moment, his mind sped up, jaw clenched, and a smile spread across his normally calm face. He was already preparing to strike... until he witnessed what was in the crater. A behomoth of a cruxi, which was already swinging a massive limb to meet him- a limb as big as his entire mech.
"FIRE!" His shout was met with a report that he could hear and feel even through the mecha, the shockwave of the following blast completely reversing his trajectory and launching him across the battlezone, and then completely out of it. The mecha was wheeling uncontrollably in the air, trying without success to overcome the mixture of inertia and gravity. As Krieg and Dieter spun in air they regained only a modicum of control and attempted to brace themselves with their left arm to protect their main armament with success.

The impact knocked the wind out of Deiter, disorienting him even as his HUD repopulated rapidly based on the limited information his Mecha currently had based on its localized systems. Data rolled across it, registering massed enemies to the south, southeast, and east. He had landed behind enemy lines. His head turned, noting a massive cruxi artillery unit preparing to unload a rain of death on them- but before he could even think to act a wave of overwhelming confidence, no. A wave of pride- the pride of a warrior- flowed through him as Krieg rolled out of the way of the barrage and smoothly righted itself, jumping to a new sector.
"Come in, Framewerk!" A small girls voice broke through his communications system, along with a video feed that he didn't even glance at. He had bigger problems. "I don't know who your commanding officer is, but right now I'm taking over! Take defensive measures, and try to reach those two units over there!" On his HUD two Framewerks appeared, clearly allies from a different squad. He scanned the enemies currently visible on his HUD and was already in motion as he spoke.
"Roger that squad leader. This is Krieg requesting an import of battlefield data. EF2 has guns trained on me, as well as three combatants in H3. I7 and J8 also have their focus on me." His breath was starting to speed up, and Deiter piloted Krieg around to the east of the closing turtle in I3, taking cover behind it- though it wouldn't last long. He was now in the sights of the enemies to the south. He stared at his HUD, watching the enemies in H3 as they closed in on the turtle. His armor could take some shots, but it wasn't heavy. He was trapped in a way. Even those units would be backed by the turtle in EF2 and likely the squad in G5. His position was nightmarish tactically- even his limited skills in that area made that obvious. He would have to improvise. "Krieg reporting. I am engaging the localized CMW squad in H3. Requesting fire support on EF2. I plan to cover in I6 immediately following the engagement."

Krieg hid behind the turtle, Deitrich taking deep breaths as he watched his GUI, waiting for them to get even closer. Now. He wasn't sure if it was him or the werk that had that thought, but it felt in unison as he let out a breath and jumped, vaulting over the turtle and aiming to come down directly within the squad, already swinging a broad downward strike that could be bounced back to loop over his targets head to strike the other side as he landed- or if completed reversed to strike the other way. He was hoping the proximity to the turtle would forebear any heavy fire being sent his direction, as it seemed that the Cruxi were bent on protecting it.

I2->I3-H3 Engaging Cruxi Squad in H3

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